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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie watches television but cannot find a channel that will give the time. When Jesse tells her what time it is, Angie realizes it's been over an hour since she lost her eyesight and despairs that it will be the last time she saw her husband's face. At Tad’s, Krystal holds up two dresses and asks Opal her opinion on which to wear. Tad comes in and finds out that Krystal is going to the party with Caleb. Tad raises his opposition, because they don't really know who Caleb is. At Wildwind, Caleb tells Bianca what a great girl Miranda is. At the Yacht Club, Greenlee prepares for the party. David asks her to go away with him and just be together. Greenlee fakes loving the idea. At Ryan’s condo, Kendall questions Ryan about Greenlee and what is going to happen. Ryan assures Kendall that it will all be over tonight, and he and Greenlee will go their separate ways once she's free of David. Ryan thanks Kendall for standing by him through this. Madison comes in with shopping bags, wearing a beautiful dress. On her feet, she is wearing sneakers and asks Ryan to help her pick out a pair of shoes out of the four pairs she bought. At the Yacht Club, Angie still can't see but assures Jesse that this will pass.

As the party begins, Ryan asks Kendall to keep Liza busy while he searches her office. As Angie and Jesse dance, Kendall approaches Liza to keep her busy, but she walks away. Ryan kisses Madison good-bye as he leaves. David asks Greenlee to dance. Ryan breaks into Liza’s office as a security guard patrols in the hallway. Ryan begins to search the office but finds everything locked. Liza tells Kendall that she is going to her office. Madison overhears and calls Ryan. The guard outside of Liza’s door hears the cell phone. In turning off his phone, Ryan knocks over some books. The guard hears the noise and checks the door handle.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie sits alone, watching a video of her and Chris on “Oakdale Now.” Luke reprimands Reid for his treatment of Katie in telling her to go home. At the hospital, Tom visits with Chris. Bob assures Kim that John is the best cardiologist for Chris. Kim begins to panic. Kim can’t believe that Chris could die from his condition. Bob tries to convince Kim to go home and rest. Kim finally agrees. Reid accuses Luke of overreacting to this situation with Katie. Luke asks Reid why he never tells Luke that he loves him. Luke and Reid discuss Katie and her feelings for Chris. Tom, Margo and John discuss a transplant for Chris. Tom tells the group that he will go to Springfield to try to find a heart for Chris. Katie continues to watch the video of herself and Chris.

Luke offers Chris reassurances about Katie. Chris tells Luke that he will not allow Katie to suffer in her feelings for him and his sickness. Reid joins John in his office and discusses Chris’ case. Bob comes in and asks Reid why he wasn’t told about Chris’ condition. Reid explains everything to Bob about how Chris wouldn’t let him tell. Kim goes to visit Katie. Katie thought that Kim would be at the hospital. Kim tells Katie that she thought that she would be there too. Kim tells Katie to stay away from Chris. Katie refuses. Kim tells Katie to search within herself and see if she is able to stand and help Chris during his illness. Reid tells Bob to talk to Chris. Bob visits Chris to find out how long Chris has been sick. Chris explains everything to Bob about his illness. Katie comes home and sees a picture of herself and Brad. She begins to cry.

Bob explains everything to Kim about Reid. Kim offers apologies to Reid for her actions. John asks Luke his opinion about Reid. Luke gives Reid a good recommendation. Katie lies on the sofa when Reid comes home. Reid encourages Katie to go back to hospital to be with Chris. Bob assures Kim that they will get through this. Tom calls Bob and tells him that they found a heart. Tom promises to keep Bob posted. Reid offers Katie a ride to the hospital, but she refuses. Katie visits Brad’s grave. Kim sits with Chris as Bob comes in. Chris goes into cardiac arrest.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Big Bear, Bridget feels a little restless and wants to take a walk. She thanks Stephanie for driving her, but doesn’t feel much like talking. Stephanie just wants her to rest, but perhaps fill her in on how things went wrong with her and Nick. Bridget reveals the shocking fact that it is not Nick’s baby, but Owen’s…. Jackie’s Owen. She understands now why Bridget wanted to get away for a while. Brooke tells her sisters that temporarily this is the best way to handle the situation with her taking a leave of absence. Ridge tells Hope that until this media frenzy is over that this will give Brooke a chance to heal since she is dealing with a lot right now and give him time to work things out with Steffy. Not having Hope in her life is taking a big toll on Brooke. This will be very difficult on her. They’d really like her back home.

Stephanie is surprised how all of this is going to work with the three of them raising the baby. Bridget says Jackie and Owen have been so supportive and understanding and that she doesn’t know what she would have done without them. Owen shows up with some sketches that Bridget just has to see and approve before tomorrow. Stephanie considers Bridget in good hands so she leaves to go back to the city. Owen says he will stay long enough to make sure she has everything she needs. Bridget tells Owen that Stephanie was very supportive of her situation and very sincere. Ridge tells Hope that she gave Oliver a new chance and that is all he is asking for Brooke – just give her a chance. He tells her that work wasn’t the same today without her. And he talked to Hope and he told her that Brooke stepping away from the company right now would be a positive thing. She was concerned about her. Stephanie shows up at Jackie M and wants to know what Jackie is thinking…..leaving Bridget with Owen. This doesn’t sound like the Jackie that she knows being so blasé about “our” baby. Owen tells Bridget that he doesn’t feel comfortable with her up there alone and he is going to stay. She tells him that Ridge delivered her here in this cabin years ago. She thanks him for being there. Suddenly she has cramps and tells Owen that she has contractions and she thinks that she is going into labor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

The show picked up from when Sami shot EJ.  Nicole wanted to get drunk because EJ wants her dead.  Daniel threatened to kick her out if she doesn’t lay low.  Stefano wanted to take Kate on the yacht.  Kate wanted to talk before they left.  Kate was concerned with Sami using the CD to turn Will against her.  Stefano told her not to worry because he was going to take care of everything.  Kate was suspicious that Stefano was trying to get rid of her for a reason.  He said he wasn’t planning anything, but Kate didn’t believe him.  Vivian and Gus were talking about her plan to bury Maggie alive.  Gus didn’t approve of her plan.  Maggie showed up at Victor’s house to see Brady.  She was worried when he said that Brady wasn’t home.  She wanted a ride to their AA meeting.  Brady was at the Cheating Heart with Chloe.  She told him she is pregnant.  Sami was surprised when she realized what she did to EJ.  Nicole wanted to know what Rafe was going to do to protect her.  When George said Rafe was off duty, she demanded that he get Rafe to do something to keep her safe.  Gus tried to talk Vivian out of burying Maggie alive, but it was to no avail.  Victor figured out that Maggie was at his house because she was worried about Brady and not for a ride.  Victor and Maggie were talking about Vivian’s plans for Isabella.  She told him how she was going away for a little while.  Chloe was worried about Brady’s drinking.  She blamed herself for why he was hooked on drugs.  He reassured her that it wasn’t her fault.  She told him about Nicole staying with her because she’s in danger, but Brady didn’t care.  Stefano tried to convince Kate that he wasn’t helping EJ take the children out of the country.  He told her that EJ wasn’t going to do anything with the children.  Sami reacted to seeing EJ’s lifeless body and quickly left the mansion.  Maggie opened up to Victor about what she went through when Mickey died.  She told him how she decided to take a trip that she and Mickey were going to take.  He wasn’t happy about it and didn’t want her to go.  Brady wanted Chloe to cut Nicole loose and concentrate on Daniel and her baby.  Nicole flashed back to Sydney’s six-month birthday party while she was looking at a baby book.  Sami was on the pier with the gun in her hand.  She flashed back to when EJ proposed to her.

Nicole opened up to Daniel about Sydney.  She told him how she felt when she miscarried.  Sami threw the gun in the river and ran off.  Vivian left a message from Maggie to Victor so her handwriting specialist can write it down.  Gus thought that Maggie wouldn’t say the things that Vivian said in the message.  Maggie thought that Victor said in the message.  Maggie thought that Victor didn’t want her to go because of Brady, but he had other reasons.  He couldn’t tell her the reasons because he got a business call.  Nicole told Chloe that EJ confessed to kidnapping Sydney and that she’s the reason why Sami knows the truth.  Sami was able to slip back in Rafe’s bed without him noticing that she was gone.  Nicole called Rafe and told him that EJ tried to kill her and George.  He got off the phone with her.  He noticed that Sami looked “white as a ghost”, and wondered what was wrong.  Brady walked in on Vivian at the mausoleum while she was leaving the message.  Victor confronted Stefano because he had cargo that was stuck because of him.  Sami lied to Rafe and told him she had a nightmare for why she was scared.  Nicole called Rafe back because she wanted him to arrest EJ.  He said she would be protected for life, but that wasn’t enough for her.  She hung up on him.  Brady was upset with Vivian’s plan to honor Isabella.  Victor warned Stefano that he better honor their agreement or else.  Nicole panicked about her life and wondered what she had to live for.  Sami declared her love for Rafe.  The episode ended with EJ’s lifeless body on his bed.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante tells Michael and Kristina that Sonny jumped bail and left the country. Claire takes Johnny's statement in his hospital room while Olivia eavesdrops from the door. When Johnny says he was unarmed when Sonny shot him, Olivia comes in and tells him not to lie. She tells Claire that Sonny told a different version. Claire tells Olivia to leave and continues taking Johnny's statement. Johnny tells her that she is going to take Sonny's side regardless. Michael goes to see Johnny and asks him if he was armed when Sonny shot him.

Nikolas takes Brook Lynn to Wyndemere to dry off after finding her wandering around in the rain. She tells him about how her arrangement with Carly to seduce Dante went south because Dante loves Lulu too much. Nikolas offers to pay her to be his date for the weekend. Carly demands that Jason tell her where Sonny went and after failing to convince her to drop the subject, he reveals that he thinks Sonny went to find Brenda. Carly wants to stop Sonny from getting back together with Brenda. She promises Jason that she won't do anything but then goes to Jax and tells him that Sonny is with Brenda. Suzanne reminds Brenda that she has to be careful because the Balkan still wants to kill her. She suggests that Brenda move back to Port Charles but Brenda says she can't go back there. Sonny arrives in Rome. His contact warns him that a Balkan is a new player in Rome and that Sonny should have protection. Sonny goes to Brenda's hotel and sits in the garden cafe. Murphy calls Brenda and tells her that he is at the hotel so she tells him she will meet him at the garden entrance.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani is distraught that her mother died without wanting to be with her on her last few days and admits to Todd that she hates her mother for what she did. He tries to tell her she cannot say that but admits he does also. Meanwhile, Destiny and Nate know that they have to be there for Dani so they bring food over to the house. Viki and Jessica also go to be there for them. Starr and James follow them. After Starr finds out that Cole knew that Eli was a serial killer yet said nothing knowing full well that her mother was marrying and eloping with him, she is very angry with him. But James seems to know how to say the right things to her. Robert admits to Langston that he lied for Eli because he threatened the people Robert loved including her. She asks him how he could say that he loves or cares about anybody except himself. She wants to distrust him but they end up kissing. In Tahiti, Blair pulls the gun on Eli and it goes off accidentally, shooting him. She regrets what she's done and tries to help him. But somehow, a fire starts. John comes by and makes sure she's out of there before it's too late. But they are both unsuccessful, it seems, in saving Eli. Ross rushes to the house to see that they have left his brother to die in a fire.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the ranch, Victor talks on the phone about Abby’s trust fund. Nikki walks in. Billy gets down on bended knee and asks Victoria to marry him. Victoria agrees. Ronan regrets having made love to Chloe. When Kevin comes in, Ronan leaves. Billy and Victoria begin to make wedding plans. Victoria realizes that she hasn’t even checked to see if she is pregnant or not. Paul visits Heather and brings her some chocolate croissants. Paul notices that she's been crying. Heather tells Paul that she just had a fight with Chance, who was probably the only friend that she had in Genoa City. Heather tells Paul that she feels like telling all to Owen. Chloe pours her heart out to Kevin about her sleeping with Ronan when she is still in love with Chance but she definitely likes Ronan. Kevin begins to point out all of Chloe’s good points. Nina sits at a table in the coffeehouse when Ronan joins her and asks her to get Chance to leave town before it is too late. Nina refuses to help Ronan with anything but informs him that she did try to get Chance to leave town, but he definitely refused. Chance walks in and and asks Ronan why he is talking to Nina. Billy has the pregnancy test wrapped in a towel. Victoria is impatient to see the results, but Billy makes her wait, then he begins to sing, “We’re having a baby, we’re having a baby.’ Nikki tries to get Victor not to alienate another child as he had with Adam and Victoria. As they look at pics of Victoria when she was a child, Nikki warns Victor that he may lose Victoria forever. Victor points out Billy’s faults.

Victoria expresses how happy she is that she is going to have a baby. Billy is also excited. Victoria looks at the directions to the pregnancy test and finds out that it had to be checked within fifteen minutes. Victoria decides to do the test again. Chloe lays her head down in Kevin’s lap as she tells him her troubles. Heather tells Paul that she trusts Owen. Paul realizes that Heather loves Chance. Chance orders Nina not to talk to Ronan. Paul on the phone checks on the photo of Nina’s son when he was a teenager. Paul asks Heather to reconsider her decision in talking to Owen. Chance visits Chloe and wants to know what Chloe knows about Ronan. Chloe is hesitant to tell Chance, but finally tells him that Ronan is his brother. Billy and Victoria kiss. Nikki finds Victor sitting on the sofa and still looking at photos. At the coffeehouse, Kevin with Delia pick up some of Chloe’s favorites. Paul meets with Nina to show her the pic of her son. Sid and Ronan meet with Owen in the alley. Ronan finds out that Owen is the head of the drug ring. Ronan asks Owen to spare Chance’s life, but Owen refuses. Owen demands that Ronan kill Chance himself. Nikki and Victor visit Billy and Victoria just as she goes upstairs to take the pregnancy test. Victoria comes downstairs happily, and sees Nikki and Victor.

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