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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. searches A.J.’s bedroom and cannot find him, then goes to the living room and tells Annie about his missing son. At Wildwind, Krystal helps Caleb get his files organized. Caleb accepts Krystal's dinner invitation. When Krystal asks him about one of his family members, Caleb clams up. Krystal takes back her dinner invitation because she has to go to a hearing for Angie. All of Angie’s family are gathered at her apartment to go to the hearing with her. Ryan and Madison kiss. She wants to go to Angie’s hearing, but will return for his arraignment. At the hospital, Greenlee finds out that David was poisoned. Tad looks over some documents that Jake and Amanda organized for Angie’s hearing. J.R. asks Annie to call A.J.'s school to see if anyone saw him. Bianca arrives for Angie’s hearing at the Hubbard’s apartment, where they say a special prayer before leaving. Greenlee tells Ryan the cause of David's death. At Krystal’s restaurant, the waiter tells Annie that he didn't see A.J. Marissa comes out of the back and Annie asks if A.J. is with her. When Marissa says No, Annie lets her know that A.J. ran away. Greenlee tells Ryan that he is free to go and that she confessed all to Kendall and Bianca. Tad arrives to ask Greenlee to help Angie. When Greenlee tells him that David was poisoned, Tad only laughs. Greenlee vows to go to the hearing and speak for David.

Angie's hearing begins. Jake, Amanda, Madison, Opal, Brot, and Bianca all testify for Angie to remain as COS. Krystal and Caleb at the Yacht Club cannot find A.J. Annie searches in the park where she finds A.J.’s truck, and then A.J. hiding in the bushes. A.J. tells Annie that he ran away when he heard his parents arguing about him. Marissa and J.R. arrive and are glad to see that A.J. is all right. Marissa and J.R. talk to A.J. about their argument. Marissa tells A.J. that he can come home with her. J.R. is uneasy with himself about A.J. running away. Greenlee arrives at the hospital. Ryan comes home to Madison and tells her that it is all over. Madison and Ryan spend time together until she reminds him that he has to go see Emma. Randi, Natalia, and Frankie testify for Angie. The chairman of the board asks Jake to read a letter from David about Angie. Greenlee arrives at the hearing and asks to speak. She defends Angie and her actions.

J.R thanks Annie for her help in finding A.J. He blames himself for A.J. running away and asks Annie if he is like Adam. Annie assures J.R. that he is nothing like his father. Ryan doesn’t’ know what he will say to Emma. Marissa spends time with A.J. Angie thanks Greenlee for speaking for her. The board reaches a decision that Angie can remain as COS. Greenlee goes to Ryan’s but he's not there. She leaves him a note. Greenlee picks up a coat and a vial labeled Digitalis falls out . Greenlee remembers the doctor saying that Digitalis is what killed David . 

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Gwen and Carly spends some time together before Carly’s wedding. Gwen tells Carly that she has a surprise for her. Carly is overwhelmed when Rosanna walks in. Janet and Dusty spend time together at the ranch when Jack arrives. Dusty leaves Janet alone to talk to Jack. Janet lets Jack know how happy that she is for him. Lily meets Craig in the lobby of the Lakeview Hotel. Craig tries to make amends with Lily, but Lily refuses to forgive him. Lily lets Craig know that Carly and Jack are getting married, but Craig is not invited. In Old Town, Holden and Molly see each other .Molly lets Holden know that she is back in town for Carly’s wedding . Molly reminds him that they had almost been married. Lily watches them. At Carly’s home, Parker tells Will that he needs to talk to Jack about something important. Will asks what the secret is.

Lily joins Molly and Holden and asks about Molly’s family. Lily lets Molly know that Holden is going with her to the wedding . Carly, Gwen and Rosanna spend quality time together. Janet brings Carly a gift, then asks for the telephone number of the cabin where they are staying. Carly lashes out at Janet and tells her only to call in case of an extreme emergency. Janet goes home and tells Dusty what happened at Carly’s. Dusty can only laugh at how Janet is ranting and raving. Parker tries to talk to Jack about his decision, but Jack has to go pick up Sage and tells Parker that he will talk to him later. Parker lets Will know that he hasn’t changed his mind about his decision not to go to college. Carly asks Rosanna and Gwen for some time alone, then leaves the house. Jack brings Sage home and wonders where Carly has gone. Carly is at Snyder Lake with her compass, remembering when Jack gave it to her. When Carly drops the compass in the lake, she begins to panic. Jack finds Carly at the lake and tries to talk her down.

Rosanna bumps into Gabriel in Old Town and introduces herself, then they discuss the wedding. Lily and Holden come home to find Faith brooding that she is not going to the wedding because she feels that she is not wanted. Holden talks Faith into going to the wedding. At Java, Craig thanks Gabriel for telling him what Lucinda was doing to him. Craig moans about having lost everything and asks Gabriel to join him for lunch, but Gabriel is going to the wedding with Liberty. Jack manages to get through to Carly and they kiss right before they leave to go home to get ready for the wedding. Dusty stops Janet from climbing up on a ladder, but within few moments, Dusty falls off the ladder much to Janet’s horror. Dusty assures Janet that he is fine. Janet goes into labor. Jack and Carly arrive back at the ranch for the wedding. Everyone begins to arrive for the wedding even Craig. Rosanna asks Craig why he is there. Rosanna lets Jack and Carly know that Craig is there, but they agree to let him stay.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget spies Rick kissing Jackie. Jackie tells Rick that she is a happily married woman and he has got to stop trying to kiss her. Owen comes down the stairs and seeing Rick and Jackie also. Jackie laments how beautiful it is to see Owen and Bridget together being a family. She does not feel left out. Brooke tells Ridge that Bridget is happy. She finally has the baby she has always wanted. Ridge senses Brooke is worried and he wonders what it is. Brooke tells him that Bridget’s feelings are a little out of control. She reminds him how Ridge felt when he delivered Bridget and she must be feeling those same things now with Owen. Bridget makes an excuse to go upstairs with Rick. She then grills him as to what is going on as she saw him kissing Jackie. Bridget tells him that she knows his heart is in the right place, but don’t do this. Jackie belongs to her husband. Rick explains that Bridget is falling in love with the father of her child and there is nothing wrong with that. He can help out his sister, and if that means spending more time with Jackie, then so be it. Jackie confesses to Owen that Bridget is falling for him. She knows there is always going to be a special connection between them, but she does not want her to get hurt.

Brooke tells Ridge that the three of them sharing this child is not the answer. Owen is crazy about the child and wants Bridget to stay close by. She wants the same. Jackie gushes that this is only going to make their marriage stronger. Bridget tells Rick not to get involved in this. She gets a phone call before she can finish talking to him. Owen confesses to Jackie that he wants to be completely honest with her. Bridget has admitted she has feelings for him. At that moment, Bridget pops in to tell Owen that Logan’s doctor’s appointment has been changed to now. Owen insists that he take her and leaves Jackie standing. She gets a message to meet on the roof. She finds Rick there with a romantic champagne and caviar dinner. He offers a toast…..to new friendships and their endless possibilities. He wants to spoil her like she should be. She explains again that she is blissfully in love with her husband, but she won’t let the caviar go to waste. He points out that he would like to give her everything he deserves and just think what the two of them could accomplish in the fashion world…..and more. Life could show them the possibilities. All he is asking is that she leave that door open, perhaps all their dreams could come true.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope was told about a prisoner.  Maggie told Ciara that she's leaving town so she won't be able to see Ciara's dance recital. Ciara wasn't too thrilled with that news. Brady confronted Vivian about why Isabella wasn't in the sarcophagus.  He wanted to know why the monitor was in it.  She lied, but Brady didn't believe her.  Stephanie gave Chloe a baby gift so she could check the computer.  Brady was ready to attack Vivian.  He demanded to know what was going on so they could tell Victor.  The warden warned Hope that she won't get special treatment just because she's married to Bo.  Tina, Hope's cellmate, threatened Hope not to touch her stuff.  Tina wanted to know who was taking care of Ciara while she was in prison.  Ciara was upset that she can't talk to Hope.  Daniel wanted to know (from Carly) what was going on with Chloe and Vivian.  Brady came to the conclusion that Vivian was trying to bury somebody alive since she had to many useless things in the coffin.  Nathan warned Melanie not to get too close to Chloe.  Melanie wanted to know why.  Brady wanted to know who Vivian was trying to bury alive because he didn't believe her when she denied trying to bury someone alive. Nathan decided not to tell Melanie why she shouldn't stay too close to Chloe.  Tina figured out that Hope was the cop who attacked al of her victims and tried to kill her husband.  She didn't want to be in the cell with Hope.  Hope said she wouldn't hurt her, but Tina didn't believe her.  Tina wanted to take care of Hope since she can't get out of the cell.  Vivian tried to call Brady's bluff and told him that he didn't have any proof about what he was telling her.  When she tried to leave, he stopped her and her pocketbook fell and opened up.

Tina started a fight with Hope so one of them could get out of the cell.  Brady found the forged letters in her bag and figured out that Maggie was the one Vivian wanted to bury.  Hope was able to fight of her cellmate.  The warden told her that she better be careful of the other prisoners because everyone will know she's a cop.  Stephanie lied to Chloe about a report that needed to be done so Chloe let her use the computer.  Vivian tried to stand up for herself when Brady put her down, but it was to no avail.  Hope didn't want the warden to tell Bo about the fight.  Stephanie emailed Ian from Chloe's computer so Ian could get Chloe's IP address.  When Brady turned his back on Vivian, she grabbed an urn.  She was going to put him in the sarcophagus.  When Tina got back to the cell, she let Hope know that everyone knows she's a cop.  She warned her to watch her back.  an found out that Chloe wasn't the one who switched the results.  Melanie heard Nathan say he loved her in his sleep.  Gus' phone broke up when he was warning Maggie about Vivian.  Vivian hit Brady with the urn.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Claire questions Johnny about his meeting with Sonny. Johnny corroborates Sonny’s version of what happened on Baker Street. Johnny admits that he had a gun but someone took it. Claire agrees to close the case. Johnny and Sonny decide to call a truce. Sonny invites Claire to have dinner at his home. Sonny and Claire share a candlelight dinner on his patio. Sonny wonders if Claire is wearing a wire. Claire and Sonny kiss but she hurries out the door. Dante wants Olivia to stay away from Johnny. Dante returns home with a dozen roses for Lulu. Dante updates Lulu about Johnny and Sonny’s truce. Dante worries that he still has unresolved issues with Sonny.

Suzanne calls Jason and tells him about Brenda’s knifing incidents. Jason agrees to fly to Rome to resolve the matter. Jason explains the circumstances to Sam. Sam thinks that Jason should go to Rome by himself. Jason asks Spinelli to book his travel arrangements. Spinelli wants to meet Brenda but Jason wants to go alone. Sam overhears Spinelli ask Jason if he plans on reuniting with Brenda. Jason leaves for Rome. Brenda announces to Murphy that she can’t marry him. Brenda is resolute about her decision. Murphy kisses Brenda goodbye. Brenda informs Suzanne that she and Murphy aren’t getting married. Brenda wants to go on another charitable trip but Suzanne is against it. Kate tells Jax that the Crimson cover can’t be pulled. Jax isn’t sure if Brenda will sign off on the issue. Kate admits that she wants to infuriate Carly.

Carly flips out when she discovers that Jax wants Brenda to be the next Crimson cover model. Carly figures that Jax will run after Brenda now. Carly storms out of Jax’s office. Kate gives some designer shirts to Coleman. Kate brags about landing Brenda for her magazine cover. Kate and Coleman share a kiss. Patrick shows up at Jake’s and asks Coleman for a beer. Unfortunately, Lisa walks into the bar. Patrick is unable to ignore Lisa. Patrick vents about Robin. Lisa criticizes Robin’s behavior. Robin interrupts their conversation. Robin informs Patrick that their marriage is over. Robin sits down at a nearby booth to wait for Steven. Robin confides to Steven that she and Patrick are working together to prove Lisa’s guilt. Steven doesn’t want any part in it. Steven offers to bring Robin home. Lisa thinks that Patrick is jealous of Robin and Steven. Carly walks over to Coleman and asks for a drink. Carly complains about Brenda’s connections to Sonny, Jax and Jason.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian is still devastated after what David did and doesn't want to go outside her home or face anybody. Kelly tells her she has no choice and mustn't feel ashamed by what David did. So she goes to meet Bo and Nora for a budget meeting. Yet, she "hears" them talking about how she got dumped by Bo's handsome son and how she is unworthy and nothing more than a loser. She does not hear what they are really saying. So she throws water at them and causes a scene. At the other table, at the palace, Clint has "finagled" a way to get Inez to go out with him. She got a not saying she needs to "meet Mr. Buchanan" at the palace and assumed that BO wants to discuss business with her so she goes to meet him. Yet Bo did not send her the message and Clint reveals it was himself. Bo is a bit concerned about Clint's actions regarding asking Inez out and also about offering Matthew a job at B.E. without asking Bo first. Ross finds Dani and wants to take her to live with him. Todd is ready to call the cops. But Ross tells Todd that he is Dani's legal guardian and shows Todd the will that says just that. Meanwhile, we see that Eli is alive in a private hospital and only Greg knows he's there. He tells Greg he needs to get back to Llanview. But Greg tells him he has a fatal skull injury that could kill him if he gets on a plane. Eli wonders if Greg is just telling him that in order to keep him from returning to Llanview.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy and Victoria prepare to go to the Chancellor’s for a wake for Chance. Victoria gets a call from Vance telling her that Victor confessed to the bribery charges. Victoria cannot believe her ears. Victor is on the phone when Nikki walks into the living room. Victor lets Nikki know that he confessed to the bribery charges. Nikki wonders why the change of heart. At Gloworm, Jack confronts Abby as to why she dropped the charges against Victor. Abby tells him that you can catch more flies with honey and she has another plan of action. Tucker has a business meeting with Sofia and Neil. Malcolm walks up to join them. Chloe sits on the sofa, trying to watch television, when Kevin comes home. Chloe complains about the television. Kevin encourages Chloe to get in the shower. Chloe begins to brood more about Chance being dead and that she slept with Ronan. Kevin comforts Chloe as best as he can. At the Chancellor mansion, Jill wishes that she had spent more time with Chance when he was growing up. Jill tells Nina what a good mother she had been to Chance. Jill and Nina hug. Abby tells Jack that she refuses to go up against Victor. At the ranch, Meggie offers Nikki condolences concerning Chance. Victor walks in and tells Nikki that Vance had Abby’s trust fund frozen pending the outcome of the trial. Billy and Victoria arrive at the Chancellor’s. Billy takes Delia from Esther. Chloe and Kevin arrive. Chloe takes Delia away from Billy and tells him that this is a mistake as she leaves the room with Delia.

Katherine congratulates Victoria on her pregnancy. Malcolm accuses Neil of coming after everyone that is close to him. Sofia interrupts Neil and Malcolm from arguing and pulls Malcolm away for a chat. Victoria tries to comfort Billy when Nikki and Victor arrive. Sofia orders Malcolm to back off and let her handle this with Neil. Reluctantly, Malcolm agrees. Victoria and Victor talk, but Victoria refuses to forgive him. Abby and Tucker also arrive for the wake. Nikki defends Victor to Victoria. Jack lets Tucker know that they lost Abby in helping them to gain the upper hand on Victor. Abby and Victor try to make amends and they hug. Tucker offers Abby encouragement in going after her trust fund. Billy senses Chloe’s pain over losing Chance. Esther asks Chloe to move back home, but she refuses. Tucker congratulates Billy and Victoria on their marriage and offers her a position at Jabot. Jill and Nina make a toast to Chance’s memory. At home, Kevin encourages Chloe to lash out. Nikki lets Victor know that Abby is playing him. Nikki pours herself a drink, but then pours it back into the decanter.

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