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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby questions Damon if he hadn’t been off of his medication would he still have told her that he loved her . Liza stops by to see Tad, but encounters Krystal instead. Liza starts to leave and hurts her ankle. Tad and Jesse discuss Angie’s being pregnant and her blindness. Jake visits Angie . Angie suggests to Jake that he take over the COS position. Jake is against the idea. Frankie and Natalia arrive at Angie’s. Angie lets Natalia and Frankie know that Jesse is going to be a daddy. Annie reprimands J.R. for his remark about his not wanting her to walk down the aisle with another man. Annie questions J.R. as to what he wants from her. J.R. tells Annie that he wants the tension to go away between them. J.R,. calls Marissa to invite her to the cabin with him for a few days. Marissa accepts. Damon insists to Colby that he loves her . Damon receives a call from Tad again. Colby decides to go home so that Damon can see Tad. Marissa lets Krystal know that she is going away with J.R., but Krystal is against the idea. J.R. arrives at the beach house and remembers his time there with Annie. Damon comes home to Tad’s. Damon apologizes to Tad for his actions. Colby arrives home to find Liza in her room. Colby tells Liza to leave Pine Valley forever. Angie tells Frankie and Natalia about her blindness. Natalia is for her having an abortion, but Frankie is for her keeping baby. J.R, calls Marissa and finds out that she is not going to join him. J.R. finds proof that Scott had stolen Palmer’s invention and claimed it as his own. J.R. calls Annie to let her know what had happened. Annie join J.R. at the beach house and J.R. shows her the proof that Scott is a thief.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie worries about Chris when he passes out after his chest pains and after she revives him they go to memorial to have him checked out. Chris downplays his condition to Katie telling her it is jus low blood sugar or acid reflux. Katie tells Margo that she is ready to move on with Chris calling him her future new boyfriend. Reid is concerned about Katie so he goes into the exam room and finds Chris drawing his own blood and wonders why Chris won't allow a doctor to examine him. Reid suspects that Chris is worried that if anyone finds out he is sick they won't consider him for the chief of staff position. Chris doesn't deny Reid's suspicions and Chris orders a series of tests on his blood and puts a rush on the order. Reid peaks at the tests Chris ordered and asks Chris why he ordered his blood be tested for a rare tropical disease.

Henry finds Barbara's shade of Lipstick on Chuckles the clown and pleads with Margo to search the warehouse for more evidence but Margo doesn't believe him and neither do Paul and Will. Henry calls a psychic for help who tells him that there is a spirit of sorrow and pain in the warehouse. Barbara writes a check to Iris and almost escapes the wine cellar, but Iris stops Barbara from leaving by shooting her with a paint ball gun. Emily tries to persuade Gwen that Iris is drinking again, but Gwen is determined to believe that Iris has changed and isn't drinking anymore. Emily finds another bottle of wine missing from the bar and heads down to the wine cellar where she is surprised to find Iris.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope asks Oliver to please put on the mask…..her graduation party all over again, the same dress, the music, the strobe lights and the masks. He danced with her mother like this; she wants him to dance with her as well. He wants to stop this, but she wants to know how it began. She whispers she is ready and takes him by the hand. Stephanie and Taylor find it odd that Hope asked them to leave. What a shattering thing to find out about your mother who you have looked up to your whole life. Ridge and Brooke hope that Hope can get through this. Ridge just thinks she needs time and she will come around. Brooke second guesses herself, maybe she really is a human wrecking ball, a detriment to herself. Ridge informs her that life can be a crazy ride and hers may be crazier than most. But he loves her because she is one of a kind, she makes her own rules. Hope is not going to hold this against her. Someday she will come to realize it was all a mistake and come to love her the way he does. He thinks it is time that she had a talk with her father and knows what an amazing mother she has. Ridge says they have both done some pretty bizarre things in their life and they are the better for it now. Hope is strong like Brooke and she will work through this.

Hope finds the spot and wants to know from Oliver if is this where it happened. He’s reluctant to continue with this little experiment. She still doesn’t understand how he could have mistaken her for her mother. She wanted her first time to be special so how could he think this would be it. He should have known this was something she would not have done. He said he didn’t realize; it was a mistake. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore, but he says he is not going to give up on them. Taylor calls Brooke and tells her something strange is going on with Hope and that she better get over there quickly. Stephanie tells Taylor she should not have called; this is a big mistake. Hope tells Oliver that she still can not get this out of her mind. It makes her ill to think of him and her mother out here. And then she goes berserk when she finds out he didn’t even use protection. He admits his brain went dead and he was not thinking of all those other things. He was only thinking of making love to his girlfriend. He wants her to forgive him. She wants to but she won’t let him even hold her. Brooke suddenly shows up and begs him to please forgive them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Daniel wanted to apologize to Dana Scott (Chloe) for upsetting her.  Julie called Doug over to Bo's house to tell him that Hope is in trouble. Nicole was about to tell Roman and Brady about how she was connected to Dr. Baker when Hope and Bo walked in the door.  Dr. Baker called out Hope's name and Bo asked if she knew him.  Dr. Baker lied and said he saw her picture in the paper.  o didn't believe him.  Hope interrupted Bo and Dr. Baker and said she did know him.  Roman thought Dr. Baker knew Hope because he tried to murder her husband.  Hope told everyone that she did know Dr. Baker.  Carly continued to lie to Daniel to keep him from seeing Chloe.  He wanted to know why the patient wanted a DNA test if she had a problem with her privacy.  Carly came up with more excuses and Daniel finally gave up on apologizing.  Julie continued to tell Doug that something was wrong with Hope and Ciara interrupted them.  She wanted to know where her mother was.  Dr. Baker tried to keep Hope out of trouble, but that didn't work.  Hope told Roman that she was the one who tried to kill Bo. Caroline showed up at Bo's house.  She wanted to see Bo.  Dr. Baker tried to stop Hope from confessing to her crimes, but she continued to confess.  Hope apologized to Bo and Roman.  Roman didn't believe her.  He thought that Bo and hope were trying to protect Dr. Baker.  Nicole tried to rub it in that Hope was the mugger, but Brady pushed her aside.  He punched Dr. Baker.  The nun yelled at Josie for getting the files mixed up.  The nun asked Melanie if she wanted to work at St. Mary's Hospital.  Roman refused to belie that Hope was responsible for the muggings. Hope told Roman that Bo can confirm it.  Roman put Bo on the spot by asking him if he can confirm what she said.

Carly told Chloe that she will keep quiet as long as the baby is Daniel's.  Dr. Baker wanted to know if Brady brought Nicole down to the station for a reason. Hope demanded that Bo show Roman the proof that she is the one who did the muggings. Bo didn't want to show Roman the proof, but he put it on the table.  Julie told Doug and Caroline how Hope has been using sleeping pills to get through her mess with Bo.  Doug and Caroline didn't know Hope was using pills.  Chloe found out that the paternity test results will be back on her birthday.  Carly is worried about how Daniel and Melanie will react when they find out what she did to help Chloe.  Roman, Bo, and Hope watched her confession.  Hope apologized to Roman for hurting him.  He forgave her for it.  Bo wanted to apologize too because he felt responsible for what happened. Carly saw that Melanie was still at the hospital and offered to get her coffee.  That was supposed to give Chloe time to get out of the hospital.  Chloe made it to the elevator and realized that she let her phone behind.  She got off the elevator and ran into Daniel.  Brady ripped into Nicole at her place.  He said that she was dead to him.  Doug, Julie, and Caroline continued to talk about Hope and Ciara asked about her mother again.  Hope wouldn't allow Bo to take any of the blame for what she did. She wanted Bo and Roman to arrest her.  Chloe lied to Daniel and told him she was at the hospital to see him.  He said he didn't say where he was and wanted to know how she found him.  She said she called the hospital.  He bought it.  Nicole begged Brady to forgive her, but he walked out on her.  Hope asked Bo to read her her rights.  He didn't want to, but he did it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante goes to the Metro Court to arrest Johnny for the murder of Tomas Lopez. Johnny accuses Sonny of being the doer. He explains to Dante that Sonny strategically set up the car bomb to make it look like the Lopez brothers' work and when Johnny didnít die, Sonny set up Tommy's hit to make it look like Johnny retaliated so that either the police or Tommy's brother would get to Johnny. Claire, who was having a meal with Sonny, says she wants to believe he didnít do it. Carly tells Sonny that he is due for a fall. Diane stalls Jason's return to Pentonville with a writ from a judge. Jason tells her that he knew the terms of the deal when he made it. Diane says the rest of them will suffer because Sonny is a loose canon without Jason's steadying influence. When Dante arrives at the PCPD with Johnny, he puts him in the same interrogation room with Jason. Johnny tells Jason that he didnít kill Tomas Lopez and he doesnít think Santos will think he did. Sonny goes to take Johnny's statement, but Johnny fails to see the point since she has already fallen for Sonny. Robin tells Sonny that she received an email from Brenda. Sonny daydreams about the day he met Brenda.

Helena goes to Elizabeth's house and blames her irresponsibility for Aiden's kidnapping. Alexis throws Helena out. Nikolas threatens to kill Helena if she helped Franco kidnap Aiden. Lucky observes Karen with Aiden/Pablo at her new residence in Astoria Oregon. He pretends to be a census taker to gain access to the house. When she becomes suspicious, Lucky tells her that Aiden is his son and he was kidnapped from Port Charles, NY. Lulu goes to the Penthouse to bring Spinelli potato chips, orange soda, and redecorating plans from Maxie. She says that perhaps Spinelli and Maxie can get back together. Spinelli says Lulu's stolen nephew is more important right now. She says she is surprised that Jason and Dante arenít there helping him so he informs her of Jason's transfer back to Pentonville. Lulu hears Carly ask Spinelli when they can take the son of a bitch down. Carly covers by saying she was talking about Franco. Carly orders Brook Lynn to get Dante into bed tonight.

OLTL Recap Written by Lisa

Blair confronts John regarding the investigation of Eli and tells him that no one can stop her from marrying him. Tea wants to move in to a hospice and live her last weeks alone. Dani and Todd are very angry at this decision. James asks Starr if there is a chance for them. Bo hires Inez. Inez brings Nate to Ford and Jamesís apartment. Eli finds out that Cole saved Hannahís life. Eli overhears John and Layla talking about a Bennett Thompson file that Evangeline had. He goes to Laylaís apartment and hits Cris over the head so he can get the file.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick visits Phyllis and Summer to bring Summer a present before they leave on their trip. Summer comes running in and is overjoyed to see Nick. After talking for a few moments, Phyllis and Nick say a fond farewell. Vance meets with Adam and Skye about his court hearing. Vance asks Adam if there is anything that he isnít telling him. Adam remembers that he told Sharon about what he did to Ashley. Sharon remembers her kiss with Adam. Paul and Chris meet at the coffeehouse. Paul tells Chris that he heard from Patty who is somewhere in South America. Heather, Ronan and Sid join Paul and Chris. Heather lets Paul know what happened with Chance in jail. Chance is brought into the prisoner rec room in handcuffs as the other inmates watch him. Chance tries to become acquainted with two of the other inmates but without much luck. Chance asks the other inmates for help. Nick visits Sharon and shows her the pic in the newspaper of her and Adam. Owen gives an interview to a reporter about Adamís case. The other inmates let Chance know that they donít trust him. Chance begs the other inmates for a much needed fix. Paul and Chris visit Nina to offer her encouragement, but she tells Paul that she saw him and Chris the night before outside of Gloworm. Adam lets Skye and Vance know that he confessed everything to Sharon. Skye cannot believe her ears and tells Nick that she will not testify against Adam.

Adam orders Vance not to attack Sharon on the stand. Paul tries to explain to Nina about what happened between him and Chris. Sid, Ronan and Heather visit Chance to try to talk some sense into him, but he refuses to listen. An inmate gives Chance drugs while Sid watches from outside the door. Nick encourages Sharon to testify. Nick wants to reconcile with Sharon, but she refuses. Adam urges Sharon to testify and to tell the truth. Nina visits Chance and wants to post his bail, but he refuses. Sid and the con discuss giving Chance the drugs. Phyllis spends quality time with Summer. Nick comes out of the bathroom with Faith and finds Sharon gone.

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