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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

While having a father/son talk, Tad encourages Damon to study for his GED and is not happy to learn of his decision to stop taking his ADHD medication.  While Colby waits at the park with a picnic spread, a stranger approaches her with the excuse of looking for a lost dog. She explains to him that she's waiting for her boyfriend. While eating with Damon, Colby shares her desire to return to PVU, which he encourages. Due to a loud leaf blower, the two leave the park and go to the tallest building in Pine Valley from where Damon shouts his love for Colby. While he goes to get her sweater, Colby shouts out her love for Damon, while leaning against the railing, which starts to give way. As she screams, the stranger's strong arms grab her. Worried about his son, Tad talks with Opal, who thinks Damon is turning out to be a fine young man, thanks to his daddy.

Showing him her picture, Krystal shares Babe's story with Caleb. After Caleb hires Krystal to provide food for a meeting, she gives him a make-over, haircut and shave. Marissa runs into Krystal's to cry on her mother's shoulder, but when J.R. comes in and explains that he did nothing wrong with Annie, she realizes that the mistake was all hers. Scott is upset with Annie for having been with J.R. at the beach house but believes her when she explains that the meeting was to save Scott and his company, since J.R. had learned of his theft of Palmer's nanotech project. When Scott calls Marissa to come home, she decides to tell J.R. the truth about her sexual liaison with Scott, but he pleads for her to keep quiet. After getting a lecture from Tad about the importance of considering the consequences of their actions on their loved ones, J.R. and Annie walk into Chandler Mansion, ready to confront Scott and Marissa.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Janet refuses to forgive Dusty for sleeping with Lucy and becomes even angrier with him when he thinks they should forget about what he did and get back together because he loves her. Lucy leaves town with Sierra when she realizes she has no chance with Dusty because he loves Janet, Lucy gives Dusty back the lucky charm he gave her when they were dating. Gabriel is honest with Lucy and tells her the details of the conversation he overheard with Lucinda in which she told FranÁoise that she wanted to destroy Craig and the quicker the better. Lucy advises Gabriel to tell Craig what he knows for Johnny's sake because Craig has been a good father despite his faults. Gabriel sees Craig talking to Anthony Blackthorn, Craig tells Dusty that Blackthorn threatened to hurt Johnny so Dusty tells Blackthorn to stay away from Johnny or he will be sorry.

Holden gives the diamond necklace that she used to bribe the Canadian pilot to drive them back to Oakdale. Lily gets upset with Holden when he suggests that she should stay away from Craig because he is only using her. Holden overhears a conversation between Craig and Lily in which Craig is trying to persuade Lily to invest her own money so that the two of them can get back on top in the business word. Carly and Jack get romantic while Jack puts a wire on Carly so that she can get information on Blackthorn. Holden interrupts Jack and Carly when he arrives to tell Jack that he is worried about Lily and wonders who was behind the non existent perfume factory. Holden promises not to get involved and allow Jack to handle the situation. Carly flirts with Blackthorn at the Lakeview by pretending to be a reporter who wants to do an article on him but her cover could be blown when Janet sees Carly talking to Blackthorn.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie shakes her finger at Liam and demands that he tell her what he did to Steffy’s computer. She tells him that she can have his kneecaps broken if she has to. She is capable of doing anything when it comes to her family. He denies he is the one responsible but he knows who did. She drags him out the door. Steffy tells Bill that she has to change her attitude toward Brooke. Nothing else will satisfy her father even if she is proven innocent of the video tampering. He thinks that is pretty harsh coming from her father, but she has too much going for her to let that get her down. She has a lot to offer and he’d like to help her. Taylor tries to convince Ridge to go to Steffy and give her the benefit of the doubt. Oliver tells Aggie that it’s no fun being at the center of a scandal. Even though they are broken up, he’s working on a video; something for Hope on his computer. Hope admits to her friend that she still loves Oliver a lot, but she can not be with him. She is not willing to forgive him just yet.

Hope returns home and sees all the messages and e-mail video from Oliver. He soon shows up and tells her it is not over. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her. Steffy tells Bill that he wants to make her a very rich girl. What does he want from her? He wastes no time. He says he wants her shares. Brooke will always have a greater influence on Ridge than her. Take the very generous package he is offering her and start her own dynasty. She is shocked to see he is offering her twice what the shares are worth, but she still can’t do it. She needs to clear her name first. Bill says he knows who tampered with the video so he can do that for her….if she really means she will do anything to find out. Stephanie pushes Liam into Ridge’s office and states that he has something to say about the video tribute. Ridge says he remembers seeing him in Steffy’s office. He sees now where Liam managed to capture Steffy’s voice on her machine. It was not Steffy after all who doctored the video, it was him. Liam is in peril and he names Justin as the one who overheard the conversation on the video and used it. Ridge is livid at Liam for letting him go through all of this and accusing Steffy. He is about to punch him in the chops when Liam tells him not to; he is his son.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Stephanie heard Daniel and Chloe outside of their door and she panicked.  Stephanie managed to hid in the closet before Daniel and Chloe.  Daniel said that Chloe was pregnant with his child.  Stephanie overheard it.  Sami wanted to set a wedding date.  EJ warned Sami that her family won't approve of their relationship.  Sami didn't care about that.  EJ said he wanted to get married tonight.  Daniel had to go back to the hospital.  Chloe got on the phone to call Philip.  Chloe wanted him to go see her.  Victor thought Nicole was the reason why Brady was drinking. Nicole and Rafe were drinking together at the Cheating Heart.  Nicole told Rafe that she blew her relationship with Brady.  EJ told Sami that they could get married by the end of the week.  Brady stupidly tried to defend Nicole when Victor insulted her.  Tim called Rafe that the lab analyzed the CD and wanted Rafe to hear it.  Sami wanted to get married at St. Luke's.  Stefano and Kate walked in on EJ and Sami talking about their wedding.  EJ told Stefano and Kate that he and Sami were getting married.  Kate choked at the idea.  Philip showed up at Chloe's place.  Chloe dropped the bomb that Stephanie needed.  Chloe mentioned how her baby could be Philip's.  Chloe continued tot ell Philip about what happened at St. Mary's.  Philip was under the impression that he could stop Stephanie from figuring out his and Chloe's secret.  Chloe thought her world was over if the baby were Philip's.  Rafe advised Nicole to do the right thing if she wanted Brady back.  She thought about telling Brady about setting up Sydney's kidnapping, but changed his mind when she thought she would go to jail.

Tim gave Rafe the CD. Tim said that the lab techs couldn't get much off of it.  Rafe wanted to check it out himself.  Nicole showed up at the Kiriakis' mansion to see Brady.  She wanted Brady to go to the station with her so she could confess.  He didn't believe her. Philip and Chloe left the apartment.  That made it easy for Stephanie to come out of the closet.  Stephanie called St. Mary's Hospital to see if she could use her University I.D. to access the records.  She finished her call and left the apartment. Melanie told Daniel that she might end up taking the nursing job at St. Mary's. She had an interview at St. Mary's scheduled for that day.  Stefano, Kate, Sami, and EJ celebrated Sami and EJ's "big" news.  Rafe heard EJ say he was out of his mind when he did it.  Rafe wanted to know what he meant by that.  Nicole came up with an excuse for why she had the money.  She told Brady that she was working on a corruption story.  Brady seemed to believe her.  Rafe was able to figure out that Nicole is blackmailing EJ.  Rafe wants to find the other copy of the CD.  Stephanie showed up at St. Mary's and looked for Chloe's test results.  Melanie showed up just as Stephanie was searching the computer.  Melanie wanted to know what she was doing.  Nicole got herself out of hot water with Brady and they made up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brenda reminisces the first time she told Sonny that she loved him. She doesnít want to make a public appearance with her actor boyfriend, Murphy Sinclair. He doesnít want to go either, but they go anyway. Afterwards, he proposes. Sonny catches Claire asking Mike about Brenda. He tells her that she doesnít need to dig into his past and that they should try to trust each other. He says they can start with her getting Jason out of prison. Claire doesnít promise Sonny anything but she goes to the police station and informs Ronnie that Jason will be released by the end of the day because of a loophole in his plea agreement. When he protests, she tells him that Sonny has always been the prize. She goes back to Sonny and tells him she has good news. Jason tells Sam he doesnít want her blackmailing a judge to get him released. Jason calls Spinelli and tells him to call off the blackmail scheme and keep Sam out of trouble. Spinelli reveals that Sonny and Carly are also acting out in Jason's absence. Sonny goes to Pentonville and tells Jason that he is going home.

Dante and Lulu discuss marriage. Johnny and Michael discuss Johnny's feud with Sonny when someone shoots at them. Michael pushes Johnny to the ground and seconds later, Ethan runs over. Dante responds to the call and is very concerned that Michael's presence on the scene could violate his probation. When uniformed officers arrive as backup, Dante says his brother just brought him his cell phone and sends Michael home. Johnny says Ethan pushed him out of the shooter's way and Ethan confirms the story. Maya comes up and thinks Ethan was heroic for saving Johnny's life, but he admits to her privately that it wasnít him. Back at Johnny's penthouse, he and Ethan toast to Michael saving his life. Johnny says he thinks it might be time for him to kill Sonny in self-defense. Ronnie shows up at Dante's house later and tells him that a woman witnessed the whole thing and that she saw a big blond kid.

Patrick finds Lisa in his house, on his couch, drinking his beer, and watching his TV. He orders her to leave but she says they are far past the point in their relationship where he can tell her to go away. He tells her that sleeping her that one time was the biggest mistake of his life and that he doesnít want her to come anywhere near him or his family. She reveals that she has been in love with him since college. Maxie stops by to return some photos and is suspicious about Lisa's presence. Lisa leaves and Patrick notices that tape is over Robin's face in their wedding picture by the sofa.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kelly warns Jessica that it's entirely possible, after all, that Jessica could have slept with Robert Ford, and so that means she could be pregnant by him, since Kelly overheard Langston telling Starr that Robert Ford went to get tested for STDs right after he found out that Jessica had hepatitis. Hearing that, Jessica is determined to get to the bottom of that. But Brody has his own secret knowing that he slept with Natalie that one time without protection and so that could mean that he is the father of Natalie's baby instead of John. Natalie is also similarly worried and when Rex finds out she is pregnant, she cannot admit to him that it could be Brody's baby. John is determined to get to the bottom of what is going on with Hannah. And so is Cole. But Eli is threatening her and has covered his tracks so far with all of his suspected crimes. Meanwhile, Starr goes to talk to James with Langston by her side, telling him that she is not interested in him and is committed to Cole. But Langston knows better and so does Robert. At that point, James asks Langston if she'd like to go out with him. She accepts. Both Starr and Robert are not ok with that. And James and Langston wonder why.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Abbott house, Jack and Traci argue over the fact that Adam was acquitted of all charges against him. At the Athletic Club, Ashley sits at the bar, just relaxing from the ordeal that she had been through on the witness stand and how Vance lashed out at her. Sitting at a table in the coffeehouse, Billy, Victoria, Rafe and Heather talk about seeking revenge against Adam. Victoria urges the group to let this vendetta go. Billy cannot believe his ears. At the ranch, Sharon, with Faith and Nick walk into the living room with Victor and Nikki. Nick also wants to seek revenge on Adam, but Victor urges him to let it go. Nikki worries that Victor is asking Nick to do as he says, but not as he does. Skye brings in a bottle of champagne and she and Adam propose a toast to Adamís freedom. Vance comes in to celebrate with them. Vance lets Adam know that he filed the paperwork. Skye wants to know what Vance is talking about. When Skye finds out what Adam and Vance planned, she is dead set against the idea.

Billy and Victoria arrive back to his trailer. Billy and Victoria reconcile their differences over the misunderstanding about the gun. Jack points out to Traci what Ashley has been through when it comes to Adam. Nick suggests to Sharon that she and Faith move into his house and he would move into a hotel. Sharon agrees. Victor and Nikki are surprised by a package and a summons that Adam is suing them. Adam and Skye discuss his plans for Victor. Everyone involved in torturing Adam at the cabin are served with papers that they are being sued, all except Sharon. Jack calls Phyllis with the news that everyone is being sued by Adam for their involvement in the goings on at the cabin. Adam dreams of Hope and her reaction to what he is doing to the Newmanís.

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