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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Jesse and Angie are happy when they are told that the baby looks fine. Angie tells Tad that she doesn’t want Jesse to hold his joy about the baby inside because he feels badly that she can’t see the sonogram picture. Natalia tells Randi she thinks that Madison and Frankie are getting much too close and they could end up being more than friends. Randi insists that Frankie and Madison are just friends because Madison is in love with Ryan and she and Frankie are very happy. Frankie later begins to think that Natalia could be right as she eavesdrops on a conversation where Frankie is laughing with Madison and suggesting she consider taking a vacation with Ryan to Argentina. Ryan tells Madison that he intends to move on with his life and asks her to pick a vacation destination for the two of them. Also, he intends to make it clear to Greenlee that she can’t interfere in his relationship with Madison. Greenlee admits to Tad that she faked the letters from David to give everyone he loved peace. Tad promises not to reveal her secret but tells Greenlee he won’t lie for her. Greenlee talks to David’s ghost and admits to him that she's always been and still is in love with Ryan. Ryan tells Greenlee that he wants to try to move on with his life and have a relationship with Madison. Ryan also tells Greenlee he wants to focus on Madison and his children and feels he needs to take a step back from her. Jesse informs Greenlee that he analyzed them and the signature on the letters doesn’t belong to David. Jesse also finds a vile of digitalis in Greenlee’s glove compartment.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie lies on the floor and Brooke laments that she needs better acting lessons. These phony falls are getting old. Stephanie finally manages to get her cell and calls 911. She’s admitted to the hospital. Given her previous history, they decide to run a few tests despite Brooke thinking Stephanie is still making too much ado about nothing. She claims she did not push Stephanie, she only brushed past her and Stephanie exaggerated the rest. Owen faces off with statue Rick and proclaims that he just tried to seduce his wife so how does she think he feels. Ridge tells Thomas that he needs to let Brooke know about this latest scandal with Bridget. Ridge states to Thomas that he appreciates his stand behind Brooke and for feeling the way he does against his grandmother. It would be a miracle if something could happen that they would have to depend on each other. Amber admits to Bridget that she hoped she and Rick could rekindle something but he brushed her off. His love life must be the biggest secret in town. Bridget only hopes he isn’t directing his attention to someone who isn’t available.

After all have showered, Jackie sits down with Rick and Owen and tries to sort out the situation. Owen feels Rick has caused it by trying to wine and dine her when he’s absent. Rick sees it that someone has to while Owen is canoodling with his baby mama. Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge is not going to be happy about this. She wants Stephanie to admit that she is fine and nothing is really wrong with her. However, she is more stunned than Stephanie when the doctor tells Stephanie that she has cancer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will told Sami that EJ called out her name.  Nicole let it slip that Chloe did something to Daniel.  Nicole quickly apologized to Chloe and wanted to leave.  Melanie didn't want Nicole to leave before she told her what Chloe did to Daniel. Ian called Stephanie to tell her that eh found out something.  Rafe interrupted Sami and Will's conversation.  When Nicole wouldn't tell Melanie what she wanted to know, she asked Chloe about it.  Carly tried to stop Melanie from grilling Chloe, but it didn't do any good. Nicole had to come back to Chloe's aid by saying she was jealous and only said what came into her head.  Kate let Will know that Stefano knows that he's innocent of shooting EJ when he went to see her.  Sami went overboard telling Rafe that Will didn't shoot EJ.  She was upset with him for thinking Will shot EJ.  Stefano was planning to get back at Sami.  He wanted EJ to fight to live so they can make Sami pay for what she did to him. Then the two of them could raise Johnny and Sydney.  Suddenly, EJ's monitors went off. Melanie was suspicious of Carly being nice to Nicole after what she did.  Daniel told Stefano that EJ's brain activity didn't increase when the machine went off.  Kate wanted Will to be honest with her about everything he knows about EJ's shooting.  Carly tried to warn Nicole about getting into Chloe's business. Chloe and Carly got uncomfortable when Maxine said Chloe's baby was lucky to have Daniel as a father.  Melanie noticed how uncomfortable they were.  Rafe wanted to know who else had a motive to get EJ besides Will.  He was surprised when Sami said she had a motive.

Carly and Chloe were worried about Nicole.  Stefano told Kate that EJ had a reaction to getting back at Sami.  Sami tried to tell Rafe that she had motive to get EJ, but Rafe was interrupted by a phone cal. Nicole had her things packed and ready to leave.  Chloe wanted to talk to her before she left.  Arianna went to visit EJ and told him about Nicole.  Stefano told Kate that he wanted to figure out why Sami would shoot EJ on that night.  Kate thought about when she called Sami and warned her about EJ taking the kids. Sami was ready to tell Rafe the truth in order to keep him from going after Will.  Chloe pretty much ended her friendship with Nicole because of her outburst.  Kate told Sami that Stefano knows that Will didn't shoot EJ.  Sami was relieved.  Nicole agreed to leave Chloe alone, but she warned her that Carly can't be trusted.  Chloe was under the impression that Carly could be trusted more than Nicole.  Ian told Stephanie that Daniel couldn't have switched the paternity test because of his reaction to the baby.  Kayla walked in Stephanie's apartment while they were talking about the paternity test.  Kate told Stefano that Sami could have shot Stefano.  EJ woke up and asked Arianna where Sami was.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky pretends that he doesn’t know Lulu and Dante in a pub in Ireland. Dante introduces himself as police and asks where "Ronan" was on August 20. Lucky/Ronan says Dante's American badge has no jurisdiction there. Dante and Lulu go over to a table and watch Lucky. Later Dante and Lulu go to Lucky's room and bring each other up to speed.

Michael asks Sonny if he would want Brenda back if she became available. Sonny says he doesn't have a place in Brenda's life anymore. Jason heads to the airport to go home. The Balkan's men force Brenda's hotel room door open and inject her with a drug to make her tell them what they want to know. Suzanne calls Jason and asks him if Brenda is still with him. Jason goes back to Brenda's hotel and opens fire on her assailants. He tells Suzanne that the Balkan wants Brenda alive and Jason to keep her safe.

Robin is asleep at the wheel with Emma in the back seat. Patrick goes to the police station and tells Mac that he thinks Lisa may have kidnapped Robin and Emma. A police officer finds Emma in the back seat of the car but Robin isn't there anymore. Patrick and Mac go to get Emma. Patrick tells Mac that Lisa has Robin. Robin wakes up on a leather couch with Lisa sitting next to her. Lisa insists that Robin was there when she arrived and that Robin must be unstable if she doesn’t remember how she got there. Patrick goes to Steve with his suspicions about Lisa. Steve reveals that a nurse that has been working with Lisa was found at the bottom of a staircase with a broken neck.

Claire goes to the Metro Court, warns Carly that Jax’s vendetta against Sonny is still alive, and asks her to tell Jax to stay out of her business. Carly wonders what made Claire back off her mission to bring Sonny down. Claire reveals that she is involved with Sonny. Carly wishes her luck with that. Carly asks Jax why he is so interested in Claire's relationship with Sonny. Jax says he wants Claire's superiors to get her in line. Carly gives Sonny a recap and observes that he and Jax are still fighting over Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Daren, Destiny and Daren all sign up for Driver's Ed. But only Daren shows up to find a very odd and boring instructor. Nate shows Dani how to drive his car. Destiny is ready to drive although she is late when she goes to find Greg after following him to the place where he's secretly keeping Tea. She still does not know that Tea is alive nor does anybody else except Greg. But she tells her brother by lying to Dani and Todd when Tea wanted to see them before she died. Todd is determined to not let Ross take Dani away from him and back to Tahiti. He discusses it with Kelly who tells him he needs to reach out to his daughter. He sees that Kelly is trying to find David Vickers and asks her why. After Clint has gotten the Dean to take Gigi's grant away form her, right when she is very encouraged about school for the first time and offers to give Rex enough money to afford everything they both need if Rex does not tell Kelly what he knows that Clint did to David, Rex knows he better lie to Kelly. So he tells her that David has chosen to leave Dorian and it's impossible to persuade him to come back. Clint wants to pull strings so that James can get the grant money in order to win points with Inez. But James and Robert are happy that their mother has helped James get into school when it's the only way he can afford it. But since Rex has agreed to Clint's "terms", we wonder if Clint is going to have to choose between enabling Gigi or James to get the grant money.

Y&R Recap Written by Shante    **One Day Ahead

At the AA meeting, Nikki watches as Deacon talks about his recovery from alcohol. Victor calls Nikki to apologize for canceling their lunch date but he gets her voicemail. At Restless Style, Billy witnesses Victoria having stomach pains. Billy and Victoria agree that they should call her doctor. Jack tells Abby that he came up with a strategy for her to get her hands on her trust fund and that he needs a copy of her current financial statement. As Abby is about to leave to get her financial statement, Skye and Adam come in. Adam warns Skye not to trust Billy. Adam and Skye tell Jack that Billy Is putting Skye on the cover of Restless Style. Jack tells Skye that he overheard Adam tell her that he wished she stayed dead. Jack warns Skye about Adam. Heather tells Victor that she has some interesting news on Skye. In Skye and Adam’s room, Adam asks Skye to stop sleeping with Jack and to not pose on the cover of Restless Style. Skye decides to pose for the cover of Restless Style anyway. At Memorial Hospital, Victoria agrees to take an ultrasound to make sure the baby is all right.

Jack notices something on Abby’s financial statement that can help win her lawsuit against Victor. After Victoria’s doctor does an ultrasound, he finds the baby with no heartbeat. Malcolm does some photo shoots on Skye for the Restless Style cover. Heather tells Victor that if she can prove Skye committed a crime in Brazil, then she can get Skye to turn in evidence on Adam. Jack tells Abby that according to the statement Victor used Abby, Victoria and Nick’s money to pay for a fine for committing a bribe in Japan. At Victoria and Billy’s home, Victoria tells Nikki and Billy that she was arguing with Victor right before she started having pains. Jack tries to convince Abby that she should go ahead with the lawsuit against Victor. Abby asks Jack if he has a personal agenda when it comes to her lawsuit against Victor. Jack denies that he is getting anything out of Abby’s lawsuit. Heather asks Skye if she has something to do with the disappearance of a judge that she bribed in Brazil. Billy goes to see Victor about what he did to Victoria. Skye denies to Heather that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of the judge from Brazil or his missing money. Victor tries to call Victoria and reach out to her, but she declines his call. Victor calls Nikki to let her know that Victoria lost the baby. Nikki angrily tells Victor she knows and then hangs up on him. Deacon tests Nikki's sobriety. Adam tells Skye that Heather Is using her to get to him. He tells Skye that Heather is probably in her office trying to find out whatever she can on Skye. Skye tells Adam that he better hope that Heather doesn’t find anything. Abby serves Victor with her lawsuit. Jack calls Tucker and tells him that the mission to get Abby to sue Victor is accomplished.

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