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AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR steals Marissa’s attorney from her so Caleb agrees to represent her and tells JR that he stole his company from him and he will make sure Marissa takes his son from him. Caleb informs Marissa that they both passed the bar exam so they can now practice law. Annie tries to persuade Marissa not to put AJ through a bitter custody battle because he will be the one hurt if she and JR can’t work out a custody arrangement without going to court. Marissa refuses to take advice from Annie and the ladies argue about how Annie tore apart Marissa’s family and Marissa slept with Scott. AJ wonders why the ladies were yelling at each other and later Annie tells JR what happened and he asks Annie to stay out of his life. Caleb continues to think about Erica although he tells Krystal he doesn’t care that she will soon be coming home.

Greenlee is denied bail because the judge considers her a flight risk and she must stay in jail until her trial date. Greenlee has an attack of claustrophobia and Ryan is with her to help her get through the attack. Brot and Natalia have their first non date and share a kiss but Natalia insists that she and Brot aren’t involved because she doesn’t want to cause Jesse anymore problems since they would have to do a lot of paperwork if they had a relationship since she is Brot’s superior office. Krystal sees Brot and Natalia at the park and tells them its nice to see a couple in love and Natalia asks Brot not to tell anyone she say them together. Scott heads to Paris to take care of some business at the Chandler European division but promises Annie he will be home in time for her party.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke confides in Ridge that she is keeping a secret for Stephanie. She wants to share it with him, but he’s only happy that she is getting along that well with his mother so he figures Stephanie will tell him in time so Brooke doesn’t need to tell him. Brooks surprises Stephanie by showing up at her house saying she remembered she had a doctor’s appointment today and she is going to drive her. Jackie is stunned to find Rick in her office. After his little stunt with the statue, she feels she should have him banned from the building. She knows he is a very good brother so he shouldn’t embarrass Bridget and just leave now. His mantra again is that she needs a man that is going to be hopelessly devoted to just her, not another woman and his child. She could have that with Rick.

Bridget and Owen bond more over Logan. She points out that the secret is out now and she doesn’t like being the source of such gossip. But she looks at Logan and realizes how lucky she is with Owen as the father. What started out as more or less a fantasy that Rick wanted to whisk Jackie off to Paris and her give in to her impulsive side, turns into him pulling out a ring and proposing to her. While Stephanie is on the phone, Brooke snoops and finds a bucket list of Stephanie for things she wants to do. Stephanie tells her to quit being so nosy. She cancelled the appointment so Brooke can go. Stephanie states that she is tired of fighting – no surgery, no chemo, no radiation, no nothing. Stephanie chuckles when Brooke tells her not to do this to her family……and to her. Brooke says Stephanie is the strongest woman she knows and they have been enemies, but she doesn’t want her to die. They argue. Brooke makes her take her hand and says they are in this together. She is going to take her to the doctor and she will tell Stephanie what is the best way to survive and they will do it. She will not allow her to die.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole spoke to Brady about putting Vivian in the coffin.  She was trying to stop him from keeping Vivian in the coffin.  Vivian sat in the coffin waiting to see if Nicole's speech would work.  EJ's monitor went off when Stefano wanted to know who shot him.  EJ did manage to tell Stefano that he knows who shot him.  Sami thought about shooting EJ when Rafe wanted to talk about the wedding.  EJ told Stefano that he shot himself.  Stefano was shocked.  Rafe wanted to know if Sami was hiding something from him, but she couldn't tell him.  Philip let Melanie know that someone bought the house.  Maggie was curious as to who would want the house out of the blue.  It turned out that Victor bought the house.  He ended up feeling guilty because of his feelings for Maggie.  Brady told Nicole that Vivian wanted to put Maggie in the coffin to bury her alive.  EJ recapped to Stefano about the night he was hot.  Stefano told EJ that he didn't shoot himself and he could prove it.  Victor went to Maggie's house to see Philip and Melanie, but talked to her about the two of them. Nicole kept trying to get Brady to let Vivian out of the coffin because it was the right thing to do.

Roman showed up at Rafe and Sami's apartment.  He wanted her to know that he was on his way to question EJ about the night he was shot.  She quickly told him that EJ didn't remember anything.  Stefano told EJ that his prints weren't on the gun.  He told him that there was no way the wound was self-inflicted.  He also told him that the gun was nowhere to be found.  EJ realized who shot him.  Philip and Melanie figured out that Victor is buying up the houses.  They thought that Maggie was the reason why.  EJ fingered Nicole as the shooter, but Stefano said she had an airtight alibi.  Stefano mentioned two obvious suspects and EJ knew it was Sami and Will.  Melanie suggested that she and Philip move in with Victor since he's buying up the houses they are trying to buy.  Philip didn't want to move in with him, but Melanie was adamant.  Brady wanted to make a deal with Nicole so Vivian could stay in the coffin.  Stefano said Will was proven to be innocent of shooting EJ.  EJ wasn't convinced that it wasn't Will.  Stefano thought that Sami was the shooter.  EJ said she had an alibi, but Stefano didn't think it mattered.  He told EJ that Sami had motive and opportunity to shoot him and finish him off.  Rafe wanted Sami to be honest with him because Stefano is suspicious of her and Will.  In order for him to help Will, she had to talk to him.  Brady offered himself to Nicole in order to keep her from selling him out.  He kissed her, but got slapped.  EJ was stressed out at the idea of Sami trying to kill him while he was in a coma.  Stefano told him how Sami wanted to take him off of life support since she had the rights to his living will.  He intimated that Sami rushed to do it in order to protect herself or Will.  He had a plan to get back at both of them.  His plan was to have one of them arrested (Sami or Will) to see which one would hurt Sami the most.  Roman showed up in EJ's room to question him about the shooting.  Sami told Rafe that she knows who shot EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny and Claire leave his island and take his private Jet back to Port Charles. She invites him to join the mile high club. Maxie worries about Robin. Spinelli tells Maxie that Brenda is the most captivating woman on the planet. Matt suggests that Maxie should stop being hung up on a guy that is fawning over someone else. Sam gets dressed up and goes to Jason's penthouse to meet Brenda. She is amused by Jason and Brenda's bickering. When Brenda asks Sam questions, Sam reveals that she was involved with both Jax and Sonny before. After Sam leaves, Brenda goes to Sonny's and tells him she will be in Port Charles but will not ever see him. Sam returns to the penthouse and tells Jason she doesn’t compete with other women so she thinks they should break up.

Dante says Lulu looks comfortable in the deserted cabin in Ireland where they are stranded. She says it’s her chance to live up to being a Spencer and he warns her not to try to compare herself to her mother. When Dante goes to town to check on the car, someone appears at the cabin door. Maxie hits the man with the fireplace poker and knocks him out. When Dante returns, he checks the man's ID and discovers that he is an Interpol agent.

Lisa overhears Steve telling Patrick that a patient offered his boathouse to Lisa so she goes up to them and says Patrick shouldn’t be back at work so soon after leaving lockup. Steve tries to keep Lisa and Patrick separated. Patrick thinks Lisa knows that he is going to find Robin so he leaves the hospital while Lisa is busy and goes to the cabin. Lisa calls her patient and asks if anyone from the hospital asked about his cabin and then abruptly leaves the hospital. Patrick gets Robin out of the well. Lisa arrives with a gun.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

TOdd and all the people Dani has to leave are devastated that she has to move to move to Tahiti with Ross. And the judge has gone so far as to deny Todd visitation rights after Ross has played the tape recording for the judge of Todd threatening to kill him and dump his body. Dani admits that she would have chosen Todd, calls him dad and tells him she loves him for the first time. He first urges Viki to help him kidnap Dani, knowing the cops will trust her with her niece and she won't get in trouble. She declines to help him but admits she knows how he is feeling and that what has happened to him is not ok. John and Natalie consult with SHaun who tells them that Tea confided in him before she died and he knows, for a fact that she could not have named Ross as Dani's legal guardian. He knows that she wanted Todd and Dani to be together. ANd they all wonder why Greg would testify under oath that she wnated Ross to raise Dani. Meanwhile, Greg is determined to prevent Eli from doing more damage by scaring him into believing that he needs surgery in order not to have his brain blow up on him. But Eli somehow knows not to trust Greg's diagnosis. He also has a nurse preventing Tea from calling Todd althugh neither the nurse nor Tea have a clue as to why. Tea somehow manages to get a hold of the phone and calls Todd. Nate persuades James to help him prevent Dani from leaving him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Jack asks Phyllis how she would feel if they were more than just friends. Phyllis doesn’t know. Jack tells her that he doesn’t know either, but he is willing to give it a try and Phyllis also agrees. Skye arrives at Phyllis’ condo and makes her an offer to print a retraction about her sleeping with Jack. Jack comes downstairs and wonders why would Phyllis want to print a retraction when the story was true. Adam tries to explain things to Sharon about him and Skye, but Sharon doesn’t want any part of Adam. Noah is surprised to learn that Adam wormed his way out of the charges against him. Nick lets him know that the D.A. is trying to reopen the case against Adam. Chloe complains to Kevin that Ronan is back in town. Kevin urges Chloe to let this go, but she just cannot accept that Chance is gone. Kevin urges Chloe to go to the fall festival with him. Chloe, at first, refuses, but then agrees to go. Kevin gets a call from Jeff, who wants him to come to Gloworm. Kevin is reluctant to leave, but Jeff talks him into coming. Kevin lets Chloe know that he will meet her at the festival. Adam tries to reach out to Sharon, but she refuses to have anything to do with Adam. Skye accuses Jack and Phyllis of setting her up and then vows revenge on them. At Gloworm, Kevin assures Gloria that the books are fine. Jeff fills Kevin in on how the gambling goes down and that he will deliver the money to the mob boss, but Kevin refuses. Jeff talks to him and Kevin reconsiders and agrees to deliver money. Jana and Noah meet. Jana lets Noah know how good he is looking. Jana invites Noah to the fall festival. Nick interrupts Adam and Sharon. Jack fills Phyllis in on his and Victor’s plan to bankrupt the hedge fund. Chloe and Jana meet at the fall festival. Jana wants Chloe as a girlfriend, but she refuses since she is friends with Kevin. Kevin arrives at the festival and tries to put a cheese hat on Chloe’s head, but she refuses by telling him that Chance bought her one last year. Gloria confronts Jeff about the bag that Kevin has from Fenmore’s. Jeff covers up what he is doing by telling Gloria that he purchased her something from Fenmore’s. Gloria wonders why Kevin has the shopping bag. Jeff explains that the necklace had a broken clasp and he sent it back to get a replacement. Everyone has fun at the fall festival. Adam coaxes Skye to go to the fall festival because he heard that Sharon would be there.

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