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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jake and Amanda spend some quality time together until Jake becomes pre-occupied with being COS of the hospital. Angie joins them and confronts Jake about his not wanting the position. At Wildwind, Bianca is on the phone when Caleb and Miranda run downstairs. At Krystal’s place, Krystal and Marissa discuss J.R. and how he had reacted to the fact that Marissa wanted a divorce. Krystal advises Marissa to stay out of the line of fire when it came to the Chandlers. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. points out to Annie that she had made the biggest mistake of her life in marrying Scott. Scott walks in and wants to know what J.R. had done to upset Annie. Marissa lets Krystal know that J.R. had agreed to joint custody of A.J. A.J. runs in and joins them. A.J. and Marissa hug. Annie makes up a lie that they were discussing who would replace her while she is on her honeymoon. J.R. leaves Scott and Annie alone. Scott tells Annie that he almost feels bad for J.R. that he doesn’t have anyone. Bianca asks Caleb for the party, but Caleb refuses. Angie talks about leaving as COS at the hospital, but Jake urges her to stay in the game and fight. Angie notices that Jake doesn’t really want the position and denies to give him the job. Angie lets him know she has another plan of action. Krystal blasts J.R. for his treatment of Marissa. A.J. and Marissa come in to join J.R. Krystal sees Caleb walk in. Krystal urges Caleb not to say anything to J.R. in front of A.J. Scott surprises Annie with a present which is a new dress and he had also bought Emma one. Annie models the dress for Scott. Marissa and J.R. tell A.J. that they have something to tell him. Marissa and J.R. break the news to A.J. that they are getting a divorce. Caleb and Krystal spend some time together. Caleb asks to take Krystal to the party. Krystal agrees. Bianca visits Opal to ask her help with the party. Jake and Amanda come in and also offers to help. Angie visits Wildwind to see Caleb but finds him gone. Angie spends time with Miranda instead. Angie has trouble with her eyes and Miranda runs upstairs to get Angie some glasses. Smoke begins to escape from the air vent.

At Krystal’s, Marissa lets Krystal know that she had really loved J.R. J.R. is home alone when he gets a phone call from Annie to meet her in the park. Angie asks for Caleb’s help in bringing down David . Caleb lets her know that he is trying. Angie fills Caleb in on her eye condition and she would eventually go blind. Angie smells smoke and alerts Caleb to the problem. Angie tells Caleb that Miranda went upstairs but diddn’t came back down. Caleb runs upstairs to find her. Jake and Amanda are kissing when Opal and Krystal come back. Opal reprimands Jake for not getting the job done that she had given him to do. Caleb brings an unconscious Miranda downstairs in his arms. Caleb urges Angie to help her .

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Hughes family and friends gather for a private funeral service for Nancy which was not shown on screen. Casey comes up with the idea to spit everyone into groups of two to do a good deed to honor Nancy. Chris and Katie gather Nancy's things and place them in boxes to be distributed to family and friends. Chins insists that he won't go to the hospital or tell his family about his medical condition until the family has had a little time to mourn Nancy's loss. Chris ignores John's medical advice to go to the hospital right away. Chris promises Katie that he will fight his illness so that he and Katie can have a strong marriage like that of his Granma Nancy and Grandpa Chris. Casey and Allison volunteer at Legal aid to honor Nancy and Casey's places Nancy's ring on Alison's finger even though they decide not to tell the family the news right away.

Lucinda persuades John to volunteer to give free medical care to the people that ask for help from Luke's foundation. Lisa, Susan, and Barbara drink pink ladies and toast Nancy and decide to donate money to a charity that was dear to Nancy's heart. Tom and Margo create the Nancy Hughes memorial scholarship at a local school because Nancy worked as a teacher for most of her life. Bob and Kim decide to create a mini Library at the hospital because Nancy loved to read and thought it was important to know how to read. The family also shares memories of Nancy and then meet at Old town for a candle light service to Honor Nancy. Katie promises Chris that she will be with him as he fights his illness but she misses the candlelight service because she stayed behind in Nancy's apartment to cry because she can't bear to lose another person that she loves.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill paces the doctor’s office in trying to figure out how much longer this DNA procedure will take. Katie tells Bill that no one is leaving until Liam finds out who his father is. Bill still thinks the boy has Forrester written all over him. Eric is filled in and thinks this is incredible that Thorne may have a new lost son. Stephanie thinks it is all a scam. Ridge doesn’t think Liam has an axe to grind because of the Steffy fiasco with the Brooke tribute. Thorne calls them and tells them no word yet from the doctor. Hope listens to Liam talk about his mother. She holds his hand and tries to convince him that all will be okay.

With a smirk on his face as he is so sure it isn’t him, Bill asks the doc to give them the results of who’s the dad. The doctor first addresses Thorne and tells him that his DNA markers exclusively eliminated him as the father. He tells Bill that his DNA showed a 99% probability that he is the father. He wants to jump on that 1% that he is not, but the doctor tells him with a probability that high, paternity is virtually a certainly. They even ran the tests twice and they were identical. Thorne steps forward and says he knows Liam didn’t get off to a good start with his family, but he wants him to know they would have accepted him. His mom was a very special person and he still has fond memories of her. He congratulates Bill. No one speaks until Katie tells Liam that this can’t be that big of a shock. His mother named him Liam – Liam for William. William meet William, father and son.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Arianna were talking about Sami's situation.  Sami wanted to know why Arianna thought it was her fault that EJ did what he did.  EJ flashed back to when Sami threatened to take the kids.  Stephanie flashed back to when Ian told her that the paternity tests were switched.  Ian showed up at Stephanie's apartment.  Nathan was upset when he saw Philip and Melanie kissing at the hospital.  Kate tried to get Will to believe that she didn't know what EJ did to Sami.  Will believed her.  He wanted to know whether or not Stefano knew what EJ did.  Rafe made Arianna leave to comfort EJ.  Sami started to blame herself, but Rafe wouldn't let her.  He wanted to be alone with her.  Lexie showed up at the mansion to yell at EJ, but stopped when he looked devastated.  Melanie told Philip that Nathan stopped her from being attacked at the clinic.  He wanted to know why Melanie didn't tell him.  Ian told Stephanie that he felt sorry for the father of Chloe's baby.  Stephanie did too, but she thought Daniel would be a good father.  When Rafe and Sami started to make love, Sami put a stop to it.  She wanted to tell him why she wanted to marry EJ.  She recapped about seeing him kissing Nicole.  He wanted to know why she showed up that night when she accepted EJ's proposal.  She want on and on about all of the mistakes she makes.  He declared his love for her and is happy with the way she is.  Philip apologized for reacting to Melanie keeping him in the dark about her attack.  Stephanie showed up wanted to know what was new.  Melanie told her that Chloe is pregnant and Philip and Stephanie were uncomfortable.  Daniel wanted to know what was going on with Nicole.  He wasn't going to let her stay if she's causing trouble.  She wanted to tell him, but not in public.  Stefano denied knowing about EJ's scheme.  EJ told Lexie that Nicole was responsible for him losing Sami.  He was ready to declare war on her. Nicole told Daniel that she wanted to see that Chloe was happy.  He said he wasn't heartless, but he didn't want her endangering Chloe's life or the baby.  He wanted Nicole to pay for her crime the way he had to.  When Arianna was leaving a message for EJ, Caroline was furious.  She couldn't believe Arianna would leave a friendly message for EJ after what he did to Sami and Rafe. She thought Arianna's loyalty should have been with her family.  Rafe and Sami made love.  A nurse got smart with Nathan and told him that he only got his first unsupervised surgery because he's a Horton.  He flashed back to Chloe's pregnancy if Melanie was.  Kate threatened to leave Stefano if she lost Will.  Nicole promised to tell him what she did soon and she was going to let them decide if she should stay. When Daniel left EJ showed up.

Nathan's arm was bothering him so he couldn't perform the surgery.  Philip showed up at Chloe's apartment.  They were both relieved that Chloe's baby was Daniel's.  He saw Nicole's bags and wondered why they were there.  He thought that Nicole's timing was bad.  Stephanie told Ian that she thinks Philip changed the results.  She wanted him to check them to see if he changed them right.  She said that Philip is usually sloppy with that sort of thing.  She wanted Ian to make sure Philip was the one who changed the results.  If he did, she would keep the secret.  Sami had a dream about EJ telling her that Sydney was dead. EJ approached Nicole and taunted her.  Chloe wanted Philip to leave Nicole alone.  He was curious as to whether or not she told Nicole about their affair.  She said she didn't and Philip was glad.  He warmed her that it was better that she didn't because Nicole ruins lives.  When Will said that he believed Stefano, Caroline told him not to believe it.  Stefano threatened to expose Kate if she leaves him.  He promised that he would take care of Will and she won't lose him.  Kate wanted him to make sure that Will knew she had nothing to do with it.  Rafe comforted Sami when she called out Sydney's name in her sleep.  EJ told Nicole how he took out George.  He felt he had nothing to lose by taking care of her when she tried to tell him that cops were around the pier.  Chloe had to reassure Philip that he was being paranoid about Nicole.  They were both happy that they dodged a bullet so far.  Caroline wanted Will to realize that Stefano knows everything that goes on in the mansion.  Kate assured Stefano that she would make him pay if she loses Will.  He told her that he's holding cards, but Kate didn't care.  She was still going to make him suffer.  Sami thought that EJ would get away with what he did because he's a DiMera.  Rafe told her that he and Roman would bring EJ down, but Sami wasn't so sure.  She thought EJ would still go after her and the kids.  EJ screamed at Nicole for betraying him.  Nicole tried to defend herself to him. She said that he pretends to be a human.  She said he was dead inside.  He started at her crazily and that's how it ended. 

GH Recap Written by Carrie

An agent from Interpol tells Brenda that the Balkan, the head of a crime syndicate, wants her dead. Brenda isn’t worried about the death threats. Agent Bates asks Brenda what her connection is to the Balkan. Suzanne returns to Brenda’s room and relays that she spoke to Agent Bates earlier in the day. Suzanne wishes that Brenda was more cautious. Suzanne suggests that Brenda head to London to be with Murphy but she’s against the idea. A fire starts in the cabin where Jason, Sam and Lucky are hiding out. Lucky leaves through the front door while Sam and Jason escape through the back. Sam and Jason make it outside but her sprained ankle is getting worse. Gunfire erupts around the cabin. Jason decides to create a diversion. They all manage to get to safety. Jason thanks Lucky for helping. Lucky maintains that Jason and Sam don’t need to worry about the police.

Sonny is escorted into his arraignment. Sonny glares at Claire from across the courtroom. Diane fears that Sonny’s bail will be denied. Dante shows up in support of Sonny. At the arraignment, Sonny pleads not guilty. Diane argues that Claire compromised herself when she made the tape recordings. Dante is called to the stand. During his testimony, Dante sticks up for Sonny. Dante says that Sonny wanted a truce with Johnny Zacchara. On the stand, Dante insists that Sonny won’t jump bail. To the dismay of Claire, the judge sets bail at three-million dollars. Claire is irritated by the ruling. Sonny thanks Dante for defending him during his testimony. Afterwards, Claire speaks to Dante about Sonny. Dante senses that Claire is falling for Sonny. Carly receives a call from Sonny, who’s already sitting aboard his jet. Sonny is reminiscing about Brenda. Dante shows up at Sonny’s house where Diane is waiting. Dante realizes that Sonny left the country. Dante makes a call about getting an APB out on Sonny Corinthos. Sonny is mad to find out that his plane is headed for Colombia. Sonny tells the pilot to head for Italy instead.

Carly admits to Lulu that she paid Brook Lynn to flirt with Dante. Carly justifies her actions by saying she was trying to protect Lulu. Carly makes Brook Lynn look like the villain. Brook Lynn pleads her case but Lulu doesn’t believe her. Carly tells Brook Lynn that she’s done paying for her expenses. After Brook Lynn leaves, Carly apologizes for her behavior. Lulu relays to Carly that Sonny is being arraigned for shooting Johnny. When Dante returns home, Lulu seems preoccupied. Dante tells Lulu that Sonny jumped bail. Dante feels like a fool. Diane meets with Carly to give her a letter from Sonny. Diane wonders why Carly needs to get in touch with Sonny. Mac argues with Patrick and Robin about Lisa. Robin claims that Lisa deliberately ran in front of her car. Mac points out that there’s no evidence of Lisa’s culpability. Mac urges Robin to let it go but she refuses to have the incident listed as an accident. Matt visits Lisa in her hospital room. Lisa doesn’t regret sleeping with Patrick. Matt can’t believe that Lisa would accuse Robin of having psychological problems. Robin confronts Lisa about what happened. Both accuse each other of being psychotic. Matt and Patrick have a short talk about Lisa’s frame-of-mind. Matt isn’t convinced of Lisa’s guilt. Patrick is annoyed that Matt would trust Lisa’s version over Robin’s. Patrick grabs Robin and pulls her out of Lisa’s room. Patrick tells Robin that he’s scared of what Lisa might do next.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Robert takes James to the gym and the steam room showing him how he relieves stress and gets over personal problems. Right then, they run into Nate. Robert makes it clear that he could cares less about him or his mom and does not see them as family. But James wants to make peace with them and tells Robert he was out of line for how he treated their little brother. Meanwhile, Clint goes to find Matthew and offers him a job opportunity at B.E. He explains to his nephew that he knows that he might have the "killer instinct" that someone needs in order to some day be the C.E.O. He tells him he knows that Matthew got a bounty hunter to go after Nate Salinger and almost got him killed when Nate took his girlfriend. They agree that Bo is not power hungry nor suited for business the way Clint is. Clint wants to get Matthew trained starting now so that he can one day run the company. Matthew notices his father being friendly to Nate and finds out that Bo hired Nate's mom. He is angry and tells him that if Nate's mom has the right to work for Bo, then he has the right to work with Uncle Clint at B.E. In Tahiti, Blair confronts Eli who tells her that he has been covering for his criminal brother, Ross, but she does not trust him any more than she trusts Ross. Bo and John are ready to go after Eli and have him locked up. Starr and Langston are starting freshman classes at L.U. Langston is ready to take a writing class that she's very excited about. Unknown to them, Robert is ready to continue teaching, wants to become a full professor, and is going to pull strings to get James enrolled in school. He informs them that he will be teaching Langston's writing class.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

As they move into their new home, Victoria tells Billy that what this home needs is children. Mac gets Reed ready for school, but he reminds her of the special breakfast. Mac agrees to make him French toast with bananas. J.T. offers to help Mac with breakfast. Esther takes a pic of Chloe, Kevin and Delia. Jana interrupts and tells Kevin that he is there to pick up her paycheck .Kevin offers her a job at the coffeehouse until she finds something else, but she refuses. Kevin asks her if she signed the divorce papers, but she feels that it is hard to let go. Philip tells Chance that he doesn’t know for sure how long he'll be in town, because he has to clear up some things with Cane. Nina tells Chance to go back to Australia with Philip but Chance refuses and assures her that this drug thing will soon be over. Sid tells Ronan that he has a big scene coming up but the other guys want to meet him first. Heather interrupts them and doesn’t buy that they were discussing baseball. Ronan asks for Heather’s help, but she reminds him of all the things that he did to her and Chance. Ronan asks Heather to spy on Chance. Jana volunteers for a job at the school in the arts department on the promise that if everything works out, she will be hired permanently. A deal is reached between Jana and the woman. Billy stops by the Chancellors to check on Delia before she goes to school. Billy lets Chloe know that he and Victoria are moving into their new home. Chloe already knows, since Kevin had filled her in. Victoria visits Reed to see if he is ready for his first day of school. Philip assures him that when this all is cleared up, Chance may be able to get back with Chloe. Chance has his doubts about their relationship since she gave him back his ring. Nina lets Chance know that she doesn’t like Chloe, but she doesn’t want to see Chance hurt. Jill leaves Chance to go and see Delia before her first day of school. Philip, Kay, Nina and Murphy are all gathered at the Chancellor mansion. Murphy tells everyone that he fought some of his hardest battles since he came home. Heather refuses to help Ronan spy on Chance.

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