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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. tells someone at Chandler Enterprises that Scott will take some time off, and he will be handling things. Marissa tells J.R. that she is filing for divorce. Scott watches Annie sleep, then kisses her good-morning. Scott brings Annie breakfast. While having drinks together, Liza is suspicious of Kendall’s motives. Kendall asks what the deal is between her and David. At Krystal’s, David questions Madison about her relationship with Ryan. Madison insists that's none of his business. Ryan tells Greenlee that no one could ever accuse her of not speaking her mind. Greenlee apologizes to Ryan for interrupting him and Madison and promises to never do it again. Ryan still wants to help Greenlee with David. Madison assures David that she and Ryan are rock solid. Liza lets Kendall know that David is her client. Liza refuses to tell Kendall anything about David and Erica’s plane crash. Scott assures Annie that he will never keep anything from her again. After Scott receives a phone call, he tells Annie that he is out of the office for one day and J.R. is already trying to take over. J.R. tells Marissa how amazing she is. J.R. offers to let Marissa live at the mansion so they can both be near A.J. Marissa is surprised by his offer but refuses to move back, because she feels she needs to make a clean break from the Chandlers. When leaving the mansion, Marissa sees Colby at the door. J.R. lets Colby know that Marissa is suing for divorce. He then offers Colby a position at Chandler as long as she helps him fight Scott. She refuses and leaves. Kendall calls Ryan and lets him know that she saw David with Liza who gave him a key when he gave her an envelope. Ryan lets Greenlee know what Kendall said. Greenlee offers to go with him, but Ryan refuses to let her. At Krystal’s, Annie and Marissa have a confrontation over J.R. and Scott. Ryan approaches Liza at the Yacht Club and questions her about David and his involvement in Erica’s plane crash. Liza refuses to tell Ryan anything. At Fusion, Greenlee apologizes to Madison for bursting in on her and Ryan. Liza meets with David and tells him that she will return his papers. David lets Liza know that he is considering burning up the info. J.R. tells Colby that he is going after what he wants. Scott walks in and wants to know what J.R. wants. J.R. and Scott have a fight which Damon, Asher, and Colby break up. Ryan tells Kendall that it is over between him and Greenlee. Greenlee confronts David about going after Madison. Colby, with the help of Damon and Asher, decides to take the position at Chandler. David tells Greenlee that he will destroy the information against her if she can prove to him that he can trust her. Greenlee agrees.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Chris opens up to Katie about his illness. Katie promises to stand by Chris no matter what happens. Casey and Alison discuss their plans for their future. Bob and Kim run into John Dixon at the Lakeview Hotel. Kim wants to know what John is doing there. John tells Kim that he needs to consult on a patient. Bob wonders what patient. John tells Bob that he talked to Reid Oliver on the phone, but doesn’t know him personally. Reid meets with John, Bob and Kim. Bob asks Reid who the patient is. Reid is evasive in telling Bob about Chris. Kim walks John to his room to find out more about their son, Andy. Reid is surprised to find out that Kim and John were married. Casey asks Alison to marry him. Reid refuses to let Bob know that the patient that John is here to see is Chris. Katie urges Chris to tell his family about his illness. Reid calls Chris to let him know that he called in a cardiologist to consult on his case. Reid tells Chris to come to the hospital to immediately and Chris puts up no fuss. Reid and John go over Chris’ medical history when he arrives. Reid leaves so that Chris can tell John everything. Chris lets John know that he is the poor soul that John is here to see. Reid comes home and finds Katie crying while sitting on the sofa. Katie tells Reid that she got some bad news. Reid lets her know he knows about Chris. Katie lashes out at Reid for not telling her what was wrong with Chris. Alison accepts Casey’s proposal. Bob talks to Nancy on the phone. Katie finds out from Reid that John is back. Lisa confronts Bob and Kim about John Dixon being back in town. John orders an MRI on Chris, but doesn’t like the results when he gets them back. Chris calls Bob and Kim to meet him at Tom and Margo’s. Everyone begins to gather at Tom and Margo’s. Kim becomes concerned about Bob and Nancy when Bob comes in and lets them know that he found Nancy dead.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Liam and Bill are insistent that they are not father and son. Katie tells them they need to settle down; go out and have a few beers and be rational about this. Thorne jumps to conclusions that he might be the boy’s father. The age and timing is just right and he shares a history with Kelly Hopkins. He calls Hope to inquire where Liam might be. She repeats out loud what Thorne is saying – that he could be Liam’s father. Bill is elated. Congratulations, Thorne, it’s a boy. Thorne tells her to tell Bill to meet him at the lab at the hospital; they will both have a blood test. Bill is not ecstatic about this, but he says the Forresters are weasels and Liam is a weasel so end of story. When Liam says he is not in this for the money, Bill is sure this kid is not kin to him.

Bill tells Katie that he and Liam, a computer geek, have nothing in common and he will not let her call that nerd his son. It is so obvious that he is Thorne’s kid. Thorne talks to Liam about his mother and the fact that he was intimate with her. He cared about his mother and now he could be his father. He’s sorry for his loss. He tells him about his daughter, Alexandria, and how she lost her mother too a few years ago. Thorne says she is the world to him, but he always wanted a boy too and now he would be happy to have a son. They will find out soon. Liam has some choice – Dr. Evil or Mr. Nice Guy. Dr. Steele tells Bill that despite his denial it will be over soon and they can just leave it up to science to be the determining factor. Liam has a problem with the needle drawing blood, only proving one more time to Bill that this wuss cannot be his.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate flipped out on Stefano for lying to her for months.  Nicole and Chloe rejoiced over Chloe's pregnancy.  Nicole wondered who was the father of the baby.  Chloe told her it was Daniel's.  Sami apologized to Rafe again for not believing him.  Arianna showed up at the mansion to confront EJ about setting up Sydney's kidnapping.  She was disgusted with him for what he did.  Daniel threatened to keep Chloe away from Victor.  Nicole wanted to stop talking about her problems and focus on Chloe.  Nicole's bodyguard George showed up at Chloe's apartment.  EJ told Arianna that Sami and the kids were gone.  Arianna wanted to know what EJ was going to do.  He wanted to seek revenge on Nicole.  Surprisingly, Arianna stopped him from going after her.  Stefano was upset with Date because he thought she wanted him to divulge all of his secrets.  She was upset with how her grandchildren suffered because of the lies.  Nicole told Chloe that she can't afford her apartment and needs protection.  Chloe offered to let Nicole stay with her.  EJ blamed Nicole for everything that he did.  It all stemmed from Nicole's miscarriage.  Arianna didn't want him going after Nicole because it would make things worse.  Chloe told Daniel how he invited Nicole to stay with them. Daniel didn't look too pleased.  Stefano didn't want Kate to play victim with her for protecting his son because she would have done the same thing.  She said she didn't know how she was going to live with herself or him if she lost her grandchildren.  Arianna comforted EJ for losing his children.  She warned him that going after Nicole would push his kids farther away.  Stefano promised that Kate wouldn't lose Will.  She mocked him with the fact that he would buy Will's forgiveness.  He reminded Kate about the bargain they made before they got married.  He mentioned that secrets have a way of coming out.  She flashed back to seeing Chad's birth certificate.  Chloe and Nicole convinced Daniel to let her stay with them by saying she wouldn't be there long.  EJ was saddened when he saw Sami's engagement ring.  Rafe was willing to forgive her.  He was going to leave the pub so Sami could put the kids to bed.  She stopped him to tell him how he's always saving her and that he was her dream come true.

Daniel was upset with Nicole staying with them.  He wanted to know why she was staying with them.  When Chloe thought it was because of EJ, he was less than thrilled.  When Will ran into Stefano and Kate, he wanted to know what was going on.  When Arianna tried to make things better, he went off on her.  She wanted him to accept the fact that the relationship was over.  Sami said that EJ knew what buttons to push to get her to fall for him.  She ended up blaming herself for why she fell for EJ's lies.  She wanted to give Rafe time to process everything, but she didn't want to.  She wanted him to know that she loves him.  Daniel didn't want Nicole to stay, but Chloe changed his mind.  Chloe wanted to know why Nicole needed a guard, but Nicole wanted to wait to tell her.  Chloe said Daniel figured it out easily so she wanted to know.  Kate told Will that EJ was behind Sydney's kidnapping.  Stefano tried to play it off as if he didn't know what EJ did.  EJ asked Arianna to leave because he wanted to be alone.  Rafe told her that despite everything that happened, he still loved her.  Nicole wanted to tell Chloe everything, but she has been through so much in the last 24 hours.  She wanted to focus on Chloe's news.  Chloe was happy that Carly made her do the paternity test since Daniel turned out to be the father.  She thought that Daniel would never trust her again if he found out about her one night stand. While they were talking, Daniel came in and heard Nicole say "disaster averted".  Chloe and Nicole panicked. Rafe wanted to take Sami back to the apartment to talk.  When they were about to leave, they ran into Arianna.  Sami said she knows the truth thanks to EJ.  Arianna looked as if she could care less. Sami picked up on the look and questioned whether or not Arianna wanted to know the truth.  Nicole was able to get out of what Daniel said.  Daniel didn't buy it and wanted to get things straight with Nicole.  When Will wanted to talk to Sami, Kate stopped him.  Kate wanted to make things clear about her and Stefano, but Will didn't want to hear it.  When Arianna was explaining that she's happy for Sami, Sami's phone rang.  It was Will.  He was happy that Rafe helped her.  Rafe confronted Arianna about her indifference towards the news.  She tried to blame Sami for what EJ did.  Sami wanted to know why Arianna tried to blame her for what EJ did. 

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin accidentally hits Lisa with her car. The cops question Robin but she insists that Lisa ran into the street on purpose. Patrick doesn’t defend Robin to the police. Steven tells Patrick and Robin that Lisa will be okay. Patrick and Robin are shocked to find out about the blood in Lisa’s locker. Mac questions Lisa but they are interrupted by Robin and Patrick. Mac is sickened to find out that Patrick slept with Lisa. Mac worries that the evidence shows that Robin hit Lisa on purpose. Brook Lynn tells Carly that she broke up Dante and Lulu and therefore, deserves the $50,000 check. Carly isn’t convinced that Dante and Lulu are through. Carly wants concrete evidence of their break-up. Sonny tells Bernie that he wants to go to Rome once he posts bail. Murphy gets an urgent call from his agent so he and Brenda return to Rome. Brenda tells Suzanne that she’s engaged to Murphy. Suzanne is happy for Brenda but wonders if she’s over Sonny. Sam and Jason are ambushed at the cabin by Lopez’ men. Lucky shows up at the scene, and tells the two about Sonny’s arrest. Jason wants to create a diversion so Sam and Lucky can leave. Olivia visits with Sonny. Olivia believes that Sonny isn’t lying about the shooting. Dante interrupts Sonny and Olivia’s conversation. Dante senses that Sonny is telling the truth about Johnny’s shooting. Olivia leaves so Dante and Sonny can talk. Sonny speaks of leaving Brenda at the altar. Sonny and Michael speak briefly. Brook Lynn shows up at Dante’s loft but Lulu tells her to leave. Brook Lynn confesses that Carly paid her to break up Dante and Lulu. Lulu doesn’t believe Brook Lynn so she calls Carly. Carly arrives at the loft to find Brook Lynn waiting there. Carly admits that Brook Lynn is telling the truth.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint goes to talk to Dorian and admits to her that he feels responsible for David leaving her at the altar although he won't admit that he sent David away or that it was not David's choice to leave her. He also indicates that maybe he can help her get even with David. Meanwhile, Destiny tells Matthew she's concerned that he might be going to the "dark side" and turning into somebody not unlike Asa or Clint. He tells her he does not think ill of them. But they both agree that his brother, David, did something despicable and doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of anybody like that. However, when Matthew is alone, Clint comes to talk to him about Matthew's "future".

In Tahiti, Blair is hesitant about making her wedding official with Eli. His brother Ross comes to visit and indicates that they have a secret. She then gets a call from Kelly who convinces Blair, for the first time, that Eli has several aliases and is responsible for the death of his two ex wives as well as her mother and Blair's aunt and others who were onto him. And she confronts Eli. Todd, Dani and Shaun go to find Tea. But Greg tells them they cannot because she died the previous day. Todd knows he's lying. And Greg makes it clear that he has a secret that he is not revealing to anybody.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis sits at a table in front of a computer, writing in her blog about the real homewreckers of Genoa City. Ashley sits at a table when Lauren comes in to join her. Lauren lets Ashley know what Jill is doing to her concerning Fenmore’s. Jill, on the phone, asks the person if they made the changes that she had requested. Nikki walks cautiously into the living room and approaches the liquor on the table. She takes the top off a decanter and takes a whiff of the liquor, then pours herself a drink and swallows it. Nikki wakes up with a start and realizes it is only a dream. Meggie walks in to see if she is all right. Nikki lets her know that she fell asleep on the sofa. Meggie offers to make her a smoothie, but Nikki tells her that she has somewhere to be. As Ashley spends some quiet time in the sauna, Nikki joins her. Ashley wishes Nikki all the best on her wedding to Victor. Phyllis watches Ashley and Nikki as they walk out of the sauna. Lauren walks in to find Jill sitting behind another desk in her office. Jill lets Lauren know that she gets half of everything at Fenmore’s. Victoria sits on a exercise mat when Mac comes in to join her. They discuss that she and Billy just bought a house together. Mac thinks it odd that each has moved with the other's ex. Chloe comes in to join them and sees Billy’s name on Victoria’s back. Chloe finds out that Billy and Victoria bought a house. Victoria becomes upset by the gossip and abruptly leaves, followed by Mac and Chloe. In the coffeehouse, Heather tells Chloe that Chance is in danger. At the spa, Victoria checks her cell phone when Ashley comes in to join her. Victoria lets Ashley know that she and Billy just bought a house.

At the park, Phyllis warns Sharon not to involve Summer in the love shack. Sharon explains to Phyllis that she stayed with Nick, but now she is living in her own house. Phyllis informs Sharon that Nick was kissing some woman at Jimmy’s. Nikki visits Katherine and lets her know about her dream of falling off the wagon. Nikki feels that it has something to do with her doubts about marrying Victor again. Meggie pours herself some coffee and goes into the living room and sits down. She looks at a picture of Victor and refers to him as lover as she takes a sip of the coffee. Abby enjoys some girl time with her mom at the spa. Abby asks Ashley if she is doing this for Tucker .Heather points out Ronan’s faults to Chloe. Jill and Lauren join the group at the sauna. Heather warns Chloe about Ronan. Abby tells Ashley that she refuses to be a wife and mother. Phyllis writes again in her blog. Everyone at the sauna finds out about Phyllis’ remarks about them in her blog. Phyllis joins everyone at the spa. Everyone there reads the remarks that she made about them and lashes out at her. Katherine reads the blog about her friends. Someone reaches for a pregnancy test. Nikki comes home and asks Meggie to fix her a smoothie.

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