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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach confronts Kendall about her remark that she would like to stay in Pine Valley for the boys. At Krystal’s, Tad listens to a message from Liza concerning a problem with Damon's final adoption papers. Krystal asks for Tad’s help with Caleb's project to take down David. On the phone, David demands to know from the mechanic where he is and why he won’t return his calls. Greenlee comes to visit Ryan and lets him know that David is calling the mechanic. Greenlee tells Ryan that she wishes David were dead. Madison walks in and overhears her. Zach tells Bianca that Kendall is very good at pretending about how she feels about staying in Pine Valley. Tad tells Caleb that he is wasting his time in trying to find a way to bring down David. Madison fills Greenlee in on her life with Henry. Tad interrupts Liza and David’s conversation and finds out she lied to get him to meet her. David defends Liza by telling Tad she loves him. Thinking everyone's out, Krystal invites Caleb home for dinner. Caleb questions Krystal about living in the house with her ex-husband. Zach and Kendall arrive home and meet with Artie, who wants to buy their home and make drastic changes to it. Kendall refuses to let the man buy the house. Zach tells Kendall that he has another buyer for their home that will leave it like it is. Zach shows Kendall a picture of himself, Kendall, and the boys. Krystal and Caleb have a drink while the grill is getting hot to cook some steaks. Not wanting her to go back to David, Madison urges Greenlee to have dinner with them. Liza offers to talk to Marissa for David. Tad interrupts Krystal and Caleb. While Caleb puts the steaks on, Tad advises Krystal against getting involved with him. Ryan and Greenlee get very close when Madison yells for Ryan to help her. Zach lets Kendall know that they will move back to Pine Valley if she will agree to spend three weeks on the yacht with him. Kendall agrees.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie tells Jacob to sleep tight as Reid comes out of bathroom. Reid asks Katie if she used his toothbrush by mistake. Katie confesses to him that Chris probably used it. Reid asks Katie if she slept with Chris. By the look on her face, Chris realizes that she did and then tells her that she shouldn’t have done that. At the hospital, Chris meets Luke, who had been to a budget meeting. Chris lets Luke know that he is there more than him. Luke asks Chris how he is doing. Luke tells Chris that he knows about his condition and he is putting Reid in a difficult position because of it. At Fairwinds, Emily lets Gwen know she had found the bear. Emily asks Gwen and Will to spend a couple of more days, but Gwen refuses. Gwen lets Emily know that they are going to Iris’ custody hearing and when she is denied bail, they are taking off. Barbara hears a knock on the door and thinks it is room service with the oysters. Instead it is Paul, who wants to talk to Barbara, but when he finds out about the oysters, he changes his mind and leaves. Henry comes out of the bathroom and asks if that was room service. Instead, Barbara tells him that it was Paul. Henry lets Barbara know that he wants to go public with their engagement and impending marriage. They kiss. Reid cautions Katie about getting too involved with Chris. Chris comes to visit Katie. Katie cautions Chris that he used Reid’s toothbrush and Reid was upset by it.

Paul and Emily are in the living room of Fairwinds when Barbara and Henry walk in. Gwen and Will also join them. Henry lets everyone in the room know that he and Barbara are getting married. Everyone is speechless and no one offers the couple congratulations. Emily finally finds her voice and congratulates Barbara and Henry. Paul is dead set against them getting married. Luke visits Reid and finds Chris there. Chris is in the bedroom when Gwen walks in. Gwen asks what is he feeling. Katie walks in and gives Reid a new toothbrush and hopes he is happy now. Katie and Chris leave, thus leaving Luke alone with Reid . Reid lets Luke know that Katie is falling in love with Chris. Luke and Reid kiss and sit down on the sofa, but the mood is spoiled when Reid sits down on one of Jacob’s toys. Paul argues with Henry that Barbara will be cursed if she goes through with this marriage. Will visits Parker to say good-bye. They discuss their father when Parker shows him his picture. Will lets Parker know that Barbara is getting married to Henry. In Old Town, Katie and Chris talk to the lady about preschool for Jacob. The woman is called away for a minute. The lady comes back with another lady and asks Chris to move a bench for them. Chris tries to move it and has a chest pain. Katie notices and asks him what is going on. Chris pretends he is just hot. While Katie goes to get him some water, Chris leaves. Paul urges Henry not to marry Barbara. Katie comes to the hospital looking for Chris and finds him in a room using oxygen. Luke tells Reid about Chris needing oxygen. Reid immediately calls Dr. John Dixon.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Steffy that she loves her. She helped raise her and she hates they don’t get along any more, but Steffy won’t meet her half way. There has to be some way they can mend these wounds. She will try anything. Steffy tells her that she did rip her family apart and perhaps it would be good if she left the company until this media frenzy dies down. Liam suddenly shows up at Ridge’s office and offers his help since he heard they are suing Spencer Publications. He owes him an apology too for saying that Ridge was his father. He hopes he won’t hold it against him. He states that Hope is very special and he’d like to ask her out if he has Ridge’s permission. Hope overhears this and tells him that he’s very sweet. She grabs him by the arm and tells him to come with her. They have a close conversation on the Sky Roof. Steffy finds Thomas in a foul mood. By time Marcus joins in on the mix of how the media is throwing water on him, Steffy says he can help her settle this situation. Brooke tells Ridge that she tried with Steffy, but she is insistent that she leave the company. Ridge tells her despite all that has happened, Brooke belongs there and he won’t let her leave.

Katie walks in before Jarrett can say much more, but enough to be curious about the lawsuit against them and Liam’s involvement. Bill says Liam is a weasel and he doesn’t like weasels so he’s going to find out as much as he can about him. Bill is shocked that Liam may be short for William…….no way. But he tells Katie that Kelly Hopkins is his mother and Liam may be his son. Steffy shows Ridge what happened to Marcus. They have to do something. None of them are safe now from the media. Jarrett comments to Bill that it wasn’t hard to trace Liam’s parentage down, but he’s surprised to find that Bill was involved with his mother too. Steffy presses it more and more that the media is getting worse and worse. Scandal defines them now and it’s all because of Brooke. She is begging him to do what is right for all of them – the family, the company and even Brooke. Just make her leave until this blows over. He’s CEO. He knows what he has to do. Brooke has to go today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The episode picked up from Dr. Baker's trial.  Dr. Baker's attorney called Hope to the stand. Vivian and Gus were talking about her plan to put Maggie in the sarcophagus.  Rafe wanted to play the CD.  EJ tried to get Sami not to listen to the CD.  Sami felt she had to listen to it.  Kate wanted Stefano to tell her why Rafe stopped the wedding.  Sami wanted to hear the CD so EJ wouldn't have this over her head.  He didn't want Rafe to play the CD in his house. Sami refused to marry him until she heard the CD.  Dr. Baker grilled Hope when she testified.  Bo was tired of hearing what the lawyer was doing to Hope so he interrupted.  Stefano claimed he didn't know why Rafe stopped the wedding.  Kate didn't believe it.  EJ stopped the CD before Sami could hear his confession.  She heard enough to know that EJ did something to her.  The judge threatened to throw Bo out of the courtroom if he kept interrupting the case. Dr. Baker's lawyer went back to grilling Hope.  He grilled her about Hope's mental state during and after the attacks.  Dr. Baker interrupted his lawyer when he grilled Hope.  Dr. Baker fired him when he kept attacking Hope.  When Dr. Baker had enough, he decided to plead guilty.  He didn't want Hope to keep going through what his lawyer was doing to him.  When Stefano was ready to get some air, he saw Nicole walk in the pub.  EJ still tried to tell Sami that Rafe manufactured the CD to make him look bad.  Sami was getting annoyed with him telling her not to listen to the CD.  She wanted to listen to the CD.  Maggie unintentionally helped Vivian's plan by deciding to leave Salem.  Gus was concerned that people would wonder why she disappeared out of the blue.  Dr. Baker didn't want Hope to be punished for what she wasn't aware of doing.  He blamed himself as well as Bo for why Hope did what she did.  Sami finally got to hear the rest of the CD.

The court accepted Dr. Baker's plea and will sentence him later.  Hope had to wait until her transport came back before she could leave.  Carly left to go to the hospital.  Roman left to check on Sami. This left Bo and Hope time to be alone.  He apologized to her for the way Dr. Baker's trial went.  Sami was appalled with EJ for what he did.  She made Rafe leave.  He wanted her to go with him to take the CD to the police.  EJ said that it wasn't admissible.  Sami still wanted Rafe t leave so she could be alone with EJ.  Rafe obliged her and left.  Sami wanted EJ to look her in the eye and admit to taking Sydney.  He admitted to what he did.  Bo tried to get Hope to realize that she was not the person who attacked people.  Stefano demanded to know why Nicole was with Rafe and why he was upset.  Sami remembered when Nicole denied kidnapping Sydney, but they wouldn't believe her.  She also remembered the times when EJ comforted her.  EJ tried to justify his actions by throwing up in her face that she let him think their baby was dead.  She denied telling him that their baby was dead.  He spat at her that she did let him think their baby was dead.  Nicole lied to Stefano about knowing what Rafe is up to.  EJ threw it up in Sami's face that she kept Grace from him until she died.  He expressed his anger about the way he felt when she kept the truth from him.  Sami tried to justify why she kept her pregnancy from him.  She also thought EJ should have been happy that Sydney was alive instead of getting revenge.  She called him a monster.  He scoffed at that and told her that he has changed and she knows it.  Bo had a dream about Hope wanting him to save her.  Roman ran into Rafe at the pier.  Rafe gave Roman the disk of EJ's confession.  EJ told Sami how he had initially wanted to take the kids and run.  He was upset that the person he loved deceived him.  Sami said he didn't know the meaning.  He reminded her of all the happy times they had since then.  She thought it was all an act.  He declared his love, but Sami didn't care.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael figures out that Carly hired Brook Lynn to break up Dante and Lulu. Dante asks Maya about Johnny's condition and she tells him that Johnny might not survive. Olivia goes to sit with Johnny in the hospital. She tells him that she loves him and wants to be with him no matter what side of the law he is on. She asks Dante if he thinks Johnny was unarmed when Sonny shot him, but Dante tells her that he doesn’t know what to think. Dante goes to the police station and tells Sonny that they don't have any evidence that indicates that Johnny was armed but Sonny sticks to his self-defense story. He tells Dante that he learned from his experience with shooting Dante that an unarmed opponent doesn’t need to be met with lethal force. He says he isn’t asking Dante to believe him as a cop, but as a son. Diane tells Sonny that he is looking at an attempted murder charge with bail unlikely. Diane tells Sonny that Jason has disappeared so he can't help. Meanwhile, someone shoots at Jason and Sam at an old house in the woods.

Nikolas overhears Elizabeth telling their infant that she is willing to stay at Wyndemere because she wants the children to be happy. Nikolas calls Elizabeth's sister, Sarah and asks her to come get Elizabeth away from Wyndemere because she is unhappy. Later Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Sarah invited her to visit her in Northern California and Nikolas insists that she go. Robin starts packing Patrick’s things. Patrick tells her he isn’t going to give up on their family. Lisa goes to the police station to get a restraining order against Robin but after talking to Lucky, she changes her mind. She goes back to the hospital and Steve suggests that she take some time off. She tells him she doesn’t care what other people think. Then when she opens her locker, she finds blood splattered over everything in it.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

David is being held prisoner in Morocco, and surprisingly Clint is behind it. He informs David that he won't let him take his family's fortune and share it with Dorian, regardless of whether David is Bo's biological son. Clint also smugly tells David, he's made Dorian believe that David has left her at the alter and after that, David must know that she is not about to care where he is or what has happened to him. Neither will Bo when everybody believes that David is a no good person and has no way of proving otherwise. Meanwhile, Dorian is emotionally devastated. Starr and Langston stand by her side and support her although they both have incomplete issues in their lives; Starr with the dilemma of whether to stay with Cole or admit her feelings for James, and Langston with not knowing who is right for her. Eli has Blair with him in Tahiti and she wants him to believe she trusts him. But the cops are ready to find him at any cost.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy and Victoria wake up together in the trailer. Victoria begins to sob. On the phone, Meggie says she will give Nikki the message on the head count. Victor comes in and wants to know what head count. Meggie tells Victor that Nikki is chairing the committee for a benefit for arts in school program. Meggie tells Victor how glad that she is to be here and to have friends like them. Nikki walks in and tells Meggie that that is sweet. Ashley, on the phone, tells the person to send her the revised estimates as soon as possible. Tucker comes in and they begin to kiss. Ashley lets Tucker know that the figures are up. Abby tells Jack that there is a new boutique opening up in London and they want the Naked Heiress, but she has to pay her own way. Skye tells Adam about all the zeroes and how much fun it will be to play with Jack’s money. Adam wonders why Skye would want Jack as an investor. Jack visits Victor to let him know that he got a judge to separate the Newmans from the Abbotts in the lawsuit. Victor refuses to let Jack know what he has been up to concerning Adam. Victor meets with Adam and Vance. Kay calls Nikki to meet with her to discuss wedding plans. Meggie asks if she can tag along. Victoria complains about the amount of space in the trailer, since she won’t have room for Reed when he sleeps over. Billy offers to buy a house. Meggie lets Kay know that it is nice to meet her. Gloria tells Meggie that it was Kevin who rescued Katherine. Nikki and Katherine discuss wedding plans. Katherine offers Nikki the use of her mansion for the wedding. Nikki accepts. Adam demands an offer from Victor, but he refuses. Jack lets Ashley know that he didn’t know that she and Tucker were an item. Tack demands to be Co-CEO of Jabot before he will divulge any information on Beauty of Nature. Tucker agrees. Jack tells Tucker about Abby being their secret weapon against Victor. Abby asks Ashley for some of her money, but once again, Ashley refuses. Gloria tells Billy that she is their realtor. Gloria shows Billy and Victoria a home with the “Father Knows Best” theme. Meggie orders Nikki a vodka and ginger ale. Billy decides to buy the home. Ashley tells Jack that Adam dropped the lawsuit against the Newmans. Victor joins Nikki and Katherine and finds out that their wedding is going to be at the Chancellor estate.

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