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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby lies in her bedroom when Damon walks in and crawls on the bed to her. Damon kisses her awake. Colby doesn’t want to get up since she hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. She was worried about Liza using the info against Ryan that she gave her. At Krystal’s restaurant, A.J. sits at a table and asks Marissa about heaven and if David is there. Caleb walks in and watches Marissa, Krystal with A.J. J.R. confronts Asher as to why when he had checked Asher’s references that the school had had no record of an Asher Pike. Kendall and Bianca discuss Zach and how that Kendall needs to tell Zach everything that is going on. Greenlee visits with Ryan in jail when Roy comes to visit Ryan. Roy lets Ryan know that they should try to make a deal with the D.A. since the autopsy is coming back that day and Ryan could face life in prison. Ryan orders Greenlee to go since they shouldn’t be seen together. Madison walks in and finds out that Kendall had been arrested for destroying evidence in Ryan’s case. Outside of Krystal’s restaurant, J.R. confronts Caleb about spending too much time with J.R.'s family. Greenlee tells Ryan she refuses to abandon him when Madison walks in. Madison reminds Greenlee that Ryan is in jail and Kendall had been arrested and Greenlee was walking around free. J.R. comes in to Krystal’s and sees Krystal behind the bar. Marissa walks in. Krystal hurriedly leaves while Marissa reprimands J.R. for trying to oust Scott from Chandler so that Annie will want J.R. Kendall and Bianca come to work at Fusion. Kendall wants to go over the figures, but Bianca stops her. Greenlee comes in and wants Bianca and Kendall’s help. Greenlee tells Kendall and Bianca that she needs to tell everything. A.J. comes in and witnesses J.R. and Marissa fighting. Caleb asks Krystal for help. At Wildwind, Asher poses as Caleb when a computer expert stops by to check on Caleb’s computer. Asher breaks into Caleb’s computer and prints out a copy of his schedule. Caleb and Krystal come in and catch Asher. Caleb questions Caleb as to what he is doing here. Asher lies and tells Caleb that he was checking his computers for glitches since the fire. Caleb orders Asher to go. Greenlee confesses all to Kendall and Bianca about her involvement in Erica’s plane crash and for setting Erica up for embezzlement of Miranda Center funds.

Kendall and Bianca cannot believe that Greenlee was involved in Erica’s plane crash. Kendall refuses to forgive Greenlee. At Krystal’s, Colby offers her condolences to Marissa over David’s death. Kendall tells Bianca that she should call Zach, but when she talks to Zach, she refuses to tell him anything. J.R. finds A.J. gone from the Chandler mansion. A doctor tells Greenlee that David was poisoned.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly and Jack are basking in their love, as they wake up to start their day together. Meanwhile downstairs Sage is praying this means they are going to get married again, as Parker isn’t so sure. Faith learns that Liberty got into FIT but is deferring because she needs to stay in town and take care of her mom and the baby. Faith tries to convince her to follow her dreams, but this is done so she will be out of town and away from Parker. Liberty is adamant that Faith and now Parker, who has just walked in, not tell a soul. Parker wants to talk with Liberty alone, which upsets Faith, who feels blown off. Aggravated Faith later watches Parker and Liberty looking close, as he tells her what his future plans may be. Janet comes to see Dusty to take care of him and nurse him back to health. They start to get frisky, but it is hard since she is so pregnant and he has broken ribs. Janet thinks she should leave for a while to cool them off. Possible contractions stop her at this point though. Jack and Carly talk about their future after Sage alludes to her hopes about marriage. Jack starts to tell Carly he wants a future with her that is permanent but Carly is unsure. Jack is able to convince her with his sincere and heartfelt words. He is about to pop the question when Janet calls to tell them she is at the hospital with possible contractions. Carly hides her disappointment, as they rush off. Janet learns she is having Braxton-Hicks. The doctor comments on the baby’s large size, as Dusty looks strange. Janet explains to Jack and Carly what happened and they all head home, as Dusty seems preoccupied. Faith pretends to let it slip out to Janet about Liberty and FIT. Janet confronts Liberty, who tries to explain, at the same time being mad at Faith. Liberty later challenges Faith about why she told her mom; she knows it is about getting her out of town so she can have Parker to herself. Parker is not impressed, as Liberty cautions Faith that her lies and manipulations will drive Parker away. Back at home, Jack is now unsure about his and Carly’s future after the ultra sound made it real about how much he will be torn between two houses after his baby is born. Carly has to talk Jack into their future, as he did earlier with her. Jack proposes to Carly, as they are both thrilled beyond words. Dusty meets with John and voices his feelings about the possibility that the baby is his after hearing the size of the baby. John cautions him that it might be wishful thinking, as they say their goodbyes. Afterward, though, John takes Dusty’s mug and later asks a tech at the hospital to run a DNA test for a paternity test. Janet tells Dusty about Liberty’s offer and how torn she is. Dusty promises to be there and support her through it all. Carly and Jack ecstatically share their news with Sage and Parker. Sage is thrilled but Parker is cautious. Carly and Jack make promises and convince him that they will never let him down or blow their second chance. Sage wonders when the wedding will be. Carly wants it tomorrow or the day after. Everyone is thrilled, as they all share a family hug and Carly reminds them that they have a wedding to plan.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie tells Rick that he has a little bit of the devil in him. He reminds her just what Owen and Bridget look like together and she needs to be a little bit of a realist. Jackie asks if he is offering one of his shoulders for her. He laments that he has shoulders just fine but he was thinking of other parts that might be of more interest to her. And he is interested in everything about her….from her world class sophistication, attitude, her perspective on the world….that’s what all young guys say about older women they are intrigued by, but not him. He just sees a woman…, sexy, successful. She adds and married. Yes he knows she is married to a young stud in the stable and he worships her and gives her everything her heart desires. And until yesterday she was the center of his universe, but that has changed now. He points out that her tub over there is her oasis; everything happens there. But in a few weeks time, all of that will change and it will be riddled with floating rubber duckies and toys that spit water. Her boy toy will be exchanging or turning in magnums of champagne for a formula of baby bottles. Jackie tells him that Owen is not exchanging anything or anyone so Rick can stop his seduction routine as she does know a smoke screen when she sees one. Amber speaks with Brooke and comes right to the point. She wants to know if Rick is available and if Brooke can help her get re-acquainted with her son. She’s left messages for him and he hasn’t returned them. Brooke tells her not to ask Rick and not Bridget either. She has her own problems and doesn’t need to be worried about Rick. Owen reveals to Bridget that they have to stay grounded. Their emotions can not get in the way. They will always be parents together, but he loves Jackie…..she loves Jackie and neither want to hurt her. She is going to be part of this. Bridget agrees that none of this would be working without Jackie being so agreeable.

Bridget and Owen return and find Rick with Jackie. She quickly tells them that Rick returned to wish her well with her one big happy family. Logan needs to be changed and Owen and Bridget sneak off upstairs to both take care of it. Owen does well and Bridget praises him. He says he will always be there for her and their son. Rick wastes no time in pointing this out to Jackie. She in turns tells Rick that she doesn’t mind and she wants them to enjoy every moment they can with their baby. He wonders why she has not thrown him out…..could it be that she is keeping her options open. Personally he doesn’t see it working out and her future is not with Mr. Cowabunga. They are from different planets. Yes he has spoiled her and has catered to her every need, but he has a child now with another woman and his priority is not going to be Jackie. And Rick thinks she deserves a man who is so completely and utterly devoted to her….and right now she is looking at that man. He kisses her again. Bridget opens the door and sees them without them being aware.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian and Carly got into an argument at the mausoleum.  Stefano and Kate talked about Sami possibly shooting EJ.  Stefano was suspicious of Sami, but thought it was weird that she would shoot EJ when she had his confession on disk.  Sami thanked Will for not telling Rafe about her shooting EJ.  Will wanted her to tell him the truth about shooting EJ or else he would go to Roman and Bo.  She confessed to what she did.  Melanie tried to get Maggie to fight for Victor.  Maggie was against it because he is married. Brady showed up to talk to Maggie.  Arianna told EJ that he didn't deserve what happened to him.  She wanted him to fight to like so he could see his children.  Brady told Maggie that Vivian is planning a memorial for Isabella and he felt he had to be there.  He wanted her to be there with him.  she turned him down.  When Carly mentioned Chloe as one of the people Vivian had to stay away from, Vivian was curious as to why she and Chloe are so close.  Will objected to Sami shooting EJ.  When Sami tried to explain, he didn't want to hear it.  She demanded that he listen to her.  Stefano wondered why Kate would defend Sami considering how much she hates Sami.  He told Kate that he is not just worried about Rafe shooting EJ.  He was worried that Will could have too.  Sami told Will why she shot EJ.  She told him that Kate warned her that EJ was going to take the kids away.  She said she couldn't let that happen.  Gus didn't want to help Vivian if she wanted to bury Maggie alive.  Maggie apologized for not being there for him and gave him the name of a sponsor.  Rafe and Arianna got in an argument over EJ.  Will wanted to know why Sami didn't go to someone for help with EJ instead of shooting him.  She felt she had no alternative, but to handle it on her own.  

Sami told Will all of the feelings she felt when she shot EJ.  She recapped about what she went through when Sydney was gone.  After she shot EJ, she felt her kids were safe.  She thought she was in the clear because she thought no one saw her.  She thought God was on her side.  Brady and Melanie were talking about Maggie and Victor and he was upset that Victor is forcing Maggie out of town.  Vivian tried to keep Gus from leaving her, but it didn't do any good.  She was prepared to go through with her plan alone.  Kate threatened Stefano if he cast suspicion about Will shooting EJ.  Will was curious whether or not Kate would turn Sami in to the police.  Sami thought ate would suffer if Stefano found out what Kate did.  Will didn't want to believe that Stefan would do that because Stefano was nice to him.  When Sami tried to hug him, Will backed away so she couldn't do it.  Stefano threatened to expose Kate if she did anything to him.  He wanted to forget about their conversation.  Daniel overheard Carly talking to Chloe about Vivian.  Brady wanted to know what Vivian was doing with the sarcophagus since he saw a monitor in it.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Johnny wants to leave the hospital but Ethan tries to change his mind. Ethan suggests that Johnny tell the truth about his shooting. Johnny admits to Ethan that he didn’t shoot Sonny because there was a witness nearby. Dante and Jason come across a video of the Baker Street shooting. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to exonerate Sonny. Dante shows a photograph to Johnny. Johnny confesses that he was armed on Baker Street but someone took his gun. Dante wants Johnny and Sonny to call a truce.

Brenda is grabbed by two assailants but manages to escape amidst paparazzi. Brenda tells Suzanne about the incident. Suzanne suggests calling Murphy but Brenda doesn’t want to. Murphy returns from London. Brenda announces to Murphy that she can’t marry him. Jax tells Maxie that he wants Brenda Barrett on the next Crimson cover. Olivia interrupts their conversation. Carly tries to seduce Jax in his office. Carly is mad at Jax when she discovers Brenda is the cover model for the next Crimson issue.

Claire tells Sonny that he will be charged with attempted murder. Claire speaks of her plans to be reassigned which saddens Sonny. Kristina visits her father at the station. Kristina and Sonny have a heartfelt chat. Jason tells Sonny about the video footage of the Baker Street shooting. Jason hopes that a truce is imminent. Jason returns home. Jason and Sam talk about going on a vacation. Jason receives a call from a stranger (Suzanne). Dante and Johnny show up at the police station for a meeting with Sonny. Olivia is irritated that Dante is defending Sonny, not Johnny. Sonny and Johnny talk about calling a truce. Claire barges in on their meeting. Michael and Carly talk about Sonny’s return. Michael agrees to go back to school at Madison. Ethan and Kristina have a talk in the park. Ethan has helpful advice regarding Sonny. Michael shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Sam and Michael have a talk about his high school plans. Michael runs into Kristina at the park. Kristina confides to Michael about her chat with Ethan.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie and Jessica are both wondering what to do in their respective situations with having unprotected sex with the wrong person, both being pregnant, and living with the possibility that the wrong person may be the father of their respective babies. Meanwhile, Vivian asks Destiny and Darren if they are "practicing safe sex". Hearing that, Shaun freaks by the mere thought that she'd suggest that his 16 year old sister would be having sex and that Darren would want that. But Destiny tells Shaun she is concerned knowing from her job, what happens every day to people having unprotected sex. Natalie and John both conclude it's possible that Eli Clarke is alive and has staged his own death. And his brother Ross may have helped him. Meanwhile, Dr. Greg has gone to find out if Eli is really alive and is in shock to find out he faked his death. Eli tells Greg his brother is helping him to do what he needs to do and fake his death. And he threatens Greg to also help him. Meanwhile, Todd and Dani are talking about what would happen if Ross came to see her and if she should trust him and just what Todd means to her given that he is her real father. And while they are in the house together, it appears they are being spied upon.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At the Ashby house, it is major chaos with Cane shaving, the baby crying, and the telephone ringing. Cane finds out that Chance was killed during a bad drug deal. Jill tells Philip that Cane is on his way over. Jill cannot believe that Chance is gone. There is a knock on the door and it is Sergeant Louis Goldman. Chris thanks Heather for meeting with her. Heather lets Chris know that she probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed if Chris hadn’t called. Chris tells Heather if she wants to honor Chance’s memory, she should go and be with Nina for support. Nina sobs for Chance while Paul tries to console her. Jack talks to Vance on the phone about what Victor did to Victoria on her wedding day. Jack gets a call from Abby who says she decided to drop the lawsuit against Victor. Victor talks to a man on the phone and tells him to dissolve Abby’s trust fund. The man promises to get right on it. Victoria cannot believe that she and Billy spent their wedding night in jail as he bails her out. The officer gives Victoria her personal effects and notices that there isn’t a wedding band. Billy lets the officer know that they are taking care of that. Billy tells Victoria that he is going to see Jill to give her support concerning Chance’s death. Victoria offers to go with him, but Billy stops her. Victoria understands and tells him that she is going to see her father. Nina wishes that Chris had told them about Ronan before it was too late. Cane visits Philip and Nina to offer his support while Jill goes upstairs to check on Katherine.

Philip tells Cane that Chance promised to come and visit him in Australia at Christmas. Philip warns Cane to never take his children for granted. Cane tells Philip about a job in Australia that he has to do or he will have to leave the country. Philip advises Cane not to do it and leave his family vulnerable. There is a knock on the door and it is Sergeant Louis Goldman, who wishes to see Nina. Jill inquires if Cane is okay. Cane asks what had happened to Chance. Lily and Daniel talk about her fixing a video tape for the children. Victor and Victoria argue over Billy and how Victor could have done this to her on their wedding day. Nina meets with Sergeant Goldman, who tells her that Chance could have a funeral with full military honors. Owen arrives with a search warrant to search the house and grounds. Jack meets with Abby and assures her that everything will be fine. Victor and Victoria argue over Billy and his gambling addiction. Victor tells Victoria that he will have the charges dropped against her if she ends this marriage to Billy. Victoria refuses. Owen takes Chance’s computer. Victoria goes home to Billy. Heather tells Nina that she will prosecuting Ronan’s case because she was reinstated. Victor leaves a message for someone that he, not his daughter was responsible for the bribery of a Japanese official. Victor finds out that Abby’s trust fund cannot be frozen because Vance managed to get it frozen pending the outcome of the trial. Cane tells Lily that he changed his mind about leaving the country.

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