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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone enjoys Caleb’s party at the Yacht Club. Frankie interrupts Madison calling Ryan. Kendall urges Liza to stay at the party. At the Chandler mansion, Asher looks at a pic of Adam while he waits for Colby to gets ready for the party. Colby joins Asher and accuses of lying to her when he told her he didn’t own a tux. Asher says it's just a rental. David urges Greenlee to leave town with him, but she makes up all kinds of excuses. David angrily informs Greenlee that he saw her with Ryan in the park. The guard searches Liza’s office but finds nothing. Ryan comes out of hiding and continues to search for the drawer that the key will unlock. Liza leaves the party despite Kendall urging her to stay. Greenlee denies David’s accusations that she is in it with Ryan to bring David down. David asks Greenlee if she ever loved him, but when she doesn’t answer, he realizes the truth. Greenlee insists to David that their marriage is over, but he refuses to let her go. J.R. is rude to Asher until Colby explains that he saved her life. J.R. is happy to hear that Colby is accepting the position at Chandler Enterprises. David orders Greenlee to make Ryan back off or else. Greenlee asks David if he is going to hurt Ryan. Krystal and Caleb dance. Tad calls J.R. to join the party, but J.R. refuses, then finally consents to come. When Frankie asks Madison where Ryan is, she explains that he's helping Greenlee. Kendall tells Greenlee that Liza left. Liza finds Ryan in her office. Ryan insists she give him the info. from David, because it's the right thing to do. Ryan gets a call from Greenlee while in Liza’s office. Asher asks J.R. for a job at Chandler. J.R. says he'll see what he can do.

David goes back to their room and takes off his wedding ring. Greenlee insists to Ryan that she is staying with David. Ryan angrily goes after David. Iris tells Liza that she is the interim D.A. Liza accepts the position. Tad and J.R. meet at the bar at the Yacht Club. Krystal reacts badly to seeing J.R. there. Kendall asks Greenlee what she and Ryan are arguing about. Greenlee refuses to tell Kendall. Caleb makes his speech thanking everyone for contributing to the Miranda Center. Caleb lets the group know that he is changing his last name to Cortlandt as per his uncle's wishes. Everyone applauds. Ryan and David argue and get into a fist fight. Ryan knocks David down to the couch. As Frankie watches her, Madison continues to drink when Ryan stands her up for the party. David stumbles into the party, falls over the railing in front of everyone, and collapses. Someone yells for an ambulance to be called.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

It's a heartbreaking day for the Hughes family and Katie as Chris's condition gets worse. John considers putting Chris on an IVAD machine to keep his heart pumping until they can find a donor heart, but Chris refuses to have the operation to install the machine. Henry finds Katie at Brad's grave and persuades her that she is strong enough to help Chris fight for his life, because when you truly love someone, you risk sadness just to be happy with the person you love. Katie rushes to the hospital with Henry and persuades Chris to have the operation and fight for their future. A heart is found for Chris in Bay City but John is later informed that the head of Cardiology at the Bay City hospital took the heart for his patient. Chris asks Reid to take care of Katie if anything should happen to him.

Luke and Reid have a long talk and Luke gets Reid to admit that he cares about Chris and the Hughes family. He can't watch Katie lose another man she loves because he cares about her too. Reid is determined to go to Bay City and claim the heart for Chris, and he refuses Luke's offer to go with him to make sure he doesn't lose his cool. Reid tells Luke he loves him and they kiss before Reid heads to Bay City. Reid talks to the cardiologist on the phone to tell him not to put the heart in his patient, because he will be there in ten minutes to talk to him. Reid tries to make it to the train that is coming, but when he hits the accelerator, his car stalls. He tries to untie his shoelace from the accelerator, but he doesn't have enough time and all he can do is watch as the train heads towards his car.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget tells Owen that this is the real thing; she’s in labor. Owen wants to get her into the car and get to hospital, but Bridget tells him there is no time. The baby is coming now. He will have to help deliver this baby. Stephanie can’t believe that Jackie considers this “our” child. She does not want to see her get hurt. Jackie tells her that she’s a good friend, but her concern is misplaced. She has confidence in her husband. He loves Bridget too, but in a different way. This way Owen gets his dream and she doesn’t have to raise another child. This child will have a father and two mothers; nothing could be better than that. Brooke is surprised that Ridge has prepared a very special dinner for a very special night. He states that he will not stop until he sees those beautiful eyes shine again. She says he does that every waking hour. Ridge’s surprise is happening after all…….Hope rings the doorbell and Ridge presents her to her mother.

Hope says she heard this was a very special night and she hopes there is room for one more at the table. Hope says she has something to say first. Brooke is the craziest person that she knows and yet she knows she would never maliciously hurt anyone she loves. Stephanie tells Jackie that Bridget is a very beautiful young woman and someday she is going to want to date again, maybe even marry again. This is not the hippie movement…not a commune….. they can not all live together. Bridget tells Owen that she will tell him everything he needs to do. He coaches her and she pushes…..they have a beautiful baby boy. Hope tells her mom that she’s the most outrageous chaperone she has ever known. But there is no need to beat up on herself now. It happened. She makes her mom happy when she says if it is okay with then, she’d like to come back home. They all hug. Jackie tells Stephanie that all of this is going to work out. Bridget is worried at first, but the baby finally cries and she is satisfied to hold him in her arms. She tells Owen that he was amazing and she’s never seen anything more beautiful. He’s been there every step of the way from the beginning and she’s glad he was here for the birth. This is their baby. She waited so long for this and he was able to give her what no one else could. They kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami declared her love for Rafe.  Nicole cried over her life and losing Brady.  Brady was upset with Vivian for making the sarcophagus for Isabella.  Maggie wanted to know what was going on with Victor and Stefano.  Maggie was curious as to whether his phone call was what made him fight with Stefano.  Rafe kept telling Sami that there was nothing to worry about with EJ, but Sami wasn't convinced.  Sami and Rafe made love.  Maggie was upset with Victor when he thought she shouldn't travel Europe by herself.  She thought he was using her to make Vivian uncomfortable.  Nicole tried to warn Chloe not to be like her. It was a new day in Salem.  Bo took Ciara and Carly fishing, but Ciara didn't want to fish.  She wanted her mother back. Nicole wanted to leave town. Sami had a nightmare that Rafe saw her shoot EJ.  Ciara wanted to know if Bo sent Hope away to that place so he could be with Carly.  Carly was visibly upset.  Nicole wanted to borrow money from Daniel and Chloe to leave Salem.  Chloe was willing, but Daniel didn't want to give it to her.  Rafe wanted to talk to Sami about what she's going to tell her kids about EJ.  She said he was out of their lives for good. Kate wondered if EJ went after Sami since she and Stefano couldn't find him.  He assumed EJ wouldn't hurt Sami because he loves her.  EJ's love for Sami made Stefano realize where EJ was.

Bo told Ciara that he didn't send Hope away to be with Carly.  He tried to tell her that she was sick, but Ciara didn't understand. Carly took over and tried to get her to understand why Hope is gone.  Maggie blew a fuse to get Brady to show up at her house.  He figured out Maggie's plan.  She wanted to make sure he wasn't drinking.  Gus brought over the notes that Vivian had done so Maggie's family could think she left town.  Sami intimated to Rafe that last night would be their last night together.  Rafe wanted to know what she meant by that.  Stefano found EJ's body in Sami's room. Kate walked in and was surprised.  Stefano thought EJ was dead.  Kate called an ambulance for EJ, but they wanted to know if EJ had a pulse.  Stefano was irate and threatened to kill the person on the phone if EJ died.  Victor wanted to send Vivian away to Tahiti.  He didn't want her in harm's way because a deal with Stefano went wrong. Daniel didn't want Nicole to leave Salem.  He thought that the government would protect her if she testified against EJ.  Daniel got a call from the hospital about EJ being shot.  Sami tried to explain what she meant about her and Rafe "having last night" together.  He wanted to prove his love for her by giving her an engagement ring.  Carly wanted to know what Bo wanted her to do for him.  She was willing to leave Salem if he wanted her to go.  Vivian didn't want to leave for Tahiti until she moved Isabella's body.  Victor wanted that to wait so she could leave today. Rafe proposed to Sami.  Maggie tried to warn Brady that Victor wants to own him.  She wanted him to stop being around Victor if he causes him to drink.  Sami wanted to make sure that Rafe wanted a life with her before she married him.  When he said the right things, she accepted his proposal.  

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lisa has recovered from being hit by Robin's car and returns to work. Dr Trydal is going to scrub in with Patrick when Lisa tells him that a patient is threatening to sue him and offers to take over the surgery while he handles the irate patient. Patrick refuses to operate with Lisa. The lab is delayed with getting Robin's samples to her so she goes to pick them up. When she returns to her office, she finds Emma's stuffed animal boiling in a beaker with the Bunsen burner lit beneath it.

Michael asks Johnny if he was unarmed when Sonny shot him. When Johnny says he was unarmed, Michael doesn't believe him. Lucky hears Michael yelling at Johnny and tells him he should back off before he gets himself into more trouble than anyone can get him out of. He tells Michael to leave and let the police handle it. Kristina's friend Ali suggests that Kristina transfer to Port Charles High and Kristina tells Michael that she wants to transfer but she knows her mother won't let her. He tells her that he is thinking about dropping out altogether. Ali thinks Michael is hot. Johnny offers Lucky a job. Lucky goes to see Lulu and tells her about Johnny's offer. He admits that a small part of him almost wants to say yes because being a cop isn't working for him. He says the bad guys have lawyers that dance around the rules that the cops have to play by.

Carly suggests that Jax should go to Rome to rescue Brenda from Sonny. Dante goes to see Jason and asks him what Sonny told him about shooting Johnny. Jason tells him that he has not had the opportunity to discuss it with Sonny because he was dealing with Santos Lopez but that he does know that Sonny isn’t stupid enough to open fire on someone in the middle of a public street. Dante asks Jason to help him prove Sonny's innocence. Carly storms in and not noticing Dante, almost spills where Sonny went. Sonny is sitting in the cafe outside Brenda's hotel in Rome in hopes of running into her but they don't see each other when she comes out to meet Murphy. A woman notices that he is sitting alone and asks to share the table. Sonny tells her about his history with Brenda. She tells him that it would be a crime to let true love slip away again. Brenda and Murphy go up to her hotel room. Murphy is concerned for Brenda's safety. Brenda tells him that she doesn't need him to take care of her. After they argue, he leaves and she runs after him, leaving the door open. Two men wait by a van outside Brenda's hotel with a photograph of Brenda and Murphy. They try to kidnap Murphy. Murphy struggles. A gun goes off. When they hear the shot, Brenda and Sonny both turn and finally see each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair is distraught after Eli has been burned in the fire and for not seeing him for who he really is. She goes to the Tahiti police station with John and gets ready to return to her family. Back in Llanview, Todd and Dani are feeling the same way over the loss of Tea. Starr is also mourning her since they were close but encourages her father to celebrate Tea's life. She also realizes that Todd had no clue that Blair has married a killer. When he finds out that Eli pushed Marty and got both Hannah and himself wrongfully accused, he is angry. He feels guilty for encouraging Blair to marry him for and for not finding Tea until it was too late. Brody finds out that Jessica asked Dr. Vivian to do an Rh test which she does not need if he's the father of her baby. Natalie is similarly concerned that it's possible that Brody is the father of her baby. Meanwhile, Robert Ford tries and fails to win Langston over and apologizes for how he has treated her. She sounds like she will never trust or believe a word he says.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

CBS is not airing a new episode on Monday in the US.

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