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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Asher has another confrontation with Caleb and once again considers telling him his true identity but remembers JR’s instructions and keeps his mouth shut. Asher runs away from Caleb just as Erica arrives to visit Bianca and Kendall. Erica is startled by the thunder and grabs Caleb she is surprised by his more civilized look and says that civilization agrees with him. Erica is annoyed with Caleb for not fighting for Cortlandt Electronics and allowing JR to take it from him. Caleb tells her that he changed his last name and plans to stay and take the company back and run it for Palmer’s sake. Erica is touched by how much her grandchildren love Caleb and thinks he is a kid magnet but he says he doesn’t like kids. Krystal tries to figure out how Caleb feels about Erica’s return but he says he is okay and refuses to talk about his feelings for Erica. Erica announces to her family and Caleb that she will begin planning her wedding once Greenlee’s trial has ended. Erica is worried about Kendall’s relationship with Zach and advises Kendall not to allow Greenlee and Ryan come between her and Zach because family is the most important thing and nothing and nobody should get in the way of family.

Jackson arrives at the police station just after Greenlee fired her lawyer because he wants her to plea bargain to avoid the murder one charge that Liza intends to seek in her case. Jackson tells Greenlee he knows she is innocent and intends to prove it and Greenlee is happy to have her father home and on her side. Greenlee tells Jackson all the details of her case except that she found a vial of digitalis in Ryan’s Pocket. Kendall thinks that Greenlee should have told her father everything but Greenlee says that Jackson can get her out of Jail without knowing that she is protecting Ryan. Kendall promises to help Greenlee despite what Erica says and offers Greenlee a place to stay when she gets out of jail.

Colby confronts Asher about his attack on Caleb and he tells her that he did it to help the Chandlers. Colby allows Asher to stay in her room since he tells her that Caleb is chasing him. JR saves Annie from being hit by a falling tree branch and then Annie cries and tells him that he broke her because by ruining the party he ruined her only chance at gaining respect. JR apologizes to Annie for hurting her and explains that he wanted to break Scott because he is angry with him for taking Adam’s respect, his family company and her from him. JR admits to Annie that he still loves her and can’t stand seeing her with Scott JR and Annie make love and after they have finished Scott walks in and sees them in bed together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that he so doesn’t want to let Bill down. She tells him not to let his guard down around Steffy as she will definitely hit on him. But she trusts Liam so it will be okay. She just knows she will use this interview to push her own agenda. Steffy tells Marcus that she is setting the mood with low lighting, etc. but she embarrasses Liam when he shows up and she is in her sexy lingerie. She tells him to loosen up and ask her anything he wants to know. Just forget his notebook, forget his dad, forget everything, it’s just the two of them…..ask her anything he wants. Brooke overhears Thomas tell Ridge that it’s time to bring Brooke back into the fold as they need her. She tells Thomas it’s nice to be appreciated and know that she is missed. Ridge asks her to come back, but Thomas reminds him that Steffy still wants her out so how will they get around that. Ridge says he will not let Brooke walk back into a war zone. She says there is no other place she would like to be, but she does not want to get between Thomas, his sister and Stephanie.

Marcus warns Hope that this interview is not a one time deal. Liam and Steffy will be spending a lot of time together. Liam wants to know Steffy’s vision of the new line now that she has taken it over from Brooke. She promises him that this line will be both classy and sexy. She rattles him again when she disappears behind the screen just for a minute and comes out in another ultra sexy bit of “underwear”. She asks his opinion of it and won’t take no for an answer when she asks him to touch it for its elegance. He says the interview is over. He praises her for having the best body in the world and has it all going on, but he’s in love with Hope and committed to her. Behind the screen, Steffy starts to change when she realizes someone has come in. Thinking it is Liam who has returned, she smirks and walks out, turns on some music and starts her little seduction dance, only to be surprised when it turns out to be Hope. Hope says it is just as she suspected. She is not threatened by Steffy. She feels sorry for her but that does not mean she will put up with this. She doesn't think Steffy is a tramp, but when she acts this way, people will assume things about her. Steffy points out that Liam is both a sweet person and a Spencer. She appreciates his qualities. By time this interview is over, he will see a lot more of Steffy and she may have something to offer. But Hope is not sexually active, she has no ring on her finger so that doesn’t make Liam Hope’s man. They are all young and single and free to hang out with whom they want and when this interview is over, don’t be surprised if he chooses to spend his time with Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Nicole woke up in bed together.  She told him that he called out Vivian's name in his sleep.  Vivian heard Gus' voice talking to her.  Maggie went to see Victor to yell at him for keeping Philip and Melanie from getting a home.  Melanie flashed back to hearing Nathan telling Stephanie that Chloe cheated.  She called Daniel so she could talk to him.  Nathan was upset that he knows about Chloe's affair.  Stephanie made it seem as if Nathan got involved because it affects Melanie.  Daniel wanted Melanie to meet him and Chloe, but Melanie told him she needed to talk to him.  Brady didn't want to keep Vivian in the coffin, but Nicole wanted her to stay in it.  Nicole was convinced that Vivian would send them to prison if they let her out.  Vivian wondered why Gus wasn't able to hear her talking.  It turned out that Guess was entertaining a lady friend.  Daniel told Melanie he had a lot of things to do before the wedding so Melanie wanted him to talk to her before the wedding.  Nathan tried to justify why he felt sympathy for Melanie, but Stephanie was upset.  Nicole was worried that Vivian had friends that would be looking for her.  Brady was convinced that she didn't have any friends.  Gus' lady friend asked about Vivian when she saw her pictures.  He missed her and defended her when his friend insulted her.  Vivian called out to him again.  Her voice could be heard, but Gus didn't hear her.  Nicole wanted to know what she and Brady were going to do about Vivian during Daniel and Chloe's wedding.  Brady had a plan.  Chloe got a call from Craig that shocked her.  Stephanie didn't want to keep secrets from Nathan anymore.  She admitted to him that she has a secret.

Vivian told Gus what Brady did to her, but it didn't do any good because Brady was the one who heard her.  Craig told Chloe that Nancy and her sister had food poisoning for why the couldn't make it to the wedding.  Daniel wondered if she wanted to call off the wedding, but she didn't want to do it.  Nathan went overboard letting Stephanie know how much she loves her and not Melanie.  Maggie advised Melanie to get the facts straight before she tells what she knows.  Melanie gave a pretend scenario about a wife keeping a  secret from her husband.  When Brady was taunting Vivian, Victor showed up in Vivian's room.  Victor wanted to know who he was talking to in there.  Nicole went to see Chloe, but Chloe wasn't interested in talking to her.  Stephanie met Kayla at the pub.  Kayla didn't find out about the test results because Sister Ann had to reschedule.  Stephanie told her that Nathan knows about Chloe's affair.  She told her how Nathan doesn't know who Chloe had the affair with, which was a relief to her.  If he found out it was with Philip, she would lose Nathan.  She told Kayla she has to keep doing what she's doing or else.  She would lose him.  She said she doesn't enjoy lying, but she has in order to keep him.  Brady lied and said he was talking to himself when Victor overheard him.  Victor wanted to know what he was doing in Vivian's room.  then he wanted a favor.  Nicole gave Chloe the gift she was going to give her at the shower.  Nicole wanted to make peace with her, but Chloe gave her a hard time about it.  Kayla was suspicious that Nathan could have told other people about Chloe's affair.  She believed that Chloe's secret won't stay a secret for long.  Stephanie was shocked at the thought that Nathan could have told someone about Chloe's affair.  Melanie went to see Nathan to confront him about the affair.  Brady wanted to stay in Vivian's room.  He also told Victor that Nicole is moving in with him.  Gus was furious that he lost a potential mate because of Vivian.  When Vivian called out to him again, he finally heard it.  Chloe allowed Nicole to be back in the wedding.  She dropped the bomb on her that Melanie is the matron of honor.  Nicole was surprised that she picked Melanie since she hated her not too long ago.  Chloe believed that she and Melanie were going to be best friends.  Melanie was upset with Nathan for what he did to her and Daniel and she wanted him to fix it.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu asks about Dante’s nightmare but he’s evasive about the details. Dante implies that he and Lulu should have sex aboard the plane. Instead, they share a kiss. Lulu and Dante return to the loft. Both want to catch up on sleep but Maxie shows up unexpectedly. Maxie tells Lulu that they need to get Brenda Barrett on the cover of Crimson. Dante decides to go get takeout. Lulu figures that it is a guarantee that Brenda will be the cover model. Maxie admits that she doesn’t like Brenda and vents about Spinelli’s fixation with the model. When Dante returns with food, Lulu is fast asleep. Dante opens up the fashion magazine to stare at Brenda’s ad. Lulu wakes up. Dante gives her some French fries from Jake’s. Dante kisses Lulu. Mac talks to Robin about his failed marriage to Felicia. Robin brings up that she almost cheated on Patrick during her battle with PPD. Robin wonders what made Patrick turn to Lisa. Robin isn’t entirely sure that she wants a divorce. Matt advises Patrick to give Robin some space. Patrick feels horrible that his wife is hurting. Matt suggests that Patrick find out the real reason why he cheated on Robin. Mac and Patrick speak briefly. Mac hopes that Patrick will walk away from Robin. Robin is beside herself. Patrick looks in on Robin.

Michael pushes Candy away when she tries to take off his shirt. Michael decides that he doesn’t want to sleep with Candy. Candy tells Michael about an ex-con she used to know. Michael asks Candy to leave. Alone, Michael bursts into tears. In front of Jason, Sam argues that Suzanne should be protecting Brenda. Suzanne tells Sam that she shouldn’t be so territorial. Suzanne praises Brenda and her charity work. Sam gets a call from Candy. Sam leaves in a hurry. Jason tells Suzanne about Michael and his stint in prison. Suzanne scolds Max and Milo. Diane walks in; she is introduced to Suzanne. They don’t hit it off. Diane criticizes Suzanne about Brenda’s poor security. Diane and Suzanne bicker back and forth. Diane implies that Brenda has seen Sonny since arriving in Port Charles. Sam shows up at the hotel room and finds Michael acting strangely. Jason returns home to find Michael waiting outside the penthouse. Michael fears that he screwed things up with Candy. Michael tells Jason about his awkward experience with Candy; Jason listens as Michael compares it to being in prison. Michael wonders if he’ll ever be normal again. Jason advises Michael not to give up on himself.

At Jake’s, Coleman asks Nikolas and Brook Lynn about their Paris dinner date. Brook thanks Nikolas for being so generous. Nik wants Brook Lynn to be his date for future parties. Nikolas reminds Brook that this is only a temporary situation. Nearby, Steven and Olivia are sitting together drinking beer. Kate keeps staring at Olivia from across the bar. Coleman makes a comment about Steven and Olivia’s closeness. Steven confides in Olivia about the situation with Patrick and Lisa. Olivia talks about Johnny’s dangerous lifestyle. Kate walks up to them and makes a scene. Kate warns Steven about Olivia’s wild ways. Olivia threatens to fight Kate but Dante intervenes. Olivia is happy to see her son but admits she’s mad at Dante for leaving the country without calling. Olivia apologizes to Steven about Kate’s outburst. Brook Lynn starts to sing a Spanish tune but Olivia and Kate start arguing. Brook asks them to be quiet. Brook Lynn looks at Nikolas during her performance.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Hannah finds a folder at Marty's place with Brody's name on it and reads the notes in it. Natalie finds James's necklace and asks Cole about it. He tells her to ask Starr and then he goes to see Hannah. He tells her that he wants to be with her and kisses her. Brody tells Natalie that he has been seeing Marty for therapy. Natalie says she doesnít trust Marty and suggests that Brody find another therapist.

Dani is missing, but she is safely hiding at Ford's apartment. Brody goes to Ford's apartment to confront him about Jessica's baby and James overhears. James tells Ford not to turn his back on his child the way their mother did. Todd tells Blair that Eli is alive and that Dani is safe. Elijah is in Llanview and tells Ross that he has a way to get out of there but Ross reveals that Dani is missing. Eli says they should use Dani to get money out of Todd. When Ross protests, Eli pulls out his gun and tells Ross about everything he did to get Dani back for him, including creating Tea's tumor with poison, then he says Ross will be next. Ross says John McBain warned him that Eli would turn on him. Eli shoots Ross and says he and Dani will be together again soon. He pushes Ross into the river. Todd passes by and Eli turns the gun on him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Jill walks into the Athletic Club and sees Tucker eating by himself. Tucker asks Jill what she is doing there. Jill says she is getting a bite to eat. Tucker informs her that Murphy had a heart attack. Jill wants to go to the hospital so Tucker offers to drive her. At the hospital, Nikki stands by Katherine’s side. Murphy is still unconscious. J.T. asks Victor what time Murphy called him. Meggie remembers her fight with Murphy and taking his pills. Nina interrupts Victor and J.T. to inquire about Murphy. Ronan calls J.T. to meet him in the hospital café. They discuss the evidence that J.T. found in the car. Ashley, Abby and Billy meet at the house to pay their respects for the anniversary of Colleen’s death. Jack comes to visit Phyllis who is surprised to see him. Lily asks Cane what the CD with pics of her and the twins is doing in his suitcase. Cane opens up and tells Lily everything. Lily is upset that Cane didnít trust her enough to tell her the truth. J.T. and Ronan go over evidence that J.T. gathered in Murphy’s car. Meggie vows revenge on Murphy. Phyllis and Jack try to console each other in the deaths of family members. Abby lets Ashley and Billy know she is really mad at Victor and Jack. Lily suggests going to the police, but Cane doesn’t like the idea. Jill and Mackenzie offer Katherine support while Murphy lies unconscious. Ronan and J.T. arrive at the ranch to question Meggie. Billy arrives at the hospital. Officer Whitcomb visits Cane and Lily to let them know about a storm brewing. Meggie vows that Murphy will never wake up.

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