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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. is in the Chandler living room when Marissa comes in. J.R. offers his condolences to Marissa concerning her father, but she knows the animosity that J.R. felt for David. Annie and Scott return from their honeymoon which surprises both J.R. and Marissa. Jesse locks Ryan up in a cell and wants to help him, but Ryan refuses the help. Ryan lets Jesse know that he was trying to help Greenlee, because David was blackmailing her. Kendall calls Greenlee to tell her she stole Liza’s briefcase. Greenlee says she will be right there. Greenlee goes to the Yacht Club to get a suit for David’s funeral. David guides her through which suit to choose. David lets Greenlee know once again how much he loves her . Annie offers to go see Ryan. Annie offers Marissa her condolences about David. J.R. tells Marissa that they need to tell A.J. about David. Scott tells J.R. that his plan to take over Chandler Enterprises is not going to work. Liza reprimands the officer for her car keys being gone. Liza checks her car and finds the briefcase stolen. Liza, Jesse and the officer look at the security footage and find that it was Kendall who took the keys. Liza demands that Kendall be arrested. Kendall tries to break into the briefcase, but with no luck. Kendall even takes a hammer to it. Kendall finally throws the briefcase onto the floor and it comes open much to her surprise. Annie visits Ryan and wants to know how to handle this situation with Emma about his arrest. Annie offers Ryan her help in getting him out of jail. Marissa and Greenlee have a talk about David. David appears to Greenlee, accusing her of not loving him enough because of Ryan. Ryan refuses Annie’s help and just urges her to take care of Emma. Kendall burns the evidence against Greenlee in her fireplace. As Jesse pounds on the door, Kendall tries to hide the briefcase. Liza finds the briefcase behind the couch without its contents. Jesse arrests Kendall. J.R. and Scott argue over who Chandler Enterprises rightly belongs to.

Jesse brings Kendall to the jail in handcuffs. When her cell isn’t ready, Jesse sits Kendall down outside of Ryan’s cell. Ryan asks Kendall what is going on. Kendall lets Ryan know that she was arrested for tampering with evidence. Ryan blasts Kendall for getting herself into this situation. Kendall asks Ryan to understand why she did this. Ryan reluctantly thanks Kendall for her help. Ryan asks Kendall if Zach knows about her arrest. Kendall says no. Liza and Jesse argue over David having been her client. Liza asks Jesse how Iris would react to Jesse wanting to sweep this investigation under the rug. Marissa talks to A.J. about his grandpa’s death, but he's already been told by a friend. A.J. wishes that David weren’t dead. Marissa begins to cry as they hug. Annie comes home to find Scott gone. J.R. asks Annie why she came home early from her honeymoon. Annie lets him know it was because of him. Marissa informs J.R. that A.J. knows about David’s death. Scott lets Marissa know that J.R. was trying to take over Chandler. Jesse tells Kendall that her bail has been posted and she is free to go. Greenlee promises Ryan that she will get him out of this no matter what. When she looks to the side, David is listening.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

A new episode will not air today!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

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Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lexie interrupted Stefano and Samiís argument.  She teared up when Stefano asked about EJ.  She said EJís eyes opened up involuntarily. His brain is still diminishing.  Kate demanded to talk to Sami right away.  Sami tried to make an excuse, but it didnít work. Chloe told Carly that she would never do something as horrible as trying to kill her again.  Vivian talked to Gus about her plans for Maggie.  She has a monitor in the sarcophagus so Maggie could see her with Victor and go crazy.  She also has toxins in the fabric that will take care of Maggie.  She wanted Gus to sit in it to test it out.  Ian left Stephanieís apartment leaving Nathan and Stephanie to talk.  He wanted to know what was going on between the two of them.  Maggie offered Chez Rouge to Melanie so she could have Chloeís baby shower. Melanie wanted Maggieís help planning it.  Maggie decided to stay in Salem to help Melanie plan the baby shower.  Rafe told Will that EJ was shot.  Will was worried about Sami so he wanted to go to the hospital.  Abe said that the forensic results for the bullet in EJ was revealing.  EJ flashed back to when Sami threatened to take the kids from him.  Sami lied to Kate and denied shooting EJ.  Sami told her that Rafe would confirm that she was with him all night.  Kate ďbelievedĒ her.  Kate warned her that Stefano is suspicious of her so they shouldnít mention their phone call. Carly was willing to get over Chloe trying to kill her.  Chloe wasnít sure if everything would be okay because Vivian could ruin it all.  Maggie overheard Victor and Ciara talking.  Ciara told him that she didnít want to live with Bo and Carly.  She wants to live with Victor.  Sami wondered what she was thinking by shooting EJ.  Abe said the bullet came from a 32-caliber gun with a silencer.  He asked Stefano if he had a gun like that.  When Will showed up at the hospital, he told Sami that he knew what she did.  Nathan didnít believe that Ian was helping Stephanie for nothing. He believed that Ian has a crush on her.  Gus was going mad in the sarcophagus.  Vivian was relieved that her plan was working.  Victor tried to let Ciara down gently.  When she wanted to live with him.  He wanted her to make things work with Carly for Boís sake.  Rafe didnít want EJ to die because he was supposed to pay for what he did to Sami.  Arianna stopped Rafe from taunting EJ.  Will told Sami that he knew what she did to EJ.

Chloe was worried that Vivian would figure out that they are keeping secrets from Daniel.  Carly told her she would handle Vivian.  Maggie beat herself up over the fact that sheís interested in Victor.  It made her realize that she had to go on her trip after all.  Stefano checked a box in the drawer and saw how the gun was missing.  Will didnít want Sami to play games with him because he saw her at the DiMera mansion.  When Nathan left, Stephanie called Ian so he could help her prove that Chloe switched the results.  He needed Chloeís email address in order to check to see if she changed the results. Carly interrupted Vivian and Gusí conversation to confront her about getting Chloe to try and kill her. Arianna wanted Rafe to stop focusing on EJ and think of Sami.  Sami was furious that Will went back to the mansion.  He went back to confront Stefano about what happened with EJ.  He said he was by the pool and heard her call out EJís name.  Then he saw her with a gun in her hand.  Vivian wanted Carly to leave the mausoleum.  Carly threatened to tell Victor that Vivian was using Isabelle in one of her schemes.  Vivian wanted her to leave, but Carly refused to go.  Arianna tried to convince Rafe to leave EJ alone and focus on Sami.  Kate thought that someone other than Sami could have shot EJ when Stefano said Sami could have done it since she lived there.  Sami tried to convince Will that he didnít see what he thought he saw Sami do to EJ.  Will didnít bury it no matter what Sami said.  He reminded her that EJ is Johnny and Sydneyís father and that she should have thought about that.  She said they were all she thought about. Rafe interrupted their conversation. Stephanie went to see Chloe at her apartment.  Carly confronted Vivian about trying to kill her.  Carly threatened to get Vivian.  Arianna thought that EJ didnít deserve what happened to him.  Will lied to Rafe when Rafe wanted to know what was going on with him and Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael goes to Jason's penthouse looking for Jason, but only Spinelli is there. He asks Spinelli not to call him "Young Mr. Sir" anymore. Spinelli says he understands how the title could be annoying since his father won't allow him to inherit the business. Sonny and Diane go into the police station. Diane claims Sonny never went anywhere. Carly goes to the police station and asks Sonny if he came back because of Brenda. He tells her that he didnít want his kids to believe that he shot an unarmed man and ran away. Claire admits that she believe Sonny when he says he acted in self defense but that he will be convicted anyway unless they find Johnny's gun. Jason tells Dante that it is obvious that Ronnie Domestico got rid of Johnny's gun before he called in the shooting. Dante confronts Ronnie about framing Sonny. Ronnie says Dante has lost his objectivity with regard to Sonny. Dante tells Jason that he is convinced that Ronnie did it but they have to prove it. They find one of the two men that were standing behind sonny with glow-in-the-dark clothing. He tells him that he was shooting footage of the area for a construction project. He shows them a clip of Sonny shooting Johnny.

Nikolas gives Brook Lynn lessons on proper table etiquette. Patrick and Robin stage a big fight in the park because they know Lisa is watching them from the bushes. Robin storms off and "happens" to run into Lisa. Lisa claims she was only there because she heard the yelling. Later Patrick asks Lisa if she followed him to the park and she tells him not to buy into his wife's paranoia. She advises him not to let Robin affect his work. An Interpol shows Lucky a photo of what appears to be his corpse on a slab. The agent tells Lucky that his dead lookalike was an assassin named O'Reilly who died in an accident at a soccer match. He says they were tracking him to get to another criminal known as "The Balkan." Lucky concludes that Interpol wants him to become O'Reilly. Lucky tells Ethan and Lulu that he is leaving town to look for Luke and that Tracy is financing the search. Suzanne tells Brenda about the attempt to kidnap Murphy. She says Murphy saw Brenda leave with another armed man. Brenda says the man was a bodyguard that happened to be there. Suzanne tells her that at the first sign of the Balkan, she needs to either join Murphy in England or return to the States. Brenda gets dressed for an appearance. After Suzanne leaves, two men come in and grab Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

There seem to be suspicious circumstances regarding Eli's death and the cops question if he is really dead. Dani gets an anonymous text from an unknown caller telling her they are coming for her. Greg gets a text telling him that he better not say a word, right when he is talking to Marty ready to confess his secret. People suspect that Ross Rayburn might be looking for Dani and ready to come to town to avenge his brother's death. Todd admits to Kelly that he does not want Dani to have anything to do with Ross and wants her to believe he's a murderer even if they do not know that. He talks to Kelly. Dani talks to Nate. Brody is furious with Robert Ford for taking advantage of Jessica when she was in a fragile state and for not using a condom. Also he cannot cope with the possibility that Robert could be the father of her baby. Natalie is having a similar situation still not telling John that Brody could be the father of her baby. Robert Ford wonders if it's possible to get Langston back, then he can resume teaching his writing class at LU. Starr admits to Langston that she and Cole are having problems and she is friends with James and that is all it is.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the warehouse, Paul holds Nina back from rushing to Chance’s side as the paramedics try to help him. The paramedics cover up Chance’s head when he dies. Nina cries out “no.” Nina lashes out at Ronan for killing Chance. Owen orders Sid to arrest Ronan for the murder of Chance. Sid reads Ronan his rights. Owen offers Nina his condolences on the death of her son. Victoria is arrested just as she is saying her wedding vows to Billy. Billy holds onto Victoria and tells the judge to call it .The judge pronounces them husband and wife. Michael refuses to defend Victoria until he talks to Victor. Vance offers to help Billy in defending Victoria. Jill and Katherine offer their help to Billy. Rafe offers to do what he can for Billy and Victoria. Nick orders Phyllis to have Deacon nowhere near Summer. Nick threatens to take Summer away from Phyllis. Phyllis tells him to try. Owen tells Ronan that he will pay for killing Chance. Chloe accuses Heather of setting Chance up by telling Ronan about Chance’s whereabouts. Nina asks Ronan if he is her son and he admits that he is. Nina asks Ronan if he had killed Chance out of revenge. Nina blast Chris for knowing that Ronan was her son. Victoria is read the charges against her and that Newman Enterprises is not part of the lawsuit. Victoria asks Nick if Victor could be behind her arrest. Nick promises to help Victoria. Victoria finds out that she could get 20 years behind bars.

Victor is on the phone planning his next move when Nikki comes home. Nikki blast Victor for his treatment of Victoria. Nikki tells Victor that his little plan had failed that Billy and Victoria were married. Through tears, Chloe lets Billy know that Chance is dead. Heather questions Ronan as to why he would do this to Chance. Ronan lets her know that he didn’t have no other choice. Ronan asks Heather if she would die for Chance and Heather replies that she would . Paul and Nina arrive back to Katherine’s. Paul lets Katherine, Murphy and Jill that Chance is dead. Paul also lets them know that Ronan is Nina’s son and he had killed his brother . Chloe confronts Ronan over killing his brother. Chloe lets him know that now she has to go home and tell Delia that Chance is never coming back. Ronan asks Chloe to forgive him. Billy comes to visit Victor and confronts him over his treatment of Victoria. Billy orders Victor to never come after his wife. Nina and Chris have a talk about Ronan and how long that Chris had known that Ronan was Nina’s son.

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