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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Angie goes back to work at the hospital and Jesse and Frankie wish they could wrap her in bubble wrap until the baby is born. Angie is determined to do things on her own but it isn’t as easy as she thinks she hits a doctor with her cane and ends up in the men’s bathroom. Angie’s mobility coach tells her not to be so hard on herself because it is just her first day at work. Angie gets angry with Frankie when she overhears him calling to get the hospital budget reports sent to him. Frankie tells Angie he only wants to help and later Angie apologizes to Frankie and explains that she has to learn to be as independent as possible. Jesse asks Jake to help him understand what it is like to be blind so he walks around the house blind folded and then decides to go out on the street using Angie’s extra cane and he almost gets run over by a car. Jesse and Jake tell Angie what he did all day and Jesse thinks Angie is very brave and Angie thinks that Jesse is crazy and loves him even more for the effort.

Colby wonders what kind of work Asher is doing for JR; but no matter how hard she tries, Asher won’t say a word to her. Colby goes by Krystal’s for a bowl of ice cream and Marissa tells her that she is filing for sole custody of AJ. Colby asks Marissa not to put AJ through this but Marissa feels she has no choice because she has to get AJ out of the Chandler house for his own good. Krystal advises Colby to keep away from Asher because JR hired him to attack Caleb. Caleb wonders if Marissa is willing to use JR’s affair with Annie in court and Marissa hesitates a little but then tells Caleb she will do whatever it takes to get AJ out of that house. Caleb catches Asher sneaking around the Wildwind grounds and wonders if he has a death wish.

Caleb gets a call from a Chandler Enterprises board member telling him that JR has told the board if they go to Annie’s party they will regret it. Caleb goes to the Mansion to inform Annie. The reporter she invited hears that JR had the board not go to the party and tells Annie that is the story she will print in the paper. Scott calls and tells Annie that the Chandler pilot took him to Miami by mistake. Annie tells him everything JR did to sabotage the party, and she feels like her life is ruined. Annie throws things around the house as she is crying and when JR arrives she throws a vase at him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill has a pleasant surprise from Steffy. She’s worried about his product and he’s touched that she is so concerned. She has a plan that could do great things for both of them. She needs his magazine space for her new ads but would like a cover shoot plus ten page layout/interview with “little old me”. They negotiate and she even wants Liam to be in on this. Working with Steffy in her lingerie, Bill thinks that might help make a man out of Liam. Hope tells Liam that he just needs to hang in there at Spencer Publications and things will get better. Oliver stops by almost desperate to get her back. He knows he screwed up in the past, but he can not stop thinking about her and wants to know what he has to do to get her back. Hope has to be honest with him. She doesn’t want to hurt him, but it is over with them. She is with Liam now. Oliver will have to let her go.

Liam thinks this opportunity is awesome and thanks Bill for the chance. He has his word that he will do his absolute best. Bill tells Steffy to take it easy on Liam. She says he is in good hands. Liam returns to Forrester and can’t wait to tell Hope the great news on his new assignment. Oliver drops in on Steffy and bemoans about his situation with Hope. He needs Steffy’s advice in how to get Hope back. He even suggests that she go after Liam, leaving him free range with Hope. He’s not going to give up. Liam knows that Hope and Steffy have a lot of history and this might be difficult for her to accept, but it’s strictly business and nothing Steffy can do will change that. Steffy plays around with her lingerie and says to herself that Oliver shouldn’t give up – Hope and Liam’s days are numbered.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin wanted to know who was in the coffin.  Brady said it was Isabella.  Then Justin wanted to know who was in the sarcophagus.  Vivian apologized to Nicole for insulting her, but Nicole wasn't phased.  Hope found out that Bo set it up for her to work in the infirmary.  Ciara was upset because she missed Hope. Kayla had an appointment to see Sister Ann at St. Mary's Hospital.  She wanted Stephanie to tell her who else knew about Chloe's affair.  Daniel and Nathan got into it over Chloe.  Chloe showed Melanie where she and Daniel were going to get married.  Brady got testy with Justin when he wanted to know about the coffins.  Justin noticed Brady's attitude and wanted to know what was going on with him.  Stephanie told Kayla that she's the only one who knows about Chloe's affair with Philip.  Kayla wanted to talk to Stephanie about the things she's doing t keep Nathan.  She warned her that their relationship would be doomed if she keeps it up.  Father Matt ran into Chloe and Melanie at the park.  When Melanie left, he asked her about telling Daniel the truth about the affair.  Nicole walked in on Justin grilling Brady about what's going on.  She pushed Brady to tell the truth.  Hope wasn't too happy about Bo getting her a job with the prison infirmary.  Warden Smith and Lee (prisoner) let Hope know how lucky she is to have Bo.  She said that Bo is the best man she knows, but she didn't want to be a burden.  She took care of the situation.  Chloe told Father Matt that she didn't tell Daniel the truth because he's the father of her baby.  She believed Daniel would forgive the affair, but not if he wasn't the father of her baby.  Father Matt was still concerned about her not telling the truth.  Stephanie overheard Daniel and Nathan arguing about Chloe.  Nicole lied and covered for Brady with Justin.  She said she was doing a story on Isabella's remains.  Justin didn't buy it because Philip wouldn't allow her to do that story.  He demanded to know what was going on.  Brady covered by saying that he was drunk when he agreed to the story.  Justin finally believed their story and was upset with Nicole.  Bo and Kayla got in an argument over Carly. She was upset with Carly because she believed that Carly is a liar.  Nicole helped Brady move the coffin with Isabella's body.  She told him that she's not going to say anything about him burying Vivian in the sarcophagus.

Bo was upset with Kayla for insulting Carly.  She apologized, but she was worried about Hope. He said he was too and this situation is hard for him too.  Kayla wanted to visit Hope and Bo wanted her to let Hope know that he wants to see her.  Hope reached out to an inmate who was attacked.  Chloe wanted Father Matt to baptize her child.  He agreed to do it.  He warned her that she would lose everything if the truth comes out.  Brady opened up to Nicole that Isabella would be disappointed about letting her out, but Nicole stopped him.  She told him he would go to prison if he let her out and there was not way she was going to let him go to prison.  Stephanie and Nathan talked about Daniel.  Nathan thinks that Daniel hates him.  Justin saw Bo at the pub and wanted to talk to him about Hope.  Kayla went to see Hope at the prison.  She wanted Hope to know that she has her support.  Nicole declared her love for Brady for why she's willing to keep his secret.  He told her that he's not the man she fell in love with anymore.  Nathan told Stephanie that Chloe cheated on Daniel.  Warden Smith asked Lee if everything was going okay with Hope.  She said things were going as planned.  Hope told Kayla that she wasn't in general population now that she's working in the infirmary.  She also told Kayla that she's giving Bo his freedom.  Brady told Nicole that he was manipulating her by sleeping with her.  Nicole claimed she already knew what he did.  He wanted to know if she could handle the way he is.  Justin gave Bo the divorce papers.  Justin said Hope signed everything.  Hope told Kayla that she sent the papers to Bo.  Kayla was convinced that Bo and Hope belonged together.  Melanie overheard Nathan say that Chloe cheated on Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Patrick apologizes to Robin for all the mistakes he’s made but she doesn’t think they can save their marriage. Robin believes that Patrick will cheat again. Patrick suggests marriage counseling. Robin refuses to believe Patrick’s declarations of love. Patrick won’t give up on their marriage. Robin is candid about her feelings, and asks Patrick for some space. Patrick is stunned when Robin announces her plans to live with Uncle Mac. Patrick tells Matt that Robin wants a divorce. Mac tells Robin that Patrick’s plan worked to incriminate Lisa. Mac reassures Robin that he has her support if she wants to divorce Patrick.

Jason doesn’t want to get a prostitute for Michael. Sam overhears their conversation. Michael thinks that he might blow his chance with Allie. Sam tells Jason that she can help Michael. Jason and Sam have conflicting views on the subject. Sam says that she knows the perfect girl for Michael. Michael is summoned to the MetroCourt by Sam. Sam wants to help but Michael doesn’t know what to say. Sam tells Michael about Candy. Michael is shocked that Candy isn’t horrified by his prison past. Sam introduces Michael to Candy. Sam leaves so the two can be alone. Candy admits her real name is Abby. Candy moves closer to Michael and grabs his hand. Candy puts on some music so her and Michael can dance. They start to kiss but Michael pushes Candy away.

Dante recognizes Brenda from a magazine ad. Dante tells Lulu that he knows of the Balkan from a past cold case. While on the plane, Dante awakens from a nightmare. Brenda pulls away from Sonny before they kiss. Brenda doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Sonny. Brenda walks out before Sonny can convince her to stay. Claire returns to Sonny’s with flowers and beer, claiming that they can recapture the magic from the island. Sonny says that he and Claire need to have a serious talk. Sonny says that Brenda is back in town so he can’t date Claire anymore. Sonny talks about visiting Brenda in Rome which Claire states was a violation of his bail release. Sonny speaks of tonight’s emotional visit with Brenda. Sonny apologizes to Claire. Claire is saddened but impressed that Sonny was up front about his feelings for Brenda. Max and Milo talk about Sonny’s obsession with Brenda. Max worries about Sonny’s frame of mind. Suzanne shows up at Sonny’s restaurant looking for Jason. Brenda returns to the penthouse and tells Jason about her intense chat with Sonny. Jason is preoccupied. Brenda wonders why she can’t move on with Sonny. Brenda wants Jason to find the Balkan as soon as possible. Max calls Jason and asks him to come to the restaurant. Suzanne tells Jason that Brenda’s hotel room in Rome was ransacked. Suzanne figures that the Balkan is coming to Port Charles. Suzanne explains to Jason that Brenda needs to get back to work. Sam walks in. Sam wonders why Suzanne can’t protect Brenda from the Balkan. Claire returns to her office and starts sobbing. Claire makes a call to her superiors and says she wants back on the Corinthos case. Sonny and Brenda are thinking about each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Dani escaped and is staying in James and Robert's apartment, James knows he better not let his brother know she's there because he might not understand and may give her up to the cops. Sure enough, Robert tells James he and Nate cannot get themselves involved in Dani's problem with her family. They are defying a court order and harboring a minor and he has to think about himself and them and not about Dani and her friends. But James tells his brother he needs to just let her stay there another 24 hours. Yet, Brody bangs on the door outside and demands that Robert open up. Robert assumes that is the reason, but Brody is concerned about Jessica's stress level and the fact that she may be carrying Brody's baby. Greg is in critical condition. His mother is angry at John for failing to protect her son. Shaun tells her that he is certain John is correct that Greg got mixed up with Eli and that is why he's in the coma. She doesn't want to believe that but realizes that Eli may have threatened Shaun or Destiny and that could be the reason. Meanwhile, Ross is furious and wants Todd arrested assuming he's hiding Dani. Todd is not as upset, at least knowing that somebody else is preventing her from being taken to Tahiti and attempts to get Nate to tell him where his daughter is although Nate does not give her up. When Ross goes down to the docks, Eli shows up unexpectedly.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Katherine finds Murphy’s booth empty. A woman gives Katherine the check from Victor. Katherine calls for Murphy but gets no answer. In his car, Murphy begs Meggie for his pills, but she only laughs as she drops them to the floor. Nikki tells Victor that it is so peaceful there. Nikki is happy that she and Victor have the house to themselves. Lily and Cane arrive at the cabin. J.T. bumps into Ashley and Abby. Abby asks if J.T. received her text. J.T. offers his sympathy in not getting to the cemetery for Colleen’s memorial service. Jack finds Tucker drinking alone. Tucker lets Jack know that Katherine accused him of being behind Abby suing Victor. Lily remembers that this is the one-year anniversary of Colleen’s death. Cane asks Lily if she wants to call Traci. Lily declines. Lily asks Cane what is going on, that he can tell her. Meggie arrives home to Nikki’s and Victor’s. Nikki offers Meggie the day off, but she declines. Katherine finds Murphy, unconscious in his truck. Ashley asks Abby to reconsider the lawsuit against Victor. Abby tells Ashley that she has an appointment to give blood. Ashley agrees to go along. Katherine calls Nikki to let her know about Murphy. Victor and Nikki, as well as Meggie, go to the hospital. Katherine questions Meggie about Murphy. The doctor tells Katherine and the family that Murphy suffered a stroke due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Victor sees Ashley and Abby at the hospital and tells them about Murphy. J.T. and Mac find Murphy’s car and some very incriminating evidence that someone was with him. Officer Whitcomb asks Cane what he is doing there. Lily finds the CD in the luggage and asks Cane about it. Jack bumps into Meggie at the hospital and asks her what she is doing there. J.T. tells Victor what they found in Murphy’s car and that he hadn’t been alone.

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