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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan questions Greenlee about what David is doing to her, but she refuses to tell Ryan anything. David and Liza meet up at the Yacht Club and discuss the whereabouts of Damon and Colby. Tad gets a call from Liza as to if he had heard from Damon and Colby. David arrives home to find Greenlee searching the hotel room. David questions her as to what she is looking for. Greenlee finds out from David that the pilot of the airplane had changed his name so that he wouldn’t be found. Madison visits Ryan in the hospital and finds out that Ryan wants an early release. Randi surprises Frankie with a cup of fresh Espresso and some pics that she had taken in Venice. Amanda arrives home with groceries, but drops them as she tries to get the door open. Liza walks up and offers to help her pick up the groceries. Amanda reprimands Liza for trying to seduce Damon. Damon arrives home to Tad’s. Damon finds out from Tad that tad believes him about Liza. Randi and Frankie make plans for the day until she finds out that she has another photo shoot. Ryan asks Alison for a favor to keep David busy while he has a talk with Greenlee. Colby walks in and finds out that Liza had tried to seduce Damon in order to drive a wedge between Colby and Damon. Damon explains all to Colby about Liza. Liza walks into the living room and tries to explain to Colby about her actions concerning Damon. Colby doesn’t want to hear anything that Liza has to say. Ryan confronts Greenlee as to what is going on.

Colby lets Liza know that she doesn’t have a mother anymore. David offers to help Madison with Ryan. Madison tells Frankie about her talk with David. Ryan assumes that Greenlee is keeping something from him. Frankie interrupts them and orders Ryan back to bed. Greenlee assures Ryan that David loves her and she loves David. David walks up to join them. Liza lets Tad know that she had changed Damon’s medication to sugar pills. Damon and Colby decide to leave town forever. Tad lashes out at Liza for changing Damon’s medication. Greenlee imagines telling Ryan the truth about David blackmailing her. David thanks Greenlee for putting Ryan in his place.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Fairwinds, Paul and Will discuss the handwriting and whether or not it is Barbara’s. Barbara wakes up in the clown’s arms. On the phone, Iris agrees to pay the bill by the end of the day. Margo refuses to give Tom the report. Chris join them and tells them that he had put in for the COS position. Margo is surprised by Chrisí declaration. Katie and Jacob watch Henry sleep. Henry wakes up still insisting that he had heard Barbara’s voice in the apartment. Gwen and Halle visit the diner just in time to share Iris’s birthday cake. Katie arrives at the P.D. and tells Chris and Margo about Henry thinking that he hears Barbara’s voice in the baby monitor. Chris lets Katie know about the COS position and that he had done it for her. Will visits Henry at Katie’s apartment and vows to help Henry to find Barbara. Chris tells Katie that he wants to make a commitment to her. Paul finds out that Gwen wants Iris to move into Fairwinds. Katie and Chris kiss. Margo and Tom invite Katie and Chris to go away with them for the weekend. Tom refuses to give them a definite answer. Paul, reluctantly, agrees to let Iris move in. Iris takes a pic of the family which she later shows to Barbara.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tries to avoid the press and quietly shows up at Stephanie’s guest house where Hope is staying. Hope tells her that Stephanie is coming home from the hospital today so Brooke probably should not be there. Brooke responds that Hope should not be here either. She wants her to come home. Steffy drops in on Oliver where she declares again that she is innocent of the charges against her. Both of their lives have been turned upside down by Brooke Logan. Everybody else is in crisis mode, yet Brooke skates. No wonder she acts like she can do no wrong. She has made mistakes but there are no consequences. She gets off scot free. It’s not Brooke’s fault; she can’t be blamed. She does tells Oliver where Hope is and urges him to go to her. Brooke tells Hope that if she can’t talk to her, she does need to talk to somebody. Hope says yes she is staying in Stephanie’s guest house, but she won’t let Stephanie brainwash her against Brooke. She tells Brooke that just seeing her is hard. She needs to be away from her for a while. She has these images of her and Oliver and it makes her sick. She opens the closet and all these masks and stuff falls out on the floor. Old memories come flooding back and she tells her mother that all things good and pure are tainted now. She lashes out that Brooke could not ignore her world famous libido for one night and just be her mom. Oliver barges in and tells Hope they need to talk. Hope starts to walk out; she can’t stand to see the two of them, Brooke and Oliver, side by side. Brooke keeps saying that she wants to help Hope, but Hope won’t let her touch her. She informs her that she is not going home with her.

Stephanie returns home and tells Taylor that she did not have to come check on her. She’s also shocked when Taylor tells her that she gave Steffy her 25% of the stock. Stephanie does believe that Steffy deserves it, but is afraid it will put Ridge and Steffy more at odds than they are now. Steffy again professes her innocence for the Brooke video tribute. She would never ever betray her dad like that. Stephanie and Taylor are very surprised that Steffy told Oliver where to find Hope. It wasn’t that long ago that she was pulling strings to keep them apart. This is a complete about face supporting Hope and Oliver. Steffy says maybe, but she feels that she and Oliver are in the same boat now and both victims of Hurricane Brooke. Brooke walks in. She tells them she is glad Stephanie is all right and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Taylor asks then if she is not concerned, why is she over there checking on Stephanie. Brooke says she is there to take her daughter home. Stephanie answers that Hope is not a hostage; she can go home any time she wants to. Brooke says Stephanie must tell her that she can’t stay. Stephanie tells Brooke that her daughter doesn’t want to be anywhere near her now and if she had any respect for Hope’s feelings she would leave her alone. Taylor tells Brooke that she has no clue what she has done to her daughter. She’s done a lot of harm to a lot of people, but this is the worst one yet. Stephanie says this is no little mistake; this is a biggie. She just hopes Hope can get over this. Taylor informs them that a sexual trauma at this age can be devastating….and when it involves a parent it can have a lifelong impact. Brooke says she should have known this would be a waste of time. She just came over to get her daughter to come home and instead she finds three witches plotting against her. Taylor tells her this is not all about her. Hope has just suffered a severe trauma and this is not something that can quickly be healed. This is all on Brooke. Only she can fix it this time. She has to step up to the plate and take responsibility. Brooke’s relationship with Hope will never be the same if she doesn’t. But it might be even worse than that. She might not ever be able to trust men again. Hope tells Oliver that Stephanie is not the enemy here; she is supporting them. He tells her that her mom is too. He wants to erase those images she has of him and Brooke. They still love each other. If there is still a tiny spark of love in her heart, then that is enough. Things can always get better. He says they can get through this. He hugs her and starts to kiss her, but she keeps having these images and pulls away saying she can’t. It’s ruined.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Stephanie and Adrienne met at the pub.  Stephanie believed that she might have made a mistake moving in with Nathan.  Daniel's consult rescheduled so he wanted to spend the day with Chloe.  That was a problem because Chloe wanted to get the paternity test.  Nicole came up with the bail money for Dr. Baker.  When Hope woke up, she didn't know what was going on.  Chloe lied to Daniel about getting concert tickets to an opera.  Daniel offered to go with her.  Hope talked to Bo about why she was at his house.  He was surprised that she didn't remember.  Chloe caught a break when Daniel's consult was back on.  Chloe dashed out of the apartment leaving Daniel suspicious. Brady was still curious as to how Nicole got so much money in her account.  Hope was scared when she couldn't remember what happened.  Bo tried to calm her down and got her to talk about what she remembered.  She remembered her conversation with Carly and Vivian.  She also remembered taking a sleeping pill.  Bo showed her the pill bottle and she was curious as to how he got it.  Stephanie was upset that she found a picture of Nathan and Melanie together.  It reminded her of their relationship.  Adrienne advised her not to confront Nathan about the picture.  Brady tried to pump Nicole when she showed up at the apartment.  He asked if her investments paid off.  She told him it didn't.  That raised more suspicion with him.  Bo showed Hope her taped confession.  She was horrified by what she saw.  When Daniel went to talk to Melanie, the subject of Chloe came up.  Melanie assumed that Chloe was keeping a secret from Daniel for why she was acting strange.  When Carly and Chloe got to the hospital, Chloe lied about her name being Dana Scott.  Carly conveniently had the concert tickets Chloe lied about getting.  Hope was upset about the tape.  She said she would never hurt anyone.  That was why Bo taped her confession.  Hope wondered about the evidence on Arianna.  Bo thought the evidence was planted possibly by her. She denied that she would hurt anyone.  He showed her the rest of the tape.  She wanted to know everything she has done.

Nicole was suspicious as to why Brady was concerned with her money.  Brady assured her that her money didn't matter.  She said she didn't mind being poor.  For some reason, this caused him to want to have sex with her.  Stephanie wanted to confront Nathan about the picture because she didn't want him living with her if he still wants Melanie.  Adrienne still thought she should keep quiet about the picture because things could get worse.  Carly and Chloe started to bond. In fact, Chloe intimated that she would pick Carly to be the godmother to her baby.  Hope was upset about all of the things she's done to her victims and Ciara.  She couldn't face any of them anymore.  Roman got a fax of the person who bought the things to torch Bo's house.  The guy in the sketch looked like Dr. Baker.  Daniel and Melanie showed up at the hospital where Chloe was.  A nurse gave Daniel the wrong file for his consult.  It was supposed to be "Donna Scott', but she gave him Dana Scott's file.  Hope wanted Bo to arrest her.  He didn't want to arrest her. He wanted to handle things in a different way.  Roman called an interrupted their conversation.  He told Bo there was a break in the case.  He wanted Bo to go to the station. He wanted Hope to go with him.  When Brady and Nicole were finished having sex, he ripped into her.  He refused to be her victim and didn't want to be with her again.  Carly ran into Melanie when she was looking for the nurse.  Daniel called out Ms. Scott's name and Chloe was frightened.  Nicole wanted to know why Brady was upset with her.  He wanted the truth from her.  Hope wanted to turn herself in for her victims. She was ready to face her punishment.  Ciara walked into the house when Hope was ready to turn herself in to the police.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Franco calls Karen to see how Pablo is doing. Helena blames Elizabeth for Aiden’s kidnapping. Nikolas orders Helena to leave Elizabeth alone. Dante makes a call to Lucky, who is in Woodstock interviewing Karen Anderson’s neighbors. Dante and Lulu talk about Aiden’s kidnapping. Claire relays to Dante that her superiors would like Jason back in prison. Spinelli informs Jason and Sam that he hasn’t come across any leads on Franco or Aiden’s whereabouts. Diane shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Diane realizes that Franco was drawing up adoption papers. Spinelli and Jason are hopeful that Aiden is still alive. Maxie visits Mac in the hospital. Maxie kisses Matt in front of Mac. Mac warns Matt to stay away from Maxie. Maxie defends Matt. Steven scolds Maya for making a mistake in a patient’s file. Maya and Ethan flirt back and forth. Maya still blames herself for freezing after Ethan got shot. Carly reminds Brook Lynn that she needs to bed Dante. Olivia confronts Carly about getting cozy with Johnny. Brook Lynn overhears the entire conversation. Brook Lynn asks Carly why she’s suddenly interested in Johnny. Brook Lynn runs into Johnny. They discuss their night at Jake’s. Johnny returns an earring to Carly. Nikolas and Lulu have a chat at the hospital. Lulu apologizes for not supporting Nikolas and Elizabeth. Diane fears that Jason will be heading back to prison soon. Johnny and Olivia have an argument over Sonny. Elizabeth apologizes to Steven for blaming him for Aiden’s abduction. Spinelli comes across a zip code on the legal documents, which points to Astoria Oregon. Maya tells Ethan that his input helped her with a patient. Ethan asks Maya for a sponge bath. Maya sends Epiphany to Ethan’s room. Ethan is thankful when Johnny shows up. Johnny confides to Ethan that Carly’s hitting on him. Johnny wonders if he should sleep with Carly. Elizabeth leaves the hospital with Nikolas. Spinelli tells Dante and Jason that he booked them a flight to Portland. Brook Lynn makes it clear that she’s not Carly’s “puppet”. Brook Lynn threatens to tell Jax about Carly’s interest in Johnny. Elizabeth starts to sob when she returns home. Karen rocks Pablo to sleep. Before Dante and Jason can leave, Ronnie shows up and announces that Jason is going back to Pentonville.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

After finding Hannah unconscious on her bed with a pill bottle, Cole goes to get help. Cole calls Starr to tell her why he is running late. The doctor saves Hannah and tells Cole that it was close. Cole stays the night in the hospital with Hannah, holding her hand while she sleeps. Starr tells Langston about Todd and Tea getting married. Langston tells Starr that she saw the softer side of Ford when his mother upset him. She says she was actually considering giving him another chance until she found out that he had been exposed to an STD which means he slept with someone else. Ford and James move into their new apartment down the hall from Cristian and Layla's place. James calls Starr and tells her that he is staying in Llanview but that he will stay out of her way and not cause any more problems between her and Cole. Eli goes to their door and confronts Ford about whether he gave Hannah the idea to write down everything she knows about him. Eli tells him that Hannah will not have the chance to tell her story because she has been taken care of. He threatens to do something to James if Ford does anything else stupid. Ford warns James to stay away from Eli. Blair doesnít believe Kelley when she says Eli is a murderer. She says Kelly doesnít want to see her happy. Kelly says she is afraid Eli will kill Blair too so she had to warn her even though John McBain asked her not to. Natalie goes to see John and tells him that she is pregnant. She says she waited to tell him because she didnít know how he would react to having another pregnant girlfriend so soon after losing the baby with Marty. He tells her that he isnít sure that he can go through that kind of tragedy again but that the baby is a sign that they belong together. He agrees to keep the pregnancy secret for a while. Gigi refuses to tell Rex whatís going on with Natalie but assures him that his sister is healthy. David tells Rex that they are almost brothers since Bo thinks of Rex as his son. David asks Rex not to reveal that his date, Mandy is a pro. Rex agrees. David, Mandy, Dorian, and Clint do shots together on a double date. David and Dorian try to convince each other that they are in love with their respective dates.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Abbott house, Jack is on the phone as well as Emily. Emily tells her contact that she will be there for him if he needs her. Jack invites Emily to go to the grand opening of Gloworm with him. Emily declines the invitation because she has work to do. Emily leaves. Jack calls someone and wants to get into the storage bin. Ashley and Tucker confront Victor about him giving a priceless gun to a Japanese official to ensure that he would keep control of the market in Japan. Victor lets Tucker know that he has no proof. Nina is on the computer in the Chandler living room when Jill comes in ready for the party at Gloworm and lets Nina that she is covering the story for Restless Style. At the nightclub, Gloria welcomes Paul and Chris. Michael and Lauren also arrive. Nick walks in and spies Sharon at the bar. Adam watches the goings on from a table. Nick joins Sharon at the bar as does Jeffrey. Chloe and Kevin arrive for the evening's festivities. Billy and Victoria arrive, each one comfortable with being with the other. Jill makes her entrance and makes sure that Gloria knows that she is there for Restless Style. Gloria issues Jill a warning. Victor tells Tucker that if he goes public with this information he will pay. Jill joins Paul, Chris, Michael and Lauren. Jill asks Paul to help get Chance out of jail. Skye confronts Sharon over Adam. To everyone’s surprise, Abby arrives and soon makes a spectacle of herself by having pics of herself taken. Chloe and Kevin are dismayed when Jana walks in. Jack surprises Emily with a Christmas tree and presents in August. Tucker asks Ashley to accompany him to the opening at Gloworm.

Abby lets Daniel know that Jack is helping her to get her money from Victor and Ashley, but no one must know. Lauren asks Jill for help but she refuses. Jana tries to talk to Kevin, but he is just there to have fun. Adam interrupts Skye and Sharon. A photographer takes a pic of Sharon and Adam mistaking them for Mr. and Mrs. Adam Newman. Nick ushers Sharon away from Adam. Skye walks up and reminds Adam that she is Mrs. Newman. Abby gets tipsy and comes on to Jeffrey. Abby takes a swim in a giant glass of wine. Ashley and Tucker walk in and see Abby’s actions. Victor witnesses a kiss between Billy and Victoria. Nina sees a kiss between Paul and Chris. Victor has a meeting with Nick and Michael about the gun that he gave to a Japanese official. Jana tries to explain to Kevin that she wants him back. Jill makes a statement to the press. Lauren reprimands her for her actions. Victor tells Victoria about Ashley and Tucker knowing about the gun that she gave to the Japanese official. Victor accuses Billy of divulging the information to Ashley. Ashley comes face to face with Adam.

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