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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Randi warns Madison to stay away from Frankie because she is worried that Madison and Frankie will become more then just friends. Madison is aware that Frankie and just wants to have a friendship with Frankie much like the one Jesse had with Tad’s sister Jenny. Greenlee is arrested for David’s murder and Marissa confronts Greenlee and calls her cruel for writing the letter and making her think it was from David. Kendall and Ryan both want Greenlee to face reality and get herself a good lawyer but Greenlee insists she won’t go to jail because she is innocent. Kendall figures out that Greenlee is protecting Ryan because she still loves him and wants him back in her life.

Marissa tells Caleb that Asher works for JR and Caleb can’t quite figure out what is going on with Asher but tells Marissa that JR has made a big mistake. Krystal advises Marissa not to fight dirty against JR to gain custody of AJ because if she does she will become just like JR. JR stops Asher from telling Caleb his true identity because he doesn’t think now is the right time to do it. JR tells Asher he knows that he is Caleb’s son who Caleb abandoned that is why Caleb doesn’t recognize him. Caleb tells JR that he never met Caleb but came to Pine Valley because Palmer wrote him a letter asking him to come and look for his father.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge feels that there is something Brooke is keeping from him. She knows she can not tell him about Stephanie having cancer. Stephanie wants to tell Eric something but is afraid she can’t take it back when she does. She’s hesitant, but finally tells him that it’s her birthday tomorrow and she’d like to have a party here at the house. He wants her to tell him what she'd like and he’ll take care of it. They reminisce about the days they grew up in the house that she loves. Brooke lets herself in and tries to get out before they see her. But Stephanie does and Eric says he has to get back to the office. Brooke realizes that Stephanie did not tell Eric her news. Steffy, Thomas, Thorne and Marcus share Chinese takeout at the office while discussing the face of the new male bedroom line. Steffy suggests her dad as the new model. He rips his shirt off to show his fab abs. Eric explains to the group that Stephanie would like a birthday party tomorrow and she wants them all to be there. Ridge asks if she is okay as this doesn’t sound like his mother at all. Marcus asks how they can help. Eric wants it to be a celebration of all the sacrifices she has made in her life. He wants this to be an occasion that none of them will forget.

Stephanie tells Brooke that they have an understanding. She is going to do this in her own way and Brooke has to respect that. Her family will find out eventually, but it doesn’t have to be now, so don’t screw this up. She tells Brooke that she is planning a party and she has calls to make. She does not want to make her last birthday party a pity party, so Brooke needs to keep quiet about this. Brooke says she is there to be her sounding board, to listen to whatever she has to say. Stephanie rages at her not to press her on this. Just give her one night of peace to think this over. Brooke tells her the odds are against her, but she has beat them before and she can again. Attitude and state of mind – those are the factors that can fight this disease. Stephanie doesn’t want to think about the weeks ahead. She just wants something memorable tomorrow for her birthday. Brooke maintains again that the family would want to know, but as always it is about Stephanie. She has to be in control; that is who she is. She has to be selfish to the bitter end.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Carly wanted to talk to Chloe about whether or not she had an affair with Nathan.  Philip and Melanie went shopping for a house.  Nathan wanted to know what was bothering Stephanie.  She told him about the fight she had with Kayla.  Nathan assumed he knew what she was talking about.  Kayla wanted to talk to Daniel.  Daniel told her how happy he was about his life with Chloe.  Kayla didn't appear to like the idea that Carly is Melanie's mother.  Chloe wanted to know why Carly suddenly wanted to know who she had an affair with when it didn't matter before.  She wanted to prove that the person she had an affair with didn't matter to her when Carly wouldn't let it drop.  EJ told Sami what he remembered.  He remembered their wedding.  While he was telling her what he remembered, his machine went off.  He wanted Sami tot ell him who shot him.  Philip got a text about a house that was near Maggie.  Nathan told Stephanie that he was head over heels over her.  Stephanie lied and said that her fight with Kayla wasn't about him.  Kayla was upset with Carly because she broke up Bo's marriage.  Daniel defended Carly to him, but Kayla didn't care.  Daniel went overboard saying how much he wanted to be a father.  Chloe showed Carly her marriage permit which was her proof that her one nigh stand didn't mean anything.  Sami told Rafe that she wasn't going to pretend to be with EJ, but Lexie said she had to in order to keep EJ alive.  Chloe didn't want to tell Carly about who she slept with because that's all Carly would ever think of when she saw her.  Daniel defended his love for Chloe to Kayla.

Lexie told Sami and Rafe that there could be a chance that EJ could die if he knows the truth.  Sami went along with being EJ's wife.  He questioned her about her ring since it was gone.  When Melanie went to the pub, she saw Nathan there.  She flashed back to Nathan saying he loved her in his sleep.  Carly was willing to drop the discussion about Chloe's one night stand.  After Daniel declared his love of Chloe, Kayla didn't have the heart tot ell him about Chloe.  Sami said she took her ring off when she gave Sydney a bath and forgot to put it back on.  EJ wanted Sami to bring Johnny and Sydney to see him.  Stephanie apologized to Kayla for their fight. They spoke about the paternity test.  Melanie told Carly that Nathan said he loved her in his sleep when she ran into her at the pub.  Sami and Rafe were against Sami having to pretend to be EJ's wife.  Lexie begged her to go along with it.  Kayla told Stephanie that hospitals make mistakes and the results could have been messed up by anyone.  She pretty much intimated that Daniel might be the father of Chloe's baby.  Carly wanted to know if Melanie was in love with Nathan or Philip.  Sami brought the kids to see EJ and it seemed to cheer him up.  Philip wanted to know if Carly knew who Chloe slept with.  She told him how Carly thinks it's Nathan, but she didn't confirm it.  She was positive Carly would never know it was Philip. Kayla has a way to prove if a mistake was made on the test results.  Johnny let it slip that they are all staying with Sami and Rafe. 

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Dante urges Lucky to leave the scene of the shooting before the cops arrive. However, Lucky wants to stick around in case the Balkan’s men show up. Lucky will do anything to prove that he’s Ronan O’Reilly. Lulu asks Siobhan if she’s ever heard of the Balkan. Lulu gets a text message from Dante. Before meeting Dante, Lulu warns Siobhan to stay away from Ronan. Lucky, Dante and Lulu return to the hotel room. Lucky thanks Dante for having his back. Lucky proposes sending an email to the Balkan. Unbeknownst to them, Siobhan is listening from a closet. Siobhan is shocked to discover that Lucky is not Ronan O’Reilly. Lulu and Dante are concerned about Lucky’s safety. Siobhan overhears Lucky say that he’s an undercover cop. Nikolas and Brook Lynn leave Wyndemere and head to the airport for their flight to Paris. On the jet, Brook Lynn worries that she’ll make a faux pas during dinner. Nikolas thinks that Brook is faking her panic attack. Brook apologizes for her behavior. Brook Lynn doesn’t think she can attend the dinner in Paris. Nikolas manages to calm Brook down.

Brenda refuses to accompany Jason to Port Charles because she doesn’t want to see Sonny. Jason wonders why the Balkan is after Brenda. Brenda worries that Jax and Sonny will fight over her if she returns to Port Charles. Brenda doesn’t want her heart broken again. Jason promises he’ll kill the Balkan so Brenda can move on with her life. Brenda contemplates calling Sonny. Claire questions Sonny’s real motives for going on a weekend excursion together. Claire wonders if Sonny really cares about her. Claire promises that she would never testify against Sonny. Molly arrives unannounced with some photographs from Kristina. Sonny asks Claire to go away with him tonight. Alone, Molly comments that Sonny shouldn’t be seeing Claire. Sonny defends his actions but Molly is still mad. Sonny speaks candidly about his growing feelings for Claire but insists that he isn’t in love. Molly brings up the subject of Brenda. Sonny skirts around the subject. Claire returns to the Corinthos home with her travel bag. Sonny and Claire leave for the airport.

Robin is stuck in a well. Robin falls to the ground after trying to climb up the wall. Robin refuses to give up. Patrick and Steven team together to implicate Lisa. Lisa is hesitant to believe Patrick and Steven’s charade. Patrick confides to Lisa about his feelings for Robin. Patrick is furious that Robin walked away from Emma. Olivia tells John that they need to avoid the subject of Sonny. Maxie shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Maxie shares her concerns about Robin’s disappearance. Johnny agrees to use his mob contacts to locate Robin. Maxie updates Johnny and Olivia about Lisa’s fixation on Patrick. Johnny wonders if Robin is suffering from PPD. Maxie doesn’t know what Lisa will do next. Olivia is thankful that Johnny can help. Mac comes clean to Ronnie about Patrick’s plan to prove Lisa’s guilt. Mac believes that Lisa is responsible for Robin’s disappearance. Lisa’s car is impounded so the forensics team can examine it. Mac is irritated by Ronnie’s lack of cooperation. Ronnie has no faith in Patrick’s detective skills. Mac shows up at the hospital and arrests Lisa in front of everyone. Patrick fears that he has lost his chance to find Robin. In the interrogation room, Mac questions Lisa about Robin’s disappearance. Lisa swears that she doesn’t know anything. Mac promises that Lisa will be brought to justice. Patrick asks for Spinelli’s help in finding Robin. Patrick is desperate to locate his wife. Patrick is certain that Lisa is behind Robin’s disappearance. Spinelli says that he’ll hack into Lisa Niles’ personal accounts. Robin sees an image of Stone.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Brody is hanging on to his secret that he slept with Natalie and could be the father of her baby although it's "out of the bag" that Jessica slept with Robert Ford and he could be the father of Jessica's baby. He goes to talk to Marty and admits he made a "mistake" and has a "secret" and she seems to put two and two together. Jessica still has no clue that Brody and Natalie slept together and they don't dare tell her. But she senses there is something up with Brody that he is not telling her. Cole informs Starr that Hannah is staying in his mom's home. She is outraged that Hannah not only got acquitted, did not have to go back to St. Anne's but Marty takes her into her home. Starr then informs Cole that James cannot accept just being her friend. He asks her if she has feelings for James beyond friendship. She asks him if he has similar feelings for Hannah. Nate wants to be there for Dani at her court hearing, but she walks and he drives. While on the way, his car breaks down. James is there to help him. He shares with James that he will be devastated if Dani has to move to Tahiti. Nate knows that James has feelings for Starr. Todd is bound and determined to get the judge to rule in his favor so he demands that Greg go with him to the hearing, knowing that Greg knew what Tea's last wishes were before she died. Little does anybody know, except Greg and his nurse, that Tea is alive and well. Greg wants to prevent them from seeing each other. Meanwhile, John tells Ross that he needs to come clean and give up his serial killer brother. John knows he is not dead although he cannot prove it, or Ross will never see Dani again. At that point, Ross seems to realize that maybe he cannot trust Eli and might have no choice, but before he can admit it in court, Greg testifies that Tea told him she wanted Ross to have custody of Dani although he knows otherwise. While Hannah stays at her home, Marty tells Hannah that she is a bit concerned about her "obsession" over Cole. She is not judging her but knows that she, herself, once had a similar obsession at Hannah's age so she'd like to help her. Hannah appears gracious but we wonder what happens when she fixes Marty some tea later that night.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis writes again in her blog about the people in Genoa City taking medication. At the ranch, Adam surprises Sharon with a visit to let her know how he feels about her. Ronan visits Nina at the Chancellors'. At Gloworm, Jeff gives out free drinks to everyone. Gloria fears that he will cause her to go broke. Billy orders Victoria roses with the message: To: Wilma----From Barney. Billy orders Chloe to pick up her phone. Gloria advises Billy to delegate authority at “Restless Style.” Chloe takes one look at Kevin and sees that he looks like a carrot. Kevin lets her know that he had a date with a “spray-tan artist” and that they hooked up. Chloe tells him “way to go.” Daniel checks on Jana. Ronan brings Nina Chance’s things from the police department. Jana and Daniel joins Kevin and Chloe. Kevin finds out that Jana is now working at Delia’s school. Kevin wonders why Chloe didn’t tell him about Jana. Skye joins Jack and Phyllis and tells them that she is going to be in the next issue of “Restless Style.” Skye tells Jack, “Bye, handsome.” Phyllis asks Jack if he is sleeping with Skye. Jack becomes very evasive, but Phyllis sees through him and knows that he slept with Skye. Phyllis wonders if Adam knows. Jack tells Phyllis that Adam walked in on him and Skye in the bed. Jana informs Kevin that the divorce is final. Kevin is thrilled. Daniel advises Chloe against having a relationship with Kevin. Nina and Ronan talk, but he is against having a relationship with anyone because of his undercover work for the F.B.I.

Phyllis notices Billy completely beside himself with worry. Phyllis asks him if he wants to sell the magazine. Billy tells her, “No” but he is overworked. Phyllis asks him for a job. Billy agrees to make her Editor in Chief. Chloe comes home and finds Ronan with Nina. Chloe blasts Ronan for killing Chance and that she will never forgive him. Nina lets Chloe know that she will never turn her back on Ronan. Chloe tells Ronan that she will never forgive him and when he sees her, he had better walk the other way. Gloria has Kevin check the books at Gloworm. Kevin finds out that Jeff is money laundering through Gloworm. Jeff worries that Kevin will expose him, but they strike up a deal that Kevin will handle the money laundering because he is in need of a lot of money to buy back Crimson Lights. Jana vows to win back Kevin. In the hotel room, Jack checks up on Skye and her investor in the hedge fund. Billy introduces Phyllis to the workers at “Restless Style.” Sharon orders Adam away from Faith and out of her house. Sharon reminds Adam that tomorrow is Faith’s birthday, and it has been a year since he stole Faith from her.

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