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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Jesse and Angie are touched when the entire police department agrees to help them with whatever needs to be done when their baby is born. Natalia admits to Brot that she wishes Angie wasn’t blind and cries because Angie won’t get to see her child. Natalia asks Brot out and he says no because he wanted to ask her out. Brot then asks Natalia out and she says no and they have a long argument about his sexist attitude. Brot and Natalia finally agree to go out but not call it a date because she is his superior officer. Colby helps Damon take a break from studying for his GED and working and they make love and spend the day remembering their trip to New York together.

Annie dreams of JR and when she awakens she persuades Scott to have a cocktail party at the mansion for the Chandler board and executives. Scott finds a house for him Annie and Emma but Annie tells him she doesn’t want to uproot Emma from the mansion, which she considers her home. JR tells Annie a cocktail party is a great idea and that Scott should buy her diamonds because she deserves to look like a queen. Scott thinks Annie is beautiful as she is and doesn’t need jewelry. Annie and JR continue their I don’t love you but I really do love you game with each other and they both seem to enjoy driving each other crazy. Caleb tells Asher to stay away from his house and everyone that lives in it and an angry Asher almost tells Caleb that he is his son but remembers what JR told him and doesn’t say a word to Caleb. Asher tells JR how Caleb threatened him and JR tells him that if he is loyal to him they will soon crush Caleb. Caleb tells Krystal that JR doesn’t deserve to be a father and he will make sure Marissa wins custody of AJ.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she is not stalling to avoid his mom’s party. This is her day and she is going to put all her problems with her aside for today. Stephanie tells Hope that if it makes her happy to have Liam there, then by all means invite him. Stephanie calls Brooke to make sure she will be there. Brooke is dismayed to hear Stephanie say she has not told anybody about her cancer yet. Oliver tells Aggie that he’s not there yet, but he’s trying to work things out with Hope. Liam apologizes to Hope for what his dad did to Bridget and Owen. If this is what Spencer Publication is all about, then he’s not sure he wants to be part of it. She has complete confidence that he will figure it out. No one is going to hold him responsible for something his dad did. She asks him to Stephanie’s party. It totally freaks him out; it’ll be like a firing squad. He says okay, he will go into battle and slay any dragon with his damsel by his side.

Nick and Aggie discuss the situation and he thinks she did the right thing in encouraging Oliver. She thinks things are changing between her and Nick. At the party, Liam apologizes to the Forrester’s for being involved with Spencer Publications and for what happened at Jackie M’s. Stephanie greets Ridge and Brooke and tells her that she only wants to see happy faces tonight. Stop looking at her with those big dewy eyes or being so nice; people will get suspicious. Brooke tells her all she is going to get from her is sympathy whether she likes it or not. Stephanie says she is tickled pink and wants to thank everyone publicly for being there to help celebrate her birthday. She exclaims that this year her birthday wish is not going to be that things turn out exactly like she wants them to be. She looks directly at Brooke when she adds that her wish is that they will all find joy and happiness in things exactly the way as they are. After all they only have the moment. She has something to tell them. They all look stunned when she says she did not anticipate having to tell them this on her birthday, but they need to know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor went to the mausoleum to talk to Isabella.  Vivian saw him there and wanted him to know she was there.  Lexie told Stefano that EJ is awake.  Stefano was excited.  Lexie stopped Rafe from going to see EJ.  Nicole saw Brady drinking at the pet cemetery drinking.  He was talking about Vivian, but she couldn't hear him.  EJ wanted to talk to Sami about her living situation, but Lexie stopped them.  EJ was getting upset so Lexie made Sami leave.  When Sami told Rafe that Johnny let it slip that they are living with Rafe, Lexie stressed that Sami has to pretend to be married to EJ or he could die.  When Sami went back in EJ's room, he wanted to make sure that she was going to be living with him at the mansion as his wife.  Nicole tried to flirt with Keith (pet cemetery director) to find out what Brady is up to Kate was worried that Stefano would find out that she drove Sami to shoot EJ if Sami were the one who shot him.  Sami lied to EJ and said she was staying at the mansion without him.  EJ wasn't convinced at first and got worked up.  She had to calm him down when the machine went off.  Brady taunted Vivian again.  Rafe walked in when Sami and EJ were kissing.  Nicole went to Victor's mansion and ran into him.  She asked Victor if Vivian had any pets.  Victor was confused.  Kate debated on whether or not to tell Stefano that Chad is his son.  Stefano was rude to Chad when he showed up at the hospital.  EJ wanted to know what Sami and Rafe were keeping from him.  EJ wanted a moment alone with Sami, but Rafe refused to leave.

Brady burst Vivian's bubble when he told her that Victor isn't going to save her.  He said he had proof that Vivian moved Isabella to the pet cemetery.  Stefano got the chance to see EJ.  Sami and Rafe left the two of them alone.  Chad went to see Kate and the mansion because she wanted to see him.  When EJ was praising Sami, Stefano wanted to tell him the truth.  Rafe suddenly wanted Sami to pretend to be EJ's wife to keep EJ from dying.  Nicole heard Brady talking when she went to the mausoleum.  He dropped the blue tooth out of his ear when he left the mausoleum.  Nicole wondered what was going on. Kate wanted to offer Chad a job.  He turned it down because he thought Kate was coming on to him.  She assured him that she wasn't interested in him.  She just wanted to look out for him.  Nicole wondered why Brady was hanging at the mausoleum.  She found the blue tooth on the floor.  She heard Vivian begging for help.  Kate really wanted Chad to take the job with Stefano.  He agreed to think about it.  EJ confessed to Stefano that he remembered everything.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky, Dante and Lulu are unaware that Siobhan is listening to their entire conversation. Lulu tells Lucky that Siobhan likes him. Lucky receives a phone call to meet with Seamus, an associate of Ronan’s. Lulu and Dante agree that it’s not safe for Lucky to meet with Seamus. After the three leave the hotel room, Siobhan makes her way out of the closet. Lucky returns to the room and finds Siobhan there. Lucky realizes that Siobhan overheard everything. Lucky follows Siobhan to an alley. Siobhan confronts Lucky about his lies. Lucky apologizes for pretending to be Ronan. Lucky tells Siobhan about his failed relationship with Liz and finding God but she isn’t impressed. Siobhan flees the scene just before Lucky is arrested by two cops. Dante and Lulu get lost while driving through the Irish countryside. Lulu refuses to stop for directions. Dante and Lulu’s car breaks down. Olivia and Johnny wonder where Dante and Lulu are. Olivia is thankful that Dante is in a relationship with Lulu. Johnny believes that Robin left willingly. Olivia and Johnny’s romantic night is interrupted by Maya and Ethan. Ethan wants to use the apartment for some alone time with Maya. Olivia and John leave the apartment. Maya implies that Ethan is taking advantage of his friendship with Johnny. Maya asks Ethan what matters to him. Ethan says that his family is very important. Ethan turns on some music to dance with Maya.

Carly asks Sam if she’s heard from Jason. Carly criticizes Sam for not following Jason to Rome. Sam swears that she isn’t jealous of Brenda. Molly tells Sam about her visit with Sonny. Molly is worried what Kristina will think about Sonny and Claire dating. Sam says that Kristina shouldn’t judge Sonny’s choices. Carly interrupts Spinelli meditating. Carly vents about Brenda. Carly still wants to go through with the plan to take down Dante. Carly tells Spinelli that Dante will lose everything once Michael’s parole is lifted. Patrick asks Spinelli to find anything that points to Robin’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, Spinelli can’t find anything incriminating in Lisa’s accounts. Spinelli has doubts of Lisa’s involvement in Robin’s disappearance. Spinelli thinks that Patrick should focus on finding Robin instead of implicating Lisa. While stuck in the well, Robin has visions of Stone. Robin reminisces about the good times with Stone. Robin tells Stone that she doesn’t blame him for giving her HIV. Stone listens as Robin talks about her relationship with Patrick. Stone believes that Robin needs to move on and stop pushing Patrick away. Robin refuses to die since Emma needs her. Robin says goodbye to Stone. Patrick returns to the hospital where he runs into Lisa. Lisa informs Patrick that Mac released her from police custody. Lisa speaks harshly of Mac. Patrick and Lisa’s conversation is interrupted by Mac. Patrick is shocked when Mac arrests him.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Gregory Evans testifies at Dani's custody hearing that Tea said she wanted Ross to raise Dani. Dani tells Destiny that she wants to stay with Todd. Blair tells Dani and Des that Greg said Dani should go with Todd. Todd and Blair wonder how Ross got Greg to lie for him. Destiny demands to know if Greg was telling the truth. John meets Natalie at Rodi's and tells her about Greg's unusual testimony.

Clint tells Natalie that John should propose to her. Rex tells Natalie that Clint is an ass that needs to mind his own business. Rex hesitates to tell Bo what is bothering him because Clint threatened to send him to a Moroccan prison with David. He lies to Bo that David is partying in Ibiza and is in no hurry to return to Llanview. Nora goes to Bo's office, talks up Clint to Inez, and then tells Bo that they should have a dinner party for Clint and Inez. Bo doubts that Clint is serious about Inez. Bo tells Nora about Rex's suspicious behavior. Cristian calls Gigi to the Studio to wait for a model. Gigi is surprised when the male model arrives and undresses. When Cristian notices that she didn’t draw the model's genital area, he tells her that she should find inspiration in the human body instead of being afraid of it. Rex is shocked to see the naked man when he walks into the studio.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

At Restless Style, Billy wonders what Phyllis is still doing there. Phyllis lets him know that she is clearing up some things on the story. Billy tells Phyllis that it was really good redoing the cover story on Skye/Adam and the hedge fund. Phyllis tells Billy that she had never bought it that Adam and Skye were the golden couple. Jack interrupts them and congratulates Phyllis on her new position at Editor-in-Chief. Skye tells Mrs. Marx that the hedge fund is returning 30%. Mrs. Marx tells Skye that no one is getting close to investing in the hedge fund. Skye assures her that they will when the article comes out in “Restless Style.” Victoria signs the papers to sue Victor. Noah visits to see how Victoria is doing. Nick calls Victoria to check on her and to invite her to Faith’s birthday party. Abby and Victoria plan to attend the party. Nikki tells Victor that Sharon called and the rocking horse has arrived. Adam asks Vance if they could re-open the case against him. Vance tells Adam that the D.A. is busy with other things right now and they have no time for Adam. Adam asks if Skye can testify against him. Vance assures him that she can. Vance advises Adam to be extra good to Skye. Sharon invites Ashley to the party for Faith, but Ashley hesitates. Skye thanks Mrs. Marx for her time. Jack tells Skye about the article on the internet about her gambling. Skye becomes upset and accuses Jack of leaking the story. Jack lets Skye know that Phyllis is the new Editor-in-Chief of “Restless Style.” Sharon and Ashley bump into Adam and Vance. Adam begins to apologize to Sharon and Ashley. Vance advises Adam not to apologize where anyone can hear him. Everyone gathers for the party. Ashley arrives with a special present for Faith. Abby lets Ashley know that she is re-opening the case against Victor and Victoria is joining in the fight. Skye confronts Jack that he had told Phyllis that they were having an affair. Victoria begs Billy not to publish anything in Restless Style about her suing her father. Billy lets Victoria read the article about Adam/Skye/hedge fund. Victoria feels that it is a good article. Skye confronts Phyllis and Billy and vows that they will pay unless that they retract the story. Billy lets her know that it is going to press. Victor promises to cut both Victoria and Abby off from getting anymore money from him.

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