Wednesday 8/11/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/11/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall sits by Ryan’s bedside and urges him to be alright. Ryan opens his eyes much to Kendall’s relief. Ryan asks for Kendall to help him to get through to Greenlee. David finds out that Ryan has had a relapse. Greenlee urges David to tell her how Ryan is. Greenlee goes to hospital to visit Ryan. Caleb walks in to Krystal’s bar. Krystal lashes out at him for using Marissa to get back at J.R. J.R. lets Annie know how upset that he was because Marissa hadn’t shown up and also had refused to have a child with him. Annie insists to J.R. that she is getting married. J.R. orders Annie to go. Scott questions Marissa as to what she had seen between J.R. and Annie. Scott and Marissa hug. Caleb insists that he will not hurt Marissa and will help her to pass the bar. Krystal tells Caleb about having twins and selling one of them. Kendall consents to help Ryan as they hear Greenlee outside, talking to Jake about Ryan. J.R comes into Krystal’s and is on the phone. Caleb speaks to J.R. Annie comes home and yells for Scott. Scott and Marissa are kissing. Annie gets a call that Ryan has had a relapse. Jake fills Greenlee in on Ryan’s condition. Kendall comes out from visiting Ryan and comes face to face with Greenlee. J.R. and Krystal argue over his treatment of Marissa. J.R. insists that he loves his wife. Jake stops David from visiting Ryan. Greenlee and Kendall talk. Annie barges in to see Ryan despite doctor’s orders and promises to take care of their daughter. Scott and Marissa make love. Marissa decides to leave J.R. When he arrives home, he finds all her clothes gone.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Dusty wakes up beside Lucy. Dusty hurries off to a meeting at Metro in order to get away from Lucy. Blackie visits Janet to try to convince her into having a relationship with him, but she refuses because of her feelings for Dusty. Jack comes downstairs and finds Holden at the kitchen table. Jack and Holden discuss Molly not even talking to Holden. Lily confesses to Carly all about Craig being their silent business partner and his being with Lily in France. Craig cancels meeting with Mr. Madison to talk to Jack about his being with Lily in France. Dusty meets with Teri about some new food and drinks for Metro, but Dusty is quite occupied. Dusty lets Teri know that Janet is hanging out with Blackie quite a bit. Janet tells Blackie that Dusty had asked her to marry him. Craig walks in and finds Lucy, waiting for him. Craig asks why she is here. Teri lets Janet know that Dusty thinks that Janet is hanging out too much with Blackie. Lily visits Holden and finds out that Molly will not even talk to him. Carly tells Jack that Craig had been a silent partner in Carlisle Fragrances. Jack believes her when Carly tells him that she didn’t know anything about it.

Craig finds out that Johnny was knocked down by a stranger. Craig asks Johnny to describe the man. Janet insists to Teri that Blackie kissed her. Janet tells Teri that she needs time to think. Lucy asks Dusty to trust her. Lily tells Holden that she doesn’t want to be “needy”. Craig confronts Blackie about knocking Johnny down. Blackie wants Craig to pay him back his money. Craig insists that Blackie stay away from Johnny. Teri asks Janet what she wants. Janet lets her know that she loves Dusty and wants to raise this child with him. While Dusty and Lucy make love, Janet walks in on them. Carly overhears Craig and Blackie talking.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge handles more of the press and Brooke thanks him. They really don’t know what Donna was thinking in selling her FC shares to Bill. He’s going to go talk to Hope. Stephanie tells Hope that she had hoped she and Oliver could work things out, but apparently there was just too much damage. Bill plays lovey-dovey with Katie, but gets a phone call from Jarrett and he needs to get to the beach right away. Steffy is there. Bill wants to find out where her head is now that she has her mother’s 25% of stocks. Ridge catches his mother badmouthing Brooke to Hope. He announces his intentions of talking to Hope alone and he wants Stephanie to butt out. Bill finds Steffy at the beach hut and asks to what does she owe this displeasure. He’d like to know why she is no longer welcome at Forrester. She explained it was her voice, but she never would have betrayed her father like that. The video was doctored. She congratulates him for getting his foot in the door as well; they are both now part owners of FC. Bill says they should do something. Brooke chastises Donna for not waiting for her and jumping to sell Bill the shares. She doesn’t want money now; the damage has been done. Stephen explains that if Donna sold her shares to Brooke, it would wind right back up in the Forrester’s hands; she is a Forrester. That is her name. This way it remains with the Logans. They will always be aligned against the Forresters.

Ridge repeats the same old mantra to Hope. This was a terrible accident and Brooke never meant it to happen the way it did. Yes Oliver was a stupid young man at that moment, but so caught up in love for her that he didn’t think. Brooke was her unpredictable, spontaneous self and did not use good judgment. He has forgiven her and Hope should too. Hope wants to believe it was an accident, but she can’t and doesn’t understand how her dad can so easily accept that. She tells him she can not come home right now. She is staying with Stephanie; otherwise would be too hard. Stephanie tells Ridge that he constantly puts Brooke above his own two daughters; he has now ostracized Steffy. Steffy flirts with Dollar Bill and says she realizes it is not her bikini that makes her sexy and turns him on but her 25%. She’s not going to sell. He can not give her what she wants…..which is now to get on his jet and get out of town. Katie is one lucky woman. Ridge tells Brooke that Hope will forgive her in time and come home. He will be there for her. Stephanie tells Hope that she will be there for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Brady's attitude continued when he went off on Vivian.  Victor went to see Bo and ripped into him for not saying anything about Hope.  Sami wanted Will to give his real reaction to her news.  Will told her that she didn't want the real reaction.  Rafe overheard EJ tell Stefano that Sami accepted his proposal.  Will put Sami in her place because she claimed that the kids matter, but he didn't agree with that and walked away from her.  Rafe wanted to work off his anger over hearing about Sami's engagement by hitting a punching bag. Vivian wanted Brady to be more civil to her.  Brady told her how Victor apologized to Bo for the way he spoke to him.  Bo started explaining to Victor how he feels about what Hope is going through.  Abe tried to talk to Hope into getting a lawyer.  Once again, Hope refused to get one.  She doesn't want to waste time with a trial.  While Victor and Bo were talking, Maggie walked in on them.  Abe tried to use Ciara as a way to get through to Hope.  He told her about the legacy she would be leaving behind for Ciara.  Lexie walked in on them and she was furious with Abe for saying that to Hope. Hope seemed. to agree with Abe.  EJ wanted to see Hope at the police station.  It turns out that EJ has an "arrangement" going on with the cop who was letting people see Hope.  EJ showed up at the police station to see Hope.

Maggie and Victor were talking about Hope.  They were hugging on the pier and guess who showed up?  That's right, Vivian saw them together.  EJ tried to throw his weight around while he was talking to Hope.  Bo walked in on them and he told EJ not to threaten his wife.  Abe and Lexie took Ciara and Theo to the beach.  Vivian continued to watch Victor and Maggie bond over Hope.  Vivian wants to make Maggie pay.  Hope wants Bo to keep his distance.  Bo didn't want to do that.  He doesn't care how it looks. Brady went to visit Hope at the police station.  Sami told Will to keep her news to himself for now.  Rafe saw Sami on the pier and he wanted to "congratulate" her.  He did that and jogged off.  Abe and Lexie talked about Bo and Hope as well as about "expanding their lives".  Brady wanted Hope to talk to someone that could understand her situation.  Sami barged into the locker room and wanted to confront Rafe about congratulating her. Bo showed up at the DiMera mansion and gave EJ a warning.  Bo will kill EJ if something happened to Hope.  Vivian wants to start a plan to get Maggie out of the way.  Sami wanted Rafe to know that it was his fault that she is marrying EJ.  Rafe didn't believe that Sami loved him and he could proved it.  Rafe kissed Sami.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Claire and Sonny flirt with each other. Claire wonders who Sonny loves more – Carly or Brenda. Claire refuses to sleep with Sonny if he won’t father her child. Carly asks Lulu where Michael went. Lulu tells Carly that Michael returned to the loft. Brook Lynn kisses Dante but he quickly pulls away. Brook Lynn is embarrassed that Dante doesn’t feel the same way. Michael walks in and senses that something’s going on between Dante and Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn hurries out of the loft and texts Carly. Dante confides to Michael that Brook Lynn kissed him. Dante begs Michael to stay quiet about the kiss. Maxie finds Lucky standing in the rain. They head to Jake’s for some drinks. Lucky tells Maxie that he found Aiden. Lucky acknowledges his close connection to Aiden. Maxie runs into Matt at the bar. Maxie agrees to go on a date with Matt. Olivia vents to Coleman about Johnny’s arrest and her messed-up love life. Alexis doesn’t want to leave Kristina alone with Taylor. Once alone, Taylor leans in to kiss Kristina but she backs away. Kristina apologizes for freaking out. Taylor graciously leaves. Michael visits with Kristina. Over dinner, Carly and Lulu talk about Dante. Carly plants the seed that Dante might cheat on Lulu. Brook Lynn updates Carly on her foiled attempt to seduce Dante. Brenda is almost stabbed by a guy with a knife before accepting a humanitarian award.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Todd and Dani spend time with Tea before she goes to hospice. Tea tells them that she named Blair in her will as Dani's guardian in the event that anything should happen to Todd. John warns Kelly and Rex to drop the Bennett Thompson case. Eli returns to his room at the Palace while Kelly is in there snooping. He shreds evidence of his police record while she is hiding under the bed. She texts Rex and he pays a bellhop to call Eli down to the lobby. She puts the shredded documents in her purse to reconstruct later. Eli shreds Tea's will and replaces it with a false document.

Viki and Charlie return from vacation and David spills the beans about Jessica's pregnancy and asks her if Brody is the father. Natalie tells Brody that she is pregnant and he is shocked that she is keeping the baby even though she doesn’t know if he or John is the father. He tells her that he feels obliged to tell Jessica that he could be the father of Natalie's baby. Rex asks John if he knows why Natalie is acting strangely. John overhears Natalie asking Brody not to tell anyone about her baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Paul visits Nina and finds out that Chance is still in jail with cop killers. Paul remembers that today is Nina’s other son’s birthday. Chris wishes Ronan a happy birthday although he doesn’t want her to. Heather joins Chris and Ronan and wonders if they heard from the Justice Department. As Ronan starts saying some slurs against Chance, Heather orders him to lay off of Chance. Chloe visits Chance in jail and lets him know that Delia misses him. Chance tries to sneak Chloe the drugs, but she refuses to take them. Sofia suggests to Malcolm that they need a new place, but they cannot agree on where. Sofia gets a text message from Tucker to join him and Neil. Heather tells Ronan to tell Chance that he is working undercover, but Ronan refuses. Chris wonders if she should tell Nina that Ronan is her son. Nikki tells Victor what happened between herself, Meggie and Shaw. Victor jokes with Nikki that she could be his bodyguard. Michael interrupts them and tells Victor that they have a meeting with a man from the Justice Department. Neil, Tucker and Sofia try to come up with a plan to snare “Beauty of Nature” away from Victor. Neil tells Tucker that they are in for a battle. Sid orders Ronan to keep an eye on Chance. Two other cons booby trap a light fixture in Chance’s cell for it to blow up.

Chloe tells Ronan about the drugs that Chance wanted to give her. Ronan orders Chloe to go back and get the drugs from Chance. When Heather visits Chance, he gives her the drugs. Nikki and Meggie discuss Meggie being Nikki’s assistant. Neil notices Victor and Michael meeting with the man from the Justice Dept. Chris visits Nina and tells her about the explosion in Chance’s cell block. Chance is reunited with Nina, Paul and Chris. Chance calls Chloe but refuses to meet with her because of his brother’s birthday. Chloe notices that today is Ronan’s birthday and makes the connection between what Chance told her and Ronan’s birthday. Chloe starts to blurt out the info, but thinks twice about mentioning it. Sid and Owen come up with another plan to rid themselves of Chance.

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