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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal doesn’t how to feel about David’s death. At the police station, Jesse looks at some pics of suspects. Greenlee goes to Wildwind with the vial of digitalis she found in Ryan's coat pocket. Kendall is surprised to see her there. Krystal hugs Marissa as she walks into the living room of Tad’s home. Jake shows Angie and Frankie the newspaper headline about David being poisoned. At the police station, Liza looks over the autopsy report, then she and Jesse argue over who killed David. Madison assures Ryan that there is no way that he killed David. In the Chandler living room, J.R. stands at the window, preoccupied with thoughts of A.J. J.R. blames himself for A.J. running away. Angie praises David for having saved a lot of lives. Krystal talks to Marissa about the night that she and David conceived her and Babe. Madison tells Ryan that Greenlee may have poisoned David. Ryan defends Greenlee. Greenlee asks Kendall for help, but she refuses. Everyone gathers at Krystal’s restaurant for a party as a wake for David.

Greenlee, Krystal, and Marissa go to cemetery for David’s private burial. Krystal invites Marissa and Greenlee to join her at the restaurant. Greenlee declines the invitation. Madison suggests that she, Ryan, Emma, and Spike go on vacation together. Everyone is having a good time at Krystal’s when Liza comes in. Everyone begins to lash out at Liza for being David’s attorney. Liza lets them all know that she is not the villain in town now that David is gone. Krystal and Marissa walk in and overhear J.R.’s and the others' remarks toward David. Krystal lashes out at them all for speaking ill of the dead in front of his daughter. Everyone begins to apologize to Marissa for their remarks. Greenlee visits Ryan to let him know about the vial, but Emma comes home before she can tell Ryan anything. Greenlee takes the vial and leaves.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Carly are remarried. Janet goes into premature labor. Margo puts the plan into action for Parker to tell Jack and Carly that he wants to be a cop. Dusty tries to start the car to take Janet to the hospital, but it is stuck in mud. Craig proposes a toast to Jack and Carly, but it is not the toast that everyone had expected. Craig asks Gabriel to go into business with him, but he refuses, because he is going back to Montego. Rosanna breaks up the argument between Craig and Gabriel and then finds out that Gabriel is Craig’s son. Liberty tells Parker to tell his parents his plans of becoming a cop. Margo encourages Parker to tell Jack and Carly that he wants to be a cop. Jack and Carly are dumbstruck. Jack finds out that Margo is completely behind Parker’s decision to become a cop. Lily encourages Holden to dance with Molly. Molly and Holden dance and Molly realizes how much Holden loves Lily. Rosanna encourages Craig to let Gabriel go. Carly and Jack arrive at cabin and find Janet in labor. Will lets Tom and Margo know that Casey and Alison are moving to Carbondale. Molly invites Holden to come and visit her and Abigail. Lily invites Molly to come back and visit them. Molly senses that Lily really means that. Parker tells Faith that Liberty is leaving today for fashion school. Craig and Gabriel make amends before Gabriel leaves for Montego. Rosanna is impressed by Craig’s actions, but will not start things up with him again. Liberty tries to call Janet but cannot reach her. Jack and Carly prepare to deliver Janet’s baby. Carly begins to feel queasy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie appreciates Rick’s unbridled attention. She tells him that he is a damned good salesman. He reminds her that he lived in Paris for years and got used to the finer things in life so that is why he brought her here. She hopes he is not suggesting that she would choose the finer things in life over her own husband. He repeats that he thinks three people in the marriage is too many; she does have another option. He just feels with Owen wanting to be a father that he’s not a good match for Jackie. He thinks she is just settling. He’s sorry if he is coming on as young and brash, but he’s not going to give up. He wants her to spend a week in Paris with him. He gets a phone call from Bridget who reminds him they did not finish their conversation earlier and she’d like to see him. He asks her to stall that visit as he is with Jackie now. Hope finds Liam at Insomnia and asks to sit down. She feels badly that it is partly her fault that he can’t get a job. Bill Spencer has gotten plenty of hits and publicity on his website because of Liam’s problems, while Liam has to grovel for his very meal. Katie tells Bill that she hopes he won’t make the same mistake that his dad did with wanting nothing to do with Liam. Bill did not have that chance to know his son when he was younger, but he does now. They may both hate each other’s guts, but he can be the bigger man and turn the other cheek. Katie calls Hope to find Liam. She puts him on the phone and Bill tells him that he’d like another opportunity to work this out. Liam is less than receptive and tells Bill that he was cheated by his mother’s cancer while Bill was just cheated by nature in not knowing he had a son. Deal with it. Bill throws the phone at the wall and tells Katie he will buy her a new one.

Jackie thanks Rick for the refreshment; it was quite lovely. She tells him that he reeks of masculine freshness and he should not forget it….but don’t waste it on her. Bill seethes in his office while Liam contemplates what to do next other than painting horns and blacking out a tooth on his father’s photo. He starts a letter on his laptop….not sure whether to call him Mr. Spencer or Dear Mr. Spencer or To Whom It May Concern. Bill does the same starting off with Dear Demon Seed…..and they have nothing in common. To himself he says he would have been a better man if he had known Liam existed. Katie hooks up with Hope and tells her that Bill is not handling this well. They both know how this feels with growing up without a father. She does not want that regret for Bill or Liam. She will not let her husband lose this chance to grow up with his son. They will not give up. It is up to them to make this happen.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian hit Brady in the back of the head with an urn.  She ripped into him about his self-righteousness while he was unconscious.  Melanie tried to leave the room after she heard Nathan talking in his sleep, but she woke him up.  Sami wanted to know what was going on with Will since he didn't get in touch with her.  He reminded her about what she did to EJ.  He got upset with her when she wanted to know what he was going to do.  Vivian didn't want to kill Brady in the mausoleum because it would have been too much blood and brains on the floor.  Caroline told Rafe about her concerns about Will.  Will found out that no matter what Sami's reasons were for shooting EJ, it is still attempted murder. Vivian wanted to get in touch with Gus so he could help her with Brady. Caroline told Rafe that she warned Will about Stefano.  Rafe was curious as to what Will did.  Caroline must have caught on to where Rafe was headed that she supplied an alibi for him.  Will didn't want Sami to go to prison so he decided not to say anything about what she did. When Vivian tried to leave the mausoleum, Brady grabbed her leg.  She panicked when she saw his eyes open.  Melanie told Nathan that he said "I love you" in his sleep.  Kate went to see EJ and wondered what Stefano would do to her if Sami shot him because of her warning.  When Rafe spoke to Will about EJ, Will blurted out that EJ got what he deserved.  Kate ran into Chad at the hospital. He was dropping off an application with human resources.  Chad asked about EJ and made reference to EJ being his only son.  Johnny asked Sami if she still loves EJ.  Melanie lied to Nathan about who he said I love you to.  She said it was Stephanie and quickly left the room.  Vivian wanted to call the police on Brady if he didn't leave her alone. He didn't care because he would tell about her plans to bury Maggie.  He also threatened to tell Victor what she did to him.  Vivian panicked when he said Victor would believe him over her.  She tried to say that she wanted to get rid of Maggie for him too, but he didn't fall for it.  He demanded to know where she put his mother's body.

Nathan ran into Philip at the Cheating Heart.  Philip was very snappy to him. He wanted to talk to Nathan about Melanie.  Melanie confided in to Maggie about Nathan talking in his sleep.  Will went to see EJ and wondered what Sami did to him.  Sami managed to avoid answering Johnny's question about loving EJ, but he picked up on it.  He wondered why she was going to marry EJ if she didn't love him.  When she dodged that bullet, she got hit with another one.  She told Rafe "if only Johnny knew" in reference to EJ.  Rafe jumped on it and wanted to know what she was talking about.  Vivian told Brady that she moved Isabella's body to Victor's crypt. Philip told Nathan about buying him and Melanie a house.  Melanie told Maggie that she didn't think Stephanie was right for him.  Maggie told Melanie that it didn't matter what she thought about Stephanie and Nathan. Maggie intimated that Melanie was jealous.  Melanie appreciated the advice, but thought Maggie should take her own advice.  Sami dodged another bullet when she told Rafe that she didn't know what to tell him about EJ getting shot.  He told her to tell him the truth about who shot EJ.  When Will was telling EJ about Sami shooting him, Kate showed back up and interrupted them.  Will wanted to know how long she was standing there.  Rafe told Sami that the truth was EJ was shot and no one knows who did it.  Sami suddenly realized that EJ did so many things to her family yet she still let him back in her life. Kate managed not to hear what Will told EJ about Sami.  Brady found a receipt for a pet cemetery.  She said it was for Lawrence's pet.  Brady thought the plot was for Isabella.  He flipped out and told her to run for her life.  Kate prayed that Will wasn't the one who shot EJ. She was going to use Chad's paternity as a bargaining chip if Will turned out to be the one who shot EJ.  Chad and Will were talking about Chad's father and how Chad was searching his mother's past.  Brady dragged Vivian back to the mausoleum and had a plan for her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Patrick and Robin meet at the police station to discuss the situation with Lisa. Patrick wonders if his marriage still has a chance. Robin makes it clear that she is going along with the plan to protect Emma. Patrick and Robin hope that Lisa will incriminate herself. Robin tells Patrick that she has her suspension review today. Maxie tells Mac that he shouldn’t eavesdrop on Patrick and Robin. Mac doesn’t trust Patrick anymore. Maxie urges Mac to butt out of Patrick and Robin’s business. Mac wishes that Robin and Patrick would divorce. Maxie gets defensive when Mac calls Patrick a cheater. Mac speaks briefly to Robin. Robin doesn’t know how she’s going to get past this. The suspension hearing begins with Robin, Patrick, Lisa and Steven present. Lisa gives her version of things and claims that Robin needs counseling. Robin interrupts and defends herself. Robin and Lisa argue in front of Steven and Patrick. Lisa is convinced that Robin isn’t ready to return to work. Patrick wishes that he would be punished instead of Robin. Robin assumes that Lisa, Steven and Patrick are in cahoots. Robin refuses to get counseling. Steven has no choice but to continue Robin’s suspension. Robin storms out. In private, Lisa tells Patrick that he and Robin don’t belong together.

The school principal speaks to Michael about his enrollment at Madison Prep. He warns that Michael needs to be on his best behavior or he’ll be expelled. Taylor and Kristina talk about their first day of school. Kristina introduces Taylor to Michael. Brice, Kiefer’s friend, calls out Kristina in front of everyone. Brice teases Michael about being in Pentonville, and calls him a coward. Dante and Lulu are in bed. Lulu answers Dante’s cell phone. To her surprise, it is Lucky. Lucky asks to speak to Dante. Lucky admits to Dante that he is in an Irish pub posing as a hitman named Ronan O’Reilly. Lucky asks Dante to access a file from Port Charles. Dante tells Lucky to be careful. Afterwards, Lulu inquires about the phone call. Dante insists that Luke isn’t in trouble. Dante and Lulu share a kiss. Dante runs into Ronnie at the police station. Dante is disappointed in Ronnie for suppressing evidence. Dante’s cell phone rings. It is Michael’s principal; he wants Dante to come to the school right away. The principal claims that Michael punched Brice. Kristina’s classmates defend Brice. The principal wants to expel Michael. Dante defends his brother. Taylor sticks up for Michael and corroborates his story. Dante threatens to press assault charges against Brice but Michael begs him to let it go. Lulu heads over to Kelly’s to get some lunch for Kate. Lulu is sickened to find Nikolas and Brook Lynn talking. Lulu badmouths Brook in front of Nikolas. Nikolas reminds Brook Lynn that the job is only temporary. Brook Lynn admits that she needs the money. At the Irish pub, the bartender sets a beer in front of Lucky. A woman slaps Lucky in the face. She is convinced that Ronan (Lucky) killed her husband Danny. Liam, Danny’s brother, confronts Lucky. Liam pulls a knife on Lucky. They have a bar fight. Lucky manages to grab the knife. Liam and some other men leave the pub. Danny’s wife is convinced that Lucky isn’t really Ronan.

At Kelly’s, Jax runs into Carly and Josslyn. Carly refuses to argue in front of Josslyn. Jax asks Carly to meet up with him at the office. Carly runs into Nikolas and Brook Lynn. Carly warns that Nikolas needs to watch out for Brook. At the office, Jax informs Maxie that he doesn’t want Brenda to be on the cover of Crimson. Carly overhears and confronts Jax about it. Carly assumes that Jax intended on her hearing his conversation with Maxie. Maxie runs out the door. Carly fears that Jax still loves Brenda. Jax wants to work on his marriage with Carly. Kristina runs into Ethan outside the diner. Kristina confides about the incident at Madison. Ethan and Maya share a kiss in front of Kristina. Michael and Dante talk about what happened at school. Michael makes an odd comment about prison. Dante senses that something happened to Michael in Pentonville.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

John and Natalie go to do a forensic investigation of Eli's former room at the Palace. John doesn’t want Natalie to go to Tahiti because she is pregnant. Renee gives Natalie a sealed envelope that Eli left for a housekeeper. Natalie is certain that it has DNA evidence from Eli licking it. Blair wants to have Tea's memorial reception at La Boulaie. Eli goes to the hospice and orders Greg to tend to his wounds. Eli reveals to Greg that Ross is about to gain something valuable. Greg figures out that Eli is talking about Danielle and reminds Eli that Ross is a wanted criminal. Eli says he has taken care of that. Greg almost slips and tells Eli that Tea isn't dead. Ross Rayburn shows Tea's will to Todd and says Tea decided to make Ross Danielle's legal guardian. Blair says Tea told her she wanted Todd to have custody. Todd calls John McBain who comes and arrests Ross only to discover that the charges against him in Seattle were dropped. Ross tells Dani that he is taking her home to Tahiti. Nora and Bo agree to join Inez and Clint for dessert, but Inez makes an excuse to leave. Kelly asks Rex to find David. Dorian reads about David's wild times in Europe on MyFace. Kelly helps Dorian vent her anger.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe and Kevin prepare to go to Chance’s funeral. Chloe only wants to get through the day without some major calamities. Brock arrives home to Katherine’s just in time for Chance’s funeral. Everyone in the room welcomes Brock home. Paul and Heather arrive for the funeral. Nina spends time in Chance’s room just to feel close to him. Nina remembers when Chance was born and how much she loved him. Paul visits Nina in Chance’s room. They hug. At the coffeehouse, Billy and Victoria discuss how good it had been to have Delia at their new home and how Victoria wishes that she and Billy may have a little girl. J.T. and Mac come in to join them. When J.T. asks Victoria if she is pregnant, she admits that she is and that the charges against her were dropped. At the ranch, Michael lets Victor know that he was lucky that the Justice Department agreed to a settlement. Nikki walks in, ready for the funeral. At the coffeehouse, Abby informs Ashley and Jack that she dropped the lawsuit against Victor. Neil kisses Ashley on the cheek. Abby asks if she can accompany them to funeral. Sid and Owen meet with other drug lords and remark that one is in the ground and the other is in jail. Tucker asks Brock how Katherine is doing. Katherine hugs them both, glad that she has her two sons there. Nina asks Paul why he didn’t tell her about Ronan, so she could have stopped Chance. Chris visits Ronan in jail and tells him that Nina trusted her with her son, but now she won’t even talk to her.

Sgt. Goldman arrives to escort the family to the church. Heather and Chloe have a confrontation at the church over Chance. The funeral proceedings begin for Chance. Chris and Ronan arrive for the funeral. Everyone says their good-byes to Chance. Everyone gathers back at the Chancellor’s after the funeral. Ashley and Victor are glad that Abby dropped the lawsuit for her trust fund. Nikki tries to talk Victoria into forgiving her father. Nina blasts Ronan and Chris for being at the funeral after what they did to Chance. Katherine collapses at the house.

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