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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Damon decides to take the GED again because he is determined to discover what he wants to do with his life for Colby’s sake as well as his own. Tad offers to help Damon study and Damon tells Tad he will call him if he needs help. Damon also worries that he won’t pass the test since he has already failed it twice but Tad knows Damon will do fine and advises him to give himself time to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Damon tells Tad not to tell Colby in case he doesn’t pass the test. J.R. thinks that Colby can do much better than Damon because he doesn’t have goals. Colby tells J.R. that she wants to be happy and not end up miserable and alone like him. J.R. isn’t happy to hear the news that Caleb has invested money in Chandler’s European division and warns Scott that he has just made the biggest mistake of his life. J.R. accuses Annie of using Scott as her puppet to get back at him because she really wants him not Scott but Annie insists she loves her husband and accuses J.R. of being the one who can’t handle seeing her happy with Scott because he wants her for himself. Asher tells Colby about the new social networking site he developed with the help of the Chandler information technology experts. Colby suggests some improvements to the website and Annie thinks that Colby is flirting with Asher. Asher overhears that J.R. wants to get his hands on the contract Scott signed with Caleb so he can know how best to fight it. Caleb gets a package and when he bends down to pick it up someone hits him over the head.

Tad asks Liza to move up the date of Kendall’s trial and she agrees to do so as well as ask the judge to give Kendall community service. Liza tells Tad she is doing it to prove to him and the rest of Pine Valley that she isn’t a heartless monster. Tad advises Liza not to give up on Colby because Colby misses her mom. Kendall and Bianca help Marissa get her anger out towards David for dying before she had a chance to really get to know him. Marissa throws some things around David’s room which Makes Marissa feel much better. The ladies go back to Wildwind where Marisa reads the letter David left for her letting her know that he loves her very much.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jarrett insists – he only needs a simple yes or no answer if Owen is the father of Bridget’s baby. Brooke tells Hope not to take this on. It is highly unlikely that she and Stephanie will ever see eye to eye. Thomas sides against Steffy and Stephanie and doesn’t think Brooke is that evil. He won’t be part of that. He likes both Brooke and Hope and they have done good things for this company. Stephanie can’t believe he is standing there defending “these people”. Brooke doesn’t want to discuss this more with Hope, but asks about Liam since he is now Bill Spencer’s son. Jackie accuses Bill of starting this scandal. Bill says no, he is only reporting it. Again he puts Jackie on the spot by asking again tell them if Nick or Owen is the baby’s father. Turning the words around to her favor, she admits she wants to tell the press the truth the way Jackie M always has. Yes, they are an unconventional family and share a baby with Bridget and Owen as the parents.

Ridge appreciates the fact that Thomas is on Brooke’s side. Bill returns to the office and senses that Liam doesn’t approve of these latest tactics. Bill says he has share holders to answer to. He can’t afford to compromise his professional integrity from time to time. He informs Liam that he did not create this scandal; he reported on it. Surely he has heard truth in advertising. This company was trying to foist another image on the public. Their own image may not be squeaky clean, but is one of tough, hard-nose reporting. That’s what the public expects of them and that is what they do. Going soft is not the Spencer way. So get used to it. Liam says okay, but he still doesn’t understand why Bill did it. Bill explains that he’s the CEO and they call him Dollar Bill because he makes it rain. That’s why the shareholders love him. He hopes someday they will love Liam too. You break a story, it sells magazines, simple as that. If Jackie didn’t want herself and her company to be in the headlines, then she should have stayed out of trouble. Jackie tells her group that they are not going to discuss this any more. She will not let Bill Spencer get the upper hand. This is not the 19th century. These things have a very short lifespan. Whip tells her this has been disastrous. They are selling clothes not gossip. This is tantamount to a marketing nightmare. Thomas tells Steffy that he wanted his mom and dad to get back together too, but that doesn’t always happen. He and Steffy are adults and should accept that. They can’t blame everything on Brooke. Ridge tells Stephanie and Steffy that he is proud of his son and his stand. And once this scandal is over, Brooke will be invited to come back to he company and there is nothing they can do about that. Owen consoles Jackie. She admits Bill did some damage, but she is not going to worry about it. Rick spies on them. Owen apologizes again for cheating on her with another woman. He loves her and he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. He may be made up like a statue right now and looks like a fool, but he’s not a fool. He doesn’t want to lose her. Made up also like a statue, Rick states to himself that Owen is going to lose her, to him! Bill tells Liam that if he wants to go working for a no-profit do-gooder, then fine, but here they make money, a lot of money and he is now part of that. Jackie and her team acted irresponsibly and now they will pay the consequences and SP will benefit from that. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the Spencer way….it’s the American way……God Bless America.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo met with Warden Smith at the pub.  She told him that the prisoners know Hopeís a cop and she doesnít care.  Bo said itís no longer in Hopeís hands.  Victor was proud of Brady for firing an employee.  Maggie showed up at the mansion to show him Vivianís earring.  She thought it was odd that Vivian would leave town without her earring.  Carly went to the mausoleum to see Isabella.  She flashed back to her and Isabella from years ago.  Vivian saw her there and wanted Carly to help her.  Stefano got someone to help find out who shot EJ.  Kate hoped that the person wasnít Will.  Lexie tried to will EJ to talk to her.  Kate grilled Stefano about the person he is using to find out who shot EJ.  She wanted to make sure that the guy didnít go after Will.  Victor was happy that Vivian was gone and didnít care that what she left behind.  He planned on sending the earring to Vivian whenever she let him know where she was.  Vivian let Brady know that Carly was at the mausoleum talking about her.  She thought that Carly would be the one to save her with Boís help.  Bo wanted the warden to put Hope in isolation once she gets out of the hospital.  The warden wasnít willing to move Hope out of general population.  Bo insisted that she did because he didnít want her to be hurt.  Lexie didnít want Stefano to know about EJís condition, but it was a waste.  Stefano was there when she said it and wanted to know what was going on.  Philip told Kate that Vivian left town, but Kate didnít care.  Philip was curious as to why she didnít care that Vivian was gone. Rafe told Will that whoever shot EJ would go to jail for a long time if he dies.  Arianna showed up and said she would rather go to prison than deal with Stefano.  Lexie told Stefano that EJís brain activity increased.  Bo showed up at the mausoleum and tried to convince Carly that Vivian left town.  Carly still didnít buy it.  She thought Vivian was waiting to strike.

Kate told Philip that she doesnít know Stefano the way she thought.  He wanted to know if Stefano thought someone in their family shot EJ.  Stefano told EJ that he thinks Will shot him. It upset him that Will would do that.  He promised he would do to Will what he did to EJ if Will did shoot him.  Maggie thought it would be best for her and Victor to be friends.  Vivian wanted to know how Brady was going to convince Carly that sheís gone.  Brady sent Carly a text from Vivian saying that she was gone.  Carly was starting to become convinced that sheís gone.  When Brady stopped talking to Vivian, Philip walked in on him.  Rafe and Arianna got into an argument over EJ and Sami.  Kate felt she had no choice but to do something to Stefano if he went after Will.  She fantasized about poisoning his drink.  Will was worried when he overheard Abe and Lexie talking about EJ saying Samiís name.  Stefano wanted to tell Kate about the information his informant gave him.  She wanted to get a drink first.  Stefano agreed to the drink.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason is mad that Brenda left the hotel room without any security. To the dismay of Jason, Suzanne defends Brenda’s actions. Jason is horrified to learn that he and Brenda are on the cover of a celebrity magazine. Suzanne figures that all the exposure will help Brenda’s charity work. Murphy shows up to speak with Jason. Murphy assumes that Jason and Brenda are a couple. Jason makes it clear that he is not romantically involved with Brenda – he only cares about her safety. Murphy doesn’t want Jason to hurt Brenda. Spinelli is obsessed with Brenda. Sam questions Spinelli on his odd behavior. Spinelli shows Sam a website with photos of Jason and Brenda attending a gala in Rome. Carly is happy about her reunion with Jax. Carly and Jax share a kiss. Carly shows up at the penthouse to vent. Carly is surprised to find out about Brenda and Jason’s excursion. Jax is working when Olivia shows up at his office. Jax relays the good news that he has moved back in with Carly and the kids. Sam is summoned to Jax’s office. Jax wonders what is going on with Jason and Brenda. Sam believes that Jax wants to rescue Brenda in Rome. Carly barges in. Carly announces to Sam that she and Jax are working on their marriage.

Robin is about to take her daily meds when Patrick shows up. Mac returns home to find an ailing Robin. Mac is critical of Patrick. Mac fears that Robin will get back with Patrick. Robin reminds Mac that they need to keep up the charade to implicate Lisa. Lisa speaks to a nurse about a prescription’s side effects. Patrick runs into Lisa at the hospital. Lisa suggests going to Jake’s. Matt overhears the conversation. Matt warns Lisa to stay away from Patrick. Patrick and Lisa meet at Jake’s. Lisa surprises Patrick by saying that they should slow things down. Matt pays Robin a visit at Mac’s house. Matt relays that Patrick is meeting Lisa for drinks. Robin takes her medications in front of Matt. Robin confides to Matt about the plan to prove Lisa’s guilt. Matt worries that the scheme will blow up in Robin’s face.

Nikolas wants Brook Lynn to dress appropriately for their Paris trip, so he calls Maxie for fashion advice. Maxie paints Brook Lynn in a bad light. Maxie doesn’t want to be Brook’s “stylist”. After some convincing, Maxie agrees to the job. Nikolas finds Brook Lynn at Jake’s. Brook Lynn feels that Nik should get someone else for his Paris trip. Nikolas manages to change Brook’s mind. Ethan and Johnny talk business. Johnny wants to stick to the truce with Sonny. John tells Ethan about the eyewitness on Baker Street. Claire shows up unannounced. Claire brings up the attempted murder charge. Ethan vacates the premises. Johnny warns Claire about Sonny’s charms. Claire wants Johnny and Sonny’s truce to work out. Olivia pays a visit to Johnny’s apartment. Olivia and Johnny agree to work on their relationship.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Bo runs into Inez at Rodi's. She tells him that she gets the impression he doesnít want her to go out with Clint. He says Clint is a great guy, he just thought it was a little close at the beginning. Starr comforts James when she finds him crying. He tells her that he is having a hard time accepting his mother. He kisses her and admits that he wants to be more than friends with her. She admits that she has conflicted feelings but is adamant that keeping her family together is her priority. He tells her that he can't continue to be just friends with her so he cannot see her anymore. Cole goes to Hannah's hearing. Nora drops the charges against Hannah but charges her with obstruction of justice instead. Marty speaks on Hannah's behalf and says Hannah was a victim. She offers to supervise Hannah's outpatient care if the court releases her from Ste. Anne's. Nora agrees to the terms and the judge releases Hannah.

Gigi asks Kelly if she is interested in Rex. Kelly says itís all business. Carlotta doesnít understand how Cristian could let Layla go to Paris without him. Gigi goes to Cristian's studio. She tells him what she gets from a painting that he is working on and he tells her that she is going to do fine. Matt catches Rex taking files from Clint's office. Rex tells him that he can't tell him why but that he is protecting Clint. Matthew calls security. When Clint arrives at the office, he tells Security that he will handle it. Rex tells Clint that it appears he knows all about David being in a Moroccan prison.

Y&R Recap Written by Shante   **One Day Ahead

At the ranch, Maggie is trying to arrange Nikki’s calendar when she notices Nikki is out of sorts. At the district attorney’s office, Heather receives a recording from Chance’s wire of the night he died. Heather tells Paul that she is hesitant about listening to the recording. Paul tells Heather that she has to listen to the tape if she wants to prosecute Owen. Paul offers to support her while she listens to the tape. Heather tells Paul that she is working with Victor so that she can convict Adam. Skye asks Adam if he was upset because she slept with Jack. Adam tells Skye that he doesn’t care. Victor tries to justify to Nick what he did to Victoria by comparing it to Nick protecting Sharon from Adam. Nick tells Victor that Billy is nothing compared to Adam. Jack throws the fact that he slept with Skye in Adam’s face. Neil and Malcolm go to Lily’s place to help her with the twins. Lily receives an unidentified gift of steaks which she believes is from Kane. Neil tells Lily and Malcolm that he is going to cook the steaks. Paul warns Heather about working with Victor. Victor tips Adam off that Heather is thinking about reopening his case. After the meeting on the plane in Australia, Kane tries to check on Lily but for some reason the phones won’t work.

Adam confronts Heather about reopening his case. Adam threatens to sue Heather and the entire city if she comes after him. Nick goes to see Heather about Adam’s case and is surprised to see Adam talking with heather. Nikki is tempted to take another drink. Kane finally gets through to Lily. Due to bad reception Kane does not hear everything that Lily says. Malcolm, Lily and Neil prepare to eat their steak for lunch. Malcolm admits that the steaks smell strange. Nick offers Heather the Newman families support if she goes after Adam. Paul warns Victor not to hurt Heather. Skye offers Jack another night cap but they are interrupted when they find Adam in the room. Adam tells Skye that they should stop fighting and work together. Heather decides to listen to the recording from the night of Chance’s death. Kane tells Sofia that he is worried that if the men in Australia find his family that Lily and the babies could be in danger. At the ranch, Maggie decides to leave the ranch after hearing that Victor ordered a background check on her. Victor explains to Maggie that he does a background check on everyone who stays in his home. Victor tells Maggie that there was nothing bad in her background check and asks her to stay. Nikki comes downstairs and sees Maggie and Victor hugging and is not happy about it.

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