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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David very gently kisses Greenlee. While waiting for the mechanic to show, Ryan is surprised with a visit from Madison. Ryan insists that she leave. Madison blurts out that she loves Ryan and then is ashamed that she told him. J.R. cannot believe his ears when Marissa comes clean that she slept with Scott. In the park, Scott surprises Annie with beautiful decorations for their wedding. J.R. blames Scott for taking advantage of Marissa, but she takes all the blame. J.R. threatens Scott's life for sleeping with Marissa. Marissa tells J.R. that he doesn’t really love her and never did. Emma arrives in the park for Annie’s wedding with her babysitter, Anya. As the ceremony begins, Emma is sad because she wanted a bouquet, too. Annie goes to pick flowers for Emma. Marissa lets J.R. leave the beach house, insisting that she will find her own way home. Through tears, Marissa tries to call Krystal, but gets David instead. He quickly goes to the beach cottage and questions Marissa about what is going on, but she refuses to tell him. Ryan starts to kiss Madison when they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Madison quickly hides in case it is the mechanic. Ryan is surprised to find the visitor is none other than Greenlee. Greenlee tells Ryan that David got a mysterious call and she was worried that he had found out about Ryan going to meet the mechanic. J.R. comes home to the Chandler mansion and finds only A.J. in the living room. J.R. asks A.J. about Annie’s wedding. A.J. tells J.R. that the wedding was moved to the park.

J.R. approaches Annie in the park. She demands to know why J.R. is there wanting to ruin her wedding day. J.R. begs Annie not to marry Scott. David urges Marissa to talk to him and let him know what is going on, but all she wants is a ride home. Ryan reprimands Greenlee for being there. Madison comes out of the bathroom. Ryan gives her a kiss good-bye and she leaves. Greenlee remarks that no matter where Ryan is Madison is always there. Greenlee begins to question Ryan’s relationship with Madison. Ryan confesses that their relationship is real. Greenlee is grateful to Ryan for his help. Greenlee orders Ryan to go and let her handle this, but he refuses. Greenlee leaves but comes back and tells Ryan that she saw the mechanic, but he ran off when he had seen her. Greenlee worries that David will find out that she was with Ryan. Madison arrives at Ryan’s apartment with a bag full of groceries and a cookbook on making dinner. Ryan arrives home to Madison. They kiss. Greenlee goes home to a melancholy David. David is sad that Marissa won't let him help her. Greenlee lets him know that he has her. J.R. and Scott tell Annie that he slept with Marissa. J.R. hits Scott, and he falls to the ground.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

It's adventure and danger at Avalon castle today for some of our favorite and not so favorite Oakdale residents. Lucinda has Uncle Ralph released on furlough from jail because thanks to her call from the Governor one of Ralph's relatives died and he has to attend the funeral. It turns out that Lucinda and Ralph had a relationship when she was poor and known as Mary Ellen Walters. Lucinda asked Ralph to help her with her plan to bring down Craig so Ralph ordered Blackie to be at Lucinda's beck and call and follow all of her orders. Ralph is upset to learn from Lucinda that Blackie disobeyed her and won't leave town and is also dating Janet. Ralph promises Lucinda that he will get Blackie out of town without a major fuss. Ralph orders Blackie to go back to Chicago, stay away from Janet and let Dusty go. Blackie of course does none of those things and orders Ralph's men to disobey Ralph and take orders from him since he will be the new head of the organization when Ralph goes to jail again.

Ralph asks Lucinda to go away with him and have a life of her own and trust that her children can stand on their own two feet. Lucinda tells Ralph no several times so he says that he will turn her into the police for fraud. Lily tells Craig she has decided to take over worldwide so Craig wants to be Lily's business partner as well as romantic partner Lily says yes to the business partnership but no to the romantic partnership so Craig grabs Lily and gives her a romantic kiss. Carly worries that Jack is getting too intense about wanting to capture Ralph so she persuades him to call Margo for help. Jack asks Margo to help him track down Dusty's car and find out if he was kidnapped. Margo gets surveillance video showing Dusty being put into a car with the license plate Elvis 18 and Jack and Carly find the car in the parking lot of the Avalon castle. Janet refuses to hear Carly and Jack's warnings about Blackie being involved in the mob. Blackie decides its time for Dusty to have an accident before he follows Ralph's order to return to Chicago. Janet arrives looking for food in the Avalon castle pantry just before Blackie's goons are taking Dusty away so Dusty makes noise and Janet hears the noise and asks Blackie if he heard the noise.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick finds a disguised Brooke on the Rooftop Lounge. She invites him to sit down and have some lunch. They swap their recent woes. He tells her that he loved Bridget and wishes her and the baby well, but he’s moved on with his life. A nosy photographer comes around and he has to snatch the camera and take the film. Eric and Ridge are surprised to see that Steffy has called an emergency meeting. Ridge says if it is going to be another Brooke bashing session, then he doesn’t want any part of it. Thorne tells them that he has run the numbers and if it continues like this they will show a profit loss the next quarter. Ridge keeps reminding them that Brooke is not going anywhere. She’s as much a part of this family and company as they are. Stephanie tells Ridge that he needs to listen to his daughter. She got the company back for him; don’t let it go down the drain now.

Ridge tells Steffy that he is happy she is part of the company but part of that responsibility is that she needs to keep her personal issues in check. Eric says there must be another solution. Ridge tells Steffy and her veiled threats that she can’t sell to Bill Spencer or she might as well stab him in the back now. Brooke returns to find the witches of Forrester’s trying to get rid of her. She informs them that they can quit wasting their time; she is not going anywhere. They put Ridge in a bad spot. By being CEO, he gets to make the final decision of who stays and who goes. Brooke asks him to keep his objectivity and not let them push her out. Alone, Taylor wants to be sure that Thomas is okay with the fact that she gave Steffy all her shares. He reveals the truth; that no he is not all right with it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe interrupted Sami and EJ's wedding.  Carly told Chloe that the baby is Daniel's. Chloe was relieved, but Carly looked suspicious. Daniel, Philip, and Nathan all acted as if they were the ones who switched the results.  Stephanie and Ian were trying to figure out who switched the results.  Daniel wanted to know why Carly was in his and Chloe's apartment.  She lied about bringing Chloe a present.  Ian asked Stephanie the million dollar question: why would you want a guy who wants someone else?  Sami was very upset with Rafe for interrupting the wedding. She wanted him to leave, but he wanted to explain why he interrupted the wedding.  Nathan wanted to know why Ian was in the apartment again.  Stephanie didn't want him to worry because he wasn't going to be around anymore.  She changed the subject and pumped him about staying at the hospital so long.  Carly gave Chloe a convenient teething ring to cover up why she was there.  Daniel made an out-of-the-blue comment about being the father of the baby.  Chloe wanted to know where Daniel disappeared to.  Roman wanted Sami to listen to what Rafe had to say for why he stopped the wedding.  Sami agreed to talk to Rafe for five minutes.  She was sure that whatever Rafe said would not change her mind.  When Nathan was sure that he knew why Ian was spending so much time with Stephanie, she thought he knew about the paternity test.  She got a lucky break when he thought that she needed Ian's help because she couldn't handle the hospital's website.

Stefano warned EJ that he shouldn't have let Sami talk to Rafe.  He thought that Rafe knew about EJ's secret.  EJ was so positive that Rafe didn't know anything or else he would have said it in front of everybody.  When Sami and Rafe were alone, she let him have it.  She brought up him "sleeping" with Nicole.  He denied being with Nicole, but it was to no avail.  When she was ready to go back to her wedding, he said that what he had to say was about Sydney.  That did the trick and she let him talk. Philip said that the company computer had a virus and their best TI guy fixed the problem.  Daniel claimed that he got Chloe opera tickets.  Carly had a flashback about seeing Chloe's paternity test results and saying "done".  Sami was clearly upset with Rafe even though he wanted to talk about Sydney.  Sami thought EJ would be a good father.  Rafe told her that EJ didn't deserve to be a father after what he's done.  Stephanie was starting to feel guilty about the test results being changed. She wasn't sure if she should keep Philip in the dark about the baby.  Philip got a text from Chloe, which made Melanie curious. Rafe had to play the "Grace" card to get Sami to listen to him.  Kate tried to get EJ to call off the wedding.  He didn't want to call it off.  Sami stopped the wedding by asking everyone, but EJ to leave.  When Philip and Melanie showed up at Daniel and Chloe's place, Chloe wanted everyone to share in the joy of her and Daniel's baby.  Sami said she wasn't calling off the wedding, but she wanted to hear what Rafe had to say.  She wanted EJ to hear what Rafe had to say too.  Rafe warned EJ that he's got proof about what he did.  EJ was curious as to what he knew.  Rafe toyed with him and let him know that it was all over. 

GH Recap Written by Carrie

While driving, Jason has to pull over because of a flat tire. A police officer wants to search the van but Sam makes up a story so the cop will leave. Jason blows up the van to destroy evidence. While walking in the woods, Sam sprains her ankle. Jason carries Sam through the woods. Jason suggests making a fire. Sam apologizes for getting them in this mess. Someone is hiding in Brenda’s hotel room. Murphy pays a surprise visit to Brenda. Murphy talks about his latest movie. Brenda compares Murphy’s movie character to Jason. Brenda cringes when Murphy brings up his marriage proposal. Brenda is surprised when Murphy asks her to go to Lake Como with him. Brenda and Murphy pack their bags and leave the hotel room. A man in black runs out to the balcony in Brenda’s room. Lisa apologizes to Robin and Patrick for taking Emma without permission. Lisa claims that she left a message at the hospital. Robin confronts Lisa about her behavior. Lisa thinks that Robin needs psychological help. Robin warns Lisa to stay away from her family. In private, Patrick comes clean about sleeping with Lisa. Robin is speechless. Patrick insists that he and Lisa slept together only once. Robin thinks that Patrick is lying. Patrick proclaims his love but Robin doesn’t want to hear it. Patrick feels guilt-ridden because he lied to Robin. Robin doesn’t think that Patrick really loves her. Robin picks up her wedding photo frame and throws it against the wall. Robin orders Patrick to leave. Patrick peeks in the window and sees that Robin is sobbing.

Johnny is rushed into the operating room when his blood pressure drops. Lucky asks Ethan to tell him the truth about Johnny’s plan to seek revenge on Sonny. Ethan stays mum about Johnny’s scheme. Lucky thinks it is odd that Johnny didn’t have a gun in his possession. Ethan blames Sonny for Johnny’s current condition. Sonny tells Dante that Johnny was armed when he shot him. At first, Dante backs Sonny’s story but after some convincing, Ronnie changes his mind. Dante is disgusted that Sonny lied about the shooting. However, Sonny swears that he’s telling the truth. Sonny is escorted to the police station. Diane is horrified to learn that Sonny has already confessed to shooting Johnny. Claire produces a tape recording that has Sonny talking about shooting Johnny in self-defense. Claire figures it is enough to charge Sonny with attempted murder. Diane argues that the tape is inadmissible but Claire disagrees. Claire plans on charging Sonny as soon as possible. Michael meets with Jax. Jax announces that Sonny has been arrested for shooting Johnny. Johnny survives the operation. Lisa returns to the hospital and asks Steven how Johnny is doing. Lisa mentions that Robin is a drama queen. Dante talks to Lucky about Sonny’s arrest. Dante and Lucky butt heads about the case. Lucky questions Maya but Ethan isn’t happy about it. Michael tries to convince Dante to support Sonny. Dante is pretty sure that Sonny is lying about the shooting. Sonny asks Diane if he can speak to Claire. Sonny swears that Johnny had a gun on him. Claire doesn’t believe Sonny. Claire makes it clear that she will be charging Sonny with attempted murder.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian is ready for her wedding. All the guests are there. But nobody can find David. Meanwhile, the cops are ready to find and bust Eli before it's too late. But he's gone and they suspect he's kidnapped Blair. Starr is with Cole but appears to have James on the brain and responds to texts he sends her whenever one or both are alone. James is with Langston clearly distracted and only wanting to use her to make Starr jealous. Cole catches him sending texts to Starr and confronts him. Meanwhile, Natalie and Jessica both have OB/GYN appointments. Vivian, Shaun's girlfriend is their OB. She asks them both the date of conception and about the fathers of their respective babies. And they both admit to her, after confirming that she is bound by confidentiality laws, that they are 100% certain of whom the father of their baby is. At the wedding, Dorian gets what appears to be a letter from David telling her he's left her at the alter again. So the wedding has to be called off. And she breaks down and loses it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At Cane and Lily’s apartment, Devon and Roxie put up banners for the party. Cane hurries out of the bedroom to get the door. It is Neil and Traci, who have arrived for the christening. Neil asks to see his grandchildren. Jill and Lily walk in with the twins in their arms. Jill and Lily give the twins to Neil and Traci to hold. Traci relives when she first held Colleen. Devon asks to take a picture of the group. At the hotel, Malcolm takes a picture of Sofia and wants to take her out to eat. Sofia reminds Malcolm that he is part of the family and she will be when she can win over Neil. At the trailer, Billy rants and raves about the tattoo not being finished, but he will not let anyone else touch it. Victoria lets Billy know that she will have Reed for the day. At home, J.T. tells Reed to clean his room. There is a knock on the door and it is Mac with her luggage. Reed tells her that she doesn’t have to ring the doorbell because she lives there now. In the apartment, Chance and Heather cannot get enough of each other when she suddenly pulls away. Heather notices something out of the window and sees Ronan’s car. Chance accuses Ronan of following him. Ronan and Chloe have drinks while sitting on the sofa. Ronan reminds Chloe of the something special that she had promised him. Chloe goes into the bedroom to slip into something more comfortable. Ronan calls Christine about the drug investigation. Chance tells Heather that he is taking off to try to find Ronan to confront him about following him. Heather tells him to be careful. Ronan gets off the phone just as Chloe comes in. There is a knock on the door and it is a friend of Ronan’s. Ronan leaves to talk to the man in the hall. Ronan finds out that Chance left the apartment. Ronan and the man leave to find Chance. Heather makes a call to Chance to let him know that Ronan wasn’t following him but he was in Chloe’s apartment.

Malcolm and Sofia arrive for the christening which unnerves Neil. Sofia is introduced to Jill, Traci and Olivia. Cane starts to leave to go to church when Michael arrives. Michael lets Cane know that Cane has to meet with the Immigration Board. Everyone begins to panic. Michael urges everyone to let him handle this. Traci and Lily hand the twins to Michael so that he can see their faces. They urge Michael to tell the Immigration Board about the twins. Billy asks Victoria when she is going to tell J.T. that they are living together. J.T. tells Mac the plans for the night. Mac asks him if he told Victoria about them moving in together. J.T. says Mackenzie doesn’t know. Mac sees through J.T. and wonders if he is ready for this step. Chance visits Chloe and demands to know what Ronan was doing there. Chance warns Chloe that Ronan is only using her to watch Chance. Ronan visits Heather and demands to know where Chance is. Heather refuses to help Ronan again. J.T. and Mackenzie discuss their living arrangements and that Victoria doesn’t know about them. Mackenzie asks J.T. if he is avoiding the question because he isn’t sure if he is doing the right thing. Victoria lets Billy know that she doesn’t need any more explosions in her life right now. Everyone gathers for the christening at the church. Roxie promises to be there for Devon as long as he is there for Lily. Olivia questions Sofia about her past life. Sofia opens up and tells Olivia about her schooling. Neil is completely beside himself with worry. Everyone urges him to go to hearing. Michael, Cane and Lily await the verdict of the Immigration board. Neil arrives to add his support of Cane and Lily. Lily lets Neil know that wherever he is that that will be their home. Neil and Lily hug. Chance warns Chloe about Ronan just as he shows up. Chance asks Chloe not to open the door. Ronan and Chance argue as usual. Chloe asks Chance to leave. Chloe feels guilty about betraying Chance. Ronan tells Chloe that they are using each other. Chance rants and raves about Chloe to Heather. Chloe and Ronan discuss his past life with the sheriff’s department. J..T. tells Mac that he loves her. Heather admits to Chance that there is something between them. Victoria finds out that Mackenzie moved in with J.T. and Reed. Victoria threatens to reopen the custody suit. Cane is released from all charges against him.

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