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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David kisses a sleeping Greenlee good-bye right before he leaves. After he leaves, Greenlee hurries and leaves the hotel room. Natalia listens to Frankie while he is on the phone. Ryan comes home and doesn’t recognize his home. Madison begins to panic until Ryan uncovers the couch and recognizes the place as his. Ryan questions Madison as to what the snuggle blanket is. In the park, David is on the phone while Greenlee hides behind a bush, listening to him. David throws the phone away, but when Greenlee tries to retrieve it, David catches her and accuses her of following him. Greenlee and David make amends. Greenlee finds the phone and leaves. Madison explains to David about the Snuggles. Madison and Ryan kiss. Angie tells Krystal that she is pregnant, but she is also going blind. Angie admits that she is scared. Greenlee visits Ryan and gives him the phone. Ryan goes to work on finding the mechanic’s number and contacting him for a meeting. Natalia catches Madison give Frankie a kiss on the cheek and starts to reprimand him for his actions. Angie is at home when her eyesight fails again. David visits Angie to reprimand her for her recent actions, but Angie will not face him as she cannot see him. David begins to question Angie as to what is wrong with her, but she will not tell him. Jesse comes home and defends Angie. Ryan finds out info on David when Madison comes home with his medication. Madison warns Greenlee to back off of Ryan and let him heal. An argument erupts between them. Ryan overhears the argument and defends Greenlee. Madison leaves the apartment. Greenlee tells Ryan that she cannot let him do this to meet the mechanic. Ryan and Greenlee hug and almost kiss. Frankie finds Madison, sitting on a park bench, moping at what had happened at Ryan’s.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Paul and Henry rescue Emily and Barbara. Paul insists that they go to the hospital, but both Emily and Barbara refuse. Chris and Katie have made love when Chris begins to have chest pains again. Katie questions Chris about it, but Chris lies to her. Gwen lets Will know that Iris is gone. Will lets Gwen know that Iris had kidnapped both Emily and Barbara. Iris arrives at bank and finds it closed. Iris visits Barbara’s room and steals more of Barbara’s things plus using the rest of her cologne. Chris gets a call that Emily and Barbara had been found. Barbara lets Henry know that she never wants to see him again. Barbara and Emily begin to argue, but Gwen quiets them down that they ought to be thankful just to be alive. At the hospital, Henry tries to talk to Barbara, but she threatens to throw him out of her room. Barbara throws a pillow at Henry, but he dodges and the pillow almost hits Chris. Chris examines Barbara despite her opposition. Barbara pours her heart out to Henry as to how she had been feeling when she had been locked up. Henry also tells Barbara his feelings. Chris examines Emily and finds her fit. Barbara signs herself out of the hospital.

Paul searches for Emily and finds her, scrubbing the floor in the wine cellar. Emily and Gwen make amends with each other. Iris orders a drink at the Lakeview Hotel when Gwen catches up with her. Gwen leads Iris to believe that she is going to let her go when the police arrive and arrest Iris . Henry lets Katie know that he has lost Barbara for good. Barbara goes back to her room and finds it ransacked and her perfume all used up. Katie visits Barbara and lets her know how much Henry loves her .Henry arrives home to Chucky the clown. Barbara visits Henry. Henry asks Barbara to marry him and she accepts.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

There is a strain in the office when it comes to Nick and Bridget and then Bridget and Aggie who takes every opportunity to exclaim to Bridget how big she is getting….must be so exciting for her and Owen. In disguise, Liam shows up at Hope’s door. He knows Stephanie disapproves, but it’s worth the risk. Stephanie beefs up her security system and is assured they will be at the front gate 24/7 and anyone other than family will be trespassing and arrested. Owen is very upset and displeased that all his video shoots require him to wear very skimpy clothes. He comments on the things he does for Jackie. She purrs that she will make it up to him later at home. He doesn’t just want to be her boy-toy; he promises he will make dinner for her. Bridget is shocked when Amber asks if Jackie is sharing Owen with her.

Somehow Oliver manages to camouflage himself in dark clothing and hat and gets onto the compound grounds. Liam pours out his heart to Hope and doesn't know why she has this spell over him. Outside the guest house looking in, Oliver sees Hope kiss Liam. He knocks on the door and Hope has Liam leave so he won’t be caught. Oliver convinces her not to close the door but come with him. There is something he wants her to see. He leads her into a romantic Japanese garden in Stephanie's backyard. He says he can not live without her. Somehow she can't be mad at him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Rafe was about to take off his shirt, but he stopped. Vivian talked to Gus about getting Maggie.  Maggie and Victor saw each other at the hospital.  Sami was on her way to Nicole's place and ran into Roman.  Roman told Sami she shouldn't marry EJ.  EJ left a threatening message to Nicole warning her not to say anything about what he did.  He was on his way out when Arianna showed up at the mansion.  Nicole thought Rafe was up to something when he stopped taking off his shirt.  She thought Arianna was right about him using her for Sami.  Will, Stefano, and Kate were talking about Chad's behavior since his mother's death.  Rafe tried to cover his tracks by saying that he needed a friend and that Nicole wanted something physical.  Arianna reminded EJ that they had a meeting.  She wanted to reschedule, but EJ wanted to see her.  Sami told Roman that she was on her way to see Rafe.  Roman told her to tell Rafe how she feels and maybe things would work out for them.  Sami had a fantasy about Rafe arresting Nicole and getting back together with him.  Rafe played the "Sydney" card to start digging about EJ.  He was trying to get Nicole to admit to all of the things that she did because of Sydney.  Kate saw Chad on the beach and they talked about the way his father has treated him.  Chad conveniently said that he wishes his father weren't really his father.

Nicole wanted to start a relationship with Rafe.  Rafe and Nicole ended up kissing.  Kate had a flashback about talking to Madeline about Chad being Stefano's son.  Rafe and Nicole started making out and Sami saw them through Nicole's window. Nicole saw Sami spying on them and was really into Rafe.  Lexie, Theo, and Ciara ran into Kate on the beach.  Kate asked Ciara how she was and she said she missed her mommy.  Kate asked Lexie if Stefano could hand receiving shocking news.  Chad showed up at the pier and Will saw him and asked how he was doing. Lexie told Kate that Stefano could handle the news as long as he takes care of himself.  Kate also asked Lexie how she felt when she found out that Stefano was her father.  Chad told Will that Stefano doesn't like him.  Will tried to convince him otherwise, but that didn't do any good.  Chad walked away as Stefano approached them.  Will wanted to talk to Stefano about why he doesn't like Chad.  Sami was so upset about seeing Rafe with Nicole that she was ready to tell the world that she and EJ are getting married.  She ended up kissing EJ.  Vivian let Victor know that she wanted to do something special for Isabella. Victor wanted to know why she wanted to do that.  She said she loved him.  Nicole suddenly didn't want to be with Rafe anymore, but she did want him to hold her.  Sami decided that she wanted to get married tomorrow.  Will asked Stefano again why he doesn't like Chad.  Stefano ducked the question and blamed his parents.  Lexie conveniently told Kate that there are days that she wishes that Stefano weren't her father. EJ wanted to know why Sami wanted to rush the wedding.  She gave him a song and dance about not being a traditional couple and they don't have to wait.  While Nicole was sleeping, Rafe searched her bag and found the CD.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante wakes up feeling like a train wreck. Michael informs him that he was either drunk or high and hooking up with Brook Lynn the night before and that Lulu saw them too. Lulu speaks to someone on the phone about test results and then tells Maxie that she caught Dante and Brook Lynn together and that she thinks Brook Lynn drugged Dante. Maxie sees Brook Lynn at Kelly's and tells her that she knows what she is up to. She warns Johnny that Brook has resorted to drugging guys to get with her. Dante goes to Crimson with flowers and begs Lulu for forgiveness. She forgives him. She tells his mother that she thinks Brook drugged him. Dante meets Brook Lynn at Kelly's and tells her that he doesn’t remember what happened last night. She tells him that she was only at his place because he asked her there. He asks her if she drugged him.

Jason and Sam are discussing travel plans when Ronnie shows up at Jason's door and tells him he is the prime suspect in the Firebombing of John Zacchara's warehouse and takes Jason to the station for questioning. Another officer brings Michael into the same interview room and asks him about the drive by shooting attempt. Diane arrives and berates Ronnie for questioning her clients without their lawyer present. Ronnie releases Michael but holds Jason for further questioning. Diane asks Jason if he thinks Sonny had anything to do with the fire in Johnny's warehouse and Jason tells her that Sonny decided to back off Johnny when Michael was nearly caught in the drive-by shooting. Sam asks Sonny if he put out the order for the firebomb and says he didn't. Sam asks Spinelli to get schematics on the Lopez Brothers' warehouse because she needs to prove Jason's innocence.

Mike encourages Olivia to try to get Dante and Sonny to make peace. John tells Olivia that he hopes they can find their way back to each other because he still loves her. Mike refuses to serve Johnny at Kelly's. Johnny points out that the Spencers own Kelly's and he calls Ethan. Ethan comes down and tells Mike that Kelly's is neutral territory and that he has to serve all paying customers. Johnny and Ethan discuss Johnny's plan to take out Sonny on Baker Street and make it look like self-defense.

Brenda tells Suzanne that Murphy proposed to her but that she can't accept because her heart is somewhere else. Suzanne suggests that Brenda should get closure on that old relationship. Robin presses Sonny to email Brenda. Sonny asks Spinelli to come to his house and run an Internet search on Brenda Barrett. Spinelli compiles a collage of photos and presents them to Sonny as a slideshow. Sonny and Brenda both stare at each other’s contact information for a while, then they both dial their phones.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kelly is working to get the goods on Eli. Blair is making him believe that she trusts him and is not onto him. John has persuaded Robert Ford to tell him all he knows about Eli and write a statement. Robert might be their key witness since he has known of Eli's shady history and all of his aliases. But in an attempt to "help" her son, Inez calls a lawyer for Robert. And little does she know it's the very person who is threatening him and who the cops want him to implicate. Eli lets Robert know if he divulges what he knows, then James, his mother, Langston and many people he knows will die and it will be on Robert's hands. At that point, Robert chickens out. David is gloating about his wedding plans to Dorian. Jessica is uneasy about the possibility that Ford could be the father of her baby and has not told Brody of her suspicions.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon spends time with Faith, but cannot manage to get her quieted down. At Jimmy’s, Phyllis watches Nick kissing a woman and thinks it is Sharon. Phyllis tells the bartender to make the twosome get a room. Billy becomes angry when Victoria gets a call from Connie that Victor wants to see her. Angrily, Victoria leaves Billy’s just as Jack comes in. Jack notices that they hadn’t made up and he is glad. At the police station, Nina questions Heather as to where Chance is as Paul walks in. Nina asks Paul if he is looking for Cricket, but he informs her that he is looking for Heather. Paul asks Heather if she had found any additional info on Nina’s son. Heather gives him the information that he had found. Nina thanks Paul for his help. Victor informs Victoria about his meeting with the agent from the Justice Department and they may bring charges against her for taking the gun to Mr. Yonoishi. Victoria cannot believe her ears that Victor would throw her to the wolves in order to protect himself. Victor demotes Victoria to a lesser position at Newman Enterprises. Victor blames Billy for this whole mess. Phyllis bumps into Sharon and is surprised to see her .Nick receives a call from Summer’s babysitter, Leah. Paul, Heather and Nina check on the police’s computer about the identity of Aidan Lansing. Ronan balks at the idea of them using a police computer to find Nina’s missing son. Heather and Ronan argue over the fact that Chance had given Heather the heroin. Phyllis and Nick meet. Summer rushes into Nick’s arms. Summer tells Nick that she had brought him something. Summer begs Nick not to go. Phyllis suggests that Summer spend the night with Nick and tells Summer to pack her bags. Jack warns Billy about getting too close to Victoria and asks Billy to break it off with Victoria until after the trial with Adam. Billy refuses. Nina accuses Paul of wanting to be with Cricket, but Paul insists that he wants to be with Nina. Cricket says good-bye to Nina. Nina asks Cricket if she still loves Paul. Sharon calls Nick to meet her to help her with Faith. Phyllis calls Jack to meet, but Jack tells her that he has a meeting, but he will meet her as soon as possible. Victoria resigns her position at Newman. Victor warns her that if she quits, she wont’ be coming back. Victoria lets him know that she hadn’t planned on it. Victoria goes home to Billy’s and lets him know that she had resigned the position at Newman’s.

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