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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Jesse tells Ryan that tests prove that the vial of digitalis found in Greenlee’s car contains the same drug used to kill David. Jesse also shows Ryan a surveillance video showing Greenlee handing David a drink in a glass with a small chip in it. Greenlee tells Kendall that she didn’t kill David and she won’t go to jail. Greenlee tells Kendall she must protect Ryan because he said he loved her while under hypnosis. Greenlee wants Kendall to promise that she won’t tell the police anything that could incriminate Ryan. Kendall is hurt when Zach doesn’t come to meet her in the park and sends a message through Bianca that he is upset because she didn’t trust him enough to tell him sooner that she was arrested for helping Ryan. Zach promises to contact Kendall once his anger towards her has passed.

Jake and Amanda have dinner with Annie and Scott and Annie admits to Amanda that she is worried that Scott is so focused on his competition with JR that he is neglecting their marriage. Amanda advises Annie to just love Scott and everything else will fall into place. Jake doesn’t want Amanda to become Annie’s new best friend but Amanda is determined to give Annie a second chance. Marissa decides to fight for sole custody of AJ because she thinks JR hired Asher to attack Caleb. JR denies the accusation but Marissa doesn’t believe him so JR warns her the fight will get dirty but Marissa is ready to do what it takes to fight for her son. Miranda gets a tweet from Erica telling her she will be home soon to have her wedding with her family. Caleb acts like he doesn’t care, but he drinks and remembers what he and Erica went through in West Virginia. JR finds out Asher’s identity and thinks this could be very good or very bad. JR tells Asher not to hurt Caleb, Blanca or the girls; but once Caleb’s back is turned Asher thinks about hitting him over the head with a wrench.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Stephanie and Brooke are shocked when Stephanie is told she has cancer….suspected lung cancer. Brooke can’t believe that since Stephanie doesn’t smoke. The doctor wants to take more tests to be sure. Eric reminds Ridge that he’s making the rounds telling everyone that Stephanie’s birthday is next week. She never wants to make a big deal of it. Ridge points out that he and Stephanie have never been to his house for dinner since he married Brooke, perhaps that would be a good place to start in celebrating. The doctors tell Stephanie that unfortunately she is in stage four of cancer and even with treatment may only have 6-8 months to live. She commands Brooke not to say a word to Ridge or anyone else. This is her business and she wishes now she had even asked Brooke to leave the room when she heard the news. She just wants to go home now. Once there and alone, she looks around lovingly. Eric comes in and offers her one of his awful martinis. She’s a she-devil for making him so dependent on her. She tells him that she will always be in this room. He points out she doesn’t have to be a fortune teller; just enjoy the awful martini. Ridge is glad that Brooke agrees to not let Stephanie’s behavior bother her so much and will work on their relationship. Stephanie’s not hungry, but she gets Eric a casual supper and shares a martini with him and then asks him to come sit by her side. She wants to know how much he loves her. She has something important that he needs to know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami let Rafe know that Will is safe, Ian downloaded messages from Daniel's phone and figured he didn't change the test results.  Kayla walked in while they were talking.  Carly questioned whether or not she did the right thing.  She convinced herself that she did the right thing for Daniel, Melanie, and Chloe.  Nicole begged Chloe to forgive her.  Chloe wasn't sure if she could.  She also let Nicole know that she's not good enough for Brady.  Brady taunted Vivian again.  Rafe wasn't happy that Will wasn't in danger from Stefano.  He still believed Will shot EJ.  EJ called out Sami's name while Arianna was with him.  While Nathan and Carly were talking about Daniel and Chloe, Daniel showed up.  Rafe thought Will would be the prime suspect unless someone else is accused.  EJ asked Lexie about "his wife".  Brady let Vivian know that he has a plan for her.  Rafe told Sami that Will is acting too guilty.  He wanted to know if she were keeping something from her. When she was about to say something, Arianna called and told them to go to the hospital.  EJ panicked when he didn't know what was going on in the hospital.  Ian left the apartment so Kayla and Stephanie could talk.  Kayla questioned Stephanie about the test.  Daniel wanted to know what Nathan had against Chloe.  Chloe said she wanted to be friends with Nicole, but she doesn't feel safe around her.  She drove it home that no one loves Nicole.  Nicole wanted to be with someone who loved her.  Lexie told Sami that EJ wanted to see her.  Nicole went to see Pookie and said she died of a broken heart while she was in prison.  Arianna told Rafe that EJ thinks that Sami is his wife.  He went to see EJ to straighten things out.

Stephanie opened up to Kayla about Chloe's affair with Philip and how she's having Philip's baby.  Carly went to see Chloe to make sure Nicole didn't say anything about Chloe's affair.  Chloe said Nicole won't say anything.  Carly was relieved because she wants Daniel and Chloe to be together.  Nathan let it slip that Chloe did something that he didn't like.  EJ asked Rafe why he's in the hospital. Rafe agreed to tell him. Nicole met Keith Thompson at the pet cemetery.  He is the director at the pet cemetery.  He wanted to make sure she was okay.  Daniel guessed that Nathan was upset with Chloe because of the affair she had with Daniel when she was with Lucas.  Nathan said that was that was the problem.  Daniel put him in his place. Stephanie told Kayla that she and Ian hacked into the hospital's computer to see the results.  She didn't want to say anything because it would ruin Philip and Melanie's marriage. She also told her how the results originally said that Philip was the father, but the results were changed.  She said that she didn't know who changed them.  Lexie stopped Rafe from telling EJ about what happened.  She wants EJ to stay calm.  Sami didn't want to see EJ because it would upset him.  Lexie wanted to know why she was so sure of that. Brady went to the pet cemetery to get Isabella's body out of there. Chloe got worked up over Nathan when Carly brought him up.  Kayla thought that Daniel, Philip, and Chloe deserved to know the truth.  Stephanie was only worried about herself.  Kayla wanted to know why Stephanie was so desperate to keep Nathan.  They got into an argument and Stephanie stormed out on her.  Carly wanted to know if Nathan was the man Chloe slept with.  Kayla wanted to talk to Daniel when he showed up at Stephanie's place.  Nicole overheard Brady's conversation with Keith.  Sami agreed to see EJ, but Lexie made her take off her engagement ring.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin wonders what Lisa did with Emma. Lisa thinks that Robin is a drama queen. Robin manages to run out of the cabin but falls into a well. Robin yells out to Lisa but she won’t help. Robin tries to climb up the wall but is unsuccessful. Patrick and Steven argue over Lisa. Steven isn’t convinced of Lisa’s guilt. Ronnie tells Patrick that Robin and Lisa are both missing. Lisa returns to work and plays stupid about seeing Robin. Patrick and Steven are secretly working together to trap Lisa in a lie.

Sonny and Carly talk about his intentions with Claire. Claire shows up unannounced. Sonny and Claire return to his home. After making love, Sonny and Claire enjoy some pizza and share a toast. Sonny asks Claire to accompany him on a vacation. Brenda asks Jason about Sonny’s love life. Jason and Brenda recall when she was left at the altar by Sonny. Jason wants Brenda to return to Port Charles for the time being.

Dante and Lulu ask Lucky to return home but he plans on meeting with the Balkan. Siobhan and Lulu talk about Ronan. Siobhan insists that Ronan O’Reilly is a changed man. Dante and Lucky arrive at the meeting place to discuss their options. Lucky poses as Ronan while speaking with the Balkan’s goons. Gunfire erupts; Lucky shoots and kills one of the men. Lucky and Dante retrieve the man’s cell phone before the police arrives.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Destiny is determined to find out what is up with her brother Greg going to a Cherryfield hospital and being so secretive about a "patient". She still has no knowledge that Tea is the patient in question but is determined to find out what is going on with her brother. Tea is getting better and elated that she will not die "after all":. She assumes that Greg is a miracle working to save her life when she previously heard she was going to die. Todd is worried that he will lose in the custody hearing so it appears he's ready to take drastic action to keep Dani with him. Meanwhile, Starr continues to have a dilemma about whether to commit to Cole or admit to her feelings about James. He admits he cannot accept being "just friends" with her so he cannot speak to her. James wants to find out who set his brother up to get fired form his professor position at LU. But Robert does not want to discuss it with his brother or fight it. Meanwhile, Langston runs into Markko who is visiting his family . She seems to want him back but he appears to have moved on, Todd goes to the Cherryfield hospital to find Greg and ask if he might have some information about what Tea told him she wanted before she died regarding who gets custody of Dani. He goes there and little does he know that Tea is right inside the room behind the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Michael, at coffeehouse, asks Chris to join him, but she refuses. Chris tells him maybe later. Michael tells her that that will work. Chris joins Ronan to tie up some loose ends including reconciling him with his mother. Chris tells Ronan that Nina will want to connect with him. Ronan just wants it left alone. Nina is annoyed that people stop her on the street to offer their condolences and to thank her for Chance sacrificing his life for Genoa City. Cane arrives home to Lily. Cane finds out that Lily received steaks from someone in Australia. Cane, fearing the worst, orders Lily to throw out the steaks. Lily refuses, but then when Cane explains that the cattle may have “Mad Cow Disease,” she agrees to do as he asks. Mac takes a pregnancy test. Billy checks on Victoria after her D&C. Victoria assures him that she is fine. Victor comes by to see Victoria. Billy doesn’t want to see him, but Victoria insists that Billy let him in. Victor apologizes to Victoria that she lost the baby. Ronan sees Nina but refuses to talk to her. Nina joins Christine. Paul interrupts and lets them know that he is going to G.C.P.D. Philip finds out that Paul is heading up the investigation to get info against Pomerantz. Chris informs Nina that she is going back to D.C. Chris lets Nina know that Ronan is back. Mackenzie finds out that she is indeed pregnant. Mackenzie and J.T. are overjoyed. Chris fears that Nina will push Ronan away.

At the G.C.P.D., Paul finds out that Ronan is heading up the cleanup of the police department. Billy runs into Mackenzie and sees her ordering decaf coffee. Billy asks if she is pregnant. Mackenzie tries to deny it but then gives in and confesses that she is. Lily overhears and is thrilled. Victor tries to get Victoria to leave Billy, but she refuses. Billy lets Mackenzie and Lily know that Victoria lost the baby. Cane tells Philip about the package that Lily received. Abby lets Victoria know that she is suing Victor. Cane receives another package. J.T. tells Mackenzie that he is going to work for the G.C.P.D. Paul and Nina meet for coffee. Billy finds out that Abby and Victoria are suing Victor.

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