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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Erica is determined to help Caleb get Cortlandt Electronics back from the Chandlers even though she makes it clear that once she gets the company back, she doesn’t want to run it with him. Caleb hesitantly accepts Erica’s help even though he isn’t happy with her idea to use Annie to bring down both Scott and JR. Scott is furious with Annie for sleeping with JR and tells her to get out, because he never wants to see her again. Annie is hurt when Scott tells her that she and JR are alike in that they don’t love people; they just take what they want from people and don’t care who gets hurt. Marissa arrives at the mansion while Scott and Annie are arguing upstairs and wonders why the living room is such a mess. JR doesn’t give her any details and tells her it’s none of her business because she doesn’t live in the house anymore. Marissa tells Caleb what she saw at the mansion and shows him the picture. He asks her to make a copy of it and give it to him. Marissa tells Caleb she didn’t want to fight dirty to get custody of AJ but now she needs to do anything she has to do to keep AJ safe.

Erica and Jackson spend some romantic time alone and they agree to revisit the places they want on their pre honeymoon after their wedding. Erica consoles Opal who is still heartbroken over Palmer’s death Caleb goes to the mansion and overhears JR tell Scott that he brought the company back from the brink by taking credit for an idea of a man who is now dead. Erica sees Annie crying and getting some advice from Amanda who tells her that if she really loves Scott she should try to get him back and Annie wonders why she can’t be faithful to a man. Caleb tells Erica what he overheard Scott stealing an idea from a dead man and Erica tells Caleb to trust her because she will find out the truth. Scott tells JR that he will make sure that he loses everything that is most important to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber spies Nick and Aggie in the office as Aggie goes all goose-bumpy when he kisses her. Amber is devastated when she finds out from Nick that Rick proposed to his mother. Brooke drops in again on Stephanie who keeps contending that she has accepted this disease and she is checking off more things on her bucket list. Brooke tells her that she should not be drinking mimosas and thinking about riding roller coasters. She should be going to the doctor and receiving treatment. She follows Stephanie out the door insisting she will not let her get on the roller coaster or the helicopter. Stephanie tells her to move out of the way or get knocked over, and she’d like to see her try and stop her. Nick calls Jackie and wants to see her at the office, and tells her to bring Bridget along.

Begrudgingly, Stephanie drags Brooke along to the roller coaster ride. Stephanie says with glee that she is neither too short nor too old so Brooke better hold on tight. They are going to have the time of their lives. Nick is brutally but gently honest that he wants Jackie back at the company, but he won’t stand by and watch the company self destruct. He’s taking the company in a new direction. Jackie says she can not give up her family. That is a price too high to pay. Nick shows her a new video with Amber Moore as the new M……Bridget can’t believe that she is being aced out and begs Nick not to do this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor was furious that Brady wanted Nicole to live with them.  Brady told him that he and Nicole have an arrangement.  Vivian called out to Gus, but he thought he was crazy for hearing her voice.  Daniel wanted to talk to Philip about Chloe.  Nicole tried to warn Chloe that Melanie will always side with Daniel no matter what.  Melanie was upset with Nathan for not telling her that Chloe cheated on Daniel.  Kayla and Stephanie talked about Chloe's affair.  Kayla also let her know that she was aware of Stephanie trying to get pregnant.  Nathan didn't want to tell Melanie the truth about Chloe until Melanie pushed him to admit it.  Maggie interrupted when Daniel was talking to Philip about Chloe.  All Daniel wanted to do was thank Philip for being there for Chloe.  Nicole told Chloe that things are going better for her.  Chloe wanted to know what it was, but Nicole didn't want to say anything.  Chloe thought it might be a bad omen for her wedding since her parents and sister aren't going to be there, but she remained optimistic.  Brady let Victor know that he's using Nicole for a plan he has.  Kayla told her that Adrienne told her that Stephanie tricked Nathan into getting her pregnant.  Kayla ripped into her about the things she's doing in order to keep Nathan.  Melanie wanted to know how Nathan found out about Chloe.  He said he overheard her talking about it.  He told her that he confronted Chloe about it, but he didn't believe her.  Melanie was livid that Nathan would keep the secret from Daniel since he was supposed to respect Daniel.  It finally dawned on Gus that he was not hearing voices.  He found the phone in his bag and started talking to her.  

Adrienne ran into Stephanie at the pub.  Stephanie ripped into her for telling her secret.  Adrienne defended her actions because Stephanie needs help.  Victor ran into Maggie while he was out for a walk.  He opened up to her about Brady's problems.  Gus wanted to know why Vivian was talking to him through the phone.  She told him that Brady put her in the sarcophagus.  Stephanie got so mad at Adrienne that she didn't want to be her friend anymore.  Gus thought that Vivian deserved to be in the sarcophagus.  Nathan wanted Melanie to stay out of Chloe and Daniel's business.  Melanie questioned whether or not the baby is Daniel's.  Melanie was done talking to Nathan.  She wanted to find out the truth before Daniel made a mistake.  She ended her friendship with Nathan because he's not the man she thought he was.  She started to say "loved", but she stopped herself.  Stephanie walked in on Melanie and Nathan together.  Melanie didn't blame Stephanie because she thought she just found out.  Melanie also thought that despite Stephanie being a "b*tch", she deserved better than a man with no spine.  Nathan blamed himself for everything since he didn't say anything to Daniel.  Vivian wanted to know if Gus thought she deserved what happened.  He thought she did after everything she was willing to do to Maggie.  She wanted him to tell her if he was going to get her out of the coffin.  He refused to let her out of the coffin.  Stephanie tried to make Nathan feel better about Melanie blaming him.  She assured him that everything is going to work out.  Philip ran into Kayla at the pier.  She was nasty to him and warned him that Melanie will figure out who he is in a matter of time.  Melanie showed up at Daniel and Chloe's apartment and slapped Chloe into next week.  Chloe was surprised.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky receives a visit from a priest in an Irish jail and the father turns out to be Luke with a plan to get Lucky out but Interpol tells the police that there was a mix up so they release Lucky. Lucky tells Luke about the undercover assignment. The police come to Lucky's apartment to arrest Luke.

Ethan and Maya kiss. Robin is released from the hospital. Brenda visits Robin. Robin encourages Sonny to get back together with Brenda Maxie tells Jax that Brenda is in Port Charles. Jax tells Sonny to leave Brenda alone. Suzanne tells Brenda that her apartment and hotel in Rome were trashed and that everything was lost. Brenda goes to visit Jax.

Dante tells Sonny that he is the prime suspect in the bombing of John Zacchara's car. Sonny advises Dante to appreciate the peace he has in his life and not to try to fix something that can't be fixed. Michael tells Carly that he doesn’t always feel like he fits in and that he is afraid to get into fights.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki goes to talk to Clint and informs him that Echo is back in town and surprisingly used to date Charlie right after she was done with Clint, years ago. Robert Ford asks Clint how it is that he can do all of these "favors" for Robert's mother including getting James' grant reinstated and getting Robert's professor job back when he's been charged with sexual harassment. Clint gets on the phone and shows Robert he can do it and asks if it matters how he does it as long as Robert prefers teaching at LU over bussing tables. Todd finds Ross and Eli at the docks and gets in a struggle with them. Ross gets shot by Eli and falls in the river. Todd pulls him out. But right when Starr finds a way for Dani to escape via Todd's yacht at the marina, Dani sees Todd standing over Ross's unconscious body after he's been shot and assumes Todd tried to kill him. Starr returns home and finds that Eli has killed her babysitter and is going to use her and baby Hope as his next hostages. Greg is still unconscious after his scuffle with Eli and everybody knows that he must have been "working" with Eli who threatened him or his family. But nobody can ask him or find out the details.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At Daniel’s art exhibit, everyone who is anyone in Genoa City is there. Phyllis lets Daniel know that she loves his artwork. Abby talks on the phone and invites Mark Fletcher to come and see “The Naked Heiress” at the art exhibit. Billy and Victoria overhear and stop her from making a fool of herself. Jack and Victor meet at the hospital and hurl insulting remarks to each other as usual. Katherine interrupts them. At the ranch, Meggie is on the phone asking the nurse about Murphy when Nikki comes in and overhears. Nikki asks her what is she doing. Meggie lies and tells Nikki that she is just checking to see how Murphy is. Victor accuses Jack of being behind Victoria and Abby suing him. Jack leaves abruptly. Katherine asks Victor to stay with her for a while. Chloe commends Daniel on his work. Chloe meets up with Jeremy. Kevin gets calls from the spray tan girl. Kevin lets Chloe know that getting divorced was the best thing that ever happened to him. Jana overhears. Abby catches up to Daniel and offers him her help, but he refuses by accusing her of trying to undermine his art exhibit. Billy surprises Victoria with a platinum diamond combo. Mark Fletcher arrives at the art exhibit. Victoria gets a call from Victor. Victoria and Abby meet with Victor about a settlement. Victoria refuses Victor’s offer. Nikki panics that there is no reason to go through with a family wedding and they should just elope. Mark offers to set Daniel up with some art buyers in New York. Jana leaves the art exhibit with Noah.

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