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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Erica suspects that the dead man Scott stole an idea from was Palmer and she tells Caleb that she will try to become friends with Annie to get the truth out of her. Erica goes to visit Annie and tells her that she knows that Scott stole an idea from Palmer but Annie doesn’t give her any information. Erica and Caleb that she will try to finesse the information out of Annie while Caleb goes for the jugular to get control of Cortlandt Electronics again. Caleb persuades Scott that he needs to fight dirtier then JR to get what he wants from JR, which is revenge. Caleb asks for Erica’s help to run Cortlandt Electronics one they get back control of the company.

Annie tells JR Erica’s suspicions and JR tells Annie he needs her help to save the company and to Keep Caleb from bringing down the business. JR also tells Annie that they belong together but Annie thinks JR can’t give her a future because they would end up destroying each other if they were together.

Ryan gives Madison a key to his apartment so she can come over whenever she wants to relax and just be with him Jackson persuades the judge to let Greenlee out on bail and then they celebrate at Confusion. Ryan and Madison join the celebration and Madison invites Greenlee to diner at Ryan’s apartment. Greenlee is hurt when she sees Madison with a key to Ryan’s apartment but she agrees to go to dinner at Ryan’s apartment.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget begs Nick to restore their designing team, but he won’t budge. Even with his mom on their side, he thinks they simply need to make a change with this bizarre publicity nightmare. This isn’t what the public wants so he’s letting go of Bridget, his mom and Owen. Jackie also begs him to be rational. When he won’t back down, she says they will do it his way for now. Bridget tells Nick that she will regret that day the rest of her life; the one where she told him the baby was Owen’s. He tells her not to waste her time doing that. She has the baby she always wanted so she should enjoy him now. She cries as she walks out of his life. So does Nick as he pours himself a stiff drink. Amber spies him and comes in to make sure he is okay. Aggie confides in Whip that she is crazy in love with Nick Marone and things are heating up between them. Stephanie laughs and Brooke screams on the roller coaster. Stephanie loses her scarf and tells Brooke that she has to find it. It was her mother’s.

Amber tells Nick that things are incredible and she is going to make sure they stay that way. She grabs him and surprises him when she kisses him. Stephanie has a corn dog and some cotton candy. Brooke can not believe she is being so casual about this. Stephanie sees an old homeless man digging through the trash and remembers years ago when she was homeless and destitute on the streets during a time of illness. Later she spots a young girl on the shore who has her scarf. She asks if she will kindly give it back. It’s just a scarf, but it means a lot to her. The girl is scared and pulls a broken bottle out to fend off Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Will that she knew who shot EJ.  She didn't say who shot him.  Will believed that Rafe thinks he did it.  He wondered what would happen if EJ thought the same thing.  EJ admitted to Stefano enjoyed being in the hospital.  It gives him the chance to figure out if Sami shot him.  He has an operative:   Arianna.  Melanie confronted Chloe about cheating on Daniel.  Will was worried that Rafe was going to investigate him for the shooting.  Stefano wasn't sure if Arianna would sell out Rafe and Sami until EJ assured him that he would.  Stefano was impressed with the plan.  As luck would have it, Arianna showed up in EJ's hospital room.  Chloe lied about cheating on Daniel.  Melanie told her that she overheard Nathan talking about it.  She wanted to know how Chloe could do something like that.  Lexie and Kate talked about Stefano wanting to get the house renovated for EJ's return home. Kate assured Lexie that Stefano loves her.  Lexie knows that, but she also knows that no one could replace EJ.  EJ asked Arianna if she thought that Will or Sami shot him.  Chloe told Melanie that Nathan lied about her.  Melanie threw up in her face what she did to Lucas.  They went back and forth about it until Melanie wanted Chloe to prove that she didn't cheat on Daniel.  Chloe tried to stand up to Melanie to get her to back down.  Will wanted to straighten things out with Rafe, but Sami didn't know where he was.  Lexie showed up at Sami's place to talk to her about EJ.  EJ told Arianna that Stefano believes that Sami or Will shot him.  He put on the act that Sami was his wife and he didn't believe that she would do that to him.  Sami wanted to know if EJ remembered anything.  Lexie said no, but EJ wanted to see her.  Lexie asked Sami to pretend to be EJ's wife.  Sami agreed to do it.  Sami thought EJ would eventually figure out that she loves Rafe and not him.  EJ convinced Arianna that he didn't want anything to happen to Sami or Will so he needed her to help him.  Chloe stopped Melanie from calling Father Matt to confirm what Chloe said about him being too busy to perform her wedding.  Melanie got the answer she needed that Chloe cheated.

Arianna went to Sami and Rafe's apartment. She asked to see Sami, but Will told her she wasn't there.  Arianna said she was there to apologize.  Chad showed up at the DiMera mansion to take the job Kate offered if it were still available.  He had two conditions. One of them was for Kate not to come on to him.  Kate told him she wasn't interested in him that way, but Chad didn't buy it.  EJ told Stefano that Arianna is going to find out if Sami or Will shot him.  Sami walked in on them talking, but she didn't hear anything.  Melanie couldn't believe that Chloe would cheat on Daniel.  Chloe apologized, but Melanie thought it was too late.  Chloe tried to blame Vivian for what she did.  She recapped how Vivian's manipulation led her to cheat on Daniel.  Melanie wanted to know why she didn't ask if Daniel cheated, but Chloe thought she had proof of what she thought Daniel did.  She threw it in Melanie's face that she wasn't perfect and made mistakes, but Melanie still wanted tot ell Daniel what she did.  Arianna told Will that she wanted to apologize to Sami for the way she treated her, but Will cemented his "guilty".  He ended up insulting EJ which made her suspicious.  She asked him about where he was the night EJ was shot.  EJ apologized to Sami for trying to take Johnny away from her when Grace died.  He brought up Sami keeping Sydney away from him before.  Sami fell for his act.  She wished she brought the kids to see him.  When Sami left, he said for her to enjoy the kids while she can.  Will lied to Arianna and said no one was there the night EJ was shot.  Arianna kept pumping him about what happened until Sami interrupted them.  She wanted Arianna to leave Will alone and leave the apartment.  When Arianna left, Sami said they can't trust her.  Melanie wanted to know who Chloe slept with, but she refused to tell her.  Chloe tried to talk her out of telling Daniel the truth by mentioning her baby.  Melanie wanted to see the results, but Chloe didn't have them.  Chloe said someone else knew about the results.  Melanie wanted to know who else knew about the results.  Chloe said Carly knew about the results.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke is in Ireland to save Lucky but Lucky doesn't want him involved so when the police arrest Luke, Lucky doesn’t interfere but he calls Tracy and tells her where Luke is. Tracy then tells Lulu. Lulu tells Tracy to go get him. Lucky goes to the jail and says he can't risk blowing his cover and that he has to convince Siobhan not to out him to the Balkan. Luke suggests that he use romance to persuade her. When he returns to his room, Siobhan is waiting for him. When talking doesn’t sway her, Lucky kisses her.

Dante tells Lulu that he is concerned about how Michael will be affected when Dante proves that Sonny was responsible for planting the bomb that nearly killed Kristina. Robin encourages Sonny to try again with Brenda. He says he'd like to but Brenda doesn't want to. Brenda visits Jax. Maxie is jealous that Spinelli is smitten with Brenda. Jason tells Carly that bringing Brenda to Port Charles will lure the Balkan there, giving Jason the advantage. He assures her that Brenda intends to return to Rome when it is over. Carly worries that Jax is falling back in love with Brenda. Carly tells Jax that if he loves her he won't see Brenda again. Brenda tells Suzanne that she is finally ready to stop hiding from herself so she can be free to love the one she loves. Suzanne tells Jason that she thinks Brenda is going to tell Sonny that she loves him. When Brenda arrives at Sonny's house, Dante is there and they each wonder what the other is doing there until Sonny walks in and introduces them.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Murphy goes into cardiac arrest, thanks to the injection that Meggie put into the I.V. A nurse orders Katherine out of the room while they work on Murphy. Katherine insists to Billy that she wants to stay with Murphy. Meggie mumbles to herself, one hurdle down and one to go. Victor agrees to elope with Nikki. They kiss but are interrupted by Meggie. Nikki lets Meggie know that she and Victor are eloping and they have a lot to do. Jack and Phyllis arrive home and cannot seem to get enough of each other. Jack and Phyllis turn around and are surprised to see Diane in the shadows. Victor calls Victoria for a talk about Nikki. Dr. Ananda tells Katherine that Murphy suffered a massive heart attack which led to another stroke. Nikki thanks Deacon for helping her to get home. Deacon offers her words of encouragement to get her to stop drinking. Victor tells Victoria that they need to talk. Victoria reluctantly agrees. Dr. Ananda tells Katherine that she has a couple of hours to make a decision about Murphy. Katherine prays that God will spare Murphy’s life and bring him back to her. Meggie confronts Nikki about the missing booze from the bar. Meggie wants to confront the staff, but Nikki talks her out of it. Victor and Victoria talk. Meggie orders Nikki another drink laced with vodka. Deacon sees what is going on and confronts Meggie about what she is doing to Nikki. Deacon tells Meggie that he wants in on what she is doing to Victor and Nikki. Diane meets Victor at the bar at the Athletic Club. Katherine is by Murphy’s side when his eyes blink.

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