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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Madison and Frankie admit that the hug Frankie gave her after he took her home from Caleb's party was different and Frankie admits that he doesn't know why that happened, but they agree they don't want to ruin their friendship. Frankie apologizes to Randi for not telling her he took a drunk Madison home from Caleb's party. Frankie and Randi make up and then make love in the on-call room. Frankie wants to consider having a baby but Randi tells him she isn't ready yet because she wants to concentrate on her career.

Kendall has a talk with Madison and tells her that she thinks that she and Ryan make a good couple but she can't take sides on Ryan's love life. Greenlee leads Jesse to believe that David committed suicide, and Jesse finds a letter to Greenlee and one to Amanda in David's secret drawer in his room at the Yacht Club. Greenlee's letter tells her that he finally accepted she doesn't love him, and he couldn't live with the pain. Amanda's letter tells her that she is a good mother to Trevor and that her family is finally safe from him. Jake gets upset because Amanda tells him she always knew David had a heart and he tears up the letter and tells Amanda he respects the person who killed David.

Tad agrees to talk to Liza to try and persuade her to speed up Kendall's court date because Kendall thinks it would be a lot easier to tell Zach if the trial were behind her. Greenlee tells Ryan about the suicide theory and the letters David left but something doesn't feel right to Ryan and he remains determined to remember what happened that night. Greenlee cries in her room at the Yacht Club as she holds a picture of her and David and says "Please forgive me."

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Lots of tension behind stage at Jackie M as they get ready for a fashion preview. Whip reminds them that he wants nothing about the baby news that would cause negative publicity. Stephanie shows up at Brooke’s who tells her she is the last person she needs to see today. Stephanie comes on in anyway. Liam shows up for his first day on the job. He tells Hope from a lowly intern to now an executive. She quips next week he may be a VP. Bill shows Liam a video welcoming him to Spencer Publications. He impresses upon Liam that he is now William Spencer III and gives him a gift of the sword necklace. He explains that he doesn’t wear it just for ornamentation. He wears it because it is an extension of him, who he is, what makes him tick. And it’s the physical representation of how he approaches not only business but life. If you want to come after him, if you want to take what he’s got, then you better bring it. “You better make sure I don’t get up, cuz I am going to keep on coming.” That’s who his father is. Liam puts on the necklace. Bill informs him that as his first assignment they are going to the Jackie showing.

Jackie introduces the show…..feast your eyes as she doesn’t intend to disappoint them. Bill tells Liam to stand back. He will see a scandal in the making. Hope thanks Stephanie for her love and support and a place to stay when she needed it. She wishes that she and Brooke could see each other as she sees them. She wishes they could set their differences aside and work together. They would be a powerhouse. Stephanie mouths no to Brooke. Brooke says her daughter is home now and she would appreciate it if Stephanie would never try to poison her relationship again. After the showing, Bridget takes questions from the press. The first one is from Jarrett who asks if all of this is real or as fake as Jackie and Owen’s marriage? Jackie won’t dignify that question with an answer, so Jarrett continues. Bridget’s baby is not her husband Nick’s child, but Owen’s.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo told Carly that Vivian is out of Salem for good. Carly was suspicious about it.  During Isabella's memorial, Justin was suspicious of Vivian's disappearance.  Sami tried to convince Stefano that Will didn't shoot EJ.  He wanted her to prove it or else he would assume that Will shot EJ.  EJ's monitor went off again. Victor wanted to invite Maggie to his house for a drink.  Brady stayed behind to taunt Vivian.  Vivian wanted him to let her out, but he didn't want to do it.  He thought she would do something to Maggie.  Rafe tried to reason with Will about whether or not Will shot EJ.  Stefano was determined to find out if Will was the one who shot EJ.  Sami was going to tell him the truth for why Will couldn't have shot EJ.  Hope didn't want the warden to tell Bo about the fight.  She wanted to tell Bo, but Hope wanted Bo to live his own life.  Bo gave Carly the details about Vivian's email and what she took with her.  Carly still thought Vivian was up to something.  Vivian threatened Brady about his going to prison if he didn't let her out of the sarcophagus.  Kate and Sami tried to convince Stefano that Will wouldn't shoot EJ. Will wanted to know if Rafe would lie for him even if he did shoot EJ.  Brady didn't care about Vivian's threats or promises so he left her in the sarcophagus.  Justin and Maggie weren't convinced that Vivian was gone for good.  Will wasn't sure if Rafe would be able to help him since he's a "rigid" FBI agent. Rafe told him that he changed.  Rafe wants to protect the people he loves and the person who shot EJ.  Lexie called Stefano to tell him that EJ's condition changed.

Tina, Hope's cellmate, wanted to make the best of their situation. A cellmate gave Hope a book and put her in a chokehold.  Tina ended up setting her up when she wanted to make up.  Bo wanted to warn Victor about Vivian's disappearance.  Brady was panicked.  Lexie told Stefano, Kate, and Sami that there's been an increase in his brain activity.  Brady tried to stop Bo from investigating Vivian's disappearance, but it didn't work.  Vivian saw Victor and Maggie in her room and she flipped out.  Lexie said EJ's brain activity dropped to what it was before.  Stefano warned Sami, Will, and Rafe that the person who shot EJ should be worried.  Ciara was happy at the idea of Vivian being gone.  She gave Carly a drawing that she made.  Tina's parole was put off because of the fight she got in with Hope.  Hope tried to defend herself, but it was a waste.  Tina attacked her. Stefano wanted to know if Rafe would bend the rules during the investigation of EJ's shooting.  Sami wanted Will to stay with Roman because Roman has guns.  Will protested, but Sami was adamant about him staying with Roman.  She wanted to confess to everything in order to protect him, but Will didn't want her to at first.  When she wouldn't change her mind, he wanted her to tell Rafe the truth right away.  She didn't want to tell Rafe because he is an FBI agent.  Will told her that Rafe changed and could help her.  That didn't work.  She didn't want him or Rafe going down for what she did. Bo was worried about Hope not returning his calls or writing to Ciara.  Warden Smith called Bo with news about Hope.  When Brady was trying to cover his tracks at the mausoleum, he was busted by Maggie talking to Vivian.  Bo told Carly how Hope was attacked for the second time.  Now Hope is in the hospital.  He wanted to go see her Brady was lucky that Maggie didn't hear what Brady said to Maggie.  She only heard his voice.  Brady left the mausoleum.  Vivian heard Victor telling Henderson to get rid of her clothes.  She thought he saw the camera she had in the room, but he didn't.  Maggie saw Vivian's earring by the sarcophagus.  Rafe tried to reassure Sami that he won't let Stefano hurt Will.  She said she will fix things.  EJ called out Sami's name again.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu wants to go to Ireland to help Lucky but Dante hates the idea. Dante thinks that he and Lulu would jeopardize Lucky’s mission if they interfere. Lulu asks how Dante knows about the Balkan but Tracy shows up before he can answer. Tracy wants Lulu to call Lucky and tell him to come home. Lulu says that she’ll contact Lucky. Tracy plans on moving on without Luke. Dante returns to the loft. After Tracy leaves, Lulu and Dante agree to fly to Ireland to find Lucky. On the plane, Dante and Lulu talk about seeing Ireland. Lulu wants to travel with Dante someday. Carly and Jax are surprised by Morgan’s adoption question. Michael believes that Morgan will be safer if his last name is Jacks. Morgan worries how Sonny feels about the adoption. Nevertheless, Morgan agrees to go ahead with the adoption but insists that he still loves Sonny. Michael and Morgan leave the living room. Jax asks Carly if they will be sleeping in the same bed. Carly thinks it is best for Jax to sleep in the guest room. Jax kisses Carly but they are interrupted by Michael. Michael apologizes and heads out the door.

Diane criticizes Sonny’s decision to sleep with Claire. Claire figures that Diane is jealous of her relationship with Sonny. Sonny asks Diane and Max to leave. Sonny apologizes to Claire for Diane’s behavior. Sonny recalls a childhood memory of having a fist fight inside a strawberry patch. Sonny wants Claire to spend the night but she asks for a rain check. They share a kiss. Sonny suggests that he and Claire have dinner tomorrow night. Claire quickly accepts the invitation. After Claire departs, Sonny makes a phone call. Sonny summons Diane to the house. Sonny makes it clear that Diane needs to stay out of his private life. Diane fears that Claire will end up “burying” Sonny. On the red carpet, Brenda introduces Jason to Ernesto Cartullo. Ernesto is shocked to learn that Jason is Brenda’s ex-husband. Jason and Ernesto argue in front of the paparazzi. Brenda and Jason return from the gala. Brenda points out that Jason was rude to Ernesto. Brenda wants Jason to leave but he isn’t going anywhere. Jason pours himself a drink while Brenda supplies him with a blanket and pillow. Jason turns off the lights and loads his gun. Jason hears Brenda scream from the bedroom. Brenda says that she has nightmares once in a while. Brenda recalls her senior prom but Jason can’t remember any of the details. Brenda asks Jason if he’s ever been to Greece. Jason talks about the islands there, which puts Brenda to sleep.

Lisa gets a prescription filled at the hospital. Patrick asks Lisa to have dinner with him but she declines the offer, claiming that she’s swamped at work. Maxie visits with Robin at Mac’s house. Maxie and Robin talk about the situation with Lisa. Maxie is confident that Lisa is buying the charade. Unbeknownst to them, Lisa is listening from the patio. Maxie heads back to Crimson. Patrick shows up to say goodnight to Emma. Lisa wanders inside the house. Lisa eavesdrops on Patrick and Robin. Lisa hears Patrick talk about the NASCAR weekend. Patrick apologizes to Robin about the situation with Lisa. Robin and Patrick concur that Lisa needs to be stopped. When Robin and Patrick leave the room to check on Emma, Lisa mixes a tranquilizer pill in with Robin’s medication. Robin and Patrick spend some time with Emma. No one notices Lisa leave.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Matthew starts his first day as Clint's new intern at B.E., Clint is meeting with one of his "contacts" who is keeping David Vickers in the Moroccan prison for him and making it appear that David is making a spectacle of himself on Facebook. Matthew observes how his uncle does things a bit differently than his parents do and inquires if Clint's "relationship" with this guy might be illegal when he senses that Clint is keeping a secret. Right then, Kelly enters the office to get Clint to go to Rodi's with her so that Rex can get into Clint's office and attempt to find out what Clint is up to regarding David's disappearance. It appears that Rex uncovers some information that Kelly can use and she makes sure he's out of there before Clint catches him. But as soon as Rex gets out the door, Matthew catches him and asks what he's doing there. Meanwhile, Starr convinces Langston that even if Robert Ford deserves to experience cause and effect for his behaviors, setting him up and getting him fired is not the thing to do. She tells her that it's not just Robert who is suffering consequences. James is prevented from having an education after his brother is no longer a faculty member when James has not done anything wrong. James meets up with Inez and admits that he lost out on having a mom. He cries alone and Starr rushes to him. He ends up kissing her. Robert runs into Nate and at first is unfriendly to his younger brother. But they find out that they are both have a passion for theater and Robert becomes interested in talking to Nate at that point. In court, Todd Ross and Blair all testify about who should get custody of Dani. But Destiny sneaks in unseen with Dani and suddenly stands up to make her presence known, introduces herself to the judge, and urges them all to stop arguing and think about what Dani wants. At that point, the judge lets Dani testify. She admits there is no simple answer. She does not want to choose between Todd and Ross. She loves them both and knows choosing either one will hurt the other. And she tells them that nothing is ok as long as her mother is gone.

Y&R Recap Written by Shante   **One Day Ahead

At the Chancellor's mansion, Nina and Phillip are playing the grieving parents as they pack away Chance's things. Nina tells Phillip that everyone shouldn't have to grieve for Chance when he's still alive. Phillip tells Nina that they have keep up the act for Chance's sake. Paul tells Nina that he hoped whatever Christine had to tell her helped. Katherine asks Christine to help Nina deal with Chance's death. Ashley asks Tucker what happened to Katherine after she collapsed. Tucker tells Ashley that he doesn't know. Lily asks Kane about the biofuel project. Malcolm and Sofia work on some ideas for their wedding. Neil tells Sofia that the biofuel project is a go. Neil tells Sofia that she and Kane are leaving for Australia right away. Lily decides to go to the Chancellors' to pay respects to Chance. Nina lies to Paul about her meeting with Christine.

Katherine opens up to Christine about her feelings of Chance's death. Tucker tells Ashley that he wanted to be there for Katherine but the family shut him out. At the coffee house, Kevin tells Phillip that he is sorry about Chance. Phillip asks Chloe how she is dealing with Chance's death. Phillip warns Kane about the guys that he is running from in Australia. Neil tells Kane that he leaves for the bio fuel project in Australia today. Kane tells Neil that he can't leave now but doesn't tell Neil it's because of the men in Australia. Kane tries to tell Sofia that he can't take the trip to Australia right now. Nina asks Christine if she told Katherine the truth about Chance. Kane admits to Sofia that the men in Australia are still a threat to him. Sofia is furious at Kane for lying about his life being in danger. Kane tells Sofia that he only lied because he didn't want to hurt Lily. Sofia comes up with a plan to help Kane. Paul tries to cheer Nina up. Nina breaks things off with Paul. Tension rises between Murphy and Tucker as Murphy tries to keep Tucker away from Katherine. Katherine is upset with Tucker for not coming to see how she was doing. Murphy tells Katherine that he kept Tucker from seeing her. In not so many words, Christine admits that she told Katherine the truth about Chance. Lily receives an unexpected gift.

BONUS Y&R Recap Written by Mary   **One Day Ahead

Chloe comes into the coffeehouse and sits down opposite Kevin at the bar. Chloe cannot believe that Chance is gone. At the Chancellor mansion, Nina and Philip pack up Chance’s room. Nina wants to tell everyone that Philip is alive, but he tells her that they cannot do that. Paul interrupts them. Chris hugs Katherine. Murph leaves them alone to go fix Kay some soup. Kay tells Chris to go and see Nina and make her understand. On the phone, Tucker tells Neil to keep him posted about what's happening today. Ashley joins Tucker and asks him how Katherine is. Cane and Lily marvel at how beautiful their twins are. Lily asks if Philip will be back after the project. In their hotel room, Sofia looks at a bridal magazine which Malcolm takes from her. There is a knock on the door and it is Neil. Neil tells them that the biofuel project is a go and she and Cane will be headed for Australia today. Sofia is surprised by Neil’s sudden change in attitude about the biofuel deal. Malcolm asks Sofia about the deal that she made with Neil. Sofia urges him to try to get along. Paul questions Nina about her meeting with Chris. Nina tells Paul that Chris only wanted to explain how things happened. Katherine tells Chris that she was diagnosed with dehydration and exhaustion but no one told her how to deal with Chance’s death. Ashley encourages Tucker to be there for Katherine and not let anyone make him back down. Tucker complains to Ashley that the family shut him out. Lily, along with the twins, visit Nina. Nina holds the baby and reminisces about when Chance was a baby. Philip tells Chloe how much Chance loved her. Philip asks Cane about the status of his project. Neil joins them and tells Cane that he and Sofia will be leaving today. Cane tells him that he cannot go.

Sofia lets Malcolm know that she loves her job. Cane calls Lily to let her know that he is leaving. Kay and Chris come in the side door and encounter Nina. Nina asks Chris if she told Katherine about Chance. Chris refuses to answer. Kevin stands by Chloe. Neil visits Lily. Cane visits Sofia and lets her know that he cannot go. Sofia comes up with a plan so that no one will ever know that Cane was in Australia. Nina asks Paul for a break. Cane says good-bye to Lily. Lily gets a mystery package of steaks from Australia. Tucker comes to visit Katherine, but Murph intervenes and stops him. Katherine overhears and wants to know what is going on. Katherine tries to make peace. Nina catches up with Chris and asks her again if she told Katherine. Chris refuses to tell her that she did indeed tell Katherine that Chance is still alive. Nina thanks Chris for helping Katherine. Cane and Sofia board a plane.

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