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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Caleb thinks that J.R. hired someone to hit him over the head because the only thing missing from the house was a personal letter Scott wrote to him about his investment in the Chandler European division. Caleb confronts J.R. who denies everything but calls Asher demanding to talk to him because he suspects Asher stole the letter from Caleb. Asher admits everything to J.R. saying that he was just trying to be a good employee but J.R. makes it clear to Asher he never wanted him to hurt Caleb. J.R. decides to call an investigator to find out about Asher’s background because he begins to wonder why Asher is so eager to get close to his family. Damon feels uncomfortable when Colby invites him to dinner with money that J.R. gave her because he wants to prove to J.R. that he isn’t with Colby because of her money. Asher tells him that he went to school with rich kids and he figured out that he should take whatever they offered him and enjoy it. Colby and Damon continue to ask Asher questions about his family but Asher continues to change the subject because he doesn’t want to talk about his family.

Kendall gets 250 hours of community service after she pleads to a lesser charge of misdemeanor theft. Kendall finally tells Zech everything in a phone call and persuades him to come to Pine Valley so they can talk face to face. Ryan is determined to find out what happened the night of David’s death and Tad tells Ryan to let it go but it is Greenlee who finally persuades Ryan to cancel his appointment with the hypnotherapist and concentrate on his wonderful children and his life. Greenlee and Marissa talk about the wonderful letter David wrote to her and Marissa feels badly that David had such difficulty expressing his feelings for her when he was alive. Tad hears the ladies talking and figures out that Greenlee wrote the letter and then tells Greenlee that her plan didn’t work because the letter didn’t give Marissa peace.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie shows up again at Brooke’s to inform her that her leave of absence should be permanent. She asks her to relish the time she has with her smaller son. Brooke will not buy her good-will routine. She tells Stephanie that she left the company yet Stephanie is the one pursuing her now and can’t stay away. Thomas states that his grandma needs to quit fighting Ridge about Brooke coming back to the company. Jackie lies down and Owen starts to comfort her. He’s called away so Rick also dressed as a Roman statue slips into his spot. Jackie gives him permission to savor her inch by inch.

Stephanie reminds Brooke that she does not enjoy these conflicts. They will never resolve the differences between them. Naughty, naughty statue plays coy with Venus. Just moments after Jackie realizes her Adonis is really Rick, Owen walks in and wonders what Rick is doing with his wife. Jackie has to confess that Rick is pursuing her and this isn’t the first time. They practically get into an abs to abs fight. In the midst of their heated discussion, Brooke turns to leave and Stephanie falls to the floor. Brooke is concerned, but thinks Stephanie is once again faking it and orders her to get up off the floor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady went to see Vivian. He was interrupted when Melanie showed up.  Chloe was nervous about her baby shower because Nicole was invited to it.  Melanie thought that Nicole being at the shower would cause a scene.  Will was listening when Arianna was talking to EJ.  Nicole won't need her guards anymore since Stefano doesn't consider her a suspect in EJ's shooting.  She also decided to go back to her apartment.  Stefano told Kate that Will couldn't be the person who shot Will.  He drank the drink before Kate got a chance to stop him.  Kayla showed up at Nathan and Stephanie's apartment with pizza.  Carly showed up at the mausoleum.  Brady spoke to Carly and Melanie about Vivian.  Arianna was determined to find out who shot EJ.  Stefano wanted to talk to Kate about what's going on between them.  Ian met Daniel while he was at the hospital.  Ian was in a motorcycle accident.  He realized that Daniel was the same one who was with Chloe.  Ian told Daniel that he heard about him through Stephanie.  Kayla told Stephanie that Adrienne called her for why she's in Salem.  Stefano wanted to know what Kate would have done if he didn't have proof of Will's innocence.  she said she would do whatever it took to look out for Will. Ian opened up to Daniel about his feelings for Stephanie.  Ian intimated that he would do whatever it took to be in Stephanie's life.  

Nicole ran into Brady at the Cheating Heart.  She tried to get him to understand the things she did.  He flashed back to what he did to Vivian.  When Arianna left EJ's room, Will spoke to EJ. He wondered what would happen to Sami if he woke up.  The guests at Chloe's baby shower were upset that Nicole was going to be there.  Chloe wanted them to try and be nice to her.  When Daniel left to get a prescription pad to write a prescription for Ian, he noticed Daniel's phone.  He flashed back to Stephanie telling him that Daniel could have switched the paternity test.  Nicole got drunk after Brady left her.  Stefano told Kate that Will's fingerprints weren't on the drawer where the gun was.  Nicole showed up at the baby shower drunk.  Stefano said that Sami's fingerprints were on the drawer.  Kate tried to cover for Sami by saying she had an alibi, but Stefano thought Rafe would say anything to protect Sami.  Will tried to talk EJ into giving up on life.  Chloe wanted Nicole to leave the baby shower when Nicole let it slip that Chloe is keeping something from Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky is tied to a chair in a warehouse. He provokes his captor into pushing his chair over, which allows him to get out of the handcuffs and escape. Dante and Lulu go to Ireland looking for Lucky. When they find his rented room in disarray and his passport still there, they speculate that his meeting with the Balkan must not have gone well. They go to the pub across street separately. Dante sits alone and watches. Lulu goes up to the bar and asks about Ronan O'Reilly. The barkeep says he has never heard of O'Reilly, but Dante notices a woman become interested. It is Siobhan, the woman who confronted Lucky before about murdering "her Donnie." Siobhan tells the bartender that the American woman is up to no good and goes over to Lulu and invites her to come with her. Lulu says no. Dante asks Siobhan if she would consider herself a friend of Ronan's. Lucky comes in the door and signals Dante with a headshake. He walks over and says they are an interesting group.

Lisa tells Patrick that she thinks they need to slow things down. She asks a nurse if she has mentioned to anyone that Lisa asked her to pick up a drug. Robin's memory is compromised. Patrick goes home and finds Robin is not there, but Emma's bag is. Robin becomes drowsy while driving Emma to Maxie's house.

Jax and Carly speculate about Jason in Rome with Brenda, but Sam assures them that it isn't like that and that Jason would be back if something weren't wrong in Italy. Carly is jealous of Jax's concern for Brenda. Diane shows Sonny the picture of Brenda and Jason at a red carpet event. Sonny doesn’t think Brenda and Jason are involved; he thinks Brenda must really be in trouble if she called Jason. Carly encourages Sonny to go to Rome. Sonny knows that Carly wants him to go after Brenda so that Jax won't. Sam tells Michael that Jason seems different since Pentonville and asks him if he knows what happened to Jason. Sonny stops by the Penthouse so Sam leaves him and Michael alone to talk. Sonny and Michael talk about Brenda. Brenda walks in on Jason and Murphy talking about her. Murphy thinks Jason is the man that Brenda left him to be with and won't be convinced otherwise. Suzanne tells Brenda that she can't have people thinking she is involved with a professional criminal. She thanks Jason for coming, tells him they will implement his security suggestions, and tells him he can go home. Brenda asks Jason to tell Sonny that she is doing great so that he won't worry about her. A few minutes after Jason leaves, someone tries to force Brenda's door open.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Clint catches Rex in his office and realizes that he knows that Clint sent David away and has the goods to get Clint in legal trouble, Clint warns him he might not want to do that. He tells Rex he knows that he and Gigi are not rich. She is going to school and dependent on a grant and Shane needs medical care for his asthma. Right then, Gigi attends Cristian Vega's art class and for the first time, she is encouraged to pursue her dream. Clint tells Rex that there are ways for Gigi to lose her grant money. He then calls in a favor to the LU Dean. And it looks like he's going to pull strings for James to get the grant that was previously Gigi's. He wants to impress Inez. Clint tells Rex that he can double whatever Kelly is paying him. If Rex accepts that offer and forgets what he knows about Clint running David out of town to be put in a Morocco prison, he can double the amount of money Kelly has paid Rex to investigate what Clint has done. Clint reminds Rex that he can enable him and Gigi and Shane to have all they want and need. Meanwhile, Brody is having issues knowing that Robert could be the father of Jessica's baby. Langston informs Dorian that she got Robert fired after finding out that he slept with Jessica and may have gotten her pregnant, prom night when Jessica was in a fragile state believing that she was still in high school. Dorian now knows something that may be of interest to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Shante    **One Day Ahead

At Restless Style, Billy tells his staff to come up with ideas for the cover story. Skye tells Billy that she can help him sell magazines and asks him to put her on the cover of Restless Style. At the ranch, Nikki hides the glass she has been using to drink in her purse and tries to put it back before anyone notices. When Maggie comes into the family room, Nikki has a flashback of Maggie and Victor hugging. Nikki ties to tell Victor something but is interrupted by Abby. Heather finds out that her entire staff has been suspended by the FBI. At Gloworm, Tucker sets up a meeting for him and Jack. Tucker fires Jack because he didn’t deliver Beauty of Nature as promised. Billy agrees to put Skye on the cover of Restless Style. Victor decides to reward Abby for her new behavior by giving her part of her trust fund, but it comes with strings attached. Heather complains to Christine that it is going to be hard to do her job without her staff. Christine answers that she wouldn’t have recommended Heather for the job if she thought that she couldn’t handle it. Heather asks Christine to set up a meeting with the FBI agent in charge of suspending her staff. Christine responds that the agent is Ronan.

Jack tries to keep his job so he tells Tucker that he can get Abby to change her mind about suing Victor. Tucker tells Jack that he has by the end of the day to hold up his end of the deal. Abby is unhappy with the conditions that she has been given in order to get her inheritance so she gives Victor back the check. Billy tells Victoria that he is putting Skye on the cover of Restless Style. Victoria is upset with Billy for helping Skye and Adam exploit their family name. Adam tells Abby that they have something in common when it comes to problems with Victor. Abby agrees that they have nothing in common. Skye tells Abby and Adam that she is going to be on the cover of the next issue of Restless Style. Heather tells Victor that she will not be able to reopen Adam’s case unless some new evidence comes to light. Victor tells Heather that he may have a great source for getting new evidence on Adam. Victor tells Heather to find something on Adam’s wife Skye and then use it as leverage to get what they need to convict Adam. Abby tells Jack about the conditions Victor offered her in exchange for some of her trust fund. Abby tells Jack that she maybe suing Victor after all.

At Gloworm, Skye gloats to Victor about her being on the cover of Restless Style. Victor meets Nikki and Maggie at Gloworm and tells Nikki that something has come up so he can’t have lunch with her as he promised. Heather is still upset with Ronan because of Chance’s death. Ronan apologizes to Heather and tells her about all the good they can do for Chance. At Restless Style, Victor asks Victoria if he can speak with Billy regarding him putting Skye on the cover. Victoria and Victor get into a heated argument. Victor threatens Victoria and tells her that if she is not careful, they will not have a relationship. Heather agrees to work with Ronan only if they respect boundaries for each other’s turf. Billy tells Skye that they can start shooting images for the magazine. Adam asks Billy to put him and Skye on the cover of Restless Style. Billy quickly declines the idea. Abby tells Jack that she won’t reinstate her lawsuit against Victor unless she is guaranteed to win. Abby also asks Jack to get something on Victor to help her win her case. Nikki decides to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting which surprisingly is being run by Deacon. After arguing with Victor, Victoria is so upset that she starts to have serious stomach pains.

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