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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Yacht Club, everyone can’t believe their eyes when David stumbles in and falls over the railing at Caleb’s feet. Krystal calls 911 as Jake hurries to David’s side. Greenlee is surprised beyond words. Ryan wakes up from being unconscious with a big cut on his cheek and right hand. Jake tries CPR on David then tells Greenlee that he is gone. Kendall finds Ryan disoriented. Kendall wants to get him out of the Yacht Club, but he is reluctant to go, because he can't remember what happened. Jake thinks that David was murdered. Calling in reinforcements, Jesse prepares to question everyone at the party. Kendall asks Ryan what he remembers about David, but he recalls nothing. Liza puts an arm around Greenlee’s shoulders, but she refuses to leave David. Krystal wonders how Marissa will react when she tells her that her father is dead. Colby tells Asher that she doesn't want to get Ryan in trouble by informing the police that he was fighting with David. Liza calls the mayor about David. Angie is more than a little surprised that David is dead. Greenlee looks around the room for Ryan. At Krystal’s diner, Marissa sits in a booth and listens to a message from David wanting to see her and start over. She quickly deletes the message. Kendall continues to question Ryan about what he remembers about his fight with David. Ryan still doesn’t remember anything. Kendall looks at David’s room and realizes that there had been a fight and tells Ryan that they have to get out of there. Iris cannot believe that David is gone. Iris tells Liza that she is the new D.A. Ryan wants to go to the party, but Kendall refuses to let him go. An officer arrives and looks in the door of David’s room. Jake manages to get Greenlee away from David’s body so that the EMTs can do their job. Damon overhears Colby and Asher talking and wonders what they saw. Natalia tries to question Krystal, but Caleb insists that they are leaving. Liza questions Jesse about the suspects, but he insists it is none of her business. Liza lets Jesse know that she is the new D.A.

Kendall takes Ryan home to the condo. Krystal lets Marissa know that David is dead and comforts her. Jesse is surprised to learn that Liza is the D.A. and reacts badly when she suspects Angie of killing David. Jesse angrily shouts that his wife couldn't have done it because she is blind.  Everyone looks at them. Marissa tells Krystal that she got a message from David, and is upset that she deleted it. Marissa confesses that she loved and cared about David. Kendall calls Greenlee and tells her about Ryan’s whereabouts. Greenlee remembers David’s last words to her in which he told her that he loved her. Greenlee leaves the party to go see Ryan and informs him and Kendall that David is dead.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Margo and Tom watch as Reid is cut out of his car and they rush him to Memorial Hospital. A weak Reid manages to tell Luke to get his organ donor card out of his wallet and then he tells Luke three words Chris my heart. Luke pleads with Reid not to give up. Reid tells Luke to get Tom and Reid manages to tell Tom he wants Luke to have his power of attorney. Tom asks Reid if he wants Chris to have his heart and Reid nods his head. A heartbroken Luke gives Reid a kiss good-bye then his brain ceases to function and there is nothing they can do for him since he has a do not resuscitate order. Luke says a painful and tearful good-bye to Reid and then signs the document giving the doctor's permission to take Reid's heart for Chris.

John gives Katie and Chris the good news that they found a heart for Chris and it is a match. Luke later tells Katie about Reid's accident and that Reid donated his heart to Chris. The Hughes family is touched by Reid's sacrifice while Luke blames himself for bringing Reid to Oakdale. Katie and Luke share their grief about Reid's death and the heart transplant begins to save Chris's life. Tom tells the family that they should all pledge to work harder to help others to honor Reid's sacrifice.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget tells Owen that he may have missed his calling as an obstetrician. He did good! The baby has a strong heart beat and all his fingers and toes. They are ecstatic. She has a perfect son, “our son”. They name him Logan Knight. Owen calls Jackie to give her the good news, and she shares it with Stephanie. She persuades Jackie that she needs to wait and let these two parents have a little time together during this special moment. Jackie gushes that she became a parent too and she is going to be there.

Stephanie fills Eric in on the details of Bridget’s baby and that Owen is the father. She’s worried about Jackie that this wonderful little family of hers is not going to turn out like she envisions. Owen makes plans to be there for his son’s little league games, his doctor visits and maybe even his first date. Bridget thanks Owen for being there for her; being patient, gentle…..he has completely changed her life. Jackie bursts in. She kisses Owen and then heads straight to the baby. She is in awe and especially when she hears that Owen delivered him. She’s so proud of him. She adores “my” baby. She can’t wait to hold him. Eric calls to wish Bridget well and Stephanie ends up telling her that despite her good intentions that this is her baby, not Jackie’s and she needs to make that clear.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ was taken to the operating room. Stefano wanted to do everything he could to save EJ. Rafe proposed to Sami and she accepted it.  Victor told Brady how he's sending Vivian to Tahiti.  He wanted to send Brady away too, but he wanted to help Brady said he hates EJ more than his principles.  EJ's hair was shaved for his surgery.  Bo showed up at the hospital to ask questions about EJ's shooting.  Stefano didn't want to be bothered so Bo questioned Kate.  He wanted to know where they were and who knew they were gone.  Stefano overheard Kate telling Bo that she thought she knew who shot EJ. Rafe wanted to go see the kids.  Vivian overheard Brady and Victor talking about Maggie.  Brady told him how Maggie warned him to stay away from him. He didn't want Victor to get rid of Vivian just to make a play for Maggie.  Nicole wanted to see J at the hospital after everything he did to her.  Stefano wanted to know who tried to kill EJ. Kate tried to intimate that Victor shot EJ.  Bo wasn't buying that.  Kate wanted someone else to handle the investigation, but he refused to get of the case.  Caroline was happy that Sami and Rafe were getting married.  When Sami saw Johnny, she told him that she and Rafe were getting married.  He told her how EJ wouldn't like that.  She said that EJ wasn't going to be a problem anymore.  When Nicole showed up at the hospital, Stefano was livid.  He blamed her for shooting EJ and wanted to make her pay.  Victor called Maggie to talk to her about his meeting with Stefano.  He thought it was a good idea for her to leave because he didn't want her to get hurt.  Vivian was crushed when she heard that. Nicole told Stefano she could prove that she didn't shoot EJ when Stefano tried to attack her.  Sami tried to explain to Johnny how happy Rafe makes her and that they will live happily ever after.  Johnny was happy.  Bo showed up at the pub.  Caroline told Bo that Sami and Rafe are getting married.  When Bo got Sami and Rafe alone, he told them that EJ was shot. Rafe was shocked and wondered who did it.  Sami looked as if she were guilty.  Vivian told Victor that she wasn't going to leave his side.  She wanted to go through with her plan to move Isabella.  Daniel finally got the bullet out of EJ's head.  Nicole told Stefano that she was with Daniel, Chloe, and her bodyguard all night for why she couldn't have shot EJ.  Sami pretended she was upset that EJ was dead.  She was in for a rude awakening when Bo told her that he never said EJ was dead.  She was so surprised by the fact that EJ wasn't dead that she dropped a glass.

Sami tried to cover up her reaction.  She was relieved that she didn't have to tell the kids that their father was dead.  Nathan showed up while Chloe was at the pier.  Nathan brought up the father of her baby.  e assumed that the confusion of the baby's father was cleared up.  Philip wanted to surprise Chloe and Daniel with a celebration about the baby.  Melanie was suspicious of Philip's change of heart.  Stephanie wanted Ian to find out who switched the results of the paternity test.  Lexie showed up at the hospital.  Stefano was glad to see her.  Daniel approached Stefano and he was anxious to know how EJ was doing.  Bo reassured Sami that Daniel and Carly were going to make sure that EJ was okay.  Bo wanted to know where Sami was last night.  Chloe went ballistic when Nathan asked about the father of her baby.  Chloe told Nathan that she had a paternity test done and Daniel was the father.  She was ready to throw him in the water.  Melanie grilled Philip about why he wanted to throw Daniel and Chloe a party for the baby.  Philip explained that Chloe has been through a lot and he was worried about her.  Now he's excited for Chloe and wants Melanie to bond with the baby.  Melanie wanted to throw Chloe a baby shower.  Stephanie wanted Ian to break in the Saint Mary's Hospital computer.  Ian suggested that she ask Philip if he changed the results.  She didn't want to do that because it would alert Philip that she knows.  Sami was livid when she thought Bo accused her of shooting EJ.  She declared her innocence by saying she wouldn't shoot the father of her children.  Daniel told Stefano that EJ was okay.  Stefano and Lexie were relieved.  Ian didn't want to break into the computer again because he could go to prison.  Stephanie tried to convince him by making him think of the baby.  She said Philip would be a terrible father because he gave his baby away.  She thought Daniel would be a wonderful father. Ian was convinced and checked the computer.  Daniel told Stefano that EJ would be okay, but he would have brain damage.  Rafe told Bo that Sami was with him all night.  Bo wanted to know why she didn't tell him that in the first place. She was upset with him for accusing her of shooting EJ.  When Bo left, Rafe said he knew what she was up to.  Sami wanted to know what he meant.  He thought it was her nightmares that kept her up.  He thought she felt a little guilt about EJ getting shot.  Bo wanted to know if Lexie had any news about EJ.  Stefano wanted to know if Bo had any leads.  he told him how he questioned Sami and Rafe and Sami was upset that EJ was shot.  Kate interrupted and said "that's all?".  Bo wanted to know why Kate reacted that way.  She thought that Sami would have had some feelings for EJ since they were going to be married.  Carly interrupted them with news about EJ.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Brenda leaves her hotel room to run after Murphy, who has been grabbed by the Balkan’s men. In the courtyard, Sonny and Brenda notice each other. A man asks for Brenda’s autograph, then pulls a gun on her and Sonny. The man grabs Brenda but she and Sonny manage to get away. Murphy meets with Suzanne and relays that he was grabbed by some men. Murphy explains how he got away and that he saw Brenda leave willingly with a man. Murphy tries calling Brenda’s cell but she isn’t answering. Murphy wants to call Interpol but Suzanne doesn’t like the idea. Murphy fears that Brenda’s life is in serious danger. Sonny and Brenda get a hotel room to hide out in. Sonny brings up that Robin and Brenda talked in Africa. Sonny asks why Brenda doesn’t have any bodyguards. Brenda tells Sonny about the Balkan. They reminisce about old times, like when they first met. Sonny wonders if he and Brenda could have a future. They joke that they both tried to call each other at the same time. Sonny leans in to kiss Brenda.

Robin finds Emma’s stuffed animal being boiled in a hospital beaker. Robin rushes into the daycare to check on Emma. When Robin finds Emma safe and sound, she reminds the daycare worker that no one but her and Patrick will pick up their daughter. Lisa wants to assist Patrick with a surgery but he refuses to work with her. Steven walks in and announces that the operation has been called off. Maxie shows up at the hospital looking for Matt. Maxie runs into Spinelli. Their conversation is awkward. Maxie and Spinelli wish each other well. Spinelli turns around and sees that Maxie is flirting with Matt. Maxie confides to Matt about her uncomfortable talk with Spinelli. Matt implies that he still wants to date Maxie. Lucky asks Maya if he can speak to Johnny but he’s busy having tests done. Maya suggests that Lucky go home and sleep. Lucky brings up Ethan. Maya makes it clear that she and Ethan aren’t romantically involved. Steven, Patrick and Lisa walk over to the nurses’ station. Patrick wishes that Lisa would resign. Robin walks up to Lisa and slaps her across the face. Patrick pulls Robin away but not before she threatens to kill Lisa if she comes near Emma. Lucky, Maxie and Matt overhear the confrontation. Matt intervenes while Steven asks Robin to leave the premises. Lisa is crying. Patrick can’t believe when Steven announces Robin’s suspension. Lucky and Maxie head to the lab to check out the beaker. Lucky wants to eliminate Robin as a suspect before arresting Lisa. Maxie insists that Robin is innocent. Mac walks in, and Lucky tells him the latest. Lisa confides to Maya about Robin’s outburst. Steven overhears Lisa badmouthing Robin. Patrick returns home to find Robin has packed her bags. Robin announces that she and Emma are moving into Mac’s house.

Jason and Dante are talking about Sonny when Carly walks in. Dante senses that the two know where Sonny went. Carly plays stupid, as does Jason. Dante leaves the penthouse. Carly figures that Sonny is better off in prison than being with Brenda. Carly mentions that Brenda is dating a celeb named Murphy Sinclair. Carly worries that the police will have no trouble finding Sonny in Rome. Jason calls Bernie just as Spinelli returns home. Dante shows up at Jason’s doorstep. Dante suggests that he and Jason work together to prove Sonny’s innocence. Spinelli is busy tracking down information from the Baker Street shooting. Spinelli comes up with a list of possible witnesses. Jason is leery to work with Dante. Unbeknownst to them, someone is looking at footage from Johnny’s shooting. At the country club, Allie, Kristina’s friend, wants Michael to join her in the pool. Michael refuses, claiming he’s insecure about his ankle monitor. After Allie leaves, Michael talks to Kristina about prison life. Kristina hopes that Michael will attend Madison. Michael brings up home schooling and online courses. Carly shows up. Kristina tells Carly about the incident with Allie. Kristina leaves to help Molly bake cookies. Michael refuses to go back to Madison. Michael believes that he doesn’t fit in anywhere.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair returns home distraught to know that she's been betrayed by Eli and feeling guilty and embarrassed to know that she did not listen to all the people who warned her about him. Rex wants to support Gigi in going back to school. But he runs into Kelly who is ready to throw her mother's ashes into her favorite river. Cristian and Layla find themselves having a dilemma between their respective career dreams and being together. Jessica finds that she cannot keep the secret from Brody anymore. So she admits that he may not be the father of her child. Natalie is similarly keeping her secret from John as well as from Roxy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis mumbles to herself. Billy hums and chuckles. Victoria can’t believe that she is getting married today. Billy and Victoria share the tasks for the wedding. Nick visits Summer and brings her a gift. Phyllis and Nick exchange some rude remarks concerning Nick living with Sharon. Victor mumbles to himself that he is doing this for Victoria’s own good. Nikki confides to Meggie that this is her daughter’s wedding. J.T. finds Mac at the bar working. J.T. remarks that she left early. Mac explains to J.T. that this is her job. Daniel tells Jana that although she and Kevin aren’t married anymore that she and Daniel can still be friends. Chance spends time with his family and feels regret that he hasn’t been there when Liz died. Phyllis writes again in her blog. Philip and Chance spend time together. Victoria tells Phyllis and Nick that she is getting married. Nick encourages Victoria to wait a few weeks, but she informs him that she is pregnant. Billy goes to visit his family to let them know that he is getting married, but they tell him that they already know thanks to Victor. Billy arrives at the Chancellors to let them know his big news and to tell Chloe that he wants Delia as his flower girl. Victoria tells Daniel and Jana her news. Victoria asks Daniel to be the photographer. Victoria asks Jana to be her bridesmaid. Nikki lets Victor know that he is ruining his daughter’s life by not being at her wedding. Victor thinks that Nikki will not marry him because of his attitude toward Victoria. Jack lets Ashley know that he is going out of town on business. J.T. and Mac argue over the fact that Victoria is marrying Billy.

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