Friday 8/20/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Greenlee tries to reach Ryan, David walks in. At home, Angie dictates a message about her blindness as Jesse watches. J.R. sits downstairs on the sofa and looks at a pic of himself, Marissa and A.J. Upstairs in bed, Annie dreams that she was dressed for her wedding, but couldn't find Scott. Marissa walks in and tells Annie that Scott is gone. At Krystal’s, Caleb helps Marissa study for her bar exam. Angie lets Jesse listen to her earlier dictation about her eye condition. David tells Greenlee about the board meeting that was cancelled because of Angie. Greenlee offers her help, but David is hesitant to believe her since she as on the phone when he came in and suddenly hung up. Greenlee lies that she was calling Kendall to let her know about the baby tiger at the zoo in case she wanted to take Spike. Greenlee and David leave to have breakfast together and maybe go to the zoo. Marissa comes in to see A.J., but encounters J.R.. J.R. tries to talk to Marissa, but all she can remember is making love to Scott. Marissa leaves the room and runs into Scott. Scott immediately goes after Marissa. J.R. begins to question Scott as to why Marissa had left, but Scott refuses to tell him anything. Angie and Jesse visits Krystal’s and is introduced to Caleb. Scott catches up with Marissa and asks her if she told J.R. that they slept together . Scott urges Marissa to make up with J.R. since he is marrying Annie and is going to forget that that night ever happened. Annie lets J.R. know about her dream that she had about Scott. Annie fears that she will never be happy. J.R. hugs Annie to comfort her. Krystal denies to serve David and Greenlee. Greenlee defends David when Caleb and Krystal start to talk about him. Angie and Jesse go for a walk in the park and he surprises her by showing her giant sunflowers and handing her two flowers to match her dress. David thanks Greenlee for defending him. Scott comes running in and asks Annie to marry him today. Annie gladly accepts. Annie tells J.R. that this is good-bye. Annie also tells J.R. that she and Scott will be moving out . While Jesse is off getting them ice cream, Angie has another attack of blindness and drops her flowers. David walks up to her. Angie, thinking she is talking to Jesse, tells David that she lost her flowers. Seeing her vacant look, David asks Angie what is wrong with her eyes.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily confronts Lucinda about her scheme to get back at Craig by using her and Carly's business. Lily tells Lucinda that she is ashamed to be her daughter and she no longer wants Lucinda to be a part of her life. Lily tells Lucinda not choose between her and Craig because she will choose Craig. Lily buys up Worldwide stock in order to help Craig pay off his loan to Blackthorn. Lily later cries on Craig's shoulder because she feels badly about standing up to Lucinda. Craig thinks Lily should go to Avalon Castle spa with him instead of Lucinda and she accepts the invitation.

Dusty is hurt when Janet tells him that she is going to Avalon castle spa with Blackie for the weekend. Dusty tells Jack and Carly and they all decide to work together to get information on Blackthorn. Carly gives Dusty the medal she stole from Blackie and Terri informs him that Rocco and her uncle Ralph had the same medal and Dusty shares the information with Jack and Carly. Dusty tells Jack and Carly that the medal was a symbol of a secret burial society which paid for the burials of people who couldn't afford it. Dusty tells Jack that he thinks the secret society is a front for the mob and Ralph is the mob boss. Dusty and Jack agree to meet at Avalon Castle spa to rescue Janet and catch Blackie. Carly wants to go with Jack to keep him from losing his focus since he is intent on making Ralph pay for Brad's death. Dusty is headed to the castle when he is shoved into a van and taken away by four thugs. Carly promises Jack she will stay home but manages to get to the castle before Jack and tells her G man it's nice to see him. Jack wonders if Janet or Blackthorn have seen Dusty but Janet says that Dusty didn't come with her. Dusty makes sure that Terri takes Johnny on an out of town adventure before he leaves for the castle.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is amazed that Oliver was able to get past Stephanie, the security guards and all the reporters. He brings out her favorite Chinese food plus “our song”. Liam sneaks into Steffy’s office and she chastises him for even being there when her dad forbade him to come back to the building……and then there’s the little thing of his involvement in the video tampering….she should punch him in the nose herself. Owen fixes dinner for Jackie in his almost apron only, but turns around and finds Bridget there instead. He comments to her that he loves Jackie but sometimes the boy-toy image gets to him at work and he feels like it is all Jackie’s world. Lying in bed, Ridge asks Brooke if she has talked to Donna lately. He’s still suspicious of Bill. He’d like to strangle Liam for his part in the video sabotage.

Jackie has to practically drag it out of him, but Owen points out that he has to have a sense of purpose and not just cook dinner and buy the groceries. He needs to go back to work, but Nick won’t let him. She admits she needs to be more sensitive to him; he’s more than her sex object. Poor Bridget, she is still sticking around when Owen gives Jackie her lavendery bubble bath. Liam tells Steffy that he will always regret what he did to her and Hope by keeping quiet. Oliver drags out his telescope and gazes at the stars and gets Hope to check it out. She sees an image of the Chinese hope. He’s too much, first Chinese lanterns, Chinese food and now Chinese hope symbol. It leads to a kiss. He asks if it passes the test…..of him and her mom. She’s not sure and needs another kiss. And if the Hope symbol is on the moon then it can’t be wrong. As they kiss again, she thanks him for not giving up.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

EJ told Stefano and Kate that he and Sami are getting married today.  Stephanie had a dream that Melanie told Nathan that Philip is the father of Chloe's baby.  Stephanie called Ian and wanted him to go to her place.  Sami was getting ready for her wedding.  Nicole woke up and saw Rafe holding the incriminating disk.  Chloe found out that Daniel had the whole day off.  This was not good news because she wanted to get her paternity test results.  Kate wanted to know why EJ and Sami were rushing the wedding.  Nicole tried to fight Rafe to get the disk from him. It didn't work and he was going to play it.  Stephanie hit an unexpected road block when Nathan told her that he wasn't going to get an X-Ray.  She had to get him out so Ian could show up.  Melanie had to convince Philip to go to Daniel and Chloe's place for Chloe's birthday.  Philip didn't want to go at first.  Will wanted to know why Sami rushed the wedding.  Sami told Will how she doesn't want the rest of her family to be at the wedding.  Nicole tried to deny what was on the disk, but Rafe wasn't buying it.  He still wanted to listen to it.  Carly showed up at Daniel and Chloe's place to find out why Chloe wasn't ready.  Carly found out that Daniel didn't have to go to the hospital and wanted to be with Chloe all day.  Chloe asked Carly to go to the hospital and get the results.  Sami asked Will if he would walk her down the aisle.  He was hesitant at first, but she convinced him to do it. 

Nicole told Rafe that she was scared of what EJ and his family will do to her.  She wanted Rafe to protect her in exchange for her help.  He said he would try to help her.  She wanted Rafe to do better than that.  He warned her that time was running out.  Right on cue, EJ called Nicole while she and Rafe were talking about him. Rafe told Nicole to answer EJ's call.  He wanted to check on her.  Ian showed up at Stephanie's place.  He was having second thoughts about hacking into St. Mary's database.  Nathan walked in on Stephanie and Ian again.  After talking to EJ, Nicole was ready to make a deal with Rafe.  Melanie and Philip showed up at Daniel and Chloe's place.  Philip asked Chloe if she got the results yet.  She still didn't have them.  Lexie showed up at the DiMera mansion for the wedding.  Nicole gave Rafe her testimony about how she figured out what EJ did to Sydney.  Carly showed up at the hospital to get the results of the paternity test.  Rafe finally heard EJ's confession.  Ian had the results to Chloe's paternity test.  Stephanie saw the results.  The disk stalled while Rafe listened to it. EJ and Sami's wedding started.  Rafe heard the rest of the disk and he knew he had EJ right where he wanted him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair is ready to get her wedding underway with Eli and make him think she trusts him. But, meanwhile, Bo, Nora and John want to nail Eli. John has gotten Robert Ford to inform him that he met Eli through his wife, Olivia when Eli was known as Bennett Thompson. It appears that Eli's /Bennett's wife died under suspicious circumstances. And Eli threatened to kill Robert's brother if Robert reveal what he know about him. Inez then finds out her son is being questioned by the police and tries to help him by getting a lawyer to help him. But the only lawyer whom she sees is Eli Clark. Eli talks to Robert and threatens his family and friends. And Robert is afraid to testify against him. Dorian and David are ready to married. David announces it to Matthew and his friends. Matthew is busy harassing and being rude to Nate and Dani since she dumped him for Nate. But Destiny informs him that Dani's mom is dying. And he feels really bad for what he did yet protests that he did not know.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Phyllis sit at a table talking about the things that Nick did to her lately. Nick, Faith, Sharon and Summer come home to the cottage. Nick takes the children upstairs and puts them to bed. Victor is busy working out at the gym when Adam comes in to join him. They exchange stares. Abby walks into the coffeehouse and orders a cup of coffee. Daniel spies her from a nearby table. At the trailer, Victoria lets Billy know that at least now she can finally breathe, but one thing would fulfill her happiness. Ashley is home when Tucker comes to visit her. Tucker asks Ashley if she was ignoring him. Ashley tells him that her life is so messed up now with the lawsuit that she doesn’t want him involved. Tucker reminds her of all the things that they did together while in Japan. Ashley breaks the news to Tucker that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Tucker cannot believe his ears. Tucker tells Ashley that she cares for him if she would only admit to herself. Ashley orders Tucker to go home. Abby and Daniel arrive at Gloworm. Daniel comes face to face with Deacon, who stands up from behind the bar. Phyllis lets Jack know about Nick being at Jimmy’s kissing some blond headed woman. Nick asks Sharon to move back into her home at the ranch. Sharon agrees. Adam and Victor have a confrontation about the upcoming lawsuit. Victor reminds Adam of all the things he did to the Newman family. When Victor hits him, Adam falls over a piece of exercise equipment. Victor tells Adam to add assault to the list of charges that he filed against the Newmans. Victoria and Billy visit the tattoo parlor where Victoria gets a tattoo on her back. Abby and Jack discuss the lawsuit that Adam has against the Newmans and Abbotts. Daniel lets Phyllis know that Deacon considers Phyllis “hot.” Phyllis gets served with papers to appear in court. Adam comes in to join Skye, who is on the phone with an investor. Jack confronts Adam about the lawsuit and about his black eye. Phyllis throws a drink into Adam’s face. Jack pulls Adam out of the restaurant.

Daniel asks Abby why they are still here since Jack and Phyllis left. Skye insists that Adam put the “daddy” issue to bed. Skye reminds Adam of all the things she did for him in order to improve his image. Nick comes into the coffeehouse to get some pastries for Summer and meets up with Phyllis. Phyllis assures him that she is going to have a better attitude for Summer’s sake. Phyllis finds out from Nick that he had invited Sharon to move into their home. Phyllis goes totally ballistic over Nick letting Sharon move into their home. Billy also gets a tattoo with the name “Victoria.” The tattoo artist insists on taking a break, then collapses on the floor. Billy quickly goes to help him and yells for Victoria to call the ambulance. The ambulance drivers arrive and take the man away to the hospital. Billy becomes upset that the man didn’t finished his tattoo. All that is on Billy’s back is the word “Victor”. Adam visits Sharon and after looking around, she lets him in. Adam lets Sharon know that every day that he is without her he dies a little more. Nick interrupts Sharon’s and Adam’s talk. Jack and Victor meet to come up with a plan to bring down Adam. Tucker arrives back at Ashley’s and demands that she let him in. Ashley tells him that she is not letting him in. Tucker picks up a chair and knocks down the door. Tucker insists that he will not allow Ashley to hide from him. Ashley tears Tucker’s shirt off as they start to kiss. Ashley takes off her blouse as they continue to kiss. Nick and Sharon fight over her letting Adam into the house. Nick insists that he doesn’t want Adam within 100 feet of his children. Deacon and Phyllis make love outside in the back of Jimmy's. Jack and Skye talk on the phone and he agrees to go in with them on the deal. Victor vows to bring Adam down.

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