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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Angie's ophthalmologist tells her that she is legally blind. Liza tells Iris that she is ready to do her job as D.A. and will find out who killed David. Colby walks into her mom's office. At Wildwind, Kendall watches a TV broadcast that a suspect came forward in David’s murder. She fears that it is Ryan. Natalia questions Jake about the condition of David’s body. At the police station, Jesse puts Ryan in an interrogation room. Ryan asks for Liza unaware that she is the new D.A. Greenlee asks for a few moments alone with David's body. Madison assures Ryan that he did not kill David, even though he considers himself capable of murder. As Kendall finds out that Ryan turned himself in, Spike walks into the living room and asks for his daddy. Colby tells Liza what she saw happening at the Yacht Club between Ryan and David. At the hospital, Angie declares that her life is not over. Angie hugs both Frankie and Jesse and tells them that she will never forget their faces. Angie tells Jake that she may lose her license, but she will not allow him to get in trouble for protecting her. At the police station, Jesse tells Greenlee to talk some sense into Ryan. Liza tells Greenlee that she needs to question Ryan. Liza asks Greenlee why she is defending Ryan, who supposedly killed David. Greenlee reminds Liza that she is David’s wife and has feelings for him. Liza tells Greenlee to start acting like David’s wife. Ryan tries to make a deal with Liza.

Kendall and Greenlee come up with a plan to get the information that Liza has on Greenlee so that Liza cannot use it against Ryan. Kendall steals the car keys out of Liza’s coat. Natalia blasts Madison for being so close to Frankie when she should be at Ryan’s side. Greenlee remembers David’s words of love to her. Ryan tries to blackmail Liza into destroying the evidence that she has against Greenlee, so that he won't divulge that she was helping David blackmail his wife. Angie makes a call to the Clinic for the Blind and makes an appointment. Jake and Amanda visit Angie with good news. Amanda tells Angie that everyone at the hospital signed a petition to keep Angie as COS. Kendall steals Liza’s briefcase out of her car. Colby tells Asher that she made the mistake of telling Liza about the fight between Ryan and David and now she is going to use it against Ryan. The DNA test comes back and Ryan is arrested for David’s murder. Liza cannot find her car keys.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Java, Bob and Kim have breakfast and discuss Chris’ recovery. Bob senses that Kim is concerned about Chris. Noah finds Luke at the Snyder Pond. Noah lets Luke know that he heard about Reid’s death. At Worldwide, Lucinda orders John to leave, but he refuses. John tells Lucinda that all he wanted was to apologize. John accuses her of talking to Dusty in order to ruin Lily’s life. Lucinda confesses all to John. In Brooklyn, Lily tells Uncle Angus about how Reid died tragically. At Memorial Hospital, Chris asks Katie where his heart came from. Katie tries not to tell Chris the truth, but he refuses to let up. Katie breaks down and lets Chris know that he has Reid’s heart. John lashes out at Lucinda for trying to ruin Lily’s life. Lucinda points out to John that she doesn’t have his new attitude about things that she has to fight to get ahead. Lucinda thinks John has no clue as to who she is. Lucinda tells John that she is a cancer survivor but when she was going through all of that, he was nowhere to be found and he wasn’t there for her. Lily and Holden tell Uncle Angus about Reid’s death and Luke’s part in Reid’s life. Noah and Luke spend time together at the pond just talking about Reid. Chris demands that Katie tell him what happened to Reid. Katie explains things as best as she can. Chris blames himself for Reid’s death.

John lets Lucinda know that she has every right to hold a grudge against him. John tries to make Lucinda understand that she is making a mistake with Lily. Lily and Holden explain to Uncle Angus that Luke and Reid were in love with each other. Luke regrets that he didn’t get to do a lot of things with Reid. Chris and Katie argue over Reid’s death when Bob comes in and wants to know what is going on. Chris asks Bob how long he was going to wait before he told him that he has Reid’s heart. Chris demands to know whose idea it was to give him Reid’s heart. Katie speaks up and tells Chris that it was Reid’s idea. Bob and Katie explain everything to Chris. Katie apologizes to Bob for letting Chris know whose heart he has. Noah calls Reid a hero for what he did, but Luke insists that Noah was no hero. Noah hugs Luke in order to console him. Lily tells Uncle Angus that Luke helped Reid to open up. Holden asks Uncle Angus to grant permission so Luke can do as he wishes with Reid’s remains. John tries to persuade Lucinda that she can change the outcome on how things end with Lily. Katie visits Chris and points out to him that he has a lot to live for thanks to Reid.

John tells Lucinda not to sell herself short. John offers to talk to Lily for Lucinda but she refuses. Uncle Angus gives his permission for Luke to lay Reid to rest as Luke sees fit. Uncle Angus tells Lily and Holden about a chess game that Reid was involved in as a child. Uncle Angus gives Lily a chess piece of Reid’s to give to Luke. Luke apologizes to Noah for his actions concerning Reid and the way that he died. Chris and Katie share a tender moment together. John visits Margo and brings her flowers, then tells her he is staying in town for a while. Lucinda brings flowers to Lily but she is gone. Lucinda leaves the flowers at the door and leaves. Lily, Holden, Luke and Noah hold a memorial service for Reid. Bob tells Chris that the new wing will be named after Reid and some of his ashes will be spread there as part of a memorial. Luke says a final good-bye to Reid as he holds the chess piece.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget thinks it is not that unusual that she has fallen in love with Owen considering all they have gone through. But she does confide that she hates to say this but Jackie has sort of become an intrusion. Brooke tells her that it is just her mother instinct kicking in. Bridget thinks they are a family now and Owen is going to feel the very same way. There might not be room for Jackie anymore. But not to worry, she would never do anything to come between Jackie and Owen. She respects that marriage too much. But things seem so different now and she is not sure she can share Logan. Bill says first impressions count and Liam is a weak little weasel and he doesn’t want to know him as his son. Hope defends him and walks out. Liam heard her and is honored. Bill tells Katie that if and when he wants to see that boy, it will be on his terms. He offers to call Hope and pretend to apologize, but Katie convinces him that Hope will get over it and be all right. Liam finds the perfect place and wants to thank Hope for what she did for him. She was there and was just what he needed. She made a miserable occasion a little more bearable.

Owen takes something up to Bridget and overhears some of her conversation to Brooke and Rick. She tells them goodbye so she can be alone with Owen. Katie tells Bill that he is a better man than his father ever was so do not turn himself off to his own son. Bill reminds her that it is not the same. He did not know this boy was his son. His father always knew and still ignored Bill. Katie says he can be a tyrant or a friend, his choice and she knows he will make the right one. Liam tells Hope that he doesn’t care about Bill and it bought him her, so it was worth it…..a door closes, another door opens. He came out here to find his father and he is a jerk, but being with her makes his whole life feel like it makes sense. He just knows that he is head over heels, jaw-dropping, eye-popping crazy about her. Owen asks Bridget if having Logan has changed things for her. She admits it has and he confesses that it has for him too. He can’t even think about other priorities…..or his marriage to Jackie. He states that she knows what they have to do. Uncle Rick visits Jackie. He tells her that he is worried about Bridget. It’s obvious that she has her sights on Owen and they should be parents. That leaves Jackie…….he kisses her and intimates that if Bridget is with Owen then that leaves her free and he’d like to get to know her better.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano, Sami, and Rafe got in an argument. Stefano threatened to kill the person who shot EJ.  EJ's condition didn't change.  Daniel didn't know when EJ was going to wake up.  Chloe and Carly tried to throw Vivian out of the pub.  Vivian wanted to know why Chloe and Carly are suddenly buddies. Vivian was determined to find out why they are getting along.  Vivian dropped a hint that Chloe helped try to kill Carly.  When Vivian left, Chloe wanted tot ell Carly something.  Sami asked Daniel about EJ.  Since there wasn't a change, Sami didn't know whether or not to pull the plug.  She wanted to know when it was the right time to pull the plug.  Ian wasn't able to check to see who changed the paternity test results right away.  Chloe recapped to Carly about Vivian tricking her into thinking that Carly slept with Daniel.  Chloe felt she owed Carly the truth after everything Carly has done for her.  Daniel told Sami that there's no right decision on whether to pull the plug on EJ.  If EJ's brain functioning gets worse, he suggested that Sami should pull the plug.  Stefano opened up to EJ about him being his favorite son.  Stefano broke down and cried over EJ. Philip went to see Vivian and warned her to stay away from Melanie.  He was going to do whatever it takes to make sure she never speaks to Melanie again. She told him about her plans to move Isabella in the sarcophagus.  Ian found out Philip didn't change the results from Titan.  Stephanie tried to figure out who could have changed the results.  Philip flipped out on Vivian for thinking that she should be given a second chance.  Victor interrupted them to find out what was going on with them.  Rafe suggested that Sami pull the plug on EJ if he is going to die anyway.  He thought it would be better for everyone.  Sami looked as if she liked the idea.

Stephanie assumed that Chloe changed the test results since she has a lot to lose.  She wanted to figure out a way to find out if Chloe switched the results. Chloe told Carly how she tried to kill her.  Sami wanted to spend time with EJ, but Stefano didn't want her to see him. Lexie allowed her to see him.  Stefano and Rafe got into another argument. Rafe blamed Stefano for what happened to EJ and wished that the person took out the entire DiMera clan.  Carly was furious that Chloe tried to kill her.  She wanted to what Chloe did to her.  Kate and Abe showed up while Stefano and Rafe were arguing.  Sami was in the room when EJ's eyes opened.  When Lexie got in the room, his eyes closed.  Stefano and Kate were excited that EJ could be waking up.  Nathan walked in the apartment while Ian and Stephanie were there.  Chloe gave Carly the recap about what lead up to her trying to kill Carly.  Chloe was afraid that Carly would tell Daniel about the affair once she knew what she did.  Stefano and Sami got into another argument over EJ.  He said she didn't want EJ to wake up because she knows what would happen.  Chloe told Carly how she worked with Vivian to kill Carly on the elevator. When Stefano were arguing, Lexie came out of EJ's room.  She looked distraught so Stefano wanted to know if EJ was awake.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante tells Lulu that he has realized that it doesnít matter if Sonny is guilty or innocent; the important thing is that he is gone for good and all of his kids will be better off without him. Dante runs into his mother at the hospital and they both agree that Johnny probably had a gun when Sonny shot him. Olivia tells Dante that the truth always comes out eventually. Dante goes into Johnny's room and tells him he finds it hard to believe he didnít have a gun. Johnny says Dante will feel better about everything when he accepts his father for who he is. Olivia goes into Johnny's room and asks him to tell the truth and end the vendetta with Sonny, but Johnny is unwavering in his claim that he was unarmed. Jason tells Carly that Sonny is on his way back to Port Charles to surrender himself to the authorities and face charges. Carly wants to know if Brenda is coming too. He says he doesn't know but that Diane is going to take Sonny straight to the police station so Jason and Dante won't have time to get evidence to prove Sonny's innocence. Carly demands to know how long Jason has been working with Dante. He tells her that it is quicker to work together. Carly warns him that Dante will double cross him. She says Michael hasnít been the same since Dante sent him to Pentonville. Carly goes to Crimson and tells Lulu that Sonny is coming home. Lulu says that means Dante will have to choose between his father and his badge and that she is concerned that Dante will do something stupid to protect Sonny again, but get caught this time. Jason goes to the police station and tells Dante that Sonny is on his way home to prove his innocence so they have to find proof that Johnny had a gun. Dante looks at a list of ATM transactions in the area at the time and Jason looks at the police report. Suddenly Jason tells Dante that the proof is in the police report; the report was taken by Ronnie Dimestico.

Maxie warns Robin that if Lisa figures out that Robin and Patrick are only pretending to have broken up she could get more dangerous than she was before. Maxie hopes Robin will find a way to get past Patrick sleeping with Lisa one time. Patrick and Steve talk about Lisa setting up Robin. Steve tells Patrick that Robin has never had any proof but Lisa has always backed up her claims with him or the police. He says he has to play by the book or Lisa will file sexual harassment charges against him. Lisa invites Patrick to work together on a surgery and he tells her they will never do anything together again. According to plan, Maxie comes to the hospital and tells Patrick that she thinks Robin misses him. She says she thinks Robin would be receptive to seeing him. Lisa eavesdrops on the conversation. Patrick gives a heads up that he is leaving for a few hours to talk to Robin in the park. As expected, Lisa follows him so he and Robin pretend to have a fight about his access to Emma. Lisa smiles when she hears Robin tell Patrick that he can be free of their marriage and have Lisa. 

Nikolas tells Alexis that he is going to England to spend the weekend at his friend Philip's country house to discuss a business venture and that Brook Lynn Ashton will be his date. Alexis thinks it is a bad idea and when Brook Lynn comes in, she advises her to run because Nikolas has too much baggage. Brook Lynn tells her it is just a date and that she isnít interested in becoming involved with Nikolas. After Alexis leaves, Nikolas tells Brook Lynn that Alexis was right and that he will understand if she doesnít want to go. Tracy goes to Lucky's apartment and asks him to find Luke and bring him home. She observes that Lucky looks like he needs a reason to leave town anyway. Lucky starts making calls to Luke's European associates. An agent from Interpol shows up at his door. Lucky goes with the agent and tells him that he is sure that whatever his father did, he is sure he thought he was dealing with forgeries. The agent says they are aware of Lukeís activities, but they are more interested in Lucky. He holds up a picture of lucky on a slab with blackened eyes looking quite dead.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John and Bo have not yet gotten the DNA evidence to confirm Elijah Clark's death. Clint goes to talk to Bo about whether Bo approves of Matthew working with his uncle at B.E. Bo reluctantly agrees to let his son take the job. Bo notices Clint acting uncharacteristically friendly toward Inez and asks if his brother was "hitting" on her. Yet, Clint knows that her son is the boy whom Matthew has competitive and "killer instincts" toward since Nate took Matthew's girlfriend from him. Meanwhile, both boys are trying out for varsity basketball at the high school. Matthew is trying everything to defeat and be nasty to Nate. Clint goes to observe and tells his nephew he knows what he's doing but he need not justify himself for it. Meanwhile, Dani and Todd are wondering what to do about Tea's death. Dani then gets an anonymous text from an unknown caller. Greg goes to talk to Marty in an attempt to "confess a secret," but he gets an anonymous call from what looks to be the same source. John goes to ask Todd and Dani if they have heard from Ross Rayburn knowing that he's still alive and may want to see them after his brother's untimely death. Yet, John later concludes to Bo that there is no confirmation that Eli is even dead, so maybe they should not assume it. After Jessica confesses to Brody that she slept with Robert Ford and he may be the father of her baby, Brody goes to LU and is ready to physically hurt Robert. Langston overhears them and finds out what Robert did to Jessica during her prom night when she was ill. Jessica realizes she may be pregnant by him and concludes that she will never forgive Robert or trust him after that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

A new episode did not air in the US tomorrow!

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