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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Fusion, Bianca, Madison and Randi are busy at work. At the hospital, Angie reprimands Jesse for shadowing her every move. Liza visits David and is handed a brown manila envelope which she finds is evidence that David is holding over Greenlee’s head. Greenlee sits beside of Ryan. Kendall questions Jake as to whether or not Greenlee had sabotaged Erica’s plane. Greenlee pours out her heart to Ryan and tells him what David is holding over her head. Greenlee gets up to leave and Ryan catches hold of her hand. Jesse orders Frankie to keep an eye on Angie. Reese calls Bianca. Liza finds out that David is blackmailing Greenlee to keep her from leaving him. Greenlee blasts Ryan for manipulating her into believing that something was wrong with him. Ryan offers Greenlee his help. Kendall and Bianca reunite at Fusion. Kendall fills Bianca in on the boys. Bianca tells Kendall that she and Reese are having problems. Jake refuses to let Angie visit Ryan. Jake comes in and sees that Ryan is awake and pretends that he is surprised, but Greenlee sees through Jake and blasts him for manipulating her. Bianca refuses to discuss hers and Reese’s problems. Jesse asks Iris for his job back. Iris promises to consider the idea. At home, Angie climbs up on a stepladder and suddenly cannot see anything. Angie calmly talks to the baby while she gets down from the ladder.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lucinda and Gabriel have a confrontation outside of Lily’s home when Gabriel tells Lucinda that Lily is not home. Jack tries to call Carly and leaves her a message, but then deletes it. Carly watches as Craig and Blackie argue over the money that Craig owes to Blackie. Carly confronts Craig over his meeting with Blackie. Janet walks in and sees Dusty in bed with Lucy. Dusty gets up and prepares to go after Janet. Janet meets up with jack outside of the elevator and tells Jack that she never wants to see Dusty again. Craig denies Carly’s accusations. Lucinda warns Gabriel about being involved in Craig’s life and Craig’s feelings toward Gabriel. Jack and Janet have a talk in the kitchen of the farm. Dusty comes in and wants to talk to Janet alone.

Craig and Lucinda discuss her using Lucy to get Dusty’s attention so that she could manipulate Craig. Lucinda denies Craig’s accusations. Lucy tells Lucinda that Dusty doesn’t want Lucy who doesn’t want any part of this. Janet and Dusty argue over her pushing him away. Dusty accuses Janet of not knowing what she wants. Lucy visits Gabriel and gives him a rosary that belonged to his mother. Lucinda sends for Blackie to join her in her office. Lucinda wants to know how the plan is progressing against Craig. Blackie asks Lucinda why she is wanting to get even with Craig .Craig receives a package but is leery of opening it. Dusty tries to explain things to Janet. Janet orders him to leave, but Dusty refuses. Lucy lets Gabriel know that she is leaving town. Gabriel warns Lucy that Lucinda is setting Craig up for a fall. Craig opens the package and finds an alarm clock.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie encourages Steffy to call her father. Missing him doesn’t make her any less independent or accomplished. Liam introduces himself to Hope and tells her that Stephanie hired him to work on some of her computer problems. She’s embarrassed as she knows he has to know all about her recent fiasco with her mother and the video. Taylor convinces Ridge to pick up the phone and call Steffy. He does, but Steffy won’t budge when she finds out he wants to talk but not at the office, somewhere else. She feels she is still being punished. Taylor tries to convince him that one of them has to make the first move and she thinks it would mean the world to Steffy if he would. Bill tells Katie that he got nowhere with Steffy in their meeting. She is in a lot of pain, wounded and people in that condition can make mistakes. Ironically she feels like her father is the one who betrayed her. He has to have the element of surprise now for any plan of his to work in getting Forrester back. Stephanie is sorry to hear that it is not working out with Ridge and Steffy, but assures her she will get to the bottom of this in finding out who tinkered with her computer……then all hell will break loose.

Bill calls Steffy and says he needs to see her. Since neither of them are allowed at Forrester’s, he suggests she come to the beach house. Katie realizes this is her cue to take a long walk on the beach and get out of his way so he can lay on the charm. Stephanie misses Hope at the guest house but finds Liam still working. She questions him about the days he also worked on Steffy’s computer just prior to the Brooke tribute video. He feigns innocence of knowing anything about that. She sees a Spencer Publications tag on his carrying case and puts two and tow together. She slaps him around as she accuses him of setting her granddaughter up. He works for Spencer Publications….he was there working on Steffy’s computer the night before the tribute….he was at the tribute…..he must have planted some device on her computer to include some conversation of her voice. She won’t stand for this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Chloe wanted to talk to Philip about the baby.  Stephanie talked to Adrienne about Nathan keeping Melanie's pic. Melanie saw Nathan at Maggie's house. Rafe and Sami were practically making out in the locker room.  Chloe wanted to meet with Philip to talk to him.  As Chloe was about to leave to meet Philip, Nicole showed up at the apartment.  Nicole needed a friend.  Sami wanted to know why Rafe kissed her passionately.  Rafe wanted her to leave, but he kissed her again.  Sami told Rafe that she wanted Rafe to stop her from marrying EJ.  Nathan and Melanie were hugging and Stephanie saw them through Maggie's window.  Maggie walked in the kitchen and saw Nathan and Melanie hugging.  Maggie told them how Hope is going to get some help.  Chloe and Philip met each other on the pier.  She told him how she got the paternity test.  Philip said he would be there for her if the baby is his.  Stephanie told Adrienne how she saw Nathan and Melanie together.  She also said that she is going to find out what Philip is up to with Chloe. Philip told Chloe that he would make sure that her paternity test stayed private. He hugged Chloe, but they had an audience.  Stephanie saw them hugging and wanted to know if they were back together.

Philip told Stephanie that he and Chloe were talking about Bo and Hope.  Stephanie wondered why Chloe was so concerned about it.  Chloe said it affected them more than her and she walked off.  Stephanie is convinced hat something is going on between Philip and Chloe.  Nicole saw Rafe at the Cheating Heart.  He offered to buy her a drink.  Sami was upset with EJ because Rafe found out about her proposal.  EJ didn't understand why she didn't want people to know about it.  Justin was at the beach and he was thinking about Hope.  Adrienne showed up and started talking to him.  Melanie saw Chloe at the pub.  Melanie noticed that Chloe was distracted.  Melanie told Chloe about being at St. Mary's Hospital.  Chloe didn't want to hear the story and walked out of the pub.  Stephanie asked Daniel about the night of Chloe's accident (she claimed that the insurance company wanted to know) and Daniel told her that Chloe was getting a watch. Stephanie realized that Daniel's story was different from Philip's and wanted to do some digging.  Stephanie went to Daniel and Chloe's apartment.  She used the spare key to get in to the apartment.  She wanted to find something that would give her an idea of what Philip and Chloe are hiding.  EJ tried to explain to Sami why they should announce their wedding to people.  Nathan thought about Melanie.  Stephanie was trying to hack into Chloe's computer, but Caroline called her on the phone.  Stephanie got off the phone, but she heard Daniel and Chloe in the hallway.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Mike that she expects that he, Sonny, and Dante will be spending a lot of time together. Olivia stops by Dante’s apartment and tells him that she thinks it is time for him to start thinking about marriage. Dante clumsily attempts to discuss the subject with Lulu. Matt wonders if Maxie and Spinelli are really over and if she only had sex with him because he saved Mac's life. He discloses that he asked Robin and Patrick about her past with Lucky. She tells him that she and Lucky are friends and that he had no right to ask anyone about her past. Ethan asks Maya why she has been avoiding him and she admits that she can't get him out of her head. Later, Ethan goes to the hospital and kisses Maya. Carly diverts Lisa's attention to keep her from seeing Patrick at Kelly's diner. He tells her about the pictures in Robin's locker with Robin's face cut out. Carly tells him that Lisa is going off the deep end and that Robin will suspect her. Lisa confronts Steve, telling him that he was happy with her work before they slept together. She threatens to file a sexual harassment suit. Lisa overhears Patrick telling Steve that Robin and Emma are visiting Anna in New York for a few days. When Patrick goes home and finds Lisa sitting on his couch, watching TV, and drinking a beer.  Brenda does a press conference announcing her acceptance of the role of the face of Cartulo Fashions and her excitement about the company's involvement with the Alliance to Save Exploited Children charity. Cartulo puts Brenda up in a hotel for security reasons because Brenda was attacked last night. They give Brenda some vintage diamond jewelry to wear but Brenda refuses, saying that diamonds are bad luck for her. Brenda recalls asking Jason to dispose of some diamond jewelry many years ago. Ethan bails out Johnny of jail and tells him that he knows Sonny framed him for Tomas Lopez's murder. Michael visits Jason in prison. Jason says Michael shouldn't come there because of the bad memories. Michael tells Jason that he found it suspicious that Carly made a point of getting him and Lulu out of Dante's apartment and then Brook was there in a robe when they got back. He tells him about Sonny starting a war. Michael tells Johnny that he is willing to try to barter a truce between him and Sonny. Michael says it is too late for that since Sonny has already put a bomb in his car and framed him for a murder. While they are talking, a car drives by with its passenger shooting. Michael pushes Johnny to the ground. Carly visits Jason in prison. Jason tells her that Michael came to visit him too and that he said he is concerned that Carly has a plan to get revenge on Dante and Lulu. He warns her that when her plan blows up in her face it will be guilt for Michael to carry. He tells her that she needs to stop so that Michael won't feel compelled to fix things but she vehemently refuses and swears that she is going to make Dante and Lulu pay. Sam visits Jason in prison and tells him that she and Spinelli are trying to blackmail a judge to review his plea agreement and reduce his sentence to time served.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki knows that Victor is thinking about Adam’s day in court. Victor relives his partial life with Hope and with Adam as a baby, young child, and adult. Victor also remembers all the things that Adam did to the Newman family. Victor remembers when Hope told Adam that Victor was his father and how Adam hadn’t wanted to believe it. In the courtroom, Judge Anderson dismisses the charges against Adam. Vance congratulates Adam on being a free man. Victor arranges for a meeting of the Newman family at the farm. Justin asks Adam how he could have killed his father, but Sally orders Justin to stay away from Adam. Victor promises to help Sally and Justin so they will never want for anything. Skye wants to celebrate Adam winning his case, but he wants to rethink their arrangement. Skye refuses to let Adam out of their arrangement. Adam remembers telling his mom, Hope, that he loved her.

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