Monday 8/23/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/23/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie encounters David in the park and thinking it was Jesse tells him that she cannot find her flowers. Since David can tell that something's wrong with Angie's eyes, she tells him she is going blind from an infection. Ryan and Madison have dinner together, but his mind is on Greenlee. Madison tells Ryan to go ahead and rescue Greenlee from this marriage to David and then they will get back to just Ryan and Madison. Greenlee is in Ryan’s apartment, looking at some pics of herself and Ryan. There is a knock on the door and it is Scott, who wants to talk to Ryan. Scott questions Greenlee as to why she is here. Greenlee lies and tells Scott that she had dropped off something for Emma. Ryan arrives home and questions them both as to why they are here. Greenlee lies, once again, and tells Ryan she had dropped off something for Emma. Scott lets Ryan know that he and Annie are getting married and Ryan may want to talk to Emma about the wedding. Ryan thanks Scott for considering his daughter’s feelings. David questions Angie about her eyesight and the dangers that she had put the hospital in. David also finds out that Angie had had accomplices in Jake and Frankie.  Jesse walks up to join them. Angie hugs Jesse and lets him know that David knows everything. At the Chandler mansion, in Annie’s bedroom, Annie lets Emma know that she and Scott are getting married today. Scott walks in and Annie quickly hides her wedding dress. Scott lets Emma know that Ryan is stopping by to see Emma. Emma is overjoyed. Marissa is in the living room downstairs, picking up some of her law books when J.R. walks in. Marissa asks J.R. about the wedding that is taking place there today. J.R. asks Marissa to go away with him to the cabin. Marissa has second thoughts about going away with J.R. David and Jesse argue over Angie and her position at the hospital. Ryan questions Greenlee as to where the gift is that she had dropped off for Emma. Ryan sees through Greenlee and knows that that is not why she is here and wants to know what is going on. The wedding between Scott and Annie begins, but looking around Scott sees a pic of Adam and Stuart and backs out of the wedding. Scott lets Annie know that they cannot be married here with all these memories and abruptly leaves the mansion. Emma questions Annie if the wedding isn’t going to take place. Annie assures her that Scott just wants everything to be right.

J.R. and Marissa arrive at the cabin. Angie’s eyesight comes back. Jesse and Angie vow to fight David. David lets Greenlee know what is going on with Angie and her eyesight. Greenlee asks David to let this go to prove to her that he is the man that had doctored her back to health. Ryan arrives in the hotel room to meet the mechanic. There is a knock on the door and Ryan quickly hides behind the door. Madison walks in. Ryan is surprised to see her. Scott and Annie arrive at their honeymoon destination.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Craig and Lily arrive at Avalon Castle. Lily is still furious with Lucinda for ruining their business. Craig thanks Lily for letting her come with him. Lily insists in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t want to take over Worldwide. Lucinda thanks a friend for his help and reminds him that she will remember him at election time. Blackie takes Janet for a stroll in the garden. Janet thinks that she sees Dusty on the grounds. Blackthorn insists to her that it is not Dusty. In a van on the way to Avalon, two thugs tell Dusty to relax. Upstairs in a room, Jack insists to Carly that she go home, but she refuses. Carly asks Jack to call this whole thing off, but he insists on seeing it through to the end. Blackthorn tries to convince Janet that Dusty decided to end things with her. Blackthorn takes Janet to the spa to have a complete makeover and if she wants anything to put it on his tab. Lily tells Craig to see if Blackie checked in yet. Craig checks and Blackie did get a room. Lily agrees to go with Craig to meet Blackie. Jack confesses to Carly that he is worried about Dusty. Craig and Blackthorn meet. Craig pays Blackie what he owes him. Blackie wonders how he got the money so fast. Carly and Jack overhear their conversation. Jack joins Craig and Blackie.

Lily and Janet both arrive for a time in the spa. Janet informs Lily that Blackie brought her for some relaxation before the baby is born. Lily tells Janet that Blackie is a buddy of Craig’s. Carly interrupts Lily and Janet and asks them if they are out of their minds to have dealings with Blackie. Janet accuses Carly of spying on her and Blackie. Carly tries to warn Janet about Blackie, but she refuses to believe her. Blackie accuses Jack of having a so-called thing for the mob. Jack insists he knows all about the mob. Blackie denies being a gangster. Craig asks Jack to leave him and Blackie alone for a few minutes. Jack accuses Craig of causing Carlisle to fail. Craig opens up to Jack and tells him that it wasn't his fault -- it was all Lucinda’s idea. Carly warns Janet about being involved with Blackie, but she doesn’t believe Carly’s accusations. Carly tells Janet that Blackie is part of Ralph Manzo’s crew. Lucinda checks into her room at Avalon Castle. Carly lets Lily know that Lucinda set them up for their business to fail. Jack doesn’t believe Craig that Lucinda set up Lily and Carly. Jack attacks Craig. Craig lets Jack know that he is not Ralph. Jack apologizes. Lucinda meets with Craig who tells her that Lily will never forgive her for ruining their business. Carly and Jack interrupt Blackie and Janet. Janet asks Blackie if he is part of Ralph’s crew. Blackie denies it. Lucinda joins Lily in her room. Lily refuses to stay in the same room with Lucinda. Jack cannot understand what happened to Dusty. Blackie welcomes Dusty to Avalon Castle. Jack talks to the chef about something to eat for herself and Junior. Lucinda gets a note to meet Ralph.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Oliver is surprised to find Brooke back in her office. She says it’s not for long. She’s there to sort out some of the mail. By the smile on his face, she guesses he must be back with Hope. He admits he is. She’s elated. She tears up, but they are happy tears. She gives him the hope symbol necklace that was broken when Hope threw it at her. She had it fixed in case Hope ever wanted it back. She knows it is going to take time, but if Hope forgave him, maybe she is not too far behind. Hope slips in and overhears their conversation at the door. Ridge asks Thomas how was Paris and Thomas wishes he knew. He spent all his time at International and didn’t get out much. He’s happy to be back though and be ragged on by his kid sister about the lack of his love life. He tells Ridge he has a bone to pick with him for throwing Steffy out of the company. Taylor speaks up and says that was a very painful time but that is all behind them now. Steffy says she is back at Forrester and ready to kick butt now as part owner. Thomas doesn’t understand. Ridge admits there have been several significant changes around here lately. For one, Donna no longer owns half of their granddad’s share; she sold to Bill who is always trying to stir up trouble. But, he’s not going to get away with it this time; the Forrester’s are firing back in a very big way. Justin and Liam pop into Bill’s office and want to know what the big emergency is. Bill hands him a legal document; Spencer Publications is being sued. Bill tells Liam that he is only an intern but with a big mouth that couldn’t keep it zipped about the video tribute, so now they are being sued. He must not value his life very much. Liam says he values the truth. Bill tells Justin sternly that he got him into this mess and he’s going to do whatever it takes to get them out. As they leave, Bill tells Slick to hold on; he’s not through with him just yet. He tells Liam that there is nothing that he hates more than a stool pigeon and that is Liam’s very definition by selling out one of his subordinates. He doesn’t ever want to see him in this building again or he will get more than a tongue lashing. Liam says that is fine with him as he is an unpaid intern so being sacked by him hurts about as much as a mosquito bite. Yet Hope Logan, who this does impact, continues to go on being hurt by this story through Spencer Publications. He doesn’t know how he sleeps at night. Bill says he sleeps like a baby. Ridge admits to Thomas that he was wrong about Steffy and to show their love and support that Taylor had given her shares to Steffy. Ridge explains that Thomas has proved himself many times and one day he too will be an owner, but Steffy got the company back and this was something that needed doing now.

Hope joins Oliver and Brooke. Oliver says he hopes she doesn’t mind but he told her mom they were a couple again. She admits last night was “moonderful” and when he kissed her, all the bad feelings went away…well almost all of them. Brooke realizes what Hope is not saying and says it is all right. She understands that Hope needs a little more time. Thomas tells Taylor that this is kind of a shock that she gave all her shares to his sister. It’s going to take some getting used to with Steffy being a part big time owner. Steffy proposes that her first order of business is to make Thomas VP of Development. Ridge shakes his hand and says he wishes he had thought of it himself. She promises her dad that as long as he loves and respects her, she will make sure Bill Spencer never gets her shares of FC. Ridge tells them this all started with Liam. He doesn’t know what the guy is after, but now he is claiming that he is his father. Bill tells Liam that he is a real bleeding heart. Liam fires back that at least he has a heart. Bill tells him that he really missed his opportunity. He had a chance to do well for himself, but instead he had to be the hero and impress Hope Logan. “Got yourself a little puppy crush, Romeo?” Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas just got back from Paris and all scandals have their shelf life so the paparazzi will leave them alone soon and things will get back to normal. Ridge hugs Brooke when he hears that Oliver and Hope are back together. He knows how much that means to her. He just hopes this time that Oliver will take it slow. Oliver and Hope kiss and she admits she no longer sees anything but him when they kiss. He gives her a fortune cookie and hopes it says something good. It has that same Chinese symbol for hope and he hopes she is ready for her necklace again. But when he goes to put it on her, she stops him and says it is too soon. He claims he understands and he will hold onto it until she is ready. Bill tells Liam that it must be nice helping little old ladies across the street. Liam says yeah, he has a boy scout complex. Bill says then he needs to take that boy scout complex and get a job flipping burgers…..or maybe he can get the Forrester’s to adopt him since he is so tight with them these days. Liam grabs his satchel and tells Bill in a parting shot that it is not any of his business but his father happens to be a Forrester. He starts to fill him in and Bill stops him. He doesn’t want to hear his sob story….everybody loses their mother one way or the other. Liam is shocked that Bill is so heartless. Bill says at least he is not delusional like Liam is if he is going around saying Ridge is his long lost daddy. He tells him that he is pathetic and he wants the little con artist to beat it. Liam accidentally hits his satchel against the table and all the contents fall on the floor. He scurries to retrieve it, all except one piece of paper left behind. Bill picks it up and finds an 8X10 glossy photo of a model, Kelly Hopkins. He’s obviously shaken and slowly walks back to his desk and wads up the picture and throws it in the trash.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe was able to get the CD to work.  He was finally able to hear EJ and Stefano talking about EJ setting up the kidnapping.  Daniel, Chloe, Philip, and Melanie were celebrating Chloe's birthday.  Sister Ann told Carly that the results to Dana Scott's paternity test were ready.  EJ and Sami were in the middle of the wedding when it was interrupted. Stephanie saw the results of the paternity test and saw how Philip is the father of Chloe's baby.  Roman was the person who interrupted the wedding.  He heard that the wedding was pushed up and wanted to make an arrest.  Stephanie was worried that she is going to lose Nathan once the truth comes out about the baby.  Sister Ann wouldn't let Carly see the results of the paternity test because Chloe didn't sign a statement allowing people to see the results.  Carly tried to say she was a friend, but it didn't work.  Everyone at the wedding thought Roman was there to arrest them.  He wanted to take Sami to jail to keep her from making a mistake.  Sami didn't want Roman to keep her from marrying EJ.  She wanted him to let her be happy.  He gave in and let her do what she wanted to do.  Nicole tried to get Rafe not to tell what EJ did.  She warned him that Sami will only break his heart.  Rafe reminded her that he granted her immunity and allowed her to keep the blackmail money. Nicole didn't care because the DiMeras would still get her.  Philip cut Chloe's birthday celebration short by rushing off.  Daniel was suspicious about why he had to leave so suddenly.

Ian found Stephanie crying in the park.  He tried to convince her that Nathan might stay with her.  She wasn't convinced, but she had an idea.  Carly told Sister Ann that Chloe signed a release form so Sister Ann wanted to check.  Sami wanted to continue with the wedding after Roman agreed to let her be happy.  Stephanie wanted Ian to change the results of the paternity test.  Rafe chased after Nicole when she tried to run away from him.  He reminded her that she was in his custody until her 24 hour protection goes into effect.  Sister Ann found Chloe's consent form and was going to give Carly the results of the test.  Gabi called Rafe while he was at the precinct with Nicole.  She got a text from Will about Sami and EJ's wedding. Ian didn't want to change the paternity test at first.  Stephanie gave him a pitiful look and gave in to her.  He was willing to change the results for her.  Daniel had a phone (not sure which one) and read a text.  He sent a text and looked mysterious.  Philip was on the phone with someone and wanted them to change the results.  Ian, Carly, Melanie, and Chloe all logged on to St. Mary's Hospital website at the same time.  Ian wasn't able to change the results on the paternity because they were already done.  Stephanie wondered who could have changed them.  Daniel, Philip, Carly, Chloe, and Melanie all acted suspicious.  Just as EJ and Sami were about to get married, Rafe walked in and interrupted the end of the ceremony.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin and Patrick return home and find out from the babysitter that Lisa took Emma out for ice cream. Robin and Patrick frantically look for Emma. Sam is in the back of Lopez' van. Sam calls Jason for help. Sam and Jason manage to escape from Lopez' goons. Jason is driving the van when a police cruiser shows up. Brenda tells Wilhelm that she won't do business with Franco. A unknown intruder is lurking inside Brenda's hotel room. Johnny is rushed into the ER. Maya and Steven talk about Johnny's chances of survival. Maya calls Ethan to inform him of Johnny's condition. Lucky interrogates Ethan about the shooting but he claims that he wasn't at the scene. Ethan implies that Sonny shot Johnny. Lucky is reluctant to believe Ethan. Patrick talks to Steven and tells him that Lisa kidnapped Emma. Steven suggests coming clean to Robin about Lisa's fixation. Patrick returns home to find Lisa there with Emma. Patrick confronts Lisa about kidnapping Emma. Lisa doesn't understand why Patrick is so mad. Robin returns home to find Patrick confronting Lisa. Jax warns Claire that Sonny is dangerous. Claire receives a call about Johnny's shooting. Dante finds out that Sonny shot Johnny but his dad claims it was self-defense. Sonny and Dante have a serious chat. Sonny says that he wanted to work out a truce with Johnny. Strangely, Dante believes Sonny. Ronnie dumps the gun in the river. Ronnie shows up to arrest Sonny for Johnny's shooting.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

David is getting ready for his wedding and boasting. Dorian is doing the same. John and Detective Price are ready to find Eli and arrest him before it's too late. John knows that Robert Ford is their key witness who can testify against Eli. Yet, he knows that Eli has gotten to Robert and caused him to chicken out. So he takes Kelly down to the station and locks her in the room with Ford where she persuades him to do the right thing and help the cops nail Eli by writing a sworn statement. Yet, Eli is very clever. He overhears Destiny and Daren talking to Dani about how if Destiny's brother Shaun won't find her mom for her, then maybe Daren's brother, the cop can. Eli knows that Price is looking for him. He persuades Blair to elope with him. And we wonder if the cops will be able to stop him in time.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Ronan gets Chloe a drink and orders one for himself. Chloe tells Ronan that the drink is refreshing just like her. Chloe lets Ronan know that she was thinking about him. Chance questions Sid about Ronan’s whereabouts. Sid says Ronan has the day off. Chance lets Sid know that he is here to meet someone. Heather joins them. Chance tells Heather that he is going to go with her to meet with Owen. Heather insists that Chance is not going with her. Ronan interrupts Heather and Chance and insists that he is going to be joining Heather when she meets with Owen. Heather meets with Owen. Nina tells Paul that her son basically disappeared after high school. Nina fears that her son is dead, but Paul urges her not to go there. Chloe advises Ronan to tell Nina who he is. Chloe also reminds Ronan of the effort that he put into this by coming to town and getting to know Chance and Nina. Ronan tells Chloe that he came to town to get the facts so he could make his decision which he has. Michael lets Lauren know that she doesn’t have to make a decision now. Lauren insists that she doesn’t want to drag this out. Lauren tells Michael to call Jill. Jill and Malcolm marvel over the pics when Cane and Lily arrive. Cane and Lily wants to pick up Charlie and Matilda’s pics. Cane lets Jill know that they are going to Fenmore’s to pick up a christening gown for Charlie.

Chloe comes home with a bag of groceries and drops them right at Chance’s door. When he comes out to help, Chloe asks Chance where Heather is. Chloe gets an update on Ronan and his involvement in this investigation. Chance questions Chloe about Delia. Nina lets Paul know that this is the closest she had ever came to finding her son. Heather meets with Owen about the drugs, which he accuses her of losing. Heather insists that Ronan took them from her office. Ronan walks in and tells Owen that Heather doesn’t know what she is doing.  Michael lets Lauren know that she is doing the right thing concerning this lawsuit with Jill. Malcolm puts a rush on the pics and lets Jill know that he will bring them to her as soon as possible. Jill thanks him. Jill tells Cane to wait for her until she comes out of her meeting with Michael and Lauren, because she has something for them. Chance wonders why Chloe would even bother worrying about his brother. Chloe lets him know that Nina was mentioning her son. Paul urges Nina not to give up on him. Ronan tells Heather that her relationship with Chance is compromising her job. Owen fires Heather and asks for her badge. Owen tells Sid that Heather is leaving the D.A.’s office, and she will no longer need protection. Ronan walks in. Heather accuses him of throwing him under the bus. Ronan insists that he saved her life and Chance’s. Lily and Cane pick up the cakes for the party and remember how Mac loved them when she was pregnant with the twins. Jill meets with Michael and Lauren and signs the papers. Jill meets with Cane and Lily and gives them the christening gown for Charlie. Chance tells Chloe not to bring up his brother in front of Nina. Heather tells Chance that Owen fired her. Paul tells Nina about the picture of her son that is being faxed to him. Ronan confesses to Owen that he lied about where the drugs came from. Chloe invites Ronan to dinner.

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