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AMC Recap Written by Mary

No new show today!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Chris's secret about his heart condition causes distance between him and Katie and Reid and Luke' relationship is also effected because Reid agreed to help Chris. Chris asks Reid to help him get the shot of antibiotic he needs to fight off the infection affecting his heart. Reid doesn't want to help Chris until Chris tells his family and Katie about his condition. Chris pleads with Reid to help him so Reid agrees getting Chris the antibiotic shots and giving Chris the shot while Chris is in the middle of a double date with Katie, Casey and Alison. Luke and Katie both think that Reid and Chris are acting distant and Luke comes into the men's bathroom at Metro after Reid has given Chris the shot. Chris leaves and Katie goes home sad because she thinks that Chris is pulling away from her because she still isn't completely over Brad. Reid advises Katie not to give up on Chris because he still has some things to work through before he can get close to her.

Luke is sad when he learns from Alison that Noah got a grant to film another movie and is moving to L.A. in September. The news effects Luke's date with Reid because he can't understand why Luke must talk about Noah to him all the time. Luke kisses Reid and makes it clear that he doesn't have romantic feelings for Noah anymore but Noah was a big part of his life and he must put it to rest. Luke asks Reid to stay and make love but Reid turns Luke down telling Luke that he was the one who wanted to take things slowly.

Allison and Casey look back on the strange night they had at Metro with Chris and Katie and decide that they are the only ones that have a normal relationship right now. Allison and Casey decide to give their romantic relationship another try and to make it official they kiss.

Emily finds Barbara in the wine cellar at Fairwinds and thinks Barbara planned her own kidnapping to make Henry suffer for what he did to her. Barbara calls Emily stupid so Emily decides not to untie Barbara and then Iris arrives hits Emily over the head with a wine bottle and ties her up too. Will and Gwen tell Iris about the note Henry found inside Chuckles the clown so Iris tells Will and Gwen that Emily called a party supply warehouse and then left town on a mysterious assignment. Emily tells Barbara that Henry annulled his marriage to Vienna and has spent the rest of his time looking for her. The news makes Barbara very happy and even more determined to get free so she can get back to Henry. Henry promises himself that when he finds Barbara he will spend the rest of his life making her happy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells his mother that she needs to apologize to Brooke for slapping her yesterday. Stephanie says she is lucky that she didn’t shoot her. At the Sky Lounge Steffy thanks her mom again for giving her the Forrester shares. Donna is welcomed back home from the spa by Stephen, Bill and Katie. Katie appreciates her selling back her shares of FC to Bill. Donna is concerned about Brooke’s position in all of this, but she signs the papers. A meeting at FC is interrupted when Taylor walks in and declares that there is one more person who should be there – Steffy as Taylor has transferred her shares to her. Ridge is not pleased. He thinks it is rewarding behavior that shouldn’t be rewarded and he’d like Taylor to reconsider her decision.

Both Bill and Katie are proud that he has his foot back in Forrester Creations. At Forrester’s they are all shocked that Bill got his slimy hands back on their stock. Steffy says Donna may have been vulnerable to Bill, but they won’t be. He won’t get his hands on any more shares. Bill realizes about the same time that Steffy now has Taylor’s shares……..hmmmmmm. Ridge dismisses Steffy. He reinforces again that she can not come back to the company until she changes her attitude toward Brooke and Hope. She huffs out. Taylor tells Ridge that he let Steffy down today; he let her down. Brooke is sorry that he is that position and she is the reason. He tells her that as far as his mother is concerned, if she ever touches Brooke again then she will be off-limits to the company too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Julie saw Hope at the police station.  She wanted to talk to Hope.  Arianna seemed upset with Rafe and Gabi.  Chad saw Stefano at the pub.  Sami and EJ were on the beach.  Chad wanted to talk to Stefano about Madeline.  Stefano didn't want to talk about it.  He rushed off.  Sami thought that EJ was trying to pressure her into marrying him.  He claimed he wasn't doing that, but he did want her to change her mind.  Sami ended up fantasizing about Rafe.  Arianna had a bad attitude when Rafe tried to talk to her about what happened to her.  Hope wanted Julie to take care of Ciara and she didn't want her to visit her.  Sami changed her mind and accepted EJ's proposal.  Chad told Will that he wanted to have a fresh start.  Stefano talked to Kate about Chad digging into Madeline's past.  Kate said they just have to pray Madeline's past stays buried.  Hope saw Arianna at the police station.  Arianna had a major attitude about it.  Rafe was on the beach and ran into Sami.  They had a very awkward conversation.  Rafe wanted to know if something was going on with her.  She didn't say anything.  Chad told Will that he wants to take an advanced business course.  Will conveniently had an idea for him.  He told Chad he could work at DiMera Enterprises.  Charles ended up telling Chad that he wasn't going anywhere.  Charles told Chad that he was going to Chicago.  Kate was eavesdropping.  Arianna confronted Hope about framing her.  Sami and Rafe talked about Sydney's kidnapping.

Will wanted to ask Stefano to give Chad a job at DiMera Enterprises.  Stefano wasn't down for the idea.  Chad wanted to spend time with Charles now that Madeline's gone. Charles didn't want to do it.  Arianna continued to rip into Hope for framing her.  Sami got upset when Rafe mentioned EJ.  She started defending EJ to Rafe.  He was being sarcastic with her when he agreed with her about EJ.  Stefano told Will that Charles is why he doesn't want Chad to work for him.  Will didn't buy it.  Arianna told Hope what will happen to her in prison.  Rafe continued to warn Sami about how wrong she is about EJ.  Doug visited Hope at the police station.  Hope told Doug that she doesn't want a lawyer and that she's pleading guilty.  Kate talked to Chad about the way his father treated him. Sami told Rafe that he doesn't love the real her.  Rafe thought that was a copout.  Gabi told Arianna that she needs to forgive Hope.  Arianna wasn't sure if there was a point to it.  Doug told Hope that her family would be there for her.  She told him that she was scared.  Sami told Will that EJ proposed to her.  EJ told Stefano that he proposed to Sami and that she accepted.  Rafe was on the pier and overheard EJ's news.

GH Recap Written by

No new show today!

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

No new show today!

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

In the courtroom, Adam still refuses to let Vance incriminate Sharon on the stand. Skye insists to Adam that he let Vance do his job. Adam threatens to fire Vance if he goes against his wishes. Victor is surprised that Vance didn’t harassed Sharon on the stand. Nick tells Victor that Adam promised Sharon. Abby doesn’t know why Vance didn’t question Sharon. Billy lets Abby know that Adam wouldn’t let him. In the corridor, Ashley gets support from Tucker before her testimony. Vance harasses Ashley on the stand about her being in a psychiatric hospital and losing her baby and having a hysterical pregnancy. Jill spills the beans to Victoria about her leaking the info to Tucker about the gun that she had given to Mr. Yonoishi in Japan. Jill also lets Victoria know that Billy fired her. Abby vows revenge on Adam for his treatment of Ashley. Victoria visits Billy and finds him gone to the court hearing of Adam’s. Jill confronts Tucker about their deal and holds him to his part of it. Ashley visits Tucker to let him know what happened in court. Tucker offers Ashley moral support when she offers to quit her job. Vance questions Victor. Victoria apologizes to Billy. Sharon overhears Adam and Skye’s conversation and tells Adam that he had a choice. Sharon thanks Adam for keeping his word.

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