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AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR confides in Annie that he is upset because Marissa plans to ask for full custody of AJ and she advises him to find some way to make a custody arrangement with Marissa so it won’t go to court. Annie tells JR that he is nothing like Adam because he has a good heart like Dixie and he must make sure to let that heart show because a father with a kind heart is what AJ needs right now. JR is surprised that he confided in Annie and thinks she is the only person who truly understands him. Marissa tells Scott that JR intends to use their affair against her in court and she intends to use JR’s affair with Annie against him. Marissa a apologizes to Scott because this could hurt hi marriage but he tells her not to worry because his marriage is better then ever. Scott tells Marissa she is a good mother and she is doing the right thing for AJ. Scott advises JR to put AJ above his thirst for power and come to the cocktail party that he and Annie are giving because it is a good way to prove to Marissa that they are united as a family and not always fighting with each other. Annie thinks it is a great idea so JR tells Scott he will come to the party.

Madison continues to be supportive of Ryan helping Greenlee but when Liza thinks that Ryan helped Greenlee Kill David Madison tells her that she heard Greenlee say she wanted to kill David. Madison tries to correct her mistake by telling Liza she doesn’t remember when she heard Greenlee say she wanted to kill David. Madison later tells Kendall what she told Liza and Kendall thinks Madison did it to make sure that Greenlee goes to jail so she can have Ryan all to herself. Madison denies the accusation and Kendall wants her to prove it by telling Liza that she made up what she said because she was trying to defend Ryan. Greenlee ‘s lawyer advises her to plea bargain with Liza but she refuses to do it because she is innocent. Ryan visits Greenlee in jail and tells her that he knows she is keeping something from him and asks her to tell him everything she knows about the person who killed David.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells her family that recent events have caused her to feel she needs to share this with them. She states that there will be difficult days ahead, but not today. It is time for a celebration. She remembers a request asked of her by every single child and grandchild. She is tired of saying no, so this is their lucky day. Just open the front door and find the slide. Everyone but Brooke seems to think it is fun. Ridge is first then Steffy, Pam and Marcus take their turn. Brooke is stunned, but they all clap and urge Stephanie to be the birthday girl and take her spill too which she gladly does. Aggie tells Nick that he pulled back from the company and his own personal life because of Bridget. They share some laughs about Owen standing their in white makeup with his big spear during the recent shoot. She welcomes Nick back to the land of the living. She thinks it is great that he cares for Bridget; that is who he is. Nick is livid that all of this happened because Bill Spencer wanted to sell more magazines so he dragged Owen and Bridget through the mud. She tells him that he can say anything to her or they don’t have to talk at all.

Nick locks the door and grabs Aggie and plants a big kiss on her. They make love and she says there is no place she had rather be. She thinks he knows how much he means to her. She has feelings of absolute certainly and knows who she wants to be with….and this man turns out to be him, miracle of miracles. Stephanie tells her family that she is not thinking of topping this next year. This is the birthday of all birthdays. Brooke catches up with her and wants to know why she is being so selfish and not telling her family the truth. She wants her to wish for getting well and that this cancer go away. But her time is precious with her family, but she needs to tell them. Stephanie tells her not tonight; not until she knows what she is going to do. Brooke says if she needs help, she will help her do that. Stephanie does not want to discuss this anymore with Brooke. She begs her to stay out of it. She has Brooke in her life, she has her in her corporation and now she can’t even have cancer without her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

While Brady was talking to Victor about Nicole, he noticed his blue tooth was missing.  Nicole heard Vivian talking through the blue tooth.  Nicole wasn't sure who she was talking to.  Vivian asked for her help.  Will went to the mansion to get the rest of his things.  Kate let him know that EJ was out of his coma.  He was clearly upset.  Rafe surprised Sami with an apartment.  EJ told Stefano that he knows he and Sami aren't married.  He overheard Lexie say if his blood pressure gets too high, he could hemorrhage.  He wants to keep Sami from walking out of his life with the kids.  Stefano wanted EJ to tell him who shot him since he didn't have memory loss.  Victor was suspicious of how anxious Brady was to find his blue tooth.  He was afraid that he could be getting a call from a dealer.  Rafe and Sami talked about EJ and who shot him.  Kate wanted Will to be careful how he acts towards EJ.  Will threatened to do something if EJ did something to Sami or the kids.  EJ told Stefano how he remembered everything that happened the night he was shot.  He recapped what happened when he set up Sydney's kidnapping.  He got so worked up that he made his machines go off again.  Rafe wanted EJ to figure out who shot him so he and Sami could be together.  She was afraid EJ would take the kids from her and use her past to do it.  Rafe assured her that they would never take the kids.  Nicole was starting to think that she had too many drinks for why she heard Vivian's voice.  She was about to leave the mausoleum until Vivian stopped her and begged for her help.  She told him how Vivian was in there and noticed how Brady wasn't shocked.  Then it dawned on her that Brady put her in there.

When Kate showed up at the hospital, Stefano told her that EJ knows everything.  Will showed up at the new apartment to meet Sami.  He warned her that EJ was awake.  While they were talking about her shooting EJ, Rafe walked in and wanted to know what she did.  Brady tried to convince Nicole that Vivian wasn't in the coffin, but Nicole didn't believe it.  She thought that Victor got him to put Vivian in the coffin.  Will said that Sami didn't want EJ to know about her engagement ring.  EJ gave Nathan a hard time; he tried to test his memory.  He ended up throwing him out of the room.  Stefano let Kate know that EJ remembers everything.  Victor walked in on Nicole and Brady's conversation while she was insulting him.  While Victor was talking and Isabella, Nicole realized that he didn't know about Vivian being in the coffin.  EJ let Stefano know what he has a plan, and Stefano was willing to help him.  Rafe told Sami he wants to marry her right away.  Stefano asked EJ if he knows who shot him.  EJ said he did.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante and Lulu are lost in Ireland. She suggests that they stay in Ireland. Claire and Sonny wake up on his island. He presents her with a dress that he bought her to wear to the casino. They go fishing and tell each other about their lives. Robin awakens in a well. Steve visits Patrick in jail and they discuss tracking down Lisa's patients that may have a boathouse. Meanwhile, Lisa lurks around the jail. Mac accuses Patrick and Lisa of working together to get rid of Robin. Lisa gets Patrick out of jail. Later she overhears Steve telling Patrick about a patient that offered his boathouse to Lisa. Maxie tells Sam that Robin is missing. Sam looks forward to meeting Brenda. Molly asks Sam to invite her to Jason's so she can meet Brenda. Spinelli has bouquets of flowers delivered to the penthouse in anticipation of Brenda's arrival. On the flight to Port Charles, Brenda dreams that Sonny gets shot. Brenda meets Michael again for the first time since he was little. Michael leaves when Brenda asks about Josslyn. Later, Jason tells Brenda that Michael killed Claudia the night Josslyn was born.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Robert and James are both struggling to make ends meet now that Robert is unemployed. He goes out looking for jobs that underpay and that he feels are beneath him while giving up on fighting for his professor job at LU. While Clint is having dinner with Inez, he tells her he can pull strings with LU to get Robert a film director job regardless of the trouble he got into as a professor. She does not want to continue to accept favors from Clint and knows that Robert would not want a "favor" this way. But then, James and Nate tell Robert that maybe he should take a job that Nate referred him to waiting tables. Robert reveals to the manager he has no restaurant experience so he has to start out bussing tables. The first customers he has are Inez and Clint. At that point, it looks like Inez might reconsider Clint's offer. Starr and Langston talk about Starr's dilemma with her feelings for James and how Langston regrets losing Markko. In the courtroom, the judge rules in Ross's favor with no proof that the will where Tea named him as Dani's legal guardian has been falsified. Dani is torn between her two fathers. Unknown to anybody, Tea is in a private hospital, alive and getting better but completely unaware of what Greg has done. Greg is still afraid of Ross and Eli's threats to his family if he does not do what they want, but he's determined to prevent Eli from returning to Llanview and getting away with what he did.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Adam mumbles to himself that Skye makes him so angry and he finds himself hating her. At “Restless Style”, Sharon finds out that Phyllis is back. Sharon begins to talk about Adam, and Phyllis thinks that Sharon is defending him. Skye confronts Adam about not answering his phone and about not coming home last night. Skye tells him that they need to talk. Adam assures her that they have already talked. Skye complains about the hedge fund investors and the article that Phyllis wrote about it. Skye reminds Adam that they have a meeting with the investors and if they don’t present a united front, it will all go down the drain. Jack asks Vance when his meeting with Victoria and Abby is. Michael lets Victor know that when Victoria signed on with Abby, it had made Abby’s case stronger. Victor refuses to make a settlement to Victoria and Abby. Victoria tries to get Nick to sign on with them to sue Victor, but Nick flatly refuses to have any part in the lawsuit. Phyllis confronts Sharon about Skye sleeping with two of Sharon’s ex’s. Sharon returns the sentiment by reminding Phyllis that she is seeing Deacon Sharpe. Jack walks in and lets Phyllis and Sharon know that he hates what they have let “Restless Style” become. Skye lets Adam know that she needs him and that he was right about her doing the article at “Restless Style.”

Victoria and Abby meet with Vance. Vance texts Michael and tells him that he and the girls are asking for $3 billion. Victor excuses himself from the meeting with Michael and leaves. Victor appears up on Victoria’s doorstep. Victor confronts Victoria and Abby about what they are doing. Skye and Adam meet with investors and act like a happily married couple. Jack invites Phyllis out to Gloworm for a drink, but the plans change and they go back to her place. Nikki, in bar, orders a vodka tonic. Deacon interrupts Nikki and asks if that is just a tonic. Nikki orders him to go away. Deacon keeps on pestering her about what is making her drink. Nikki gets drunk and Deacon refuses to let her drive home. Deacon insists on taking her home. Victor tries to warn the girls about Vance, but they will not listen. Victor orders Vance out. Victor tries to get the girls to drop they lawsuit, but they flatly refuse. Victor declares all out war. Deacon brings Nikki home, but is met at the door by Meggie. Victor returns home and asks about Nikki. Meggie lets Victor know that Nikki is resting. Jack and Phyllis go home to her place and open a bottle of champagne. Jack begins to flirt with her.

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