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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse and Angie meet with Harold about her medication and her pregnancy. Jesse realizes that Angie’s sight is gone again as he helps her down the hall. Colby and Damon prepare to leave town. Tad and Liza meet and have a confrontation over Damon and Colby and where they are. Tad orders Liza to stay out of their lives. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. and Marissa argue over her taking a position with Caleb. Annie comes in and advises J.R. to go along with what Marissa wants in order to get the family back on track. Liza searches Colby’s room and finds the address where Damon and Colby are. J.R. tells Marissa to go for the job. Marissa is surprised that J.R. changed his mind. Jesse and Angie discuss her options. Angie insists on having the baby. J.R. asks Marissa for a baby in order to extend his family, but she refuses. Jake advises to let Damon go. Jesse lets Angie know that no matter what her decision there will be no going back.

Liza visits Damon and gives him back his meds. Liza explains to him that she had swapped the pills with placebos. After Scott and Annie decide to elope, he tells Marissa who realizes how much Scott loves Annie. When Annie informs J.R. that she and Scott are eloping. J.R. considers this for the best since he couldn’t see her walking down the aisle to another man. Liza lets Damon know how much Tad loves him. Damon calls Tad and gets a recording. Jesse tells Tad about Angie being pregnant and losing her eyesight. Damon tells Colby about Liza being there and having changed his medication. Colby calls the police.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Casey comes to visit Alison at the hospital and invites her out for pizza. Casey and Chris meet in the hospital corridor and Chris lets Casey know that Margo and Tom had invited him and Katie to the cabin for the weekend. In her apartment, Katie talks to Jacob about her trip out of town with Chris. Katie calls Henry for advice but finds him on a stakeout at Barbara’s apartment. Chris comes to visit Katie and they kiss. Paul and Emily are in the living room of Fairwinds when Gwen and Will come in. Barbara and Iris argue that Barbara will not give in to Iris’s demands. Barbara plants a pen in Iris’ purse for Henry to find. Katie faces a dilemma over whether or not to go away with Chris. Chris picks up dinner for himself and Katie, but is afraid that he will have to eat it himself. Katie catches up with him outside of the diner and lets him know that she will be accompanying him to the cabin. Alison arrives at Casey’s home with Jacob in tow. Alison lets Casey know that Katie was going away with Chris and had asked her to look after Jacob. Casey offers to help Alison babysit Jacob. Emily becomes angry when she finds out that Iris is staying at her home. Emily puts all the blame on Gwen for Iris being in the house. Henry steps away from Barbara’s door just as Iris arrives.

Emily confronts Iris over being in her home. Emily sets ground rules for Iris to abide by. Henry goes into Barbara’s room when he gets a sniff of Barbara’s perfume. Henry notices the pen that wasn’t’ there before. Gwen, Halle and Will arrive at Casey’s for a barbeque. Will lets Alison know about Barbara’s note. While getting intimate with Katie, Chris develops chest pains. Henry calls Will and lets him know about Barbara’s pen. Chris develops serious chest pains. Henry and Will search for Barbara in the warehouse.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Oliver that she wants to move forward, but she just can’t. His talking hasn’t helped, so he says he will just listen from now on. She can’t get past the image of him and Brooke in her head when he holds or kisses her. As good as it was, that is how much it hurts now. Everything that Steffy said is true. Her family is toxic. He should get away as far as he can. He tells her that they have not changed. They are the same people they were before this happened. She says she is a mockery now because of her mother. There is nothing left for them. They can’t walk around without it being a feeding frenzy. He thinks they can ride out this storm together. Taylor bellows at Brooke that Hope is a strong woman. That is why they admire her so much, but there is a limit to what anyone can take. Stephanie explains that if Brooke can not see what happened that night with Oliver and how it has reeked havoc on everyone’s life, then she doesn’t know what is in her head. Brooke knows Stephanie is not doing this to help Hope, but to get back at Brooke. She states that Hope is her daughter and she is going to help her do everything she can to get through this. Brooke returns home to a romantic bedroom. Ridge thinks it is just what she needs. She tells him that she is not giving up, but Hope is not coming home just yet. He says he is sorry, but there is nothing they can do to change her mind on how she feels. This is gonna take some time; there is something broken inside of her. But they will help her. A few days ago she did not even want to see Oliver, and now they are talking. Brooke is afraid that Hope will always look back on her graduation and her first love and always remember this and it can not be erased.

Oliver suggests to Hope that they get away; as far away as they can. She tells him those feelings are with her, like a disease so they will just go along with her. She can not erase it out of her mind; it can’t be undone. She suddenly rushes to the bedroom and grabs a box from the closet and tells him to give her a few minutes. She’s going to the main house and she will call him to follow in a few minutes. She tells Stephanie, Taylor and Steffy that she needs to borrow that room for a little while. They think it is a little strange that she wants to return to the scene of the crime. Hope calls Oliver and says the door is open; come to the main house. When Oliver enters, Pose is blaring, it’s dark and a figure emerges in the blue sequined dress and mask. She hands him his mask.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Melanie wanted to know why Carly was at St. Mary's Hospital.  Daniel was trying to see "Dana Scott" at the hospital.  Chloe panicked because she thought that Daniel was going to open the curtain.  Brady continued to rip into Nicole for her schemes.  Roman questioned Dr. Baker about what happened to Bo.  Ciara walked in while Bo and Hope were about to go to the police station.  Ciara wanted to know if Hope would be back soon.  Hope told her that she wouldn’t be back any time soon.  Roman found out who Dr. Baker was and he started grilling him about the baby switch.  Hope told Ciara that she did something wrong.  Daniel kept trying to convince who he thought was patient to open the curtain.  Brady told Nicole how he found her bank statement.  She got upset that he went through her things.  Roman demanded that Dr. Baker tell him who was involved in what happened to Bo or he was going to be the one who was taking the blame.  Hope found it hard to explain to Ciara that she is going to be gone awhile.  Ciara begged Bo not to let Hope go away.  The nurse told the nun that she gave the file to Daniel.  Carly reacted when she heard the nurse say “Ms. Scott.”  Daniel told his patient that he wanted to call Chloe and she had to grab her phone.  Nicole continued to beg Brady to forgive her.  She tried to stroll down memory lane with him to get him to listen to her, but it didn’t work.  Carly tried to tell the nun that “Ms. Scott” was her patient.  Carly asked Josie (the nurse) if “Dana Scott” was in room six.  Josie was confused.  Chloe was let off the hook when she turned her phone off before he called her.  He still continued to reach out to “Ms. Scott”, but it didn’t work.  While he was talking, Chloe started crying and Daniel seemed to recognize her voice and wanted to know if he knew her.  Ciara asked Bo to make Hope stay. Bo told Hope that she can’t do “this” to the family.  Hope started crying.

Melanie seemed suspicious of Carly's actions at the hospital.  Carly managed to stop Daniel from walking in on Chloe.  Julie showed up at Bo's house so that meant Hope had to go to the police station.  Bo wanted to make sure she wanted to go to the station.  Brady didn't fall for Nicole's fake tears routine.  He wanted her to go to the police station to tell them about her illegal account.  Julie wanted to know what was going on with Hope and she thought it was Bo's fault.  Brady told Nicole that he was going to the police with her statement if she didn't.  Carly told Daniel how he had the wrong patient.  He wanted to know why the patient didn't tell him.  Carly told him that her English wasn't too good.  Julie tried to blame Bo for what happened to hope.  Hope told Julie it wasn't his fault and they left.  Melanie told Daniel that Carly's patient was at the hospital to get a DNA test.  Nicole saw. Dr. Baker at the police station.  Nicole acted surprised to see him alive.  Brady knew she was lying.  Roman wanted to know why Brady brought Nicole down to the police station.  Daniel wanted to talk to Carly's patient to apologize to her.  Carly tried to stop him from doing it. Julie was babysitting Ciara while Bo and Hope were gone.  Ciara told Julie that she wanted her mommy.  Roman was asking Nicole and Dr. Baker about their connection when Bo and Hope walked in the station.  Dr. Baker said Hope's name and everyone at the station looked at her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ethan and Johnny talk about Carly coming on to Johnny. Ethan warns Johnny to be careful. Ethan tries to avoid the personal attention he is receiving from Epiphany. Tracy arrives to take Ethan home. She informs him that he will be recuperating at the Quartermaine estate. Brook Lynn threatens to tell Jax about Carly going to Johnny's apartment so Carly calls her bluff and tells Jax herself in front of Brook. Jax privately suggests to Brook that she shouldn’t mess with Carly. Carly tells Brook to seduce Dante and stay away from Johnny. Max reports to Sonny that it is done and that he found out Tommy Lopez was into kiddy porn. Bernie warns Sonny that if Santos Lopes finds out that Sonny whacked his brother, he will go after Sonny. Sonny tells him that Santos will think Johnny did it. He concludes that after they are rid of Johnny and Tommy, if Anthony dies in prison everything will win. Claire comes into Sonny's office and says she disagrees. Luckily, she only heard the part about winning so Sonny plays it off as an investment. He invites her to dinner at the Metro Court and Claire is suspicious when Sonny doesn’t react to seeing Johnny and Carly together. Ronnie comes to take Jason back into custody. Dante protests that he still needs Jason to get to Franco but Ronnie takes him anyway. Spinelli texts an urgent message for Diane to come to the Penthouse and asks her to keep him out of jail. She says she can't stop it because Jason made the plea bargain but she may be able to delay it. Meanwhile Dante sabotages the transfer papers. Dante is sent to bring Johnny in for questioning in the murder of Tommy Santos. Diane arrives at the police station with a writ to stay Jason's transfer.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that when they get Aiden back, she wants to move into Wyndemere with him. Helena tells someone that she can't allow Nikolas to continue to mourn for someone else's brat so she thinks it is time to tell him that he is not the father. Lucky gets on a plane to Oregon to find Aiden. Dante calls him and tells him that Jason has been rearrested but that Spinelli will probably still help them find Franco. Lucky calls Spinelli. Spinelli gives him Franco's mother's address and new alias, Karen Robertson. Lucky goes to the address and flirts with the woman across the street to get information. When Karen and "Pablo" return, Lucky is watching from the side of the house.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo offers Mrs. Salinger a job at the station and promises to keep the secret she told him that she's never told Nate that he has two older brothers, the older of whom hates heran never wants to see her again or know her middle son. But Nate comes in contact with James and with Ford when he makes a delivery of food from Buenos Dias to their new apartment. James asks Ford why he is so suspicious and paranoid of Nate and his mom and so many other people in this town. Greg delivers devastating news to Tea that she only has weeks to live and will suffer brain dementia, lose her vision and hearing and won't remember anything or anybody. She does not know how to tell Todd or Dani. Cristian and Layla return home after turning off Evangeline's life support and have a lot of her stuff including a paper trail of her dealings with Bennett Thompson aka Elijah Clark. Blair demands to know why John and Kelly believe that her fiance is a murderer and what their problem is.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack tells Emily that he will have someone to take down the tree. Emily thanks him for the gesture. Jack lets Emily know that it would never work in re-creating the past. Nick visits Phyllis to read Summer a bedtime story, but find that Summer is gone. Victor tells Victoria that Billy has been using her to get information for Ashley. Victoria doesn’t believe that Billy would hurt her .When Billy joins them, Victor orders him out . Victoria orders Billy to stay away from her. Jana tries to talk to Kevin, but he doesn’t believe a word she says to him. When Ashley and Adam come face to face, she lashes out for leaving a child without a father. Skye walks up and tells Adam that he has a meeting. Nick gives Phyllis advice about dealing with Deacon. Tucker suggests going to the Feds with information, but Ashley is against the idea. Skye and Adam try to make a deal with Jeffrey and Gloria, but Jeffrey refuses. Victor and Adam have a drink. Billy tries to talk to Victoria. Emily makes plans to leave Jack. Patty calls Paul, insisting that she is never returning to Genoa City. Kevin walks in on Chloe and Jana talking. Emily leaves Jack after finding out that Patty called Paul from somewhere in South America. Patty meets a man. The nightclub Gloworm, gets shut down because of Abby.

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