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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Damon passes his GED but is depressed when his interview with the employment agency doesn’t go well because the interviewer learns that he isn’t a college graduate and that he has a police record. Tad talks to Jake about the situation and he advises him to allow Damon to make his own decisions. When Liza offers Damon a job as a file clerk, Colby and Tad both suspect that Liza has an ulterior motive for offering Damon the job. Tad tells Damon to make his own decision, so Damon takes the job Liza offered him. Kendall starts her community service at the hospital, but Ryan asks Jesse to move her to the jail, so she can keep Greenlee from focusing on her claustrophobia. Greenlee tells Kendall that once her trial is over and she is found innocent, she will focus on her feelings for Ryan. Kendall isn’t sure Greenlee will be able to get Ryan away from Madison so easily, but Greenlee is sure that Ryan doesn’t love Madison as much as he once loved her.

Zach calls Jake and asks him to go to where he once worked with Doctors Without Borders and make some important introductions. Jake decides not to leave Amanda and Trevor and does what Zach wants with the help of modern technology. Madison tries to persuade Liza that she lied about hearing Greenlee say she wanted to kill David, because she was jealous of the close connection that Greenlee and Ryan have. Liza doesn’t believe her and later tells Ryan she still intends to call him as a witness. Madison tells Ryan that she lied to Liza in order to help Greenlee and he tells her he knew that she was lying, because she isn’t that person anymore. When Madison confides that she is still scared the old Madison will come out, Ryan understands because he lives with that fear everyday; then they make love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke wishes Stephanie would not think of her as a curse. She does not want her to die, but to fight this disease. She knows Stephanie also doesn’t want to die and she is covering up her feelings. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is exhausting because she just doesn’t understand. She has accepted the fact that she is dying of cancer and she wants to do it gracefully. And in the time left she would like to have a little fun doing some wild and crazy things she has never done. She does not want to end up in the hospital with doctors and tubes coming out of every orifice. The treatment will be agony. She gets agitated and tells Brooke that she does not have a say in this so she needs to accept that. Donna and Katie drop in on Bridget and it gets a little awkward when they question her about her baby daddy. Bridget doesn’t hold it against Bill for revealing all of this. Perhaps it is for the best that it is all out in the open and they can all go on with their lives. She admits she does have feelings for Owen. That seems natural, but she will not intervene in that marriage. Jackie has been wonderful throughout all of this.

Jackie realizes that Rick is serious with his marriage proposal. Her marriage to Owen is just a minor technicality according to Rick. He wants to break free of both of their public images. He feels like he is going through the motions and he doesn’t like going to work as he has no control at Forrester. His mother is gone and he may be next on the chopping block. So there is no better time to throw caution to the wind and do something wild. He turns on music and asks her to dance. Owen returns so Rick makes a quit exit. When Owen asks what he was up to, Jackie is honest and tells him quite flippantly that Rick proposed. Rick seems to think that a long engagement would rectify the headlines and keep her from being the woman scorned. Owen says he hates that this has hurt Jackie so badly, but this madness of Rick’s is not the answer. Jackie thinks it’s rather sweet and disagrees that Rick is using her. Owen feels that Rick has an agenda and is trying to worm himself between the two of them and warns Jackie against it. Brooke wants to know the real reason that Stephanie is giving up. Stephanie assures her that she is not giving up; just being realistic. There is a difference. And she believes her family will realize that when she tells them. She can’t believe that Brooke will be rid of her yet here she is begging her to stay. She’s shocked when Brooke says Stephanie has always been like a mother to her. Yes she hated her at times, but she loved her too – her strength, her courage, everything she is going to need to fight this disease. Stephanie goes to her and holds her in a big hug and relays that before there was modern medicine people got sick and died. There was no decision. It was simple and that is the way she wants to go, keep it simple. That is what is right for her. Brooke says she is not ready for Stephanie to go away and Stephanie is very unlucky that Brooke knows her little secret and she is not going to give up until she changes Stephanie’s mind.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Rafe that she knows who shot EJ.  Roman walked in on Stefano and EJ talking about Sami and Will.  Nicole and Brady kissed and she left Vivian in the coffin.  Rafe wanted to know who shot EJ, but she hesitated when she flashed back to shooting him.  Brady and Nicole went in his room to make love.  Sami was afraid to tell the truth because of what happened with Sydney's ransom notes.  Roman wanted to talk to EJ without Stefano being in the room.  Stefano taunted Roman, until EJ told him to leave his room.  Adrienne saw Justin at the pub.  They spoke about Victor and Vivian marriage.  Brady and Nicole made love.  She was happy that he was still there when she woke up.  Roman questioned EJ about the night of the wedding.  EJ said he remembered the wedding.  Roman wanted to know if he remembered anything after the wedding.  He wanted to know the last thing EJ remembered after the wedding.  When Sami was about to tell Rafe who shot EJ, Arianna and Gabi showed up to surprise them.  Justin and Adrienne talked about divorce hurting when people love each other.  Nicole wanted to know if Brady was happy that they made love.  Brady reassured her that he wanted to be with her.  She was satisfied with his answer.  EJ told Roman that he remembers that Sami loves him and that they are together.  Then his machine went off and he grabbed his head in pain. Adrienne was talking to Justin about being grownup now (she told him about the way Stephanie has been acting), and then his phone rang.  After his conversation, he told Adrienne that he has regrets about their divorce.  Brady saw a ghost when he saw Vivian in his bed.  He is started to feel haunted because of what he did to Vivian.  

Gabi found out that Rafe and Sami were going to get married at the Green Mountain Lodge.  She told Arianna how she saw the pamphlet and they were both shocked. Brady left the room to meet someone.  Nicole found Brady's blue tooth and hid it from him.  EJ admitted to making his machines go off.  He's able to do it by thinking of Sami and Rafe.  Stefano told him that he shouldn't do that because of the damage it can do.  He also warned EJ that his plan has flaws.  EJ told him that it's not a plan.  It's a small tactic.  Arianna was upset when she found out that Sami and Rafe are getting married.  She was worried about what it would do to EJ.  Brady had Isabella's remains brought back to the mausoleum.  He questioned whether or not Vivian is when she belongs.  Nicole spoke to Vivian about Brady.  Arianna was upset with Sami for trying to take EJ off of life support.  EJ was determined to keep Johnny and Sydney away from EJ.  Sami looked uncomfortable.  Vivian and Nicole got into an argument over getting Vivian out of the coffin.  Brady spoke to Isabella's coffin about what he did to Vivian.  Rafe suddenly didn't want to know what Sami's secret was because once they are married, he can't be forced to testify for her.  EJ called Sami and told her about being a happy family.  Sami lied about taking Johnny out to get out of talking to him.  She wanted to hurry up and tell him the truth.  EJ noticed Sami's hesitation when he spoke to her.  He realized that it's getting harder for her to keep up the charade of being with him.  He's going to keep up his act until he finds out whether she or Will shot him. When Vivian insulted Nicole abut being a porn star, Nicole was upset.  She decided to let her stay in the coffin.  Rafe thought that Sami knew that Will killed EJ.  Sami decided to never tell Rafe she shot EJ even after they are married.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Molly tells Michael that Sonny and Claire are dating each other. Molly is surprised that Michael isn’t mad about the news. Michael runs into Allie, Kristina’s friend, outside the diner. Allie invites Michael to a weekend party. Michael graciously accepts. Sam tells Jason that they should break up. Jason convinces Sam that she doesn’t need to be jealous of Brenda. Jason asks Sam to move in with him but she declines the invitation. However, they agree to stay committed to one another. They are kissing when the doorbell rings. It’s Michael. Michael tells Jason about Allie. Michael asks Jason to get him a hooker since he is sexually inexperienced.

Brenda tells Sonny that she won’t see him while she is in Port Charles. Sonny thinks that Brenda is lying about her feelings for him. They reminisce about the old times. Sonny wants another chance with Brenda. Diane walks in unannounced. Sonny asks Diane to leave but she ignores him. Diane introduces herself to Brenda. After Diane leaves, Sonny and Brenda talk about getting back together. Sonny leans in for a kiss. Alexis warns Claire that she should stay away from Sonny. Diane tells Alexis that Brenda’s back in town. Lulu realizes that the man she hit is an agent from Interpol. Lulu wants to flee the scene but Dante is against it. Lulu fears that she and Dante will be deported. Agent Bates wakes up and tells Dante and Lulu that they need to go back to Port Charles immediately. On the plane back to New York, Lulu is looking at fashion magazines. Dante sees an ad with Brenda’s face and appears to recognize her.

Lisa runs into Patrick and Robin near the cabin. Lisa points a gun at herself. Patrick lunges at Lisa; the gun goes off. Mac and some policeman show up at the scene. Patrick doesn’t think that Lisa will survive prison so he asks Mac for a favor. Mac agrees to send Lisa to Shadybrook. In the transportation vehicle, Lisa apologizes to Patrick for all she’s done. Patrick agrees to visit Lisa at Shadybrook. Robin is admitted to GH. Maya gives Robin her test results. Robin tells Maya about Lisa. Patrick visits Robin at the hospital. Maya says that Robin should be released tomorrow. Alone, Patrick and Robin discuss their future. Robin mentions her visions of Stone. Robin isn’t sure if she can stay married to Patrick.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

A "lady friend" of Charlie's pays him a surprise visit and it turns out she's Echo, an old adversary of Viki's, who slept with Clint years ago when he was Viki's husband. And low and behold, Viki learns that Charlie and this woman used to be "involved". Meanwhile, Nate convinces James to help him enable Dani to escape before Ross takes her to Tahiti. Starr is also there for them. Yet, Eli has escaped and may be on the loose after injecting Greg with a lethal dose when he tries to convince him that he needs surgery. Greg is critical and they are not sure if he's going to make it. Tea is stuck in her hospital room helpless to get out or know where Todd is and doesn't know why she cannot call him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki comes downstairs and notices the bar with the liquor. Going into the living room, she sits down on the sofa. Meggie join her and asks how she is feeling. Meggie asks Nikki if she had food poisoning. Meggie wants to call restaurant, but Nikki refuses. Victor and Katherine discuss some ponies for the girls. At the Harvest Festival, Jack, Phyllis and Summer go for cotton candy. Everyone is gathered to have fun at the festival. Skye and Adam meet up with Sharon, Nick, Phyllis and Jack. Skye gets into Phyllis’ face and takes a pic of her and Jack with her cell phone camera. Sharon watches every move that Adam and Skye make. Skye orders Phyllis to print a retraction about her and Jack, but Phyllis refuses. Katherine spends time with Murphy at his booth. Adam makes an announcement then gives Murphy a hefty donation for the veterans. Skye teases Adam about his hefty donation and his inability to stop staring at his ex-wife. Adam clasps his hand around the back of Skye’s neck and issues her an ultimatum of his own -- he wants her to stop pushing him or he will snap. Cane and J.T. meet to talk about the CD and its contents and what danger his family could be in. Nikki and Victor talk about what is bothering her. Victor lets Nikki know that he feels that she is pulling away from him. Nikki begins to cry as Victor holds her in his arms.

Meggie starts to deliver a check from Victor to Murphy. Murphy turns around and Meggie recognizes him. Meggie runs out while Murphy yells for her to stop. Nick and Sharon spend quality time with Faith at the festival. Nick tries to comfort Phyllis over Adam’s presence. Nick asks Phyllis if Summer can spend the night with him. Phyllis is all for the idea. Sharon and Phyllis meet face to face. Phyllis advises Sharon to stop staring at Adam so much when she sees him. Phyllis picks up a pie to throw at Sharon, but Jack stops her and takes the pie from her. Nikki tells Victor that he is the love of her life. Nikki reminds Victor that she stood by him in Belgium when he was so sick, and she watched him grow stronger. Nikki, as she cries, tells Victor that everything is gone. At the Athletic Club, Katherine confronts Tucker about who is behind Abby and Victoria suing Victor. Katherine issues Tucker a warning that if she finds out that he is behind this, there will be dire consequences. Murphy tries to call Victor about Meggie. Meggie jumps into the car with him and grabs the phone from him. Meggie lets him know that he is not warning anyone.

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