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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby is rescued from falling off a tall building by Asher. Damon walks up and wonders what is going on. Kendall talks to Zach on the phone and tells him how much she misses him. Kendall orders Ryan to go back to bed. Greenlee puts on a butterfly ring and thinks of Ryan. David walks in and wonders what is keeping her so long. David tells Greenlee he has a surprise for her. Ryan tells Kendall his plan of breaking into David’s vault. Scott urges Marissa not to tell J.R. about them making love just as Annie and J.R. walk in. J.R. wants to lay everything out on the table since they are all there. J.R. tries to talk to Marissa while Annie talks to Scott. Marissa tells J.R. that she believes him. Colby remembers Asher from the park and wants to know if he is following her. When Asher says he's new in town, Damon offers him a place to stay at Tad’s. Kendall joins Greenlee and David for dinner. Ryan manages to break into David and Greenlee’s room. Greenlee offers to forgive Kendall for what she did involving the wreck. J.R. ridicules Scott for stealing Palmer’s invention and attempting to destroy Chandler Enterprises. Annie lets Emma know that she and Scott are eloping. Marissa and A.J. come in. Annie tries to make amends to Marissa, but she refuses to listen. Marissa reacts badly when J.R. tries to give her an expensive gift. She insists their marriage will never be the same again. Kendall and Ryan are together searching David’s room when Zach arrives. Zach wonders why Kendall told him that Ryan was in bad shape when he obviously looks well. Kendall and Ryan explain to Zach what is really going on with Greenlee. Zach is not happy that Kendall is getting involved in the craziness of Pine Valley again. Greenlee keeps David from going back to their room. Colby walks in and is flustered when she sees Asher without his shirt. Greenlee and Ryan meet outside the room.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden overhears Craig asking Lily for money. Without being asked his opinion he gives it, which is not welcome by Lily or Craig. Gabriel and Liberty bemoan their family issues, as Faith and Parker talk about his future at college. When Gabriel overhears something that Parker says that rubs him the wrong way, they get into a shoving contest, which Holden breaks up. Holden alludes to his frustration with Craig and his scheme, as Gabriel rushes off. Parker leaves too and Faith assumes it is to go after Liberty, who has followed Gabriel. Gabriel goes and warns Craig about Lucinda’s plan. Carly tries to entice Blackthorn into incriminating himself and Craig, but Janet, who pretty much blows her cover, interrupts her flirting. Jack pulls her away on a supposed emergency with the new house, as Carly tries to save the plan. Janet demands to know what is going on, as Jack wants her to trust him. Jack goes back upstairs and Janet follows. Blackthorn invites a skittish Carly to his room where he comes onto her strongly, as Carly tries to turn the conversation back to finding out something about him. Blackthorn finds the bug on Carly and tosses it in her drink, as Carly tries to claim it was for her blog. Blackthorn doesn’t believe her, threatens her, and pushes her down on the bed. Jack races in and Blackthorn tells him he will sue for harassment. Janet walks into this mess, as Jack and Carly try to explain somewhat, but Janet sides with Blackthorn and Carly and Jack are forced to leave alone. Lily talks to Lucinda about her business issues and how everyone is treating as if she doesn’t know what she is doing. Lucinda asks Lily to go to a spa with her to bond and get away, as Lily happily takes her up on it. Lucinda then turns around, tells Holden where they will be, and suggests he may want to show up. Meanwhile, Craig takes Gabriel to see Lily to tell her what he knows. Lily is shocked and furious and decides to buy all of Craig’s shares of Worldwide to take on her mother in retaliation. Parker and Liberty have a talk about how their relationship has changed and how they decide they only want to be best friends now considering he has an interest in Faith and she in Gabriel. They hug, as Gabriel shows up, and Parker tells him to stay. Gabriel is pleasantly surprised, as he tells Liberty about what happened with his father. He tells her that he is glad he has her. Blackthorn and Janet bond over trying to be pulled apart, as they kiss. Carly has taken something of Blackthorn’s, as she and Jack look through it. They find a coin with the name St. Carmello on it. Jack will look into it and see what he can come up with, as he can see Carly isn't backing down from this either. They decide to continue to work together as a team to bring Blackthorn and they think Craig down.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Steffy that he knows who sabotaged the Brooke tribute. He learned after the fact. She wants the name. He tells her it is his assistant, Justin Barber, and Liam was involved as well. Justin came by and realized that Liam had struck gold so he was able to retrieve the conversation and edit it into the tribute. She wants to talk to Justin, but Bill said he is traveling right now. He assures her that has already lowered the boom on him. He says he knows this is upsetting to her as to him as well. But he can make it better by talking to her father and clearing her name. Oliver kisses Hope again, but she pulls away and say it will never change. All she sees is him and her mother together that way. Nothing will change that. Being outside for her first time on the wall with any of her friends to see is not the way she envisioned their first sex. He is not the man she thought he was and she must not be the girl that he was expecting. He begs her not to do this over some stupid mistake. He just needs another chance. They can just go away and start over. She asks him to stop. He is making this so much worse. She wants him to leave. Stephanie asks Liam to repeat himself. He says he is Ridge’s son. Ridge tells him that he has one minute to explain himself. Liam says his mother was a model here in L.A. but Ridge says she did not work at Forrester so that does not make him his dad. He punches him in the jaw and tells Stephanie to call security and have Liam thrown out.

Ridge calls Steffy and wants to meet with her. Since she is exiled at FC, she suggests the only place he can find her is at Bill’s. They are in the middle of something right now. Security throws out Liam. He spots the press harassing Hope in the parking lot. He intercedes and Hope thanks him. She learns the truth about the video tribute. Stephanie finds Oliver at the Sky Lounge. He tells her that Hope is the one for him and he won’t let her go. Bill tries to make a trade with his admission to Ridge for Steffy’s stocks. She plays coy and says she thinks she will hold onto them for now. He thinks her face is too pretty for tears so even without her shares he will tell Ridge the truth. Ridge demands to know why Steffy is at Bill’s. She won’t leave, not even for whatever Ridge wants to talk to her about. She tells him that he banned her from the company so it doesn’t matter now. He tells her that he just found out she was innocent and he is sorry that he accused her. He loves her and there is no need for her to sell her FC stocks.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Nathan saw Philip and Chloe on the pier.  Daniel showed Carly the bracelet that he bought for Chloe.  Carly looked worried when Daniel started talking about the baby.  He wanted to know what's wrong.  Stephanie was using the computer at St. Mary's and Melanie saw her.  EJ and Sami were kissing when Stefano and Will walked in on them.  Will wasn't that thrilled with the upcoming wedding.  Rafe made a call to someone about the CD.  Melanie wanted to know why Stephanie was at St. Mary's.  Philip told Nathan that he and Chloe were upset over what Hope did to Bo.  Stephanie lied to Melanie and told her she was checking on one of Daniel's patients.  Melanie told Stephanie that she had an interview to work ay that hospital.  Brady and Nicole started making out on Victor's couch.  The person Rafe called met him on the beach.  The person was Victor.  He wanted help with Nicole.  EJ walked in on Sami and Will talking about Rafe.  Brady pushed Nicole away while they were making out.  He said it was a mistake. Sami wanted to share her "news" with Roman.  Rafe told Victor that he had proof that Nicole has something on EJ.  Stephanie continued to search for Chloe's paternity test.  She figured something out and got on her phone.  Philip found out that Nathan and Melanie are going to be working at a clinic together.  Sister Ann from St. Mary's showed up at the same bar as Daniel and Chloe. Daniel wanted Sister Ann to meet his fiancée'.  Sami and EJ showed up at the pub to meet Roman and Caroline.  Rafe told Victor about the information he has on Nicole and EJ.  Rafe wanted Victor's help with getting Nicole to confess.  Victor wanted to know what was in it for him.

Stephanie's friend Ian showed up at her apartment.  She needed his help.  Carly showed up at the bar and saw the nun there.  She and Chloe looked panicked.  Sami told Roman and Caroline that she is marrying EJ.  Roman thought she was out of her mind.  EJ tried to convince Roman and Caroline that he loves Sami and wants to marry her.  Victor still wanted to know what was in it for him to help Rafe.  Rafe had the right price for Victor.  Rafe told him that Nicole would not be able to go after Brady.  Caroline was not convinced that EJ was the right person for Sami.  Roman wanted to talk to her, but she didn't want to talk to him.  Sami and EJ left the pub.  Nicole wanted to know why Brady rejected her.  He compared sex with Nicole to drugs.  She was shocked that he felt that way.  Carly went to Daniel and Sister Ann's table.  Sister Ann suddenly had to leave and never got a chance to see Chloe.  Victor wouldn't help Rafe, but he did tell him to find her weak spot and then he would have her.  Victor told Rafe to pretend to be Nicole's white knight.  Brady was still upset with Nicole.  He didn't buy her excuse about the $5 million.  A man showed up at the clinic and grabbed Melanie.  Stephanie began to tell Ian about hacking in tot he computer for a paternity test.  Daniel walked up on Carly and Chloe while they were talking about going to St. Mary's.  Stefano warned EJ to be careful.  Stefano mentioned how EJ arranged the kidnapping.  EJ stopped him from going on about that.  Sami was at the door.  Nicole went to the Cheating heart. Rafe saw her there.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Dante intervenes when Ronnie starts questioning Michael about the drive-by shooting. Lucky defends Michael when Ronnie won’t drop the issue. Dante and Michael admit to Lucky that he (Michael), not Ethan, saved Johnny’s life. Johnny confides to Ethan about his plan to shoot Sonny and claim self-defense. Sonny informs Jason that he will be officially released from prison. Jason is shocked by the news. Jason figures that Claire wants something in return. Murphy proposes to Brenda but she doesn’t give him an answer. Brenda tells Murphy about her failed relationships with Jax and Sonny. Matt and Maxie witness Patrick and Lisa arguing at the hospital. Patrick warns Lisa to back off. Carly and Spinelli are going over plans to destroy Dante when they hear word of Jason’s release from Pentonville. Brook Lynn meets with Carly at Jake’s. Carly offers to throw in an extra $10,000 if Brook Lynn can seduce Dante tonight. Sonny thanks Claire for getting Jason released. Claire admits that she added a loophole to the original plea agreement. Sonny and Claire share a kiss. Jason returns home. Jason senses that Spinelli and Carly are working on a scheme to take down Dante. Carly calls Michael and tells him to drop by the penthouse. Dante can’t believe that Jason was released. Lulu vents to Lucky that Dante brought up the subject of marriage. Lulu knows that neither she or Dante are ready to get married. Brook Lynn calls Dante and asks him to come to Jake’s. Carly is thankful that Jason’s home. Jason urges Carly to stop the vendetta against Dante. Brook Lynn confides to Dante that she has been suffering from panic attacks. Dante is unaware that Brook Lynn put a pill in his beer bottle. Brenda and Sonny are both thinking of each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John manages to get Hannah to admit that she lied about pushing Marty and trying to kill Ford. Eli did it and threatened her and threatened Cole if she did not confess that she did it and keep his secret. Meanwhile, David manages to get Clint to confess on tape that Dorian got him to help her pretend that he is in love with her in exchange for Dorian giving him a stadium. Dorian gets Mandy to admit on tape that she and David scammed their engagement to make Dorian jealous when Dorian offers Mandy her diamonds. Both Dorian and David have the goods on each other. Natalie admits to her parents that she is pregnant along with Jessica although she and Brody are both aware that it's possible he's the father and have no way of knowing nor a clue what to do. Jessica goes to find out from Robert Ford that they did, in fact have sex. And that means it's possible that he could be the father of her baby. Tea gets Shaun and Greg to help her get settled in the hospice care facility. Shaun manages to prevent Todd's men from finding her. Yet she has her doubts about whether she should die without Todd and Dani there and they are determined not to give up on finding her. Blair is beginning to suspect Eli but wants him to believe that she trusts him and defends him to Kelly and John.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Chloe stops by Katherine’s to say hello to her mom when she sees Chance. Chance apologizes for not meeting her and wants to talk now, but Chloe insists that she hasn’t time now. Chance wonders why she is still wearing his ring. Heather lets Paul know that she is trying to get Adam’s case dismissed. Paul tells Heather that he got some leads on Nina’s son with the help of his father. Chris asks Ronan what he found out about the attempt on Chance’s life. Ronan tells her that it was gasoline in a light bulb. Chris tells Ronan to tell Nina the truth about who he really is. Daniel visits Abby and she complains that she cannot find her lipstick. Michael and Lauren prepare for their day in court. Jill assures Katherine that there is no way she can lose in court. Katherine gives Jill a present that Jill’s mom made and gave to Katherine. Chloe tries to make nice to Nina, but she doesn’t’ buy Chloe’s sudden change in attitude. Chloe vows to find out who Ronan Malloy really is. Ronan demands to Heather that she give him the drugs that Chance gave her. Owen catches Chance in Heather’s office. Chance makes up an excuse as to why he is there. Nina finds out that her son’s name is Aidan Lansing. Owen demands that Chance give him the drugs or he will be fired. Heather defends Chance and tells him that she cares for him. Chloe confronts Ronan as to who he really is. Ronan gives in and tells Chloe that he is Chance’s brother and Nina’s son, but swears Chloe to secrecy.

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