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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Greenlee sit at a table in ConFusion. Greenlee can’t believe that Jack is going to wage war against Ryan and make him look guilty in David’s murder. Jack shows Greenlee the front page of a tabloid paper stating that Ryan and Greenlee wanted David dead. Greenlee suggests holding a press conference to answer these questions, but Jack is against the idea. Madison and Ryan arrive home to find Kendall in the living room, getting Spike’s things together. Kendall shows Madison and Ryan some e-mails that she received from reporters who want an interview. Kendall thinks it is for the best that Greenlee be asked to step down. Ryan defends Greenlee by telling Kendall that Greenlee did kill David. Madison offers to help Kendall with the PR mess at Fusion. Kendall gladly accepts Madison’s help. Kendall asks Ryan what will happen next when Greenlee gets acquitted. Ryan insists that things are over between him and Greenlee and he wants a future with Madison. Greenlee and Jack visit with Kendall and Ryan to discuss the trial. Greenlee threatens to fire Jack if he goes after Ryan. Ryan urges Greenlee not to do that, because it was Ryan's idea to deflect blame for David's murder away from her.

At Wildwind, Caleb asks Erica for help in dealing with J.R. and Asher. Erica lets Caleb know that she will have to have something in return for helping him. Caleb asks what Erica wants in return for joining Cortlandt Electronics. Caleb agrees to her terms and they shake hands. Caleb tells Erica about Asher, who works for J.R. On a park bench, Asher reads a letter from his mom about Caleb. Erica deliberately bumps into Asher in Krystal’s place and tries to find out who he is. Asher has only mean, abusive things to say about Caleb. Erica goes home and finds Greenlee coming out of bedroom with sheets and a pillow. Jack comes out of bedroom to referee the argument that he thinks will happen between the women. Greenlee offers to leave, but Erica stops her. Colby walks into her bedroom and finds Asher. Colby demands to know what he is doing here. Erica calls Caleb about her meeting with Asher.

In the Chandler living room, Annie orders J.R. away from her, They begin to argue as Scott walks in. J.R. knows Scott is angry, but asks him to put aside his anger for the sake of the company. Annie lets Scott know that Erica heard that he stole something from Palmer. Scott opens the safe and remembers when he caught Annie in bed with J.R. Scott just stares at the gun inside the safe. Colby walks in and wants to know what is going on. Colby demands to know what is going on, but J.R. is reluctant to tell her. Scott sits on a park bench and looks at the plaque on the bench in honor of his father. Scott remembers his argument with J.R., his marriage to Annie, and then the biggest blow of all, finding her in bed with J.R. Scott yells for it all to stop. Scott apologizes to his father for all the things that he did.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge calls a meeting and informs them that Brooke is coming back to FC. It is not open for discussion, it’s a done deal. Thorn says they will need to keep Stephanie as far away from Brooke as possible. Stephanie tells the young girl on the beach that she means her no harm. She just wants her scarf back. The girl runs away. Stephanie and Brooke go back to the office. Stephanie says she is going to die sooner rather than later, so lighten up and don’t tell a soul about this. With all a little flustered, Ridge makes the announcement to Brooke and Stephanie that Brooke is coming back to the company. Whip tells Aggie that he understands Nick not wanting Owen around, but he doesn’t agree with him throwing out his own mother. They just lost three of their major assets. Nick tells Amber that she can not kiss him that way. With Whip listening outside the door, she apologizes and said she just got caught up in the moment. She realizes what this deal means and she won’t let him down.

All are surprised, but Stephanie says she has more important things on her mind. Her attitude is that Brooke is back, so be it. Ridge also offers Steffy the international PR job. Stephanie announces that she is arranging the vacation to end all vacations and Brooke is helping her. Whip has a little heart to heart with Amber. He lets her know that he saw her kiss Nick. He knows what she is capable of. He brought her here to Marone so don’t make him regret that. Amber pretends she doesn’t know what he means. She justifies that she was only thanking Nick for giving her the designer job. Whip lays it out that Aggie and Nick are close now and he is not going to let Amber ruin that. Aggie tells Nick that she wants to be there for him. Her life changed the day she met him. She never thought any of this was possible. She’s going to be right by his side no matter what decisions he makes. Amber sees them kissing. On the rooftop, Hope finds Thomas working out, flexing his buff body. She just wants to thank him again for accepting her mother and welcoming her back. Thorne tells the group that Stephanie hates vacations and what is this about accepting Brooke again. He likes this new mother. They all agree that if they can co-exist that would be something. Brooke tells Stephanie that she feels like an accessory to a murder and she can not keep this secret from her family. Stephanie tells her again that she is going to die. She has accepted that, but what she is not going to do is die without her mother’s red scarf.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe told Melanie that Carly was the one who did the paternity test.  Melanie didn't believe Chloe until she gave her more details.  Chloe admitted that the paternity test was done at St. Mary's Hospital.  That seemed to click with Melanie.  Melanie was furious when she remembered running into Carly at the hospital.  Then she realized Chloe told the truth about Carly's involvement.  She was ready to tell Daniel the truth until Chloe tried to play hardball with her.  She threw up in Melanie's face that she would have to prove that she cheated on Daniel.  When that didn't work, she warned Melanie that she would be responsible for hurting Daniel.  That caused Melanie to leave the apartment.  Hope saw April in the infirmary again.  She found out that April had an appendicitis.  Hope wanted to do everything she could to help her.  April was really appreciative of Hope's kindness.  Victor and Daniel got into it about Chloe.  Daniel was ready to cut Victor out of his life when Victor made the mistake of insulting Chloe.  Victor didn't want Daniel to cut him out of his life so he wanted to make peace with him.  He gave Daniel a wedding gift.  Daniel was touched by the gift and wanted him to come to the wedding.  He just wanted Victor to accept Chloe in his life.  Victor was willing to accept Chloe in the family if it would make Daniel happy.  Daniel was pleased with Victor for making the effort to accept Chloe.  Abe and Bo spoke at the pier.  Abe got a phone call about Theo and Ciara getting into trouble at school.

Chloe wanted to get to Daniel before Melanie did.  She called Carly, but she got her voicemail.  Philip came over to find out what happened.  Chloe cheated on Daniel.  She told him that she tried to deny it, but it didn't work.  Philip was curious as to how Melanie found out.  Chloe told him that she overheard Nathan and Stephanie talking about it.  Philip was nervous that Melanie knew he was the one with her.  Chloe assured him that Melanie didn't know she was with him.  Philip was worried about how Melanie would react if she knew he was with Chloe.  Philip was sure he knew what he could do to stop Melanie from telling Daniel the truth.  Chloe was a little hopeful that Philip could stop Melanie.  Carly noticed that Chloe called her, but she didn't answer the call.  Melanie showed up at the hospital to confront Carly Carly tried to play the doctor/patient confidentiality card to avoid Melanie's question about the baby, but it didn't keep Melanie from grilling her about what she did to Daniel.  Melanie wanted Carly to say that she wasn't lying for Chloe, but she couldn't.  Melanie really got upset about that.  Carly wanted Melanie to think about her baby sister or brother before she told Daniel the truth.  Melanie didn't want to hear anything Carly had to say.  She still wanted to tell Daniel the truth.  Lee let Hope know that she had a visitor.  Hope thought it was Kayla, but Lee didn't know who it was.  When Hope went to the visitor's room, she saw Bo waiting for her.  Le wanted to know if Hope was with her visitor when the prison guard showed up.  Lee was happy and hoped she stay with her visitor for a while.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky and Siobhan share a kiss but then she knees him in the stomach. Siobhan considers telling the Balkan about Lucky. Luke shows up unannounced; Siobhan hurries out the door. Luke thinks that he’s made things worse for Lucky. Lucky receives a call to meet with the Balkan. Lucky arrives at the meeting spot, an alley. Siobhan hides nearby. A man shows up in the Balkan’s place. The Balkan wants Lucky to find Brenda Barrett.

Jason tells Suzanne that Brenda can’t go to Paris for a Cartullo photo shoot. Maxie asks Jason for help regarding Spinelli. Jason promises to talk to Spinelli. Carly wonders if Jax has fallen back in love with Brenda. Jax swears that he doesn’t have feelings for Brenda but Carly isn’t sure. They make love in Jax’s office. Sam confides to Lulu that Brenda’s presence is affecting her relationship with Jason. Lulu summons Spinelli to Crimson. Lulu fears that Spinelli has fallen in love with Brenda. Spinelli admits that he’s still sad that Maxie turned to Matt. Carly shows up at Jason’s doorstep; they talk about her problems with Jax. Robin tells Jax that Brenda still has feelings for Sonny. Jax is enraged because he believes that Sonny will destroy Brenda.

Sonny introduces Brenda to Dante but they already know each other. Sonny talks about his strained relationship with Dante. Dante tells Sonny that he’s being investigated for the car bombing. Dante leaves the Corinthos house. Sonny wonders why Brenda came over to talk. Dante returns to the loft. Lulu walks in carrying groceries. Dante is preoccupied because he is thinking back to when he first met Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Eli takes Starr, Dani and baby Hope hostage an drives until Starr convinces him that he's been hurt by the gunshot wound and needs her to drive instead. John and Todd get to the apartment after they've been taken. Greg awakens but has difficulty talking. He tries to tell Shaun, Destiny and others about Tea but cannot get the words out. Meanwhile, Tea knows something is not right for why she's stuck at the Cherryvale hospital and not allowed to use her phone and given wrong information about where she is and why she has not heard from Todd or Dani if they know she's alive and nearby. So she gets up out of bed in an attempt to escape but falls over. Viki admits to Natalie and Rex that she is very uncomfortable with having Echo DiSavoy back in town and around her, Clint and Charlie. Rex goes to meet Echo and informs Viki that she plans to stay. And at that point, Viki decides to hire Rex to investigate her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Murphy wakes up much to Katherine’s relief. Katherine urges Victoria to go get the doctor. Murphy tries to talk, but can’t. Dr. Ananda arrives and examines Murphy. Dr. Ananda tells Katherine that Murphy is locked inside his own body. Sofia and Neil discuss the meeting that is scheduled for tomorrow. Neil wants the meeting rescheduled, but Sofia lets him know that they cannot do that. Jack lets Ashley know that he has news for her that she will never guess who had appeared up on his doorstep. At the Athletic Club bar, Diane meets Victor but neither is too glad to see the other. Diane cannot believe that Victor and Nikki are getting remarried again. Diane mentions Abby and Adam. Victor asks Diane why she is in town, but she evades the question. Ashley asks Tucker to accompany her to the hospital to visit Katherine, but he refuses because Katherine doesn’t want her there. Ashley finds out from Jack that Diane is back in town. Billy lets Ashley and Jack know that Murphy is awake but is locked within his own body and cannot talk. Jack and Ashley visit Murphy. Deacon, on the phone, talks to Meggie. Deacon lets Meggie know that Nikki just walked in. Meggie wonders how she is. Deacon offers Nikki a drink which she refuses. Nikki meets with Diane and they hurl insults at each other. After her confrontation with Diane, Nikki orders a vodka tonic. Billy and John talk. Ashley catches up with Billy and offers him her condolences in the death of the baby. Victoria arrives to help Billy deal with this. Billy asks Victoria to go home with him. Billy and Victoria watch episodes of “Father Knows Best.” Diane calls Jack and wants to stop by. Jack gets a visit from Diane and Kyle. Victor questions Meggie about Nikki’s whereabouts. Meggie tells Victor about the missing liquor from the bar. Deacon and Nikki have a drink together.

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