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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In their hotel room at the Yacht Club, David shows Greenlee that he got tickets for the party that Caleb is throwing. Greenlee refuses to go since everyone will be ridiculing David. Kendall and Spike visit with Ryan and Madison. Kendall informs Ryan that the Slater family are moving back to Pine Valley. Ryan is overjoyed. Kendall asks Ryan if it is getting serious between him and Madison. Liza tells Mayor Iris that she wants to apply for the D.A. position. Iris tells Liza not to give up her day job. Asher questions Damon about Colby and her family especially Annie. Damon asks Asher why he is so interested in Colby’s family. Colby comes in and brings Damon a present of a new cell phone. Damon acts happy, but he's concerned that he can't afford to give Colby nice things. Kendall and Greenlee meet at the Yacht Club and have girl talk mostly about Ryan. At Krystal’s, Liza joins David at his table, where they lend support to each other concerning the troubles that they are having with their children. Ryan gets up off the floor and has a dizzy spell. Madison immediately orders him to lie down on sofa. Ryan pulls Madison down with him and they begin to kiss. Kendall asks Greenlee why she pushed Ryan away when she first came back to town. Greenlee insists that Ryan has moved on with Madison. Colby comes into the diner for some bagels and encounters David and Liza. David urges Colby to go easy on Liza. David gives Colby the two tickets to the party that Caleb is throwing, pretending they're from Liza. Liza insists that Colby and Damon go and have a good time. Liza hugs David and thanks him for helping her with Colby. Asher suggests that Damon work at Caleb's party for some extra money. Damon calls the Yacht Club and is hired over the phone. When his medication arrives, Damon immediately throws it away. After Asher points out the plusses of taking the medication, Damon retrieves it out of the trash and takes one of the tablets.

Kendall  takes a picture of Liza handing David a key. As Ryan and Madison bask in the afterglow, Greenlee arrives unexpectedly. Colby shows Damon the tickets to the party, but he can't go, so he suggests that she go with Asher. Colby is against the idea at first but then agrees. Liza catches up with Kendall outside of the restaurant. Kendall invites her for a drink. Madison gets a call and immediately gets dressed. Greenlee informs Ryan about the call that David made to the mechanic. Ryan wonders why Greenlee couldn’t have just called. Greenlee points out that his phone is turned off. Greenlee asks Ryan what she has to do to make him believe she is over him. David approaches Madison and asks about her relationship with Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Barbara and Henry get married today after both having doubts about James and his role in both their lives. The ceremony starts out with just Chris and Katie as witnesses. Then Paul, despite his feelings about the marriage, arrives with Gwen and Will. Kim and Bob are also there for the wedding. Barbara, Henry, and Paul both think they see James, but they all push past their fears. After Barbara and Henry express their love for each other with beautifully moving wedding vows, they become husband and wife. Gwen and Will return to Carbondale after the wedding. Bob and Kim see John get off the Lakeview elevator and wonder what he is doing back in town. Paul tells Barbara that, after hearing her and Henry's wedding vows, he knows that they belong together. Before the newlyweds can have some alone time, Paul decides to finally exorcise James from their lives. Paul and Emily and Henry and Barbara go to Fairwinds and throw some flowers into the fireplace and get rid of James' influence that has plagued them most of their lives. Henry and Barbara head back to the Lakeview to start their honeymoon by dancing together to the song they danced to when they won the dance contest, the Bed Gees' 'More Than a Woman."

Chris is moved by Barbara's vows which mention that after surviving cancer life is too short not to tell those that you love the truth and share life's ups and downs with your family and friends. Katie tells Chris that just because she caught the bouquet at the wedding, he shouldn't feel any pressure about their relationship. Chris tells Katie that he would love nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her, but he is sick and doesn't know how long that will be.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie continues to ask questions of Bill about Liam and he fills her in on Kelly Hopkins who he was involved with in his senior year of college. She’s dead now so he can not contact her about the possibility. Bill tells her to give this a rest, but she insists that if Liam is his son that she won’t let him turn his back on Liam like Bill’s father did him. Hope tells Liam that she will do whatever she can for him to help him find his father here at Forrester. Thorne tells Stephanie that he will personally throw Liam out if he shows up again pretending to be Ridge’s son. He asks his mom who the mother was and is stunned when she names Kelly Hopkins. Thomas shows up at Ridge’s office and is at distinct odds with Steffy and he wants it on the record that he sides with Brooke on this matter. Scandal has a short shelf life and this will pass. It’s not fair of Steffy to blame everything on Brooke. Taylor and Ridge’s divorce was years ago. So was Phoebe’s death and he was devastated by that too, so Steffy wasn’t the only one to suffer and it’s time Steffy grows up and deals with it.

Thorne confesses to Stephanie that he hired Kelly as a fit model and they dated a few times….yes he even slept with her. Liam retrieves the crumpled picture of his mom back from Bill. Bill wants him to leave, but Katie asks him to wait. There is something Bill wants to say to him. Thomas gives Steffy an earful and says she has 25% of the shares, but their dad is in charge, not her. She has no right to dictate that Brooke leave. Ridge stops the argument and says enough is enough. He realizes he is caught in the middle with a tough decision but he will make it. He looks at Brooke who knows what is about to happen and leaves. Ridge follows and tells her that he is sorry. He needs her to take a break from this. The company will survive but he’s worried about her with the media hounding her now. And for the sake of his relationship with his daughter, he needs to ask her to step aside. She says she understands and respects his decision. Thorne realizes that he could be Liam’s father. Bill refuses to have anything more to say to Liam. Katie tells them they need to patch things up; it might be important. She won’t give up and Liam is beyond stunned when he realizes that Bill is in all the pictures he has of FC… he could be his father.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel and Chloe went to see Victor.  Vivian went to see Maggie.  Vivian wanted to talk to her about Victor.  Stefano was suspicious that Nicole knows about Rafe. He was in a rush to leave the pub.  He wanted Marco (a henchman) to take care of the problem.  EJ tried to get Sami to forgive him.  She kept trying to tell her how much he’s changed.  Nicole went home to pack so she could leave Salem.  Sami didn’t care that EJ loves her.  It wasn’t enough o get her to change her mind.  EJ threw it up in her face that she has done terrible things to people. He still tried to get her to be with him by reminding her that she loves him.  Sami wasn’t convinced because she can no longer trust him.  She believes that everything he says is a lie.  Vivian wanted a favor from Maggie.  She wanted Maggie to give her the name of the funeral director she used when Mickey died.  Rafe was talking to Roman about what EJ did to Sami. Rafe believes that EJ won’t go to jail since he has a lot of money.  Sami intimated that she still loves EJ, but it wasn’t enough.  EJ wanted to get through what he did because he loves her.  Out of desperation, EJ got down on his knew and proposed to her.  Maggie wasn’t able to help her because she didn’t have the mortician’s card. She was hoping she wouldn’t need it again.  To get rid of her, Maggie went to get the receipts from Mickey’s funeral.  It might have had the info that Vivian needed.  When Maggie went to look for the information Vivian found out that Maggie was going on a trip.  She put one of Maggie’s letters in her bag.  Melanie walked in on her.  Chloe told Victor that she was pregnant.  Sami turned down EJ’s proposal.  She told him that she only wanted to marry him because she saw Rafe with Nicole.  She was thrilled that Rafe cared enough about her to tell her what EJ did.  EJ still tried to hold on to the fact that Sami loved him, but it was a waste.  Sami said anything she felt for him was killed.  She threatened to take her kids and that he wouldn’t see them again.  Stefano walked in and heard Sami yelling at EJ. Sami recapped what EJ did for Stefano.  She wanted to take her kids out of the mansion.  Stefano wasn’t going to let that happen.  Rafe walked in and threatened Stefano and EJ if they stopped her from taking her kids.  Kate interrupted them and wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe told her what EJ did.

Daniel and Chloe were upset with Victor when he asked who the father of her baby is.  Victor apologized for assuming that she had an affair.  Vivian left Maggie’s house before she came back downstairs.  She wanted to get started on her plan.  Since she had a copy of Maggie’s handwriting, she wanted to leave a note.  When Roman told Caroline that EJ set up Sydney’s kidnapping, Arianna was listening.  After she head them talking, she rushed out of the pub.  Sami rushed and tried to get the kids out of the house.  Johnny didn’t want to leave. He hugged EJ before he left.  EJ wanted to say goodbye to Sydney, but Sami wouldn’t let him.  She wanted to do to him what he did to her.  Victor didn’t like the way Chloe was practically bragging about being blessed when the world is in shambles.  Daniel was ready to leave when Victor kept giving Chloe a hard time.  Victor apologized and said that the baby was family.  Chloe looked at a picture of Victor and Philip together and looked as if her world came crashing down.  They guy that snuck around Nicole’s apartment turned out to be an FBI agent assigned to protect her.  Stefano wanted to know how Rafe found out about EJ’s secret.  He told him that Nicole was the reason why Rafe found out the truth.  EJ told Stefano that he paid Nicole to stay quiet.  Stefano was furious with EJ for trusting Nicole to keep his secret.  Nicole found out that her accounts were frozen.  Victor was suspicious of Chloe being so sensitive when she should be the happiest person in the world.  Sami was concerned about the kids.  She was afraid of what he would do to the kids.  Stefano wanted to know why EJ didn’t come to him for help.  EJ apologized and said he wanted to take care of the problem himself.  Stefano wondered what he was going to do.  He said he was going to kill Nicole.  Nicole showed up at Chloe’s apartment with a birthday gift.  Sami thanked Rafe for telling her about EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason and Sam are still trapped in the cabin with Santos's men outside. A shootout ensues. Brenda and Sonny both think about when they were together. Brenda again declines Murphy's marriage proposal but she eventually accepts. They decide to get married when they get back to Rome. Dante believes Sonny when he says Johnny was armed, but he tells Sonny that that won't be enough. He asks Sonny to try to remember all the details that he can so they can try to prove self-defense. Diane comes in and threatens to sue the PCPD for infringing on her client's rights. When Sonny tells her that Dante is helping him, she says his misplaced trust will land him in Pentonville. Diane wonders why Sonny has been so careless lately. Bernie comes to the police station. Diane tells him in front of Sonny that she can't advise her client to skip bail and leave the country even if it is the best option. When Diane leaves, Bernie asks Sonny where he wants to go. Sonny decides to go to Rome.

Lisa accuses Robin when she finds everything in her locker has blood on it. Robin and Patrick fight about Patrick sleeping with Lisa. Robin asks Patrick to leave. Lisa says Patrick is relieved that his marriage is over. Patrick tells Lisa that even if Robin never takes him back, he will never be with Lisa again. Robin calls Patrick and says she wants to keep their family together. Robin goes to pick up Patrick. Lisa, who was hiding, jumps in front of Robin's car.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John and Detective Price work to find out where Eli has taken Blair before it's too late. But Price has been put on medical leave from getting knocked out. Meanwhile, Daren talks to Destiny and Nate and hears about both of their respective older brothers. He then goes to find his big brother and tells him he's proud of him for the work he does as a cop. Meanwhile, Eli is determined to get Blair to marry him and carry out his dastardly plan. Ross appears and clearly wants to help his brother. Right then, Todd and Dani go with Shaun on a plane to find Tea although Greg forbids it. They go looking for her. But her bed is empty.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jana visits Kevin but finds he is not there because he is doing something for Gloria. Kevin helps Gloria with some new software for her computer. Chloe excitedly comes in and shows him the new issue of “Restless Style” with them on the cover. Billy lets Victoria know that the house is ready and they can have the keys at any time. Victoria tells Billy that she has to meet with Nikki. Victor questions Nikki about how she slept. Nikki tells Victor that she had the impulse to drink. Meggie remembers ordering a vodka with ginger ale for Nikki. Ashley tells Jack that Victor would never negotiate with Adam. Ashley decides to talk to Adam by herself. Jack lets Ashley know that Adam left Sharon out of the lawsuit. Jack orders Ashley to stay away from Adam, but she insists on seeing him anyway. Skye and Adam argue over him suing Jack. Chloe urges Kevin to sign the divorce papers. Victoria tells Nikki that she and Billy bought a house and she is moving in with him. At the gym, Victor runs into Billy and notices his tattoo with the word “Victor”. Chloe and Jana discuss Kevin and Jana’s feelings for him and the mistake she made. Jana lets Chloe know she wants her life back.

Gloria tells Kevin that Billy and Victoria bought a house. Jack overhears and demands the money. Gloria tells him that he will have to fight her for it. Jack confronts Skye about Adam dropping the lawsuit and wants to know why. Skye is close-mouthed about the deal between Victor and Adam until she sets guidelines. Jack asks her what she wants. Skye lets Jack know that she wants all of his friends and associates to invest in the Newman fund. Billy tells Victoria about seeing Victor at gym. A man stops by Billy’s to finish the tattoo for him. Kevin interrupts Chloe and Jana’s conversation. Skye tells Jack all about Adam. Jana asks Kevin for another chance. Adam asks Skye about the meeting with Jack. Jack, Ashley and Victor meet to discuss Adam. Gloria tells Victor that Billy and Victoria bought a house. Kevin lets Jana know that it is over between them. Chloe finds out that Kevin signed the divorce papers and wants to be by himself. Chloe refuses to let him be alone. Meggie and Nikki enjoy a smoothie.

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