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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Angie is frustrated by her blindness but once Brot shares his experiences after he was injured in combat she is finally able to admit that she is scared and doesn't want to be blind. Angie, Brot, and Natalia cook dinner together. Jesse is able to get Kendall out on bail again although she has to pay more money. Ryan pays her bail and agrees to make sure Kendall doesn't leave town. Ryan tells Greenlee that under hypnosis he remembered being angry at David and that he wanted to protect Greenlee from David because he loved her. Kendall advises Ryan to tell Greenlee how he feels about her but Ryan thinks that he and Greenlee aren't good for each other so he decides to make his relationship with Madison work.

Greenlee tells Jake that while under hypnosis Ryan said he loved her but he didn't mention anything to her about it so he is trying to protect himself by dating Madison. Jake advises Greenlee to tell Ryan that she loves him too but she decides its better to let Ryan make the next move because she is scared of being rejected by Ryan.  Madison tells Frankie that both Randi and Natalia advised her to stay away from him because their relationship is more than friendship. Frankie tells Madison that Natalia and Randi are wrong but Madison tells Frankie he knows that something more happened between them the night of Caleb's party. Greenlee takes Jesse to the room she shared with David at the yacht club and admits to him she killed David.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope feels all warm and tingly from remembering what Liam told her, that he loves her. She recalls telling Oliver that she cares for Liam too. Hope knows her parents have issues with Liam, but she assures them it wasn’t all his fault. She feels good being so positive again. She will never feel about Oliver again what she once did; now she has Liam. She tells them she feels like she has finally come out of a very long black tunnel and now she sees a little light. Liam came into her life and it just changed. And she thinks if her parents will give him a chance that they will love him too. They assure her they only want her to be happy. But she is worried about Steffy and doesn’t want to go through that again the way she did with Oliver. Steffy tells her mother that Liam is hot. And while Hope is dating Liam, Steffy is not messing with Hope. If she’s afraid of a little competition then she is hanging out with the wrong guy. William Spencer is the newest, hottest guy in town. Liam shows up and Oliver wants to throw him out. He stole his girl. He doesn’t need him to come here and gloat. Liam doesn’t want to gloat. He just wants Oliver to back off and leave Hope alone. He states that Hope knows who she wants, so don’t interfere. Ridge shows up just in time to break it up before fists fly. Ridge asks to speak with Liam alone. Liam assures him that he would never hurt Hope. Ridge says he is not sure they can trust Liam. His daughter thinks he is a stand up guy, but his advice is not to disappoint her.

Ridge tells Liam that Hope is a very generous and compassionate person. That is what makes her so special, but it can set her up to be a target too. Liam scoffs and assures Ridge that Hope is fierce. He should have seen the way she told his dad off. He really thinks that is what turned Bill around. She sees into people. She doesn’t fall for their act. He really wishes she were there instead of Steffy to witness this big epiphany. He hadn’t pegged Steffy as being the emotional type, but she’d said it was one of the most emotional sights she had ever seen. Steffy tells Taylor that it was like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. He’s this normal guy, kinda cute and pretty smart but he didn’t stand out. But the moment that Bill accepted him, it was bam! The light went on and he wasn’t just some guy anymore. He was William Spencer III. It’s all out there in front of him; his whole future. He’s not merely a nerdy computer tech anymore. He has a whole different pedigree. Brooke comes in and asks Taylor to tell her daughter to stop playing these childish games. She tells Steffy that she does not want to fight with her, but it looks like she has set her sights on another of Hope’s boyfriends. She points out that it seems odd that the only men that Steffy is interested in are the men that Hope dates. She knows she has hurt her because of her mistake with Oliver, but she is opening up to Taylor because Hope has finally found a good man and she is begging both of them to let Hope explore her feelings with Liam without Steffy’s interference. Hope and Liam meet at Insomnia and still can not believe this is happening so fast. She is so happy and so proud of Liam. Steffy gloats to herself that Hope can not get Liam without a little stiff competition.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami decided to pull the plug on EJ.  Lexie and Stefano were upset.  Chloe thought about Vivian being suspicious of her and Carly.  Vivian believed that Victor wouldnít believe the email and he would find her. Victor didnít buy the email at first.  While Stefano was crying over EJ, EJ coughed.  Everyone was surprised that EJ could be coming out of the coma.  Lexie threw everyone out of EJís room. Stefano taunted Sami about her plan not working.  Ian ran into Stephanie at the pub.  She was still curious as to who switched the paternity test.  Vivian found the other remote in the sarcophagus so she was able to see Victor and Brady in her room.  Victor noticed that Vivianís things were still in the mansion. Brady panicked at first, but was relieved when Victor saw that the things Vivian would have taken were gone.  He was thrilled.  Rafe stopped Stefano from yelling at Sami.  Lexie said that EJís lungs were clear.  Sami wanted to know if he was going to recover. Maggie told Philip and Melanie that she was nervous about what Vivian was going to do to her when her assistant called her.  Stephanie wondered if Daniel switched the results.  Lexie said EJís chances were slim even though heís breathing better on his own.  Kate waned Sami to go to the mansion to pick up the things she left. Rafe wanted to talk to Will in private.  Stephanie found out that Daniel had special privileges to St. Maryís Hospital so he could have changed the results.  Ian wondered why Daniel would do that instead of leaving her.  She thought Daniel wouldnít want to cause trouble for everyone. Victor wanted Justin to start the divorce procedures so Vivian wouldnít get any alimony.  Kate wanted Sami at the mansion so they could talk about Will.  When Rafe and Will were far enough away, Rafe questioned Will about where he was the night EJ was shot.

Vivian switched screens on the monitor and saw Victor outside of the sarcophagus.  Victor told everyone how happy he was that Vivian left him during Isabellaís memorial. Kate told Sami how she talked to Will about her warning Sami about EJ taking the kids.  Sami reassured Kate that Will wonít say anything.  That wasnít what Kate was talking about.  Adrienne showed up at the pub while Stephanie and Ian were talking.  Stephanie was acting weird so Adrienne was suspicious.  Everyone was thrilled that Vivian was gone.  Kate wanted to know where Will was the night EJ was shot.  Sami assumed that it was because Stefano suspected him.  Kate thought Will needed an alibi.  Stephanie snapped at Adrienne when she accused her of being up to something.  Vivian watched while everyone went on with Isabellaís memorial.  Stefano showed up at the mansion while Sami and Kate were talking.  He wanted to know what they were talking about.  He warned Sami that he had information that the police didnít have.  He told her about the gun and that the only people who knew about the gun were at the mansion. He believed that EJís shooting was an inside job.  He said that he, Kate, and Sami all had alibis so it only left Will.  Will lied to Rafe about being with Caroline when EJ was shot.  Rafe didnít believe Willís alibi.  Adrienne called Kayla and asked her to come to Salem to check on Stephanie.  Will wanted Rafe to charge him if he thought he was guilty.  Sami told Stefano that Will didnít shoot EJ.  Stefano wanted to know how she was sure.  EJ said Samiís name when a nurse left his room.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Spinelli argues with Dante over his involvement in sending Michael to prison. Spinelli refuses to share information with Dante regarding the Balkan. Siobhan warns Lucky that some dangerous men are looking for him (Ronan). Siobhan suggests that she and Ronan leave together but Lucky doesn’t like the idea. Siobhan and Lucky share a kiss. Lucky calls Dante for some background info on the Balkan. Lucky comes clean about his undercover mission. Dante senses that Lucky is in danger. Three of the Balkan’s goons grab Lucky and bring him to a warehouse. Dante informs Lulu that Lucky is posing as Ronan O’Reilly. Both agree that Lucky could be in serious trouble.

Jax and Carly decide to give their marriage another try. Jax moves back in. Carly, Jax, Michael and Morgan share a celebratory dinner. Morgan asks Carly and Jax if his adoption is still in the works. Claire and Sonny make love. Afterwards, Claire tells Sonny that she enjoys his company. Diane shows up at Sonny’s and finds Max there. They enjoy a candlelight dinner on the terrace. Sonny and Claire witness Diane and Max in a compromising position. Sonny asks them to leave. Diane reminds Claire that Sonny is playing her. Jason tells Brenda that she can’t attend the gala. Suzanne sticks up for Brenda. Jason agrees to be Brenda’s escort and bodyguard for the event. Brenda can’t believe that Suzanne is enamored with Jason. In the limo, Brenda tries to fix Jason’s bow tie. Jason escorts Brenda on the red carpet where she is greeted by paparazzi.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

For the first time, we learn that Tea never had a brain tumor and Greg lied to everybody that she did. It was because Eli threatened his family. He feels terribly guilty knowing that he made her ill so that it would appear she was dying. He stands over her bed in a private medical facility while she is unconscious. We see Eli talking to Ross, assuring his brother he will get custody of Dani and nobody will be able to prove that the Will was falsified. Little do either of them know, however, that Tea is not dead. Greg is also scaring Eli into believing that he could suffer a fatal brain injury if he does not wait and get surgery before returning to Llanview. But Greg confirms that he's lying to Eli in order to make him believe he needs surgery so that Greg can kill him. Meanwhile, in Llanview, the judge rules in Ross's favor for him to get custody of Dani. Todd and Blair are furious. Dani talks to Destiny and Nate who are really baffled. Langston confesses to Robert that she set him up. James and Starr talk and he tells her that now that Robert is fired from his professor job, he no longer has any way to get tuition to enroll in school. Starr then tells him she will help him apply for a grant or scholarship and won't let him give up on starting school at LU.

Y&R Recap Written by Shante   **One Day Ahead

At Victoria and Billy's home, Victoria and Billy decide to have a sleep over with the kids. Jack flirts with Phyllis. Mac tells J.T that she would love to be a mom someday. J.T tells Mac that she would be an amazing mom. At the ranch, Sharon uses faith to ask Nick who he was making out with at Jimmy's Bar. Noah comes home from Paris. Nick and Sharon ask Noah why he didn't tell them he was coming home. Noah tells Nick and Sharon that he and Eden broke up and that's why he decided to come home. Nick and Sharon tell Noah that they are glad he is home. Noah asks Sharon and Nick if they are back together. Victoria complains to Billy about her unemployment. Billy tells Victoria to accept Tucker's job offer at Jabot. Victoria tells Billy that she won’t accept the offer because Tucker is the reason why the department of justice knows about the deal in Japan. Adam threatens Skye's life. J.T tells Mac that he wants to start a family with her. Phyllis turns down Jack's advances. Phyllis tells Jack she doesn't want to use him to get back at Nick. At the ranch, Sharon and Nick explain to Noah that they are not getting back together. Mac agrees to start a family with J.T and tells him that they should start right away. At the coffee house, Phyllis is surprised to see Noah is home. Skye uses Jack to make Adam jealous.

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