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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake examines David before the doctor does the actual autopsy. At the Yacht Club, J.R. comes in to check on Colby who tells her brother about David’s death. Jesse blames Liza for pushing him to the point that he blurted out that Angie was blind. At Ryan’s apartment, Greenlee tells Ryan and Kendall that David is gone. Amanda joins Jake while he is examining David. Scott stops Annie from watching television because this is their honeymoon. Emma joins them and tells them that she saw something on television that frightened her. Annie tells Emma to join them in bed. Colby and Asher discuss what they saw go on between Ryan and David. Tad blasts Liza for her actions and tells her that this may cost Angie her job at the hospital. Greenlee puts all the blame on herself that she should have stayed with David after he was so angry. Ryan tells Greenlee that he killed David. Angie keeps asking Jesse what is going on until Tad takes her home. Natalia and an officer check David’s room. Natalia orders the room sealed off. Emma lets Annie and Scott know that something bad happened at home and it involved Ryan. Jake fills the doctor in on what he found on David’s body. Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan watch the news on television about David’s death. Ryan orders Kendall and Greenlee to leave. Greenlee hugs Ryan before she leaves. Liza and Jesse are at odds once again over the investigation. Greenlee is plagued with thoughts of David when Kendall takes her to Wildwind. Emma talks to Ryan to see if he is all right. Annie talks to Ryan but he doesn’t tell her anything about David. Natalia questions Colby who lies to her about what she and Asher saw. Encouraged by Natalia, Jesse goes home to Angie, who still cannot see. Greenlee visits Ryan once again, but still cannot find rest. Annie finds out from J.R. that David is dead. Scott walks in and overhears the news. Annie tells Scott that they should go home because of Marissa. Scott asks who was on the phone and Annie lies to him and tells him that it was someone from the office. Ryan goes to the police station to turn himself in. Greenlee goes to Fusion where she collapses in tears.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Holden comes to visit Lily and finds out about Reid's death. Lily knows that she and Holden will have to be here for Luke. Alison brings Luke a cup of coffee. Luke insists that Chris has to be all right. Alison promises to keep him posted. Bob and Kim spend time with Chris. Katie naps when Margo comes in and awakens her. Katie comes to visit Chris and they have a joyful reunion. Chris inquires as to the whereabouts of Reid. Alison sympathizes with Luke over the loss of Reid. John lets Bob, Kim and Katie know that Reid’s death must be kept from Chris. Kim hugs John as a way of thanking him for saving Chris’ life. Margo offers to drive Katie home. Margo talks to John about Chris. Alison meets Noah at the diner and tells him that Reid is dead. Lily comforts Luke over the death of Reid. John meets with Lucinda at the Lakeview Hotel bar. They reminisce about the past. John pressures Lucinda to tell him about her problems. Kim thanks Luke for giving permission to use Reid’s heart for Chris. Bob lets Luke know how well Chris is doing. Katie packs Reid’s things while she and Margo talk. Chris asks Luke to get Reid to come see him.

Lily and Holden watch a video of Reid and his Uncle Angus. Noah reels over the death of Reid, but doesn’t’ know how he can help Luke. Alison wishes Noah good luck in L.A. A man offers Luke his condolences over Reid and Chris overhears. Lily and Holden go to Brooklyn to find Uncle Angus. John interrupts Lucinda, on the phone, while she is still conniving against Lily. Lily and Holden find Uncle Angus, but he wants no part of any info about Reid. Noah finds Luke at the lake.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke holds Logan and all stand around and ogle him. Bridget tells Eric that she thinks he looks like him and Eric quips then he is very lucky. Jackie spearheads the honor of taking Logan around to meet all his kinfolk. Jackie comments to Uncle Rick that she hasn’t seen enough of him and he says he will correct that now. Eric asks Owen how he feels now that he’s a father. He tells him that he is committed to this child and Jackie as well. Eric talks to Donna and she says she has moved on and is doing what is best for her family. Both Brooke and Stephanie offer Bridget to stay with them so she will have help with the baby. A not so pleasant surprise awaits Bill as he opens the door to find Liam and Hope. Katie tells him that she arranged this. Bill tells them that he is too busy to stay. Katie advises him to call the office and tell them that he will be a little late. She chastises that Liam has a father and Bill has a son, so get used to it. He tells Katie that he did not raise Liam; his mother did and quite frankly he would have done things differently. And he is not one to fake it. Liam is just another drifter that he has zip, nada, no feelings for. Liam tells him he does not want his money. He wanted just a little friendship, but obviously he was wrong about that.

Jackie settles it. Bridget has a place to stay with them and Logan will always have his extended family close by. Bill wants no part of his biological spawn. Hope says that is a good thing as Liam is way too good for Bill. Bills says this kid is damaged goods. He is nothing like someone he would have raised. He will never survive in the business world. Hope is glad she has him as a friend and she would trust him with her life. Bill is missing out. She has no respect for him. Liam listens to all of this from the outside. Stephanie tells Jackie again that she is worried about her. She lost her own husband to a young Logan woman. Jackie tells her that she is barking up the wrong tree. Owen loves her. She would have never invited Bridget to live with them otherwise. Stephanie tells her just to keep her eyes open. Bridget tells her family that Owen is committed to the baby and she wants to raise the baby under these circumstances with both parents. Rick senses more and asks how she feels about Owen. She gushes about Owen of how gentle he is and she’s never felt such incredible joy in her life. They just did the most intimate thing anyone can do; it was better than making love. Brooke is concerned and still feels Bridget should come stay with her especially after Bridget says she may be falling in love with Owen.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami wanted to go to the hospital to see EJ.  Rafe wanted to go with her.  Nathan flashed back to when he confronted Chloe about her affair.  Chloe, Philip, and Melanie ran into Nathan at the Cheating Heart.  Melanie had a conversation with Nathan about the attack at the clinic.  Carly told Stefano that they are hopeful that EJ will make a recovery.  Kate and Stefano saw Sami at the hospital.  Stephanie showed up at the Cheating Heart and saw Philip/Chloe and Nathan/Melanie together.  Stefano was livid to see Sami at the hospital. Rafe said Sami was with him all night, but Stefano didn't believe that.  Bo practically accused Stefano of setting up EJ's shooting.  Sami interrupted their conversation by saying that EJ would tell everyone who shot him when he wakes up.  Stephanie called Ian to see if he found out who switched the paternity test.  When he didn't, she decided to do something on her own. Melanie told Chloe how she wants to throw her a baby shower.  Chloe excited.  Philip left to talk to Nathan about the children's wing at the hospital.  While they were talking Stephanie got the wrong idea about what they were talking about.  Kate wanted to talk to Sami about the phone call the had about EJ. Sami didn't want to talk yet.  Bo wanted to know if it was okay to see EJ.  Daniel mentioned that he had to take him off of Nicole last night.  Bo was suspicious until Daniel gave her an alibi.  Bo flashed back to Sami's reaction when she thought he was trying to accuse her of shooting him.  Rafe was curious as to what Kate wanted from Sami, but she lied.  Sami, Rafe, and Stefano got into an argument.  While they were arguing, EJ's machine went off.  Bo and Lexie stooped Stefano from going in to see EJ.  He wanted to know how bad EJ was.  He believed that EJ might not make it.  When Chloe and Melanie left, Stephanie sat and talked with Philip.  He was suspicious of her when she pumped him about the baby.  Daniel wanted Nathan to look over his patients while he checked on EJ. Daniel had a reaction when Nathan congratulated him about the baby.  When Bo ran into Kate at the pub, he questioned her about the night of EJ's shooting.  He thought she was holding back on him.  She told him everything she told him before.  He wanted her to call him if she thought of anything else.  When Stefano told Lexie that he wanted Daniel to get everything he needs to help EJ, she dropped a bombshell on him.  She said Sami was the one who makes the decision about what happens to EJ. 

Stefano was furious at Sami being able to make decisions. Lexie said that EJ signed a living will and a healthy proxy that Sami is legally empowered to make EJ's decisions if he can't make them.  Vivian overheard Victor talking to Maggie and she was upset.  Philip wanted to know why Stephanie was asking so many questions.  She intimated that she knows about his affair with Chloe.  Stefano wanted the living will null and void because he didn't want EJ's life in Sami's hands.  Stephanie wondered if Philip ever felt awkward being around Daniel and Chloe since they were lovers.  He finally told her that he was at Titan the night of Chloe's birthday party.  He was upset with her and walked away.  She called Ian and told him that Philip might have changed the results from Titan.  All Ian needed was Philip's email address in order to check to see if Philip was at the hospital website.  Rafe warned Stefano not to keep insulting Sami. He didn't listen.  He didn't want Sami to have power of attorney, and Sami agreed. Lexie said only EJ could change his power of attorney.  Stefano was going to get lawyers so Sami could switch power of attorney back to him.  Stephanie talked to Philip's assistant and got Philip's email address and IP handling.  She told Ian about it and wanted him to meet her at her apartment.  Sami declared her hatred for EJ after she found out what he did, while she was talking to Rafe.  After seeing EJ in the hospital, she felt sorry for him. Stefano interrupted their conversation to accuse Sami of wanting EJ to die.  Stefano still believed that she put EJ in the hospital.  He threatened to kill the person who shot EJ.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Patrick begs Robin to stay but she plans on moving in with her uncle. Patrick promises that Emma will be safe but Robin doesn’t trust Lisa. Robin arrives at Mac’s house with her suitcases. Mac says that Emma is napping. Robin and Mac have a serious talk about Patrick. Robin is worried about Emma’s safety. Patrick shows up unannounced. Mac answers the door and tells Patrick to leave. Robin decides to talk to Patrick. Patrick reminds Robin that he’s Emma’s dad, so they should come up with a plan to deal with Lisa. Patrick suggests that he and Robin be a united front against Lisa. Patrick wants to pretend as if he and Robin are over so Lisa will confide in him. Robin agrees to the plan. At the hospital, Steven tells Lisa that their relationship needs to be a professional one. Nikolas walks up to them. Lisa blabs about Robin’s outburst at work. Lisa figures that Robin is suffering from post-partum depression. Alone, Steven and Nikolas agree that Lisa is lying. Nikolas compares Lisa to Helena. Patrick confronts Lisa at the hospital. Patrick says that Robin threw him out and that their marriage is over. Lisa says that it’s for the best.

Jax returns to his hotel room to find Carly and Josslyn there. Carly suggests spending some quality time as a family. After putting Josslyn down for the night, Carly tries to seduce Jax. Carly and Jax make love. Afterwards, they wonder if this is the start of a reconciliation. Lulu turns off all the lights in Dante’s loft. Michael walks in to find Lulu wearing lingerie. Michael is embarrassed, as is Lulu. Lulu hurries to get dressed. Michael suggests going to Carly’s house but Lulu doesn’t want him to leave. Lulu asks Michael to blow out the candles before running an errand. Dante returns to the loft. Michael tells Dante about walking in on Lulu half-naked. Michael vacates the premises. Lulu shows up at Wyndemere with a gift for Spencer. Lulu is shocked to learn that Brook Lynn is staying there. Brook Lynn announces that she’s working for Nik. Nikolas walks in and defends Brook. Lulu is annoyed so she storms out. Brook Lynn wonders if Nikolas wants to throw her out. Lulu returns to the loft and finds Dante in his boxer shorts. Lulu is mad about something. Lulu vents to Dante about her visit at Wyndemere.

Jason agrees to work with Dante to exonerate Sonny. Dante leaves so Spinelli can find information on his laptop. Jason asks Spinelli to locate Brenda Barrett. Spinelli admits that it will be a difficult task tracking down Brenda’s itinerary. Sam overhears Jason talk negatively about Brenda. Spinelli doesn’t understand how Jason can speak badly about a beautiful woman like Brenda. Jason brings up Sam’s good qualities. Spinelli leaves the penthouse. Jason is surprised to find that Sam heard everything. Sam and Jason share a kiss. Jason says that he has to work with Dante to prove Sonny’s innocence. Sonny leans in to kiss Brenda but she pulls away. Brenda is crying while she announces her engagement. Brenda relays that she’s going to marry Murphy Sinclair. Sonny updates Brenda on his love life, that he is no longer married to Carly. Brenda admits that she has had no contact with Jax. Sonny confides that he is on the run because of an attempted murder charge. Sonny explains how he shot Johnny in self-defense and rambles on about Kristina’s rebellion. Sonny doesn’t think that he’s a good father but Brenda doesn’t agree. Sonny brings up the car bombing. Brenda remembers Lily’s death and how it was a tough time for Sonny. Sonny recalls shooting his son point-blank. Brenda makes it clear that Sonny needs to be there for his children. Sonny suggests bringing Brenda back to the hotel. In the courtyard, Brenda asks Sonny why he came to Rome. Sonny admits that he wanted to protect Brenda but sees now that she’s moved on. Rain starts to fall. Sonny says goodbye to Brenda and walks away.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

While they are at the hospital for their first sonogram, Jessica tells Brody that he may not be her baby's father and that Ford is the other possible father. She tells him that when she thought about how she would feel if he kept something like that from her, she decided she couldnít keep lying to him. Brody storms off. Natalie is about to tell John that Brody could be her baby's father when Marty stops by to ask John if Eli is really dead. After John and Marty discuss the child they lost, Natalie decides to continue to keep the secret. John and Natalie go to have their first sonogram.

Ford flirts with Langston and she gives him a copy of the college's policy on fraternization. She tells him that they can't be anything other than student and teacher. Cole gets jealous when he sees Starr talking to James in their classroom and realizes that the two of them will be in class together. He and Starr leave to discuss their issues. Starr tells him that she is still mad at him because he lied to her. He says it was for her own good and that he would do it again. She tells him he is starting to sound like her father. Langston goes to class and wonders why she and James are the only people there. Another teacher comes in and announces that today's class has been cancelled because Ford withdrew as the teacher because of a conflict of interest. When Langston confronts Ford, he assures her that he will win her back. He tells her he is going to have therapy with Marty to work through whatever has made him the way he is. Brody storms in and punches Ford.

Greg goes to Toddís house and is about to tell Todd about what happened with Tea, but he receives a text message ordering him not to say another word so Greg says he wanted to tell Todd that Tea's remains are coming separately. Todd goes to Marty's office and she is in no mood to be bothered with him. He asks her how she managed when Patrick died and left her alone to raise Cole. She tells him that he will have to focus on Dani and that in time it will get easier. He is disappointed that she didnít have better advice for him. She offers to refer him to one of her colleagues but he declines and says he hates all doctors. Greg goes to Marty's office and says he wants to be her patient because she is the only person he can trust. The urn containing Tea's ashes is delivered to Todd's house.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the ranch, Victor is on the phone, ensuring that his plan will be put into action. Looking at a pic of Victoria, Victor remembers his last words with her. At Billy and Victoria’s new home, everyone gathers for the wedding. Billy welcomes everyone. Inside the house, Victoria is a ball of nerves. Nikki tries to offer her reassurance that everything will be fine. Gloria comes in and tells them that the bartender quit. Victoria begins to panic once again until Deacon Sharpe walks in. Victoria takes one look at him and wants to know what he is doing here. Heather sits at a table at the coffeehouse when Chance comes in to join her . Chance asks Heather for forgiveness for the way that he treated her. Heather senses that something is wrong and tells Chance that this sounds so final. In the warehouse, Sid and Owen look at a briefcase full of cocaine. Owen asks Ronan if he has the firearm that he gave him. Ronan assures him that he does. Owen tells Ronan that he wants this over tonight. At the coffeehouse, Heather tells Chance that she loves him. Chance promises to come back to Heather when this is all over. Victor relives happier moments with Victoria. Nick walks in and demands to know what Deacon is doing here. Deacon sees that he is not wanted and goes back outside. Chance catches the drug dealers and is surprised to see that Owen is the leader of the drug ring. The wedding begins. Victoria starts to walk down the aisle when Nick walks up and takes her arm.

Chance holds a gun on Owen when Ronan walks up behind Chance and hold a gun on him. Billy and Victoria recite their own vows. At the Chandler mansion, Paul, Nina and Heather try to find Chance’s whereabouts via the internet. Nina blasts Ronan for putting Chance’s life in danger when she finds out from Paul that Ronan is really F.B.I. Chloe also lets Nina know that Ronan is her son. Nina cannot believe her ears .In the warehouse, things are really beginning to heat up. Ronan and Chance face a showdown. Paul tells Nina that they found Chance. Chance takes a shot at Sid. Ronan shoots Chance just as Paul and Nina walk in. Nina lets out a scream as she sees Chance hit the ground. Nina yells at Ronan that Chance is his brother. Owen is also surprised by the proclamation. Heather runs in just as the EMTs are examining Chance and the sheet is pulled over Chance’s head. Chloe runs in and tries to get to Chance, but an officer holds her back. Victoria is arrested just as they begin to take their wedding vows. The judge declares them husband and wife.

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