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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan remembers his fight with David and awakens with a start. Greenlee remembers finding the bottle of digitalis, the drug that killed David. Bianca comes into work and finds Greenlee. Bianca encourages Greenlee to take some time off, but she refuses. Bianca gives Greenlee a box that was just dropped off to her. Greenlee takes the box and leaves. Caleb gives Krystal some papers that Marissa will need. Tad comes downstairs and encounters Caleb at the door. J.R. talks to A.J. on the phone, but A.J. refuses to come home to J.R. Annie walks into the living room and seeing J.R., tells him that she understands how he is feeling. Greenlee goes through the package. Scott interrupts Annie and J.R. and tells his wife that J.R. will never be her friend. Tad arrives at Ryan’s apartment. Ryan asks Tad to help him. Tad questions him as to what Ryan needs from him. J.R. and Scott argue with Annie try to be a mediator between them. Marissa meets Caleb at the Yacht Club. Caleb encourages Marissa to get out while she can, but she promises to stand by Caleb. Caleb gives Marissa an assignment. J.R. comes into Yacht Club and sees Caleb sitting at a table.

Scott finds out what J.R. is trying to do to him. Annie suggests that they issue a press release rebuking J.R.’s claims. J.R. meets with the principal of A.J.’s school and finds that A.J. hit another little boy for no apparent reason. J.R. tells the principal to notify him only from now on about trouble with A.J. Annie meets with Caleb at the Yacht Club about J.R. stealing Cortlandt Electronics. Greenlee and Tad encounter each other outside of hers and David’s hotel room. Kendall visits Ryan to ask him out to dinner when she finds a piece of evidence on his cell phone. Kendall calls Greenlee to meet her at Ryan’s. Bianca tells Marissa about A.J.’s fight at school. Greenlee meets Kendall at Ryan’s to find out what is up when Ryan comes downstairs and catches them talking. Annie slaps J.R.’s face over what he did to Scott.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Janet goes into labor. Jack keeps an eye on Carly as he tries to help Janet. At Java, Lucinda tells Luke that she would like to honor Reid’s memory with a trust fund. Lily and Holden arrive home from the wedding just in time to meet John. John asks Lily to forgive Lucinda and to make things right with her. Lily refuses. Janet has a bouncing baby boy. Luke encourages Lucinda to make things right with Lily. Luke meets up with Noah. Noah and Luke talk about Reid and how calm he was before he died. John tries his best to get Lily to reconcile with Lucinda. At the hospital, John tells Dusty that he is the father of Janet’s baby. Jack and Carly overhear. Dusty lets Janet know that the baby is his. John tells Lucinda that Dusty is the father of Janet’s baby. John invites Lucinda to go with him to Amsterdam. Lucinda refuses. Lucinda gets a call from Lily to talk. Luke encourages Noah not to ever give up on his dreams. Luke drags Noah out of Java to show him something special. Holden encourages Lily to stand up to Lucinda. Lucinda walks in and witnesses the closeness between Lily and Holden. Lucinda is overjoyed. Liberty brings Jack in to visit Janet. Jack promises to be there for Janet. Lily lets Lucinda know that she doesn’t want to see her for a while. Lily and Holden say good bye to Lucinda.

Luke surprises Noah with a video camera. Noah talks to Luke about L.A. Noah lets Luke know that he loves him. Noah kisses Luke good-bye. Lucinda agrees to go with John to Amsterdam. Lily and Holden attempt to reconcile with a kiss. Janet and Liberty say good-bye. Carly gives Jack the good news that she is pregnant.

Sadly, this is my last recap for ATWT. I will miss doing them as much as you will miss reading my recaps and watching ATWT everyday. Stay tuned for the last episode of ATWT tomorrow.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope asks Katie if she has had any brilliant plans yet to get Liam and Bill together. Hope doesn’t want to see Liam get hurt by this. They hatch a plan to all meet at Brooke’s since she and Ridge will be at work and no one home. She tells Bill that she has a surprise for him. As soon as Liam walks into Brooke’s, Bill realizes he has been set up again but asks a reluctant Liam to stick around. And Steffy is there and won’t give up her front row seat for this. Liam seems amused when Bill says he is sorry. Oliver drops in on Hope and she fills him in that Liam just found his father and it wasn’t the warmest of reunions when he found out his dad is Bill Spencer. She apologizes for being out of touch and spending so much time with Liam. She can identify with him since being friends and they both don’t know their fathers. Oliver doesn’t want to talk about Liam. He’s only worried what is happening between the two of them.

Oliver has been cool, but he doesn’t think her hanging out with Liam is going to help them. He doesn’t have any right to have expectations, but he thought they were together again and that she still loved him. She admits she still loves him, but so much has changed since that night. He reminds her the Chinese symbol of hope means they can get through anything together. She tells him that represents a very dark time and she doesn’t think she will wear it again. He wants to know if she wants him to take his off. Liam wants to make sure he heard Bill correctly. Bill repeats it again – that he is sorry. Liam wonders if that he is sorry that Liam is his son or sorry that he was such a jerk about it. And he can see the shame on Bill’s face so how does he think that makes him feel? Bill says perhaps his mother was right in not telling either of them. Katie wants to hear about his time with Liam’s mother. Bill says he cared about her and has a lot of special memories about her, especially the night that he knows they created Liam. Liam doesn’t want to hear this but Bill says he is going to tell him anyway. He relates to Liam that he took his mother to a lake….a place she had wanted to go for a long time. They took a blanket and lay and looked at the stars. When Liam told her about the cancer and her dying, it hurt. Bill says his mode is attack….he doesn’t do feelings, he doesn’t do vulnerable. He doesn’t even know how to cry. He knows how to attack….he builds walls around himself, so he pushed Liam away and he should not have done that. But he can only blame his own dad for so much. Bill abandoned his kid but that was his fault, not his dad’s. He takes all the name calling back. They lost a lot of years and he can not promise that he will be a good father, but he will give it one hell of a try if he will let him “son."

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole went to see EJ.  Rafe had a nightmare that Will shot EJ.  Will told Sami how he is worried about her shooting EJ.  He wished he knew what EJ planned to do with the kids because he would leave helped her.  She let him know that no one would be able to stop her.  Brady put Vivian in the sarcophagus.  Maggie went to see Victor to tell him that she's staying in town.  Vivian threatened to tell Victor what Brady did to her, but he had her beat.  He said he would tell about her letters.  When he left the mausoleum, there was a shot of her earring on the floor.  Will was being nasty to Rafe which made Rafe curious about his attitude.  Nicole attacked EJ and wanted him to die.  Arianna showed up and screamed at her to get out of EJ's room.  Maggie told Brady that she wasn't leaving town.  She also told him how Gus warned her to be careful.  Before Brady answered her, Victor showed up.  When Will got uncomfortable around Rafe, he rushed off to school.  Sami went to see EJ and talk to him about the kidnapping and what led her to shoot him.  Lexie showed up while Sami was talking to EJ.  Lexie tried to reassure Sami that EJ loved her.  Nicole wanted Arianna to explain why she threw her out of EJ's room.  Arianna recapped about Nicole switching babies.  Vivian wanted Gus to rescue her.  Victor tried to make Maggie feel better about Gus calling her, but it didn't do any good.  Kate wanted Will to open up to her about anything because she would keep it to herself.

Nicole figured out that Arianna has a thing for EJ.  Maggie told Victor that she postponed her trip.  Brady taunted Vivian some more when he went to his room.  Vivian watched him from the monitor in the coffin. Brady figured out that Vivian wanted Maggie to see her and Victor making love.  He thought it was a joke that she would get Victor to make love with her.  He threatened to tell Victor what she planned on doing to Maggie.  Victor was excited that Maggie was staying in town.  Vivian tried to plead her case to Brady for why she wanted to get rid of Maggie.  Brady didn't care because he wanted her to suffer because of what she did to his mother. He continued to taunt her about Victor and Maggie being together.  Kate suspected that Will knows more than he's letting on about EJ's shooting.  Arianna wanted Nicole to have compassion for EJ after what he's going through.  She didn't care if Rafe didn't like it.  Nicole warned her that she loved EJ too, but he changed.  She recapped what happened between her and EJ when she was pregnant.  She also warned her that she will be his next victim.  Maggie let Victor know that even if he were single she still wouldn't be ready to be with him.  She wanted to just stay friends with him because it wasn't time for them to be together.  Will turned the tables on Kate and called her out for her secrets.  Kate realized that he knew about her warning Sami about EJ. When she kept pressing him, he wanted her to stop.  Lexie told Sami that EJ was taking a turn for the worse.  Sami wasn't sure what she should do.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky, pretending to be the Irish assassin Ronan OíReilly, has a conversation with a woman that knows O'Reilly. She says she wants to go back to his place to be alone but once there, she pulls a gun on him but she cannot shoot. She realizes that Lucky is not Ronan O'Reilly.

Jax asks Carly if they can get back together even though everything isn't perfect. Dante tells Carly and Jax that Michael got into a fight at school. Carly is annoyed that Dante didnít call her to the school. Carly goes to Jason's penthouse and becomes angry when Sam tells her that Jason went to Rome to help Brenda. Michael comes to Jason's penthouse and Carly tells him that the school should have called her.

Claire goes to Sonny's house and tells him not to send any more gifts to her office. She says that since she has removed herself from his case, there is no longer a conflict of interest and therefore no chance that he can compromise her. He tells her that he will have to settle for being with her. She agrees to have dinner with him if he will take back the bracelet. Jax warns Claire that she is playing into Sonny's hand. Sonny tells Dante that he really likes Claire, but that he never got over Brenda.

Brenda doesnít want to wear a wedding dress for a Cartullo photo shoot. During the shoot, she remembers all the other times she has worn wedding dresses, most of which did not result in marriages, and the one that did - to Jason. Jason goes to Brenda's place in Rome and meets Suzanne. Suzanne tells Jason that Interpol thinks the Balkan is after Brenda. Jason is determined to protect Brenda even though they don't get along and she doesn't want his help.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kelly and Dorian both encourage Langston to not get mad but get even with Robert Ford. As Kelly hires Rex and is willing to pay him to find and get David Vickers to come back to Dorian so that she an reject him, believing that it will offer her aunt some closure, she advises Langston to do something similar with Robert Ford. Robert has decided that since Langston has made it clear that they are through with no chance of reconciliation, that he might as well reinstate himself as the professor of the writing class she needs to take for her major. At that point, she goes to find him and manipulates him to have a "secret affair with him. She pushes him into the hallway where they can be seen on camera making out. And knowing that he is a professor and she is a student, she has grim satisfaction that she can get him in trouble and she can stop feeling hurt and angry at him. Meanwhile, Starr upholds to Cole that she is committed to him. But she cannot keep from thinking about James nor he about her. Gigi has insecurities that Rex's relationship with Kelly may be more than professional when Kelly has hired him to find David Vickers for Dorian. Natalie still has not revealed to John that Brody could be the father of her baby. And Brody has not revealed that to Jessica.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chris tries to talk to Nina, but she is too torn up over Chance’s death to even want to listen. Owen threatens Ronan as the officers take him out in handcuffs. Ronan tries to talk to Heather, but she doesn’t want to even listen to him. Kevin and Chloe listen in on their conversation. Katherine is in the hospital with Nikki and Murphy beside her. Murphy consults with the doctor about Katherine’s condition. Tucker inquires about Katherine’s condition. Jill and Brock arrive at the hospital. Chris begs Paul to talk Nina into going somewhere private with her so they can talk. Paul talks Nina into listening to what she has to say. Nikki tells Katherine that she is considering putting the wedding off to Victor because of the differences between Victor and Victoria. Nikki also tells Katherine that she came close to taking a drink. The doctor suggests to the family that Katherine may need a CAT scan or an MRI. Owen reminds Heather of all that Ronan did to Heather. Nina and Philip say good-bye to Chance.

Owen denies the charges of being involved in the drug ring. Paul comforts Heather after her talk with Owen. Kevin and Chloe, at home, mull over how Ronan killed Chance. Jill lets Katherine know that Owen was arrested. Katherine tells Murphy that they need to talk, because she doesn’t want death prolonged. The doctor orders a CAT scan for Katherine. After her fight with Jill, Nikki goes home and takes a drink. The doctor tells Katherine that she suffers from dehydration and exhaustion. Heather gets the position of Interim District Attorney. Heather asks for Paul’s help in the investigation. Nina and Philip arrive at the undisclosed location. Nina is reunited with Chance. Nina cannot wait to tell everyone in Genoa City, but Chance tells her that he has to go into Witness Protection and may never be able to come home.

Y&R BONUS Recap Written by Shante  **One Day Ahead

After Katherine and Tucker have a discussion at Katherine's home, Katherine faints and ends up admitted into Memorial Hospital. At the hospital, Murphy asks Tucker what he and Katherine were talking about before Katherine collapsed and assumes that Tucker is responsible for what happened. Ronan tries to make peace with Heather and Chloe regarding Chance's death. Christine tries to reach out to Nina at Chance's funeral. Paul tells Christine that she is going to have to wait for a better time for Nina.  Christine pleads with Paul to get Nina to talk to her and tells him that she will be able to help Nina and give her some much needed answers. Katherine asks Nikki about the guest list for her wedding. Nikki tells Katherine that she was thinking of calling the wedding off until Victoria and Victor have settled their differences. Nikki also admits to Katherine that she was very close to taking a drink.

Nina decides to talk with Christine after being convinced by Paul and Phillip. Christine convinces Nina to meet at a private place to talk. Jill and Nikki get into it about who should be there for Katherine. Jill tells Nikki that she shouldn't dump her problems in Katherine's lap. Nikki tells Jill that maybe she should go since she is the one that stresses Katherine out the most. Katherine tells Murphy that she does not want to be kept alive by artificial means. Brock informs Tucker that he can't see Katherine because the family is worried about her health. Phillip and Nina meet Christine and they find out that Chance is alive. After the argument with Jill, Nikki goes to the ranch. At the ranch, Nikki's sobriety reaches a crossroad and she ends up taking a drink. Heather is promoted to DA. Nina is excited that her son Chance is still alive and anticipates everyone's happy faces when they bring him home. Chance tells Nina that he can't  go home and that this may be the last time she will ever see him.

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