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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake sits at a table when Amanda and Trevor come in. Jake tells Amanda that he has a big request from Angie. At the hospital, a doctor examines Brot’s eyes. Once he uncovers the eye on which he operated, the doctor tells Brot to focus slowly. Natalia comes in to see how Brot is doing and meets the doctor. Brot doesn't want to discuss his situation and sends Natalia away. At the apartment, Randi prepares for another photo shoot while Frankie watches her. Madison stops by to pick up the rest of her things since she is moving into her own place. Angie gets ready for work, but soon confesses to Jesse that she is not going to the hospital but is going for a sonogram. Jake lets Amanda know that Angie wants him to the next Chief of Staff. Randi starts to leave when she suddenly remembers about Angie’s sonogram. Madison overhears Frankie talking to Randi and wants to know what is wrong with Angie. Frankie is reluctant to tell Madison the truth, but needing someone to talk to, he tells her that Angie is going blind. Jake tells Amanda that he doesn’t want the Chief of Staff position, because he's done it before, and knows how much time it would take away from his family. Angie and Jesse visit the hospital and has the sonogram. Angie and Jesse hear the baby’s heartbeat. Randi ends up in the same hospital area with Brot since she took a fall during the photo shoot but didn't injure herself seriously.

Jesse and Angie arrive home. Jesse tries to make Angie sit down when he realizes that she cannot see. Jake doesn't know how to let Angie know he doesn't want to replace her. Angie urges Jesse to express his feelings about the baby. He admits he's scared that he will resent the child. Madison assures Frankie that she will not let anyone know about Angie and her condition. Brot and Randi help each other to leave the hospital, but they bump into Natalia who wants to see Brot’s apartment. Claiming it's a mess, Brot refuses.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Bob and Kim discuss the party at Metro for Chris and Reid, who are vying for the Chief of Staff position. Chris invites Katie to the party, but she refuses. Katie lets Chris know that she cannot be jerked around all the time. Katie reminds Chris that at first he wanted her to go to Sweden and now he wants her to stay in town. Katie demands that he make up his mind. Luke lets Reid know that he doesn’t believe a word that Reid says. In Old Town, Will and Gwen meet with Iris and demand that she go to an AA meeting. Iris refuses, but Gwen insists that she attend or else. At Fairwinds, Paul and Henry go over the evidence that Iris may be responsible for Barbara’s kidnapping. Barbara and Emily are still tied up in the wine cellar while fire sparks from the fuse box. Paul, Henry and Will search through Barbara’s room. Henry still thinks that Iris is responsible for Barbara’s disappearance. Henry gets a call from Margo that Barbara’s credit card was used at a bar. Luke continues to accuse Reid of seeing someone else. Reid insists that he is not seeing someone else. Luke agrees to go to party with Reid. Chris asks Katie again to attend the party with him and she agrees. Chris has more chest pains.

Everyone begins to arrive for the party at Metro. Henry, Will and Paul arrive for the AA meeting and find out it just ended. Gwen and Iris arrive home. Will calls Gwen to tell her to keep Iris there. Emily and Barbara fear that they will suffocate due to the smoke. Chris and Reid are both interviewed about the hospital, but when it comes Chris’ turn, Reid has to bail him out with the answer to the question. Bob and Kim notice that something is wrong with Chris. Bob feels that Chris doesn’t really want this position. Reid urges Chris to go to the hospital to see a cardiologist, but Katie overhears and questions Chris about it. Chris lies to her and tells her that they were discussing a case at the hospital. Barbara and Emily both apologize to each other for their actions in the past. Will tells Gwen that Iris may be responsible for Barbara’s disappearance. Paul smells smoke and immediately begins to look where it's coming from. Chris and Katie leave the party. Bob is upset that Chris left with Katie. Luke asks Reid what is going on with Chris. Reid tells Luke the whole story about Chris being very sick and Reid is the only one who knows. Katie and Chris arrive home. Katie kisses Chris to let him know that she wants him to stay. Paul, Henry and Will find Barbara and Emily and also find out that Iris is responsible. Gwen finds Iris gone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy confides in Oliver that her not so good name is now revived. Someone at Spencer Publications cleared the record. In her pity party, she asks Oliver what he likes about her. She knows he’s all about Hope; he hardly looks at Steffy....guess she will have to help him get Hope back. Stephanie barges into Brooke’s bedroom and assures her that wild horses could not get Hope to come back as long as Brooke is home there. She says Ridge will fill her in on all the details, but a guy at Spencer Publications was the one who was responsible for altering the video. She’s there to try to convince Brooke to help Ridge mend his relationship with Steffy. Ridge drops by Hope’s while Liam is still there. She stashes him in the closet. Ridge tries to convince her again that the sexcapade was an accident and that he wants her to come home. In talking about the video, he tells her that Liam was also involved so steer clear of him.

Liam reveals to Hope that everything he’s told her is the truth, but her father is right; she should stay a million miles away from him. Oliver calls and begs Hope not to hang up. He loves her too much and he’s not going to give up. Ridge laments to Brooke that he broke his daughter’s heart and he’s afraid it will never be the same. Brooke doesn’t believe Steffy will sell her shares back to Bill Spencer and she’s happy that she is returning to work. She only wishes Hope would come back home. She doesn’t want to lose her his way. Steffy tells Oliver just to give it some time. Hope is not seeing anyone else so have some faith. Liam scores points as he pours his heart out to Hope about his childhood. He’s had a fall from grace too….and when he looks at her, he only sees something so pure and lovely and good and he wants to be part of that despite what her dad said. He wants to prove that to her. On impulse he kisses her and she leans in for more.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Bo started to tell Hope how his idea will help her.  Brady visited Isabella's plot.  Nicole wanted to give Rafe a "pat down" and they fell in a chair together.  They ended up kissing.  Arianna saw them kissing and wanted to know what was going on with them.  Johnny also saw more than he should when he saw Sami and EJ making out.  Julie ripped into Bo for no reason when he wanted Hope to trust him.  Doug and Hope tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen.  Arianna wanted to know why Rafe was kissing the woman who set her up (Nicole).  Sami was thinking about Rafe when she waited for EJ to take Johnny back to his room.  Adrienne and Justin talked about old times.  Hope told the judge that she wanted to plead guilty.  Arianna was upset that Rafe was with Nicole and thought he was trying to make Sami jealous. Rafe had to cover his tracks with Nicole by talking about how Sami and EJ treated them.  Bo's favor for Hope was to let character witnesses speak on her behalf.  The prosecutor was not happy about that.  She was going to give Hope 10 years in exchange for a guilty plea, but she decided to give her 30 years.  The judge asked Mr. Shields (Hope's attorney) if there's any reason why she should give Hope leniency.  He started ruffling through papers.  Justin spoke up in his defense.

Sami saw Brady at the pub.  She questioned why he had a beer.  He questioned her about her engagement ring.  Nicole and Rafe went back to her place.  Justin and Abe testified on Hope's behalf.  Arianna wanted to testify at Hope's case.  She wanted Hope to get punished.  Brady told Sami how he was finished with Nicole. He also told Sami what would happen to her if she married EJ.  The judge was about to sentence Hope, but Bo wanted to testify on Hope's behalf.  he explained his role in her crimes.  Bo told Hope that he would be there for her regardless of what happened in court.  Brady told Sami about how she changed when he came back to Salem.  He thinks she will revert back once she marries EJ.  She couldn't handle what he said to her and they started arguing.  Rafe let Nicole think that he liked her.  Nicole wanted Rafe to take off his clothes.  The judge gave Hope a sentence of two years.  Hope thanked everyone for testifying on her behalf.  Sami saw Arianna at the pub.  Arianna told her that she saw Rafe with Nicole and that they were on their way to Nicole's place.  Sami thought he had the proof and went to Nicole's place.  Rafe was about to undress for Nicole and that's how it ended.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu is horrified to find a half-naked Brook Lynn kissing Dante. Lulu grabs Brook Lynn by her hair. Lulu and Brook Lynn have a shouting match which leads to them slapping each other. Brook Lynn leaves. Lulu can’t understand what has gotten into Dante. Robin can’t seem to find her HIV medication. Patrick has a strong hunch that Lisa has something to do with it. Patrick hurries to the hospital to refill Robin’s medication. Patrick speaks briefly to Steven. Patrick confronts Lisa about breaking in and taking Robin’s meds. Lisa proclaims her innocence, suggesting that Robin misplaced them. Patrick tells Lisa that the locks at his house will be changed. Elizabeth and the boys settle in at Wyndemere. Nikolas asks Liz if the living arrangements are okay. Alone, Nikolas bonds with Aiden. Maxie asks Lucky to run a background check on Lisa Niles. Maxie vents her suspicions of Lisa to Lucky. Lucky asks Maxie to play a game of pool. Maya calls Johnny and asks him to meet her at Jake’s to talk about Ethan. Maya wants to know if Ethan’s life is in danger due to his line of work. Ethan shows up at the bar and interrupts Maya and Johnny’s conversation. Ethan is flattered that Maya asked Johnny about him. Johnny graciously leaves the two alone. Maya dances with Ethan. Brook Lynn shows up at Sonny’s doorstep and blabs that Lulu caught her kissing Dante. Sonny has no objections to Brook dating Dante. Lulu senses that Dante has been drugged due to his peculiar behavior. Lulu suggests bringing Dante to the hospital but he refuses to go. Dante believes that he’s back in Bensonhurst. Lulu is frightened since Dante doesn’t recognize her. Lulu sits with Dante until he falls asleep. Carly talks to Jax about going out of town with the kids for a few days. Jax insists that he has an important business trip to take. Jason informs Sonny about the drive-by shooting and that Michael saved Johnny’s life. Sonny is thinking about brokering some kind of peace agreement with Johnny. Sonny wants to involve a third party to help with the truce. Patrick returns home with Robin’s refilled prescription. Robin is baffled about her missing medication. Patrick tells Robin that he lost a house key so the locks needs to be changed. Robin mentions that their wedding photo has gone missing. Patrick covers for Lisa. Brook Lynn informs Carly that Lulu caught her and Dante making out. Carly is thrilled by the news. Carly gives some money to Brook Lynn. Carly wants daily updates from Brook Lynn during her time away from Port Charles. Lulu wonders if Dante is the right one for her. Michael returns to the loft and inquires about Dante’s state. Lulu announces that Dante was drugged, possibly by Brook Lynn. Lulu relays that she found Brook Lynn and Dante in a compromising position. Lulu badmouths Brook Lynn to Michael, and insists that she’ll get revenge on her. Maya has to get back to work so she leaves Ethan and Johnny alone at the bar. Johnny comes clean about his plan to retaliate against Sonny on Friday. Johnny wants Ethan to be his witness when he kills Sonny in self-defense.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

John assigns Brody to guard Cole so Cole charges down to the station and demands to know if it has something to do with Hannah. John reveals that Hannah may not be guilty. John holds Ford at the station and suggests that Eli Clarke is really the person who hit Ford over the head. Ford says he can tell John everything he needs to know but only in return for protection and immunity. Ford tells John that Eli hit him and told him that he would leave him alone if he blamed Hannah instead. John wonders why Eli hit him in the first place. Ford reveals that he was blackmailing Eli because he had information about his prior identity as Bennett Thompson. Natalie reports to Rex that the shredded paper they are putting back together contains a photograph. Later, she goes to Rex's apartment with the partial computer reconstruction of Bennett Thompson's booking photo.

Dorian and David are back together, happily in love, and planning to get married today. Eli and Blair prepare to get married today. Blair suggests that she and Eli postpone again, but Eli refuses. Dorian suggests a double wedding. James goes to La Boulaie to ask Langston if she has seen Ford. He suggests that since he is there, they should go on the date that they were planning. Langston tells him that he only asked her out to make Starr jealous. He tells her that doesn’t matter because she is only going out with him to stick it to his brother anyway. The happy couples ask James to be Langston's date to the wedding. Starr says she doesn’t think he should be at a family affair. Jessica tells Kelly that she found out she and Ford did have sex so he could be her baby's father. Kelly advises Jessica not to do anything rash. Jessica calls her doctor and asks how soon into a pregnancy a paternity test can be performed just as Brody arrives at the open office door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

The Abbotts meet and have dinner to discuss strategy against Adam and his civil suit against them. The Newmans also have a meeting with Michael to discuss Adam and the lawsuit. Sharon and Adam meet at the coffeehouse, where she accuses him of following her. Adam lets Sharon know that his marriage to Skye is just a business arrangement. Sharon assures him that after what he did to her, she could never be with him again. Paul and Nina spend time together in his apartment before she leaves. Paul sits down at the computer when Chris knocks on the door. Chris wants to know if Paul has on Nina’s son. Nikki wonders whose body was in the stables. Meggie walks in and offers them iced tea. Victor introduces Meggie to Victoria and Nick. Victoria gets a call and leaves. Michael asks Victor how much he really knows about Meggie. Jack tells the family that first they should separate the Abbotts from the Newmans. Jack and Abby discuss the things she's been doing lately and how it would affect her getting her inheritance. Skye asks Vance why Sharon isn’t being sued. Sharon orders Adam to stop following her. Nikki explains to Michael that Shaw almost killed Meggie. Meggie brings a letter to Nikki and asks if Skye was the woman whose pic was on the wall in her bar. Victor confirms that it was. Ashley and Abby share a tender moment. Traci lets Ashley and Abby know that Lily asked her to be the twins' godmother. Skye meets with a business associate and tries to get him to stay until Adam arrives. Adam meanders into the dining room and joins Skye at her table. Skye blasts Adam for not being there at the meeting. Skye notices that Jack walked into the club. Sharon, Nick and Faith have dinner together. Nina, on the computer, remembers the kiss between Paul and Chris. Paul asks Chris if she was seeing anyone in D.C. Paul and Chris begin to kiss and lay down on the sofa. Chris pulls away and tells Paul that she cannot do this to Nina and leaves abruptly. Paul runs after Chris but she is already gone. Nina comes in and notices how upset Paul is.

Victoria is waiting for Billy when he comes home. They kiss as she asks him how his meeting went. Billy and Victoria argue over the remark that he made about Adam being Victor‘s son. Billy and Victoria go into the bedroom but soon find out that they are locked in. Skye and Adam discuss the lawsuit against the Newmans and Abbotts. Nina comes into Paul’s apartment and sees the lamp turned upright. Nina also finds Chris’s earring. Paul comes out of the bedroom startled to see Nina there. Nina begins to question Paul about Chris .Chris calls Michael to meet her, but he refuses. Chris orders a drink just as Nick comes in. Nick and Chris have a drink together and watch a Cubs game. They make a wager on who will win. Meggie brings Nikki a Caesar, but finds out that Nikki is a recovering alcoholic. Victor joins Nikki and finds out what Meggie did. Victor offers to get rid of Meggie, but Nikki stops him. Victor tells Michael to watch Skye and Adam’s every move. Victoria insists to Billy that it was Jack’s idea to take Adam to the cabin. Billy and Victoria continue to kiss. A fireman comes in and yells, asking if someone is there. Billy and Victoria continue to kiss in the shower. Abby, Traci and Ashley visit Colleen’s grave. Abby tells Colleen that Lily asked Traci to be the godmother of the twins. Michael and Vance discuss Adam’s case and a possible alternative. Chris and Nick sit in a booth, drink a beer and watch the game. They begin to kiss. The fireman knocks down the door to rescue Billy and Victoria. Jack warns Skye about Adam. Michael tries to strike up a deal with Vance concerning Adam. Nina questions Paul about Nina. Phyllis walks into bar and orders a drink, then notices Nick in a booth and thinks he is kissing Sharon.

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