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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the living room of the Chandler house, Scott and Annie kiss, but Scott, abruptly, pulls away. Upstairs in their bedroom, J.R. tells Marissa that he misses her. Marissa tells J.R. that he is not their problem that she is. Greenlee asks Ryan if he is alright. Kendall and Zach argue over the fact that she had left her cell phone in David and Greenlee’s room. Annie confesses to Scott that she had been afraid of losing him. Madison and Frankie bring groceries back to Ryan’s apartment to await his arrival from the hospital. Kendall and Zach are outside of David’s door when David arrives and catches them. Zach comes up with a story so that they can entrance into David’s room. Zach keeps David occupied until Kendall can find her phone. Annie suggests to Scott that they write their own wedding vows when A.J. comes in and tells Annie he doesn’t feel well. Annie offers to tell him a story so that he will feel better. Marissa and J.R. walk in and watches A.J. with Annie and Scott. Marissa suddenly takes control of the situation. Annie offers to help, but Marissa rebukes her. Marissa and Scott exchange looks as Marissa leaves the room. Madison visits Ryan and finds him on his feet. Ryan explains everything to Madison about helping Greenlee with her problems with David. Greenlee offers David support in the aftermath of Zach threatening David. David notices Marissa in the waiting room. Zach and Kendall visit Bianca and is introduced to Caleb.

Marissa blames David for her problems with J.R. Greenlee tells Ryan that Zach had been tempted to tell David the truth. Madison lets Ryan know that she wants him in her life. Greenlee finds out about David’s fight with Marissa. At Krystal’s place, Scott orders Marissa not to tell Annie and J.R. anything. Annie walks in and sees them hugging. J.R. pretends to burn the info against Scott, but instead hides it in the wall safe. Kendall agrees to stay in Pine Valley until the end of summer.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Fairwinds, Paul, Iris, Will and Gwen discuss Emily not coming home last night. Paul asks Will if Hunter knew anything about where Emily could be. Will suspects that Emily was involved in Barbara’s disappearance. Iris visits Emily and Barbara and demands her passwords, but Barbara refuses to give them to her. Henry and Katie discuss where Barbara could be. Henry asks Katie to go with him to Sweden to visit Vienna. Noah asks Luke to accompany him to Los Angeles, but he refuses. Noah asks Luke if it is serious between him and Reid. Luke tells Noah that it is. Reid lets Chris know that he is no longer interested in getting involved in his medical problems. They argue. Katie interrupts them and wants to know what is going on. When Katie tells Chris about Henry inviting her to go to Sweden, he encourages her to go. Reid calls Luke to make plans for later. Noah says good-bye to Luke. Iris meets with the banker, Mr. Milburn, but is turned down for the money. Henry smells Barbara’s perfume, and sees Iris at the bar wearing Barbara’s clothes.

Henry questions Iris about her wearing Barbara’s clothes and perfume. Emily insists to Barbara that she give Iris the passwords, but she refuses. Paul gets a text from Emily, but it doesn’t mention Eliza. At the hospital, Luke confronts Rebecca about Reid. Reid meets Chris at the hotel and finds he has had another attack. Reid helps Chris up to a room. Noah encounters Reid and Chris getting on the elevator. Noah immediately calls Luke to meet him. Noah tells Luke about seeing Reid with someone else. Henry lets Will and Gwen know about Iris drinking. Iris tells Barbara that she cheated her and demands the passwords. Emily gives Iris the password to an account that has both Paul and Barbara’s name on it. Reid invites Luke to dinner, but he refuses by telling him that he doesn’t believe him. Chris invites Katie to go to the same dinner, but she also refuses. Barbara and Emily manage to cause the beam to fall, but sparks fly from the fuse box.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Steffy that he loves her and he didn’t believe her about the tribute and he should have. He knows he hurt her, but do not use Bill’s agenda to divide them. He wants to talk, but not in front of Bill. She agrees to go but not to the way things were. Ridge tells Bill to leave his daughter alone. Katie returns home and Bill tells her this was just the opening volley. He has something to tell her that she won’t like. He tells her about Justin’s involvement and he wishes he could change things, but he can’t.

Hope thinks it is unbelievable that Liam knew about the sabotage of the tribute and didn’t tell anyone. He admits it’s true and everyone had a right to hit him and she should too. It might help his guilt. She thinks he was pressured into it and in a couple of decades her family will get over it. She brings him back to the guest house and doctors his face. He tells her about his mother dying recently and that he is looking for his father at FC. She tells him they have similar backgrounds, both not knowing their real father. She thinks they are kindred spirits and can be friends.

Bill promises Katie they are on their way. He’s going to get her back to being CEO of FC. Ridge tells Steffy that he’d like to get on with it and get past this. Steffy has her doubts that it can work again with Brooke still being a problem at FC and them working together. Nothing has changed; things are the way they always were. He says this has been a heck of a wakeup call for him. She’s not sure since he is so quick to defend Brooke. He doesn’t even realize he is doing it. He vows that he will make it up to her. Things will be different. He wants her to come back to Forrester. Hope puts a disgusting raw steak on Liam’s jaw/mouth. She confides that it is over with her and Oliver. She says when he touches her, she feels ill. It repulses her. Something so beautiful is now ruined. He reminds her that she is not ruined. She is just WOW.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

While the guy was choking Melanie, Nathan showed up and stopped him.  Nathan pushed the guy away from Melanie.  Daniel overheard Chloe and Carly talking about something happening tomorrow.  Rafe saw Nicole at the bar.  He wanted to be her white knight the way Victor told him.  Sami didn't hear everything that EJ and Stefano were saying.  Sami wanted to know what they were talking about.  Lexie showed up at the DiMera mansion as Sami wanted to know why Stefano and EJ were talking about Sydney.  Lexie found out that Sami and EJ are getting married. Hope told Bo that she was going to plead guilty.  Bo tried to use the "Ciara card" to try to get through to her.  Ian agreed to help Stephanie hack into St. Mary's computer.  Chloe and Carly lied to Daniel about why they were meeting.  They said they were meeting for facials.  He seemed to buy it.  Bo continued to convince Hope that she's not thinking about Ciara by pleading guilty.  She was convinced that she was doing the right thing.  Doug and Julie walked into the courtroom while Bo called Hope a coward. He wanted to try to get her to understand what she's doing to Ciara.  Julie took over for Bo and tried to get Hope to see what she's doing to Ciara.  Nicole sent Rafe away and a guy who recognized her from her porn days showed up at the table.  Rafe showed up and defended her honor. Lexie was happy that EJ and Sami were getting married.  Lexie offered to help with the wedding plans.  Ian told Stephanie that Chloe's paternity test results weren't in yet.  After Rafe defended Nicole, she let him stay and drink with her.  Rafe was trying to fish for info about EJ from Nicole.

Stephanie was upset that the paternity results weren't ready.  Nathan walked in on Stephanie and wanted to know who Ian was and what they were doing.  Stefano wanted to talk to Sami and let her know he was wrong.  Lexie is convinced that Rafe is a threat to EJ's relationship with Sami.  EJ is convinced that Rafe will have to accept that her relationship with Rafe is over.  Melanie met Daniel and Carly on the pier and they were worried about the bruises on her neck. Melanie told them that Nathan saved her.  Stephanie lied to Nathan and told him that Ian was helping her with computer programs.  Stefano wanted a fresh start with Sami.  He tried to hug her, but she wasn't ready for that yet.  Nicole was suspicious of Rafe because he kept asking her questions about the past.  She wanted to know if he was on the job.  Bo told Hope that there's a change of plans.  Carly called St. Mary's to confirm that Chloe's paternity test will be ready in the morning.  Carly wanted to meet Chloe on the pier.  While Nicole was patting Rafe down for a wire, they fell in a chair and almost kissed.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason begs Carly to end her vendetta but she still blames Dante and Lulu for Michael’s stint in prison. Jason thinks that Michael will be hurt by Carly’s scheming. Jason and Carly argue about Dante. Morgan shows up at Sonny’s doorstep. Sonny asks Morgan how his summer is going. Morgan worries that he won’t see Sonny after his adoption is finalized. Sonny hopes that Carly will stop the adoption proceedings. Carly isn’t pleased to find Morgan at Sonny’s house. Morgan leaves in a hurry. Carly tells Sonny that Michael has been permanently damaged by his time in Pentonville. Matt and Maxie keep an eye on Lisa at the hospital. Matt defends Patrick to Maxie. Maxie will do anything to protect Robin. Matt tells Maxie about his suspicions regarding Lisa. Lisa tries to work her charms on Patrick but he isn’t interested. Robin shows up at the hospital and speaks briefly to Patrick. Elizabeth talks to Cameron and Jake about their move to Wyndemere. Nikolas is surprised to hear that Elizabeth is looking forward to the move. Nikolas runs into Patrick at the hospital and tells him that Liz and the boys are moving into Wyndemere. Lisa eavesdrops from nearby. Robin visits with Elizabeth and Aiden. Robin asks Elizabeth if she’s getting back with Nikolas. Elizabeth insists that she’s moving in with Nik for the sake of her children. Robin confides to Liz that she made the right decision in marrying Patrick. Lisa breaks into the Drake home. Lulu believes that Dante would never break her heart. Lucky tells Lulu that fairy-tale romances never work out. Lucky gives Lulu some advice on relationships. Lulu plans on having a serious talk with Dante about their future. Michael thanks Lucky for keeping quiet about the cover-up. Lucky warns Michael to stay out of trouble. Lucky reminds Michael that innocent people could get killed in the imminent mob war. Brook Lynn drops her purse on the floor and a prescription bottle falls out. Dante inquires about the pills but Brook maintains that they help her with singing. Dante buys Brook Lynn’s story. Brook thanks Dante for being a good friend. Coleman asks Brook Lynn what Kate (Connie) was like in Bensonhurst. Brook Lynn can’t believe that Dante was unaware of her crush on him. Dante admits that Brook has changed since their teenage years. Brook Lynn offers to give Dante a ride home. Lucky confides to Jason that Michael saved Johnny from a drive-by shooting. Jason wonders why Michael didn’t say anything to him about the shooting. Lucky hopes that Jason can talk Sonny out of going after Johnny. Nikolas assures Elizabeth that she can change her mind about moving to Wyndemere. Elizabeth finishes packing her bags for the move. Jason returns home to find Sam waiting. Jason is relieved that Sam stuck by him. Jason and Sam share a kiss. Jason carries Sam up the stairs. Lulu shows up at Jake’s but wonders what happened to Dante. Lulu and Coleman talk about Kate. Maxie blabs to Lucky about Lisa Niles’ fixation on Patrick. Maxie asks Lucky to run a background check on Lisa. Patrick returns home to find a panicked Robin. Robin can’t find her HIV medication. Patrick has a hunch that Lisa stole them. Lisa throws Robin’s meds in a hospital trash can. When they return to the loft, Dante sits down on the couch while Brook gets him a beer. Dante is feeling the effects of the drug. Lulu walks in on Dante and Brook Lynn making out.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd and Dani do not want to give up on finding Tea. She appears uncertain that she really wants to die without them. Robert Ford wants to persuade James not to date or trust Langston. And Starr wants Langston to decide the same about James. Yet the reasons why either of them would care is due to their own respective "incompletion" (Starr likes James and Robert may have feelings he doesn't want to admit for Langston). John then concludes that the only way to get Eli in jail for the crimes he's committed it to get the only other person besides Hannah to testify what they know about Eli. SO he goes to find Robert and puts him in handcuffs. Blair continues to make Eli believe that she trusts him and disbelieves John and Kelly's accusations of him. David and Dorian are back together and admitting they were both denying their feelings for each other

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

J.T. tells Reed that he scored when Mac comes into the room and asks J.T. how his meeting went. J.T. tells her that it was long. J.T. thanks Mac for picking Reed up at camp. J.T. notices that Mac is having a good day. J.T. reminds Mac of the question that he asked her, but she still doesn’t give him an answer. Mac gets a call from Lily, but doesn’t answer it. Cane suggests getting some sleep while they can, until the phone rings. It is Katherine, who wants Cane to come to courthouse to help with Jill. Lauren is surprised to see her mother, Joanna walk into the courtroom. Michael asks for a recess, but the judge refuses. Daniel and Abby have made love and wake up famished. Abby reluctantly agrees to fix breakfast for them. Jeff and Gloria eagerly await the re-opening of Gloworm which will appeal to the young society crowd. Chloe lets Kevin know that she is going to put it to the back of her mind and get to work on the article that Jill was working on when she was canned. Kevin informs Chloe that it is his and Jana’s anniversary. Chloe calls Kevin, “Mr. Mopey-pants.” Chloe shows Kevin some pics that she was drawing of a dog. Chloe also tells Kevin that Daniel is on his way over. Daniel complains about the breakfast that Abby made. Jana thanks Kevin for the flowers, but he lets her know that he ordered those flowers months ago when he thought that they had a chance. Jeff hires a sexy bartender named Candy which makes Gloria fume. Kevin lets Jana know that it is over between them.

Lily calls Mac and invites her over to see the twins, but she refuses until she can bring J.T. and Reed. Joanna is questioned on the witness stand about her life with Neil and how that he felt about not being able to find Jill. Joanna testifies that Jill caused Lauren to be a “spoiled brat.” Lauren resents her mother’s remarks and wonders how she could do this to her. Daniel tells Abby about the photo shoot and that he should get going before Chloe throws a temper tantrum. Abby asks to accompany Daniel to the photo shoot. Chloe finds out that the other models are sick, so she and Kevin agree to fill in. Chloe tells Gloria that she and Kevin are the models for Gloworm. Lauren lashes out at Joanna for her treatment and for doing this for Jill. Lily takes Mac in to see the twins, but she asks for some time alone with them. Mac talks to the twins. Lily notices something wrong with Mac’s attitude. Lily asks Mac to be the twins' godmother, but Mac refuses. Gloria orders Jana to leave Gloworm. The judge rules in Jill’s favor that Lauren turn over 50% of the Fenmore assets to Jill. Lauren tells the judge that he cannot do that. The judge tells Lauren that his decision is final. Jill thanks Joanna for her help, but Joanna tells her that she didn’t do it for Jill. Back at home and seeing J.T with Reed, Mac agrees to move in with J.T. Lily asks Traci to be the twins’ godmother because it would have been what Colleen would have wanted. Traci agrees . Deacon reveals that he is the new bartender at Gloworm. Daniel, angrily, storms out of Gloworm. Lauren promises that she will deal with Jill.

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