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AMC Recap Written by Mary

While Ryan is on speakerphone, Greenlee goes through the drawers in her room looking for the key that Liza gave to David. Greenlee manages to find the key in the drawer. David walks in and wonders what Greenlee is up to. Iris tells Jesse that he had better stay away from David if he wants to keep his badge. Natalia walks up and congratulates Jesse on getting his badge back. At Wildwind, Angie urges Miranda to keep on breathing. Angie tells Caleb to look for any medical supplies that David probably left in the house. Greenlee quickly turns off the speakerphone so that David won’t find out that she was talking to Ryan. Greenlee tells David she had a bad dream where no one rescued her. Greenlee assures David that she could never hate him. Madison visits Ryan and presents him with a gift of a pair of cuff links. They kiss. With the aid of an oxygen tank, Angie gets Miranda breathing just before the ambulance arrives. Jesse hears about the ambulance going to Wildwind and rushes out of the hospital. At Wildwind, Angie explains to Jesse what happened with Miranda. Bianca rushes into the hospital and runs into Caleb. Caleb explains what had happened with Miranda inhaling smoke. Ryan and Greenlee meet in the park to discuss what happened with the key. David approaches with a bouquet of flowers and sees Ryan and Greenlee together.

David continues to watch Ryan and Greenlee in pleasant conversation, then squashes the flowers with his feet. Frankie and Angie find out that Jesse got his badge back. Frankie tells Bianca all about Miranda as she sits beside her daughter’s bed. Bianca thanks Frankie for his help. When Bianca thanks Caleb for being there for Miranda, he talks of someone named Sonia. Bianca notices that Caleb is hurting and hugs him. David catches up with Liza at the Yacht Club. Liza lets David know that Kendall and Ryan are on to them. Liza suggests that they spend less time with each other and more time on other things. Frankie finds out that Angie treated Miranda. Ryan comes home to Madison and they make plans to go to party. David comes home to Greenlee and asks how her walk was. Bianca tells Caleb that she is glad that he is in their lives. At her desk, Liza looks at David's file on Greenlee. After she lies about what she did, David hugs Greenlee and tells her that he has plans for them.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the diner, Noah sits at a table when Reid walks in. Reid offers to give Noah a reference to a doctor in California, but Noah refuses his help. Luke walks into the diner and wonders what is going on. Noah leaves abruptly. Luke insists on going after Noah. Katie looks at pics of Nancy and her family. Margo comes in to join her. Katie begins to cry when Margo mentions about Katie and Chris having a life together. Margo lets Katie know that she knows. Katie asks who told her. Bob and Kim discuss the candlelight ceremony that they had for Nancy. Bob gets a call that he has a golf game with Leland Pierce. Kim suggests that he let Chris go and play golf with Leland. John bumps into Chris in Old Town. Chris asks about the whereabouts of Katie. John insists that Chris go to the hospital. John brings Chris into the hospital. While waiting for John to come back, Chris goes into a room and sees Bob and Kim. Bob lets Chris know about the golf game with Leland. Chris tries to get out of going by telling Bob and Kim that he and Katie have plans. Chris finally agrees to the golf game. Margo lets Katie know that when Katie and Chris called the family meeting they thought that Chris and Katie were announcing their engagement. Katie is surprised. Tom interrupts them and wonders what is going on. Luke and Noah discuss Noah’s going to L.A. but Noah doesn’t want to go since he is still in love with Luke. John visits Tom and Margo looking for Chris and Katie. Margo asks John what is going on. John refuses to tell them anything. When Margo finally insists that John tell them what is going on, John tells them to come with him.

Katie comes home and finds Luke outside her door, looking for Reid. Katie lets Luke know that Reid is not there. Luke lets Katie know that he knows about Chris. Luke comforts Katie when she begins to cry. Chris and Leland arrive at the club to play golf when they are interrupted by Reid of all people. Chris and Reid both ask each other what the other person is doing there. Reid gives Chris a stern look. Reid and Chris argue over Chris’ playing golf in the hot sun. Reid asks Chris to leave, but he refuses. Reid insists on staying to keep an eye on Chris. Chris lets Leland know that Reid doesn’t play golf, but Reid surprises them with a perfect tee. Kim and Bob comfort each other over Nancy’s death. Bob finds out that Reid had joined in the game. Katie lets Luke know that she loves Chris. Luke encourages Katie to go to hospital to be with Chris. Reid accuses Leland of cheating in the golf game. Leland leaves the driving range in a huff. Reid takes Chris to the hospital.

All the Hughes family are gathered at the hospital when Reid brings Chris in. John immediately gets Chris into a bed. Bob and his family realize that Chris is John’s cardiac patient. Katie and Luke arrive at hospital. Katie remarks that it is really happening. John asks Reid to keep the family occupied while he examines Chris. Reid informs the family that John is examining Chris. Reid tells the family that Chris wants to see them. Katie and Reid have a talk about Chris and Reid encourages her to go home. Luke becomes upset with Reid over his remarks to Katie that she needs to be here because she loves Chris. Katie comes back and looks in the window at the Hughes family, standing around Chris’ bed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie pours the bubbly and offers one to Hope. She says she’d better not. Katie would end up telling her mom and she’d blame her. Sourly Bill says he needs something stronger. Liam declines both offers form Katie and Bill. Bill quips that his wife went to a lot of trouble for this little party and now Liam can’t be bothered. Bill asks if he is an alcoholic. Liam says if he is perhaps that would be something he inherited from him. Katie tries to get Liam to not be so glum. He can’t believe this is good news. He knows his mother wanted him to find his father and he did, and it’s not what either expected. Bill tells him that he sounds like he is above it all, well he doesn’t get to reject him. He went to find his father…”well cheers, you found him. Now you have to live with the consequences.” Liam calls Bill an egomaniac and he can’t imagine what his mother ever saw in Bill. Bill says his mother was actually someone he really cared about. A lot of men would have if she had given them a chance. She made some shrewd choices and Bill says he never got a chance to reject Liam. She went to the Forrester’s while he stayed in New York. He thought there was a possibility they would get back together later. There were some calls, then some unreturned calls and then nothing. Nobody was abandoned. His mother chose to raise him the way she did. Thorne walks into Ridge's office rather dejected. He says he is Alexandria’s father. Ridge thinks that should be a relief that the DNA ruled him out considering all they know about Liam Cooper. Thorne says you know scientists, they can’t say anything for 100% but they are about as certain as they can be. Stephanie says perhaps they need to have a little charity toward Liam. She can’t imagine a harder punishment in this world than being Bill Spencer’s son. Thorne says Liam is not a bad kid. Stephanie asks if he is like his mother as she does not remember her. Thorne says she went on to be a supermodel but she was the kind of person who was funny and sincere…..never seemed to be hiding anything but you could only get so close. Stephanie senses that Thorne is disappointed. He says not really; Liam Cooper means nothing to him. He admits that ever since Darla died that he’s been waiting for something….he doesn’t know what. He loves his daughter, but she doesn’t need him likes he used to. He feels loved and accepted, but if there is some purpose he is serving he doesn’t know what it is. And then this afternoon for at least a couple of hours he thought he did….to become a father to a young man who was fatherless. He says he was already thinking of a way to introduce him to Aly as he and Darla always wanted to give her a brother or sister. Now it looks like that is not going to happen. And she should see how Spencer is treating him, calling him a weasel. Thorne didn’t even want to wait for the DNA tests. He just wanted to bring him home and ask them if they could keep him.

Oliver finds Steffy sitting in Thorne’s office and asks who she is hiding from. She must be hiding as no one willingly goes to Thorne’s office, not even Thorne. She tells him that her brother hates her. She’s controlling and sometimes she wonders what it is all for….all the tears and the hard feelings. She could let Forrester go under and she wouldn’t starve. Let Bill Spencer run the place. Life is about being happy. So she should just hold onto the closest thing that makes her happy and call it a day. Oliver says he is taking some stuff to his car. He’s not waiting for somebody to come fire him. Now that Brooke has left, he’s the other half of the scandal. She tells him to put everything back. Brooke has not been fired; just taking a leave of absence until the scandal blows over. She’s happy to hear that things are going okay with him and Hope. Bill asks Liam about his step-dad and he says he was a nice man. Bill asks the ladies to leave as he’d like to speak to Liam alone…and yes the glass is earthquake-proof, shatterproof, bulletproof. Nobody is going to get thrown out a window. Katie questions Hope what would she do if she suddenly saw her father. Hope says probably tell him to go away….or maybe she’d ask to go with him. Liam tells Bill that his mother told him nothing about him. Bill tells him not to get defensive. He needs money and he’ll make sure he gets it. Liam stands over him at his desk and asks if this is the reason he wanted to be alone with him so he could insult him more. Liam explains that his mother was in stage four of breast cancer and there wasn’t a lot of conversations at the end. She handed him a file and told him to go to FC’s. Her very last words were “handsome is as handsome does.” Bill says he was there all along and Liam could have come to him instead of accepting “nevermind” as an answer to who his father was. Given half a chance he could have made a man out of him. Maybe he could have used a son. Liam lashes out at him that all he’d do is use him for kickball. He didn’t ask about him; he didn’t look for him; he didn’t need him. And now that he sees who he is, what he is, he thanks God his mother didn’t want him to know Bill. Bill tells him that he is to report to work Monday morning in a suit and tie. Do not expect any preferential treatment because of who he is. In fact, Bill will ask them to work him even harder. Liam is aghast – so put him in a suit and tie and let him run on his little hamster wheel and cut him a paycheck every two weeks and that is fatherhood to him. Bill says no, but that is what is left. Does he need him to come over and read him a bedtime story too? Liam hauls off and hits Bill in the jaw. Bill is stunned but tells him that is a decent right. Maybe he could be a Spencer after all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

EJ didnít care for Nicoleís psychoanalysis about his life.  He wanted to make her pay for what she did.  She reminded him that his problems were his own fault because he was the one who made people suffer.  He cut her off and screamed at her because he didnít want to hear what she had to say.  Sami was still convinced that EJ would do something to her and the kids.  Rafe suggested that she get sole custody of her kids to keep EJ out of the way.  Kate was worried what EJís secret is going to do to her.  Sami was unsure of what would happen if she took EJ to court.  Rafe said they could use his confession cd.  EJ tricked Nicole into thinking that he was sorry.  When she believed him, he attacked her.  Daniel came to her rescue.  Daniel threatened to take care of him if he didnít leave her alone.  Rafe wanted Sami to threaten EJ with telling the kids the truth about what he did.  He believed that it will work since EJ loves his kids.  Daniel wanted to know why he threatened a DiMera.  She told him about EJís secret and how she blackmailed him.  Daniel believed that EJ will kill her.  Kate went on and on about Stefano making sure that Will doesnít think that she had anything to do with EJís scheme.  EJ busted in the mansion and threw Kate out of the living room.  He wanted to discuss family business with Stefano.  Will thought it didnít make sense for Stefano to hurt Sami.  Caroline couldnít believe he thought Stefano changed.  She accused him of being dumb.  Kate didnít care for EJís arrogance and refused to let him come between her and Will.  When she left, EJ told him how Nicole got the goods on him.  He wanted to take his kids and leave town.  Stefano thought he was selfish for not thinking of his kids.  

Rafe wanted to take Sami to see her kids, but she wanted to stay with him.  Kate called Sami and told her that EJ wants to take the kids and leave town.  Kate told her how she overheard EJ threatened to take the kids and she believed he would do it.  Sami quickly got off the phone with her.  When Rafe wanted to know who she was talking to, she lied and said it was her grandmother.  He wanted to know if the kids were okay.  She audio flashed to Kate telling her that EJ was going to take the kids.  She lied and told him the kids were fine.  Nicole cried about her life and why everything went wrong.  Daniel asked her why she had to blackmail EJ.  The money and her love for EJ blinded her once upon a time. Caroline apologized for the way she spoke to Will.  She tried to explain why she felt so strongly about the DiMeras.  Will thought she was blinded by her hatred of them to see that Stefano could be innocent.  Stefano told Kate about the cd of him and EJ talking about the kidnapping.  Kate pretended she didnít overhear the conversation.  He wanted to leave and go somewhere on the yacht.  George finally woke up and said he had to stay with Daniel.  Since he was protecting Nicole he had to go where sheís staying.  While Rafe was sleep, Sami left to ďdo somethingĒ.  EJ flashed back to when he, Sami, and the kids were playing cards.  He looked in a drawer for a gun.  Stefano told Kate that he loved her for why he wanted to straighten things out with Will.  She didnít believe he was telling the truth.  Caroline told him that he was too late to talk to Will.  Sami showed up at the DiMera mansion looking for EJ.  EJ was in his room thinking about when Stefano yelled at him.  He pulled out a gun and started looking at himself in the mirror.  Caroline told Kate and Stefano that Will saw the light about both of them and blamed them for what they did to Sydney.  EJ put a gun to his head while Sami was looking for him.  Sami found EJ passed out on the bed with a gun in his hand.  She grabbed the gun and shot him.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Michael tells Jax that he doesn’t want to go back to Madison Prep. Michael believes that he doesn’t fit in at high school. Jax urges Michael to get his high school diploma. Carly shows up and tells them that Sonny has left the country. Michael confesses that he convinced Sonny to leave Port Charles. Kristina and Alexis talk about school. Carly informs the two that Sonny skipped bail. Kristina is upset that Sonny didn’t say goodbye. Jax and Alexis discuss Sonny skipping bail. Kristina shows up at the loft. Kristina tells Michael that she is mad that Sonny left without saying goodbye. Kristina wonders if she will ever have a boyfriend again. Kristina is glad that Michael’s attending Madison in the fall. Michael remains quiet.

Jason brings Sam to the hospital where they run into Claire. Sam is examined by Steven. Claire wants Jason to tell her where Sonny went. Jason denies speaking to Sonny before he fled the country. Lucky tells Claire that he and Jason were ambushed by Santos Lopez’ men during the time in question. Jason defends Sonny’s actions which infuriates Claire. Steven wants Sam to stay off her feet. Nikolas and Steven talk about Liz’s arrival in Palo Alto to visit Sarah, her sister. Both agree that Elizabeth needed a break. Robin relays to Nikolas that Patrick slept with Lisa. Nikolas feels sorry for his friend. Jason brings Sam back to the penthouse. Diane shows up and tells Jason that Sonny is headed for Rome. Jason realizes that Sonny wants to see Brenda. Carly shows up at Jason’s doorstep and demands to know where Sonny is.

Tracy wants Edward to fire Alice. Maya refuses to get involved in the conversation. Brook Lynn shows up with her luggage. Tracy is suspicious as to why Brook Lynn wants to stay with the Quartermaines. Brook Lynn agrees to go back to school full-time to stay there. Tracy cringes when Monica brings up Luke. Everyone leaves the room. Brook Lynn grabs Edward’s PDA and starts transferring money into her own account. However, Tracy walks in and busts Brook. Brook Lynn hurries out of the house. Lulu and Maxie talk at the Crimson office. Lulu tells Maxie about Carly and Brook Lynn’s scheme. Maxie comments that she’s just like Brook Lynn. Nikolas runs into Brook Lynn and offers her a room at Wyndemere. Johnny wakes up to find Olivia by his hospital bedside. Robin checks in on Johnny. Robin tells Johnny to take it easy. Olivia implies that she wants to work things out with Johnny. Maya asks Epiphany how Johnny is doing. Maya talks to Johnny. Claire walks into the hospital room and starts questioning Johnny about the shooting. Olivia overhears Johnny say that Sonny shot him point-blank.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Clint meets Inez. Matthew tells Bo that Clint wants to start teaching him the Buchanan family business but Bo wants him to wait until he has finished school. Matthew wants to determine whether he likes it or not before he wastes time majoring in business. Nora says she doesnít have a problem with it so Bo concedes. Matthew is angry that Bo hired the mother of the guy that stole his girlfriend. Bo tells him that women can't be stolen unwillingly. Nora tells Bo she was waiting for that subject to come up. Inez overhears Bo and Nora talking about her. Kelly is grateful that Rex helped her find her mother's killer. Gigi comes in while they are hugging. Kelly gives Rex a check for a lot more than they agreed on. Gigi is apprehensive about returning to college at her age. She meets James on campus while they are both looking at a bulletin board.

Nora tells Cole that even though Hannah didnít attack Cole or push Marty down the stairs, she can't release her yet because she still might face obstruction of justice charges. Hannah apologizes to Marty for causing her to miss the opportunity to get closure for the loss of her child. Marty tells her that she is grateful that Hannah stood by Cole. Starr and Langston refuse to take a class that Ford is teaching at Llanview High even though it is a prerequisite. Cole confronts Ford about letting Hannah take the rap for something she didnít do and Ford protests that Eli forced him. Starr is shocked to hear about Eli and even more shocked that Cole knew about it and didn't tell her. Eli tells Blair that Ross is Bennett Thompson, but she doesnít believe him. She picks up his gun, aims it at him, and demands an explanation. He finally admits that he was Bennett Thompson and that he did everything he is accused of. He says she loves him and she can't resist dangerous men. He tries to wrestle the gun away from her. He kisses her. The gun goes off.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

While on the phone with Jack, Victor walks into the Athletic Club, discussing Adam and Skye and their plans for them. Jack sits at a table with Abby and discusses part 2 of their plan to get her inheritance from Victor. Jack lets Abby know that he has a plan. Vance walks up to their table. Abby wants to know what he is doing here. Ashley lets Victor know about Abby’s plans to go back to school and to get a part time job but she will need some of her trust fund. Tucker joins Ashley and finds her talking to Victor. Tucker and Victor discuss Beauty of Nature and then Victor leaves. Chance searches around in the alleyway unaware that Sid and Ronan are following him. Heather starts to shut the apartment door when Chloe comes in. Chloe demands to know if Heather was the one who alerted Ronan to Chance’s plans. Chloe gives Heather a warning if Chance gets hurt. Victoria calls Billy but cannot get an answer. There is a knock on the door and it's J.T. with Reed. Victoria is surprised to see them. J.T. asks Victoria if she forgot about him bringing Reed by. Victoria tells Reed to go up and check out his new room with all his things from the old house. At Jimmy’s, Billy has a drink when Mac walks up and hands him a cup of coffee and asks him if Victoria is pregnant. Billy is reluctant to give Mac an answer. Mac takes Billy by the shoulders and tells him to go home to Victoria. J.T. harasses Victoria about her living with Billy. Victoria orders J.T. to move on with his life and leave her alone. J.T. tells Victoria that that was what he was trying to do since he asked Mac to move in with him. Heather asks Chloe if that is a threat. Chloe just leaves the apartment.

Sid and Ronan listen (supposedly) to Chance talking to a reporter about the police department. Sid and Ronan raise their guns as they head to where they think Chance is. Sid and Ronan find out that it is only a recording. In the car, Chance takes a picture of Sid and Ronan together in the alley. Sid realizes that Chance is watching them. Sid starts to kill Chance, but Ronan stops him. Ashley and Tucker sit at a table and discuss asking J.T. to join their team. Ashley feels that she can put it in such a way that J.T will accept. J.T. walks up to the table. Abby becomes upset over Jack asking Vance to be her attorney to help her get her inheritance. Jack leaves the table so Abby and Vance can talk. Abby sets some ground rules that Vance will not go after Ashley in the trial. Vance agrees. Vance tells Abby that he drew up some papers and all they need is her signature. Abby signs the papers. Vance lets her know that he will get them processed. Victor walks up to the table. Victor asks Vance what he is doing with Abby. Vance leaves. Victor joins Abby at the table. Victor confronts Abby about what Ashley told him about her going back to school. Victor also asks Abby what she is doing with Vance. Ashley asks J.T. to join Jabot. After a little deliberation, J.T. accepts.

Victoria plays “Green light, Red light” with Reed in the park. Billy watches them. Billy turns around and sees his father, John, sitting on a park bench. John asks Billy if he is trying to run away. Chance pays Chloe a visit and accuses her of tipping Ronan off as to where he was. Chloe denies all accusations. Chloe tells Chance to go and ask Heather and get out of her face. Ronan join Sid and two other drug dealers. Billy and John have a talk about Victoria and Billy’s responsibilities toward Victoria. Mackenzie join Victoria at the monkey bars in the park. Mackenzie and Victoria discuss the new house. Mackenzie watches as Victoria tells Reed how much she loves him. Mackenzie takes Reed and leaves. Billy watches as Victoria leaves. John tells Billy to go after Victoria.

Chance visits Heather. She starts to hug him, but he pushes her away and wants to know if she was the one who tipped Ronan off to his whereabouts. When Heather admits to it, Chance can’t believe that she would betray his trust. Heather asks Chance to believe she would never hurt him, but he thinks that without trust they are nothing. Mac sits on the sofa when J.T. comes back from his meeting. Mac asks him how the meeting went. J.T. lets Mac know that he accepted a job offer with Ashley and Tucker. Mac cannot believe her ears. Tucker and Ashley make plans for later when Victor comes in and pulls Ashley away for a talk. Victor lets Ashley know that he saw Abby with Vance. Vance walks up to Victor and serves him with papers. Victor and Ashley have a confrontation over Abby suing Victor and Vance being Abby’s lawyer. Sid and a man discuss who will take out Chance. Ronan visits Chloe. They argue as usual over Ronan and his never being able to accept responsibilities. Ronan starts to leave, but he comes back, takes Chloe in his arms and they start to kiss. J.T. lets Mackenzie know his plans for Tucker and Jabot. Billy comes home to Victoria and explains his feelings to her. Billy drops down on one knee and asks Victoria to marry him.

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