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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Zach meet at the Yacht Club to discuss selling their house. Asher searches around Tad’s home when Damon comes in. Damon tells Asher that he damaged Tad’s new car. At Krystal’s restaurant, Marissa tells her mom that she told J.R. the truth about her and Scott, and her marriage is over. In the park, J.R. hits Scott and he falls to the ground. Scott tries to explain everything to Annie. J.R. lets Scott and Annie know that it is over between him and Marissa. Colby tries to talk Marissa into staying with J.R. and working it out. Colby tells Marissa that J.R loves her. When Tad walks in, Asher takes the blame for Damon. Zach lets Kendall know that he is selling their home. Kendall gets up and leaves. Liza joins Zach and reprimands him for not letting her know that he was in town. Marissa opens up about her feelings for J.R. Scott tries, once again, to explain things to Annie. Kendall and Opal talk about the end of summer barbeque and if Kendall will be in town for it. Asher promises to pay for repairs to Tad's car. Damon promises to reimburse his new friend. J.R. and Annie talk but she still insists on marrying Scott. Annie wants to know why J.R. is doing this to her.

Kendall spends time with Bianca and lets her know that she would love to stay in town to help plan Erica’s wedding. When they run into each other in the park, Colby tells Asher about Annie and her many marriages to her family members and now she is marrying Scott. Damon joins Colby and Asher. Colby offers Asher a room at the Yacht Club. Annie and Scott talk seriously about their life. Scott lets Annie know that he only loves and wants her. Annie and Scott set ground rules in their wedding vows to each other while J.R. watches. Colby lets Tad know that Asher can be trusted. Kendall and Bianca reminisce. Zach overhears their conversation about Kendall wanting to stay in town. In his room at the Yacht Club, Asher reads a note about finding his family. Annie and Scott are finally pronounced husband and wife by the justice of the peace.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Craig and Lily argue over the fact that she doesn’t want to become involved with him. Lucinda reminds Ralph that he is only out of jail because she managed to get him out. Ralph asks Lucinda to go away with him. Jack and Carly look at a license which reads “Elvis 18.” Jack overhears the driver talking to someone on the cell phone. Jack tells Carly that something is going down and he doesn’t know what. Dusty struggles with the henchmen. Janet and Blackie stand right outside the door. When Dusty yells for her to run, Janet hears him. Janet yells for Dusty. The henchmen beat Dusty unconscious. Blackie holds a gun on Janet and makes her do as he says. At the ranch, Faith and Holden discuss Lily going away with Craig. Faith urges Holden to go after Lily and bring her home. Lily figures out that Craig is only using her to get back at Lucinda for what she did to Craig. Ralph threatens to turn Lucinda in to the F.B.I unless she goes away with him. Lucinda stands her ground and refuses to go away with Ralph. Jack and Carly search for Dusty and find blood in the pantry. Janet tries to talk to Blackie, but he refuses to listen to her. Janet sees Dusty and yells for him. Dusty manages to get away from his captors and goes after Blackie. Blackie holds a gun on Janet. Janet stomps on Blackie’s toes so she can escape. Dusty attacks Blackie who manages to get the gun and hold it on Dusty. Holden tells Faith that she has a lot to learn when it comes to relationships. Lily refuses to buy into Craig’s schemes. Craig lets Lily know that his feelings for her are genuine. Craig insists that Lily take a chance on him and his feelings for her. Jack shoots at Blackie. Janet begins to have pains in her stomach and cannot breathe.

Dusty helps Janet while Carly calls for an ambulance. Jack sees Blackie run off and goes after him. The two henchmen turn on Blackie and let him know that he is not in charge anymore. Craig tells Lily what Lucinda did to him. Craig also tells Lily that Blackie worked for Ralph Manzo. Lily threatens to end their partnership and go home. Faith tells Holden to go to Avalon Castle to bring Lily home. Holden refuses to go after Lily, but does admit that he still loves her. The EMTs check out both Dusty and Janet. Jack barges into a room and finds Ralph sitting on a bed. Jack questions Ralph as to how he got out of jail. Ralph refuses to give him any info. Jack relives when he shot Brad. Carly goes to see about Jack and finds him holding a gun on Ralph. Jack backs down from shooting Ralph because of Carly. The police arrest Ralph. Lily comes home to Holden. Faith watches them. Craig and Lucinda have a talk that Lily went home. Ralph denies knowing Lucinda when questioned by Craig as to their involvement. Janet tells Dusty that she wants him back and wants to go home. Carly asks Jack why he didn’t shoot Ralph. Jack tells her that it was because of her. They kiss and lie down on the bed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aggie hugs Nick and says he has always been there for her and she will be there for him now. Nick tells Whip, Jackie and Amber that without Owen and Bridget they have lost their edge. Now they will have to step up the fight with the competition. They won’t exploit the confrontation over at FC. Jackie asks Nick if the pep talk was for them or for himself. She overheard him talking to Aggie previously and she knows that Aggie cares for him, but that is not where his heart is. Ridge tells his group that the only way they will survive this challenge is to work together as a team. He tells then that Brooke stays; they are done with this meeting. Steffy tells Stephanie maybe Ridge has had all he wants to say, but this is not over. She is not finished. She says he is not interested in running the company with them. He only wants Brooke. She has leverage to go up against her dad and if that is what it takes she will do it. They pushed Brooke out of the Bedroom Line so they have to keep on pushing.

Nick tells Jackie that he doesn’t wish to discuss his love life. And he is not involved with Aggie. He will be taking it slow. He and Brooke discussed it, and he just doesn’t think marriage is in the cards for him. Ridge tells Brooke that Steffy is acting like she did when she was a little girl. She’ll get over this in time and see how much he wants her to change her attitude. Maybe Brooke can reach out and makes things better. He has complete faith in her so he’d like her to try. Brooke seeks out Steffy. She knows why Brooke is there; her dad forced her to make nice, but she doesn’t have to pretend with Steffy. There is no way they are ever going to work in harmony….ain’t gonna happen. Brooke tells her that her father loves her and she knows she loves him too, so she has the power to make peace in this family. She is not in competition. She can not force Brooke out and she can’t drive them apart. If she continues with this, she will learn what Stephanie already has. Ridge will always support Brooke; they can not tear them apart. Stephanie tells Ridge that having Brooke here is putting the company in jeopardy again for a scandal. Eventually she is going to come between him and his daughter.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The episode picked up where it left off in Tuesday's episode.  Rafe taunted EJ about the proof he has about EJ's dirty deed.  Bo and Roman were at the court for Dr. Baker's trial.  Bo was clearly disgusted with Dr. Baker when he walked in the courtroom.  Victor was in no mood to talk to Vivian about the sarcophagus she set up for Isabella.  His mood brightened up when Maggie showed up.  That didn't sit well with Vivian at all.  Nicole was desperate to talk to Brady. EJ tried to play the innocent one with Sami. He denied doing anything.  Dr. Baker and Bo got into an argument about Hope.  Nicole told Brady that EJ was going to kill her.  Rafe finally spat out that EJ set up Sydney's kidnapping.  Sami could have been pushed by a feather because she was so shocked.  Roman warned Bo not to take Dr. Baker's bait and hit him.  He wanted Bo to think about Hope.  Bo declared that Hope was all he was thinking about.  That news didn't sit well with Carly.  EJ tried to deny setting up Sydney's kidnapping.  Sami predictably sided with EJ. Rafe tried to recap the night EJ brought Sydney back.  He questioned EJ's action during that night.  Sami wasn't convinced that EJ would do that to her.  EJ tried to poke his chest out and throw Rafe out.  Rafe was willing to leave after he played the tape for Sami.  EJ's eyes were as big as quarters.  Dr. Baker's trial was under way.  Bo was ready to make him pay if the judge didn't do his job. Nicole told Brady that she gave Rafe proof to put EJ away and make him lose his kids. Rafe played the tape for EJ and Sami to hear.  You could hear Nicole starting to confess to EJ's secret.  EJ quickly snatched the tape out of Rafe's hand before Nicole got to the important part about what he did.  Dr. Baker's lawyer made mincemeat out of Roman when he was testifying.  Roman tried to make things right for Hope.  Roman and Carly had to leave court which left Bo alone to think of what to do about Dr. Baker.  Nicole told Brady about EJ's secret and how she blackmailed him.  Brady was upset with her for not telling Sami the truth.  Nicole couldn't take his yelling so she told him how Rafe is stopping the wedding. Sami didn't want to believe Rafe's proof because it was Nicole.  She thought he could have set it up to make EJ look bad.  Rafe was appalled that she would think that about him.  He told her he loved her and that set her off.  She hauled off and slapped him much to EJ's delight.

Bo threatened Dr. Baker.  He was upset because Dr. Baker didn't try to help Hope.  Dr. Baker tried t make Bo feel guilty for throwing Hope away.  Nicole didn't get the reaction she thought she would from Brady when she told him the "truth".  He was not willing to help her.  He was only willing to give her the advice to turn herself in to the police.  EJ was so cocky after Sami slapped Rafe.  Rafe tried to tell her why he was with Nicole since that was why she wouldn't believe him. Rafe reminded her that he has never lied to her the way EJ has.  He also tried to focus her attention on the hate that was in EJ's eyes at Grace's funeral.  He declared his love for her again and wanted to know who she believed.  EJ stood at the door panicked over Sami's decision. Bo was called to testify at the trial.  Vivian met Gus at the mausoleum to discuss their plans.  Brady said he was done with Nicole.  That news delighted Victor and he wanted a drink to celebrate the news. EJ convinced Sami that he is a changed man.  Sami bought what EJ was saying and wanted Rafe to leave.  Rafe wasn't ready to leave because he had more proof.  Dr. Baker's attorney tried to make Bo look bad for what Hope has done.  He wanted to address that.  He praised Hope for being a good mother and wife until she got lost. He blamed Dr. Baker for what happened to Hope, which was not music to Carly's ears.  This cause her to cry.  Maggie saw Brady at the pub drinking.  She tried to stop him.  Victor confessed to Nicole that he was why Rafe got the better of her.  Rafe had another CD to play for Sami.  He wanted her to hear EJ confessing to Stefano about kidnapping Sydney and why he did it.  This piqued Sami's interest.  Dr. Baker called Hope as one of his witnesses.  Vivian and Gus burying Maggie alive.  Gus didn't like the idea of burying Maggie alive.  Maggie was upset that Brady was drinking.  She wanted to take him to an AA meeting. EJ tried to get Sami not to listen to the CD, but it didn't work.  She wanted to hear Rafe's proof.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Dante wakes up from a nightmare involving Brook Lynn. Dante is irritated when Lulu shows up with breakfast and coffee for Michael. Dante apologizes for the incident with Brook Lynn. Michael defends Dante in front of Lulu. Michael thanks Lulu for breakfast before heading out the door. Dante swears that he would never cheat on Lulu. Brook Lynn knocks on Dante’s front door. With Lulu as a witness, Dante makes it clear to Brook Lynn that he isn’t romantically interested in her. Before leaving, Brook Lynn reminds Dante that she’ll be waiting for him when he breaks up with Lulu. Lulu is irritated by Brook Lynn’s arrogance. Lulu says that she needs some space away from Dante. Dante proclaims his love to Lulu. Lulu and Dante make up. Michael runs into Brook Lynn at the diner. Michael confronts Brook Lynn about working with Carly to break up Dante and Lulu.

Jason and Sam wake up in the woods. They manage to find a deserted cabin. Jason and Sam sit down for a meal. Jason suggests going on a trip with Sam. Jason leaves the cabin to work on the jeep. Jason and Sam are leaving the cabin when someone starts shooting at them. Ethan is summoned to the police station so Lucky can question him about Johnny’s shooting. Ethan mentions that the hostility between Johnny and Sonny has been an ongoing thing. Lucky asks what Ethan’s future plans are if Johnny dies. Ethan wishes that Lucky wasn’t a cop. Nikolas, Elizabeth and the boys enjoy breakfast at Wyndemere. Nikolas, Spencer, Cameron, and Jake head for the stables so Liz and Aiden can sleep. Nikolas overhears Elizabeth tell Aiden that she feels uncomfortable at Wyndemere. Ethan runs into Kristina at the hospital. Kristina blames herself for Johnny’s shooting. Ethan and Kristina have a chat about Sonny. Kristina thanks Ethan for being a good friend.

Robin tells Maxie that Patrick slept with Lisa while she was in Africa. Maxie badmouths Lisa in front of Robin. Robin is disappointed in Patrick. Maxie tells Robin that she shouldn’t give up on her marriage. Maxie hurries to the police station to ask Lucky if he’s done a background search on Lisa Niles. Lucky is surprised to hear that Patrick slept with Lisa. Maxie is disappointed to hear that Lisa doesn’t have a criminal record. Lisa overhears Patrick tell Steven that Robin kicked him out of the house. Patrick confides that he told Robin about his one-night-stand with Lisa. Steven agrees that Lisa is acting like a stalker. Robin confronts Lisa at the hospital. Robin threatens to kill Lisa if she comes anywhere near Emma again. Lisa speaks to Lucky at the police station. Lisa wants to file a report against Robin. Robin refuses to speak to Patrick at work. Steven, Matt, and Epiphany witness Robin’s outburst.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Todd kidnaps Shaun and demands to know where Tea is but Shaun says he is honoring Tea's request to be left alone. When he sees how much Dani wants to see her mother, he agrees to take her. Tea asks Greg how much longer she has to live. He tells her a few days. Eli and Blair go to Ross's house in Tahiti. John tells Kelly that Eli and Blair are eloping and that Blair knows nothing about Eli's crimes. Greg calls Eli and tells him that Tea wants to see Todd & Dani, but Eli forbids it and says that if he goes down, he is taking Greg with him. Blair overhears Eli mentioning prison while he is on the phone. Kelly breaks down and cries about her mother. McBain promises her that Eli will pay. John McBain doubts that the thugs that showed up at the country club were there for Eli's benefit. David is tossed unconscious into a cell. When he comes to, the guard tells him that he in prison in Morocco. Later he comes face to face with his captor. Dorian is at La Boulaie, devastated about David leaving her at the altar again. She blames Viki, telling her that Viki pushed her and David together knowing that David would hurt her again. Viki says she knows that David loves Dorian and that she thinks something happened to David. Dorian says it doesn’t matter if David loves her because he doesn't love her enough. Viki reminds Dorian that she is Dorian Cramer-Lord and that she can hold her head up. She reminds Dorian of when they were on opposite sides of the same conversation when Clint not only jilted Viki, but also was already be married to Lindsay. Langston drapes herself over James when Ford goes to pick up James at the country club. The three of them run into Nate and Dani and when Langston is going to introduce them, Ford denies knowing Nate but James reveals that Nate is their brother. Langston tells the country club manager that Ford isn't a member.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Everyone begins to gather at the church for Charles and Matilda’s christening. When Katherine arrives, she learns what has been happening to Cane that day concerning his deportation, but Sofia pulled some strings and got him freed. The priest tells everyone to be seated when Lauren walks in. Jill gets up and reprimands Lauren for crashing her grandchildren’s christening. Outside in the hall, J.T. tells Victoria that she is “delusional” if she thinks that she is going to get custody of Reed. Billy joins them. Cane joins Jill to help keep peace in the church during the christening. Jill lets Lauren know that she has no right to be here. Reed holds hands with both J.T. and Victoria. Cane has special words for Devon as does Lily for Traci. The twins are baptized. Malcolm takes pics of the family. Billy introduces himself to Sofia. Billy lets Sofia know that he doesn’t like Tucker too much. Sofia confides in Billy that she heard that before. Jill asks Billy how long he will be mad at her for divulging the information to Tucker about the gun. Billy walks away from Jill. Jill joins Michael and Lauren. Jill lets Lauren know that she just couldn’t stay away from this christening. Cane asks the family to join in for a family portrait. Jill tells Lauren not to dare to try to join in the picture. Michael holds onto Lauren’s arm. J.T. asks Victoria to meet him at his place. Cane and Mackenzie discuss J.T. and her relationship with him. Cane expresses how sorry he is for what he did to her concerning the amniotic fluid and the lawsuit. Cane thanks Mackenzie for all that she did for them. They hug. Neil thanks Michael for helping to get Cane how of trouble. Outside, Lauren arrives for the party with a present. Lauren asks Lily to open her present first which is a hat for both Charles and Matilda. Lauren also tells Lily that she can buy all the twins' clothing at Fenmore’s until they are 18 years old. Lily is overjoyed at the news. Jill thinks with disgust that Lauren is interfering in her family. At home., Victoria lets J.T. know that she quit Newman Enterprises and is moving off the ranch and in with Billy. J.T. can hardly believe his ears. Sofia tells Devon to finish his demo, and she will get Tucker to listen to it. Devon thanks her. Lauren talks to Traci about her father. Traci comments to Lauren that she made quite an entrance at the christening. Katherine reprimands Jill for her actions at the christening. Phillip arrives for the party.

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