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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the beach house, J.R. and Annie argue over the fact that Scott stole Palmer’s invention. While having dinner at the Yacht Club, David and Greenlee discuss him blackmailing her into staying with him. Then she confesses that she is worried over Ryan. At the Chandler mansion, Marissa is upset about J.R. Madison steps out from visiting Ryan when Greenlee comes to see him. Ryan begins to ask Greenlee again about what is going on between her and David, but she refuses to give him any info. Annie confesses that it was her idea to steal the invention. Greenlee urges Ryan to leave her and David alone. Greenlee asks Jake for help in keeping Ryan in the hospital until he is ready to go home. Scott encourages Marissa to go to the beach house to meet J.R. Marissa arrives at beach house just in time to hear Annie tell J.R. that she cannot do this alone and she needs his help. Marissa quickly hides to keep J.R. and Annie from seeing her. J.R. hears a noise and goes to investigate.

Annie calls Scott to let him know what is going on. J.R. comes back in and takes the phone from her. Ryan asks Jake for help. Jake sets his plan in motion by telling the nurse that Ryan took a turn for the worse. David sees through Greenlee and knows that she fears for Ryan’s life. David opens up to Greenlee about his true feelings for her. Marissa hurries in and starts to pack her things. Scott walks in and wants to know what is going on. Marissa is reluctant to tell him but then opens up and tells Scott that she saw J.R. and Annie together. David gets a call about Ryan's poor condition. Kendall hurries in to be by Ryan. Kendall urges Ryan not to die.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Oliver wants Hope to say that she can put this aside and forgive both him and Brooke for that night. She doesn’t think she can do that with seeing them all the time together and knowing they betrayed her. She wants to believe what they did was not intentional, but those visions are in her head every time she tries to kiss Oliver. Brooke begs her to come home and she will give her plenty of space to work through this. Hope says it is not Stephanie that will be the problem now with her opinions, but Hope can not be around Brooke. Maybe they had masks on, but they could still see, they could smell and they could touch. She doesn’t understand how he could not know who he was making love to. She knows she will always love Oliver, but she can not do this. She will persevere. She will answer any questions from all the reporters or whatever, but she must start her life over. Stephanie wants to go to them and have a few words too, but Taylor convinces her to butt out for now.

Jackie is close by when Bridget feels the baby kick like a soccer player. She insists that Owen come feel too. Jackie gets a phone call which leaves Owen alone with Bridget. They talk about the future and Owen suggests that things might change between her and Nick. Bridget hugs Jackie for being so crazy, but both of them are the best. Jackie tells Owen that she doesn’t think there is anyone else on the planet that could make this work but the two of them. They are so good together. Bridget watches from above with envy.

Taylor finds Oliver still in her living room and admits they have a big problem. Hope tried an experiment tonight and it didn’t work. She knows Oliver wanted to help her get past this but she is very traumatized. Her best advice is to give Hope more space and time. He can not make this turn out the way he wanted it to. And if Brooke tries, she is going to hit a brick wall. Stephanie is there waiting in the guest house when Hope returns and cries on Stephanie’s shoulder. Stephanie tells her that she is a strong girl and she just needs to get on with her life. It is what it is and she just has to accept the truth of her mother. She has no sense of what is right or wrong. Brooke is at the door and wants to be let in. Stephanie scoots Hope to the bedroom and closes the door. She opens the front door and slaps Brooke – once for Bridget and once for Hope and informs her that she will never be near her daughter again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Roman went to the DiMera mansion to tell Sami that there were arrests for the muggings.  He told her that the first one was Dr. Baker.  EJ saw Dr. Baker at the police station.  Carly saw Julie at Bo's house.  Bo wanted Hope to get a lawyer, but she refused to get one.  Hope told Bo that she's a danger to him and she mentioned how she attacked six men.  Roman told Sami that Hope was the one who attacked the men.  Bo continued to try to talk Hope into getting help.  Bo told Hope that he never stopped believing in her.  Carly was listening to them.  Bo wanted Carly to leave him and Hope alone, but Hope wanted to leave.  Justin also showed up at the police station.  Bo didn't want Justin to know the truth, but Hope wanted to tell him.  Arianna saw that Brady was about to drink alcohol and she tried to stop him.  Roman wanted to talk to Sami about EJ proposing to her. They had a disagreement because he didn't approve of her thinking about marrying EJ.  Hope told Justin how she attacked him.  Bo and Carly talked about Hope on the pier.  He wanted to know if Hope will be okay without the pills.  Carly didn't know how Hope will deal with her anger without the pills.  Brady yelled at Arianna when she tried to take his drink from him.  Melanie walked in on Brady yelling at Arianna at the pub.  Sami overheard EJ and Dr. Baker talking about Nicole.  Justin wanted to represent Hope, but she wants to plead guilty. She doesn't want Ciara to have to testify against her.  Sami and EJ yelled at Dr. Baker.  Dr. Baker had a warning for Sami.  He warned her not to get involved with EJ.

Carly told Bo how she was party responsible for what happened to Hope.  Carly understood that Bo wanted to be there for Bo.  Brady told Arianna that she is off the hook.  The real mugger was caught.  EJ threatened to kill Dr. Baker after he kept telling Sami to stay away from him because he's going to hurt her.  Roman walked in on EJ while he was trying to attack Dr. Baker. Justin ran into Brady at the pub.  They were talking about Hope and what she did because of the pills. Hope told Bo that he could be with Carly, but he said he wanted to stay with her.  Carly talked to Melanie about what's going on with Bo and Hope.  Arianna showed up at the police station.  She said she wanted an apology.  Bo wanted to be there for Hope while she was getting booked.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky tells Karen Anderson that Pablo is really Aiden, a baby kidnapped from Port Charles. Karen is hesitant to believe Lucky even after he claims to be Aiden’s father. Lucky reassures Karen that he won’t press charges. Johnny and Dante have a talk about Sonny. Johnny figures that Dante will never stop protecting Sonny. Shirley Smith’s daughter has a tense conversation with Elizabeth. In the end, the woman decides to take home Shirley’s jewelry collection. Brook Lynn tells Carly that Dante isn’t the cheating type. Olivia interrupts their conversation. Carly blabs to Olivia about Johnny’s arrest at the MetroCourt. Sonny thinks that Brenda is back in town but when the woman turns around, it’s Claire. Sonny flirts with Claire. Lucky bonds with Aiden during the flight home. Dante and Lulu share a kiss before she leaves to meet Carly and Michael for dinner. Olivia visits with Johnny at the police station. Olivia believes that Johnny has a death wish. Olivia is worried that Dante could be corrupted by Sonny’s world. Claire asks Sonny to talk about Brenda. Sonny speaks of his former flame and their volatile relationship. Sonny admits to Claire that he misses Brenda. Nikolas and Elizabeth return home to tell the boys about Aiden’s kidnapping. Lucky walks in with Aiden in his arms. Elizabeth and Nikolas reunite with their son. Nikolas is very grateful toward Lucky. Johnny confides to Judge Carroll about Claire and Sonny’s growing relationship. Michael is suspicious of Carly’s motives for having dinner with Lulu. Brook Lynn shows up at Dante’s place, complaining that there’s no hot water in her apartment. Dante allows Brook to take a shower at his loft. Brook Lynn plans on seducing Dante. When Carly needs to make a phone call, Michael leaves to check on something at Dante’s apartment. Claire gets an urgent phone call. Sonny is thinking about Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily receive the good news that they can take Charlie and Matilda home. Everyone is overjoyed. Ashley thanks Neil for his help as he leaves to meet Sofia. Sofia tells Neil that they dropped Reykjavik, Iceland, as a possible site in favor of Australia. Malcolm calls Neil to let him know that Charlie and Matilda are coming home. Meggie tells Nikki that she is going to Fenmore’s shopping. Nikki warns Victor about Meggie possibly using them. Ashley offers Jack sympathy over Emily leaving town. Billy lets them know that he also broke up with Victoria thanks to Victor. Tucker arrives at Ashley’s with Traci in tow. Nick finds Sharon with Adam. Skye tells Vance to go after Sharon. Nikki accuses Meggie of playing them. Cane and Lily arrive home with the twins. Adam’s hearing begins with Sharon the first to testify. Meggie leaves Nikki and Victor’s home and runs into Shaw. Nikki arrives just in time to save Meggie from Shaw. Adam refuses to let Vance go after Sharon.

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