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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

While Kendall and Greenlee discuss how to protect Ryan, he visits Jesse, hoping for more information about the night David died. They agree to work together and share anything they come up with. Meanwhile, Greenlee suggests they plant the digitalis on someone like Liza to deflect suspicion from Ryan, but Kendall thinks it's an awful idea. Even though Kendall and Greenlee oppose the idea, Ryan calls a hypnotherapist Jesse recommended to retrieve his memories of the night of the party. Before she leaves Ryan's apartment, Greenlee calls her own phone, so she can eavesdrop on their conversation. Ryan tells Dr. Frankel that he was fighting with David, because he loves Greenlee. Although Bianca warns her not do leave the state, Kendall tries to go see Zach and gets herself arrested for speeding and jumping bail, so Jesse has no choice but to incarcerate her until her arraignment.

After slapping J.R., Annie yells at him for his actions against Scott. Caleb proposes helping Scott in his fight against J.R., but Scott turns him down, because he's afraid Caleb will find out about Palmer's nanotech project. Scott is upset with Annie for lying to set up the meeting with Caleb behind his back but soon forgives her. Annie warns him that he has to fight as dirty as J.R. if he wants to beat him and begs him to reconsider teaming up with Caleb, so Scott calls him and agrees to consider his offer. In order to gain access to Caleb's computer, Asher ingratiates himself with Miranda and gets himself hired to give her computer lessons. Once he has Caleb's computer to himself, he calls J.R. for further instructions, willing to do anything. Marissa complains to Krystal about the way J.R. is handling A.J.'s emotional turmoil. Krystal counsels her daughter to try to get along with J.R. for their son's sake. Marissa goes to the Chandler Mansion to yell at J.R. for bribing the school principal instead of getting A.J. the help he needs. Later, she and Caleb study for the bar exam at the park.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

It has been a month since we last saw the citizen's of Oakdale and Bob packs the things in his office at the hospital as he reflects on how well he knows the citizen's of Oakdale having been their for the ups and downs in their lives. Bob is sad but excited as he gets ready to move to Arizona with Kim. Susan isn't happy that John will be acting chief of staff but she wishes Bob and Kim happiness. Casey and Alison move to Carbondale and Emily, Susan, Tom and Margo are there to hug them good-bye. Margo gets a serious case of empty nest syndrome and Tom and Margo decide its time to find a smaller place. Chris asks Katie to Marry him and she says yes then they decide its time to find a larger place to live, a place that is all their own to make new memories. Katie tells Margo and Tom she and Chris plan to marry and look for a larger place to live. Margo and Emily decide to switch house and they moves their things into their new homes. Luke comes to visit to tell Chris that he recommended him to the board to be chief of staff once he is recovered but Chris says he isn't sure he wants to do that anymore. Luke tells Chris that Reid would be very upset if he didn't take the job. Katie gives Luke Reid's stethoscope to keep and Luke uses it to listen to Chris's heartbeat.

John and Lucinda arrive back after a month in Amsterdam and tell everyone they are back together. Lucinda tells Lily that she can have Worldwide if she wants it because she wants to enjoy her time with John. Lily tells Holden that she is worried that Lucinda's relationship with John won't last because they have tried so many times before and Holden thinks you have to keep trying until you get it right. Lily says Good-bye to Holden at her door and starts to tell him that she loves him but he stops her saying that he knows and he will see her tomorrow. Sage texts everyone she knows telling them that her mom is going to have a baby and Janet and Dusty stop by to ask Jack to be the Godfather of Lorenzo Dustin Donavan and Jack accepts while Carly holds the baby and tells him that he and her new baby will grow up together. Barbara and Paul decide to dissolve their partnership in Barbara Ryan Originals and Dusty sells Metro back to Henry. Barbara and Henry dance together and Barbara is happy she will spend time with Henry running their club. Kim gives Bob time in his office to say good-night not good-bye and he says good-night as he turns out the lights and the globe on his former desk starts to spin.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is shocked that Bill is asking him to give him another chance. Bill admits that he has a lot to learn. He is out of his element now with a son. He knows he is a son of a bitch most of the time, but not all the time. Liam shows him a map of Clark Lake with a red heart on it in a very specific spot that his mom gave him. He never knew the importance of it until now. He hands it to him. Bill looks it over and responds to it by saying that he doesn’t know if Liam is ready to deal with him being his old man. But because of this map and what Liam’s mother meant to both of them….they’ve missed a lot of years and can’t get them back but he’d like the opportunity to try and make up for them if Liam will let him. He extends his hand and calls Liam son. Liam grabs Bill’s hand and shakes it. Katie has a tear in her eye… of happiness. Hope tells Oliver that she hoped she could get past that night, but there will always be something there between them. He accepts that she needs to take a break between the two of them. He just hopes it is not because of Liam. And he no longer sees any sense in wearing the necklace either and he takes it off. She admits she cares for Liam a lot. Oliver says he is not going to give up on them. Brooke and Ridge meet on the rooftop. He can’t wait to get her back in the office on the Bedroom Line…..he’s bad. They spot Oliver and ask what is wrong. He tells them this is his first love and he’s never felt that way before and he’s not just going to throw that away. Steffy tells Liam that his life will never be the same. Bill tells Liam that he extended an offer to him once before and Liam turned him down. He’d like to make that same offer…..he’d like him to come work at Spencer, not as an employee but as his son. He will teach him everything he knows……everything he would have taught him before had he known. Perhaps someday he can take over. Bill thinks that is what his mother would have wanted and he knows it is what his father wants. Liam agrees but quips only if it is a six figure salary and a corner office. Bill chuckles that he likes that, already wheeling and dealing. Katie is glad it all worked out. She feels so proud of Bill and he states how lucky he is to have her.

Hope returns home and is anxious to see Liam. She asks Steffy to leave. Hope and Liam discuss the circumstances. He no longer is alone in this world. Liam tells her that coming to L.A. wasn’t the best thing that ever happened to him….meeting her was. Hope confesses to Liam that she was with Oliver, but they broke up. It wasn’t right to keep the truth from him when she is feeling what she is feeling for someone else. She doesn’t know how it happened, but Liam has got her to feeling so wonderful. He opened up her heart again. She has him feel her heart beating so fast. He also confesses that when it comes, you fall hard and fast. He is in love with her. She can’t believe it and admits she is in love with him too. They kiss. Ridge and Brooke return home and see this….this glow on Hope’s face. They know she feels safe, loved and appreciated. Brooke never thought she would see that again. Brooke states that she didn’t ruin Hope’s life entirely after all. Ridge agrees and that whoever has Brooke in their lives is pretty damned lucky.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian wanted to reach out to Brady. Kate wanted to know what Will was hiding. Sami wanted Lexie to tell her what to do about EJ. Lexie didnít know what to tell her. She reminded Sami that EJ didnít want to be kept alive on a respirator. She recommended that Sami take him off life support. Vivian tried to use Isabella as a way to get Brady to let her out of the sarcophagus. Victor didnít want to accept being just friends with Maggie. Stefano showed up when Sami asked Rafe if she should take EJ off life support. Stefano was beyond furious. Victor told Maggie that he would accept being friends with her, but he didnít like it. Brady didnít want to let Vivian out because he was thinking of his mother. He was ready to turn off the monitor. Vivian was convinced that Gus would save her until Brady told her that he left town. Will wanted Kate to say that Sami shot EJ. Kate told him that she didnít think Sami did it because she had an alibi. Lexie called Kate so she could be there for Stefano. Rafe told Sami that she shouldnít rush to take EJ off life support because the person who shot him would be charged with murder instead of attempted murder. Vivian didnít believe that Gus would leave town. Brady told her that Gus called Maggie and warned her about Vivian. Vivian wanted to know how long he was going to keep her in the coffin. She told him that the sarcophagus has toxins in it, but it was to no avail. He wanted to leave her in there. Vivian tried to get Brady to let her out of the sarcophagus by saying that he couldnít explain her absence, but that didnít do any good either. Sami wanted to know why Rafe cared so much about whoever shot EJ. He said he didnít want the person to be tried for murder. It dawn on her that Rafe knew what she did.

Rafe told Sami that he thought Will shot EJ. Sami flipped out on him. Rafe wondered who Sami thought he meant. When he said Will would be tried for attempted murder, Sami thought he was going to turn Will in to the police. Brady spoke to Vivian again to let her know that he could explain her disappearance. He wrote an email to Victor telling him that she left town. Vivian thought no one would believe his email. Brady wasnít so sure of that. Rafe tried to calm Sami down by telling her that he didnít have any evidence against Will so he wouldnít turn him in. He swore he would protect Will if he did shoot EJ. He thought that other people might suspect Will too if he did, but Sami was convinced no one could prove that he shot EJ. EJ had a temporary drop that set off the alarms. Everyone was worried that it would happen again. The doctors were convinced that everything that could be done was being done for him. After Brady sent the email, he decided to get rid of her belongings. He wanted to put Lawrenceís ashes in a pet cemetery like the one where she put Isabella. After talking with EJ, Sami made her decision. Vivian thought Victor would come to her rescue. When Victor saw the email from Vivian he said he didnít believe it. Sami told them to take EJ off of life support.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael wonders why Jason going to Brenda's rescue bothers Carly so much. She says Jason made a promise to be there for Michael. Michael tells her that he and Carly will always come first but that Brenda needs him now. Brenda doesn't believe Jason when he tells her that Sonny didn't send him, Suzanne called him. She asks if Sonny is seeing anyone. Jason calls Spinelli and asks him to run a check on the Balkan. He tells Brenda that she needs to tell him why the Balkan is after her. She says she just shone a light on child abuse and the abusers want to keep the money rolling in. Dante goes to the penthouse looking for Jason and sees the Balkan on Spinelli's computer screen. He demands that Spinelli tell him everything he knows about the Balkan. Spinelli says clearly not as much as Dante knows.

Jax warns Claire that Sonny is using her. She tells him that she removed herself from Sonny's case to see if Sonny's attentions are different without her having influence on his case. Sonny asks Dante if he ever went out with someone to get over someone else. Dante says he has, but that it didnít work. Claire has dinner with Sonny and initiates a kiss. They make their way to Sonny's bedroom. Jax goes to the Jacksí family home and tells Carly that he wants to get back together. She is willing to try.

An Irishwoman named Siobhan recognizes that Lucky is not the Irish assassin Ronan O'Reilly, so he drops the Irish accent and admits that he is an undercover cop. She compliments his fake Yankee accent and says she knows he is Ronan but that he is not himself. She asks him where he picked up a soul. He tells her that he found God. She tells him that it's too bad that he developed a conscience too late to save her Donnie. She warns him that his newfound conscience could get him killed. Lucky answers Ronan's phone. The caller instructs him to meet the connection in the usual place. Lucky, not knowing what the usual place is, asks the caller to arrange another location. Later there is a knock on "Ronan's" door.

Lisa invites Patrick to go away for the weekend. When he resists, Lisa tells him that he needs to make a clean break from Robin. Steve sees Lisa kiss Patrick and reports to Robin the progress of the plan. Maxie goes to General Hospital and warns Patrick that his plan had better not have him end up in bed with Lisa again. Patrick tells her that he is only going to pretend to be interested in Lisa long enough to show that she is off her rocker. Lisa overhears. Lisa tells Maxie that she should go wait in the waiting room. Maxie tells her not to talk to her and calls her a few choice names. Patrick warns Maxie not to provoke Lisa because she is unstable. Lisa continues to eavesdrop. Lisa gives a prescription to a nurse and asks her to fill it at the pharmacy so she can give it to her patient personally.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea's memorial service is about to start. All the people who loved her attend. Todd and Ross find they cannot be in the same room when Ross acts like Dani's father and appears very confident he can get custody of her and take her away. Todd first attempts to buy Ross off. When Ross tells Todd he refuses to take his money, Todd pulls a gun on him and tells Ross he knows how to get away with eliminating him and nobody will ever find Ross's dead body. But Blair walks in on them and urges Todd to stop. She admits she'd like to help Todd get away with killing Ross. But she can't let him do it for Dani's and for Tea's sake. John and Natalie are working diligently to find DNA evidence to prove that Eli is not dead. Greg is privately talking to the secretly alive Eli and warns him that he has a serious brain injury and cannot return to Llanview or else a fatal injury could happen to him. Eli questions whether Greg is lying. But Greg tells him he does not have to listen to his doctor's medical advise if he does not want to. It's his brain. And Eli somehow becomes afraid to take his chances and defy Greg's orders to stay where he is. Right when everybody is missing Tea and telling her "spirit" that they need her and want her to come back, we see Greg privately entering a secret hospital room. And we see Tea alive in the bed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Nina cannot believe her eyes that Chance is alive. Nina wants to tell everyone, but he tells her that he is never coming home because he has to go into witness protection. Ronan explains to Nina that he knew for a while that she was his mother. Katherine comes home from the hospital. Nikki hides her drinking from Victor. Heather is overjoyed that she is Interim D.A. Paul is also thrilled. Chloe visits Esther and apologizes for her attitude toward her mother. Paul visits with Nikki and finds out that she is considering not marrying Victor because of his attitude toward Victoria. Nikki neglects to tell Paul that she took a drink. Skye blackmails Adam into doing as she says or else she will expose everything about him. Victor meets with Heather and promises to bankroll her campaign for D.A. if she will reopens Adam’s case and throws the book at him for everything that he has done. Nina finds out that Ronan is leaving town with Chance. Nina tells Ronan to call her sometime. Ronan tells her that he would like that. Nina, Chris and Philip come home to Katherine’s. Chloe tries to talk to Nina, but she doesn’t know how she is feeling right now. Katherine offers her condolences again over Chance’s death. All Nina can do is sigh.

Y&R BONUS Recap Written by Shante **One Day Ahead

Chance tells Nina and Phillip that this may be the last time that they will see him. Nina doesn't understand. Chance explains that he has to go into a witness protection program. Ronan and Christine explain to Nina and Phillip that Chance will have to get a new identity. They tell Nina and Phillip that the drug ring could lead to more arrests which could be a threat to Chance and that they are the only ones that can know that Chance is alive. At the Chancellor's Mansion, Chloe apologizes to Katherine because she felt that she was the reason why Katherine ended up in the ER. Katherine tells Chloe that she is not to blame. At the district attorney's office, Paul congratulates Heather on her new job promotion. Sky tells Adam that they have a meeting and that she wants him to show. Adam becomes aggravated and asks Sky what if he doesn't. Sky threatens Adam and says that she will tell everyone how he helped Patti escaped .

At the ranch, Nikki is about to take another drink but is interrupted when Victor suddenly comes home. Nikki quickly hides the drink. Victor notices that Nikki is acting strange and asks her what's wrong. Nikki lies and tells Victor that her strange behavior is because of what happened to Katherine. Katherine gives Nikki a phone call to let her know that she is all right. Chance and Ronan explain to Nina and Phillip how they faked Chance's death. Chance apologizes to Nina for putting her through the pain of losing him. Nikki confides in Paul for moral support. At the district attorney's office, Victor asks Heather to reopen the case on Adam. Nina apologizes to Ronan for the way she treated him. Nina tells Ronan that she didn't give him up willingly. Nina also asks Ronan if he was loved as a child. Jill tells Chloe that she understands her grief for Chance. Ronan explains to Nina how he found out she was his mother and why he didn't reach out to her. Christine cuts in and tells Nina that they have to go. Nina says goodbye to both of her sons. Victor makes Heather an offer. He promises to fund her campaign for District Attorney if she promises to go after Adam with everything she's got.

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