Tuesday 8/3/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/3/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee, sitting in a chair, looks at her wedding ring and thinks about what love and marriage should be. Ryan lies in hospital bed trying to sleep. In the dark, Angie stumbles around the living room of their apartment in the dark. Jesse turns on the light holds her close. David wakes up and finds Greenlee, watching him sleep, refusing to be in the same bed with him. Once they're both up, Greenlee pretends she is all fired up for the day, but David thinks she's tired. David insists on taking Greenlee into work at Fusion, but she finds his presence oppressive. After David leaves, Greenlee calls a lawyer to find out her legal rights. Charles is not encouraging and advises her to make her marriage work. During the meeting at the Yacht Club, Greenlee is so tense that she cuts herself on a knife she's holding. At the hospital, Angie visits Ryan and has difficulty seeing Emma's drawing, while Jesse secretly watches her. David catches Jesse loitering in the hall and reprimands him, but Jesse refuses to be intimidated. David catches Greenlee with Ryan in the corridor of the hospital. Ryan notices Greenlee’s cut hand and asks what happened, but Greenlee insists that it is nothing. Ryan goes back to him room while David insists on looking at Greenlee’s hand. Although she demands another doctor, David treats her. Greenlee is surprised to see Emma running around in the corridor of the hospital and accompanies her back to Ryan’s hospital room. David confronts Angie about Jesse's presence. Angie orders David to leave her and her family alone. Angie and Greenlee sit on the same park bench. Angie tells Greenlee that sometimes it's better to wait out a problem than to fight it. Angie then goes to the police station and asks Mayor Blanco to do the right thing and unsuspend Jesse. Ryan asks Jesse for help with David. Jesse smuggles Ryan out of the hospital then arranges for him and Greenlee to meet upstairs to her room. Ryan asks Greenlee what is going on and tells her that she can trust him. Just as she's opening up, Ryan gets a huge headache and has to sit down. Jesse doesn't notice David approaching due to a panicked call from Angie who's having another blinding episode at the police station. When David appears, Ryan insists they call 911 rather than have Hayward treat him. Ryan returns to the hospital where Frankie informs Greenlee that the Ryan shouldn't overdo things before he's ready. Greenlee and David have a chat and she vows to make the best of an awful situation.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly pretends to twist her ankle so that she can give Holden more time to get back for his and Molly's wedding. Lily gives a private airplane pilot the diamond necklace Holden gave her along with the promise of more money once they land in Oakdale. Molly gets ready for the wedding with Abigail's help and Abigail cries and tells Molly that she has been dating a married man and that is why her boyfriend didn't come to the wedding to meet them. Abigail cries and tells Molly that she broke up with the guy and wonders when somebody will be just for her. Molly advises Abigail not to settle that there is a guy out there who will only love her. Molly realizes that she needs to take her own advice and when Holden returns Molly informs him that she has cancelled the wedding because even if he doesn't realize it now he loves Lily more then her and that is why he rushed to Paris to help her when he thought she was in danger. Holden pleads for a second chance but Molly says a painful good-bye to Holden . Molly encourages Carly not to give up a Jack because Jack loves her he doesn't love Janet anymore. Molly promises Jack and Carly that she will return for their wedding but for now she wants to spend some time with Abigail.

Craig figures out that Lucinda uses Lily's perfume business to try and bankrupt him but Lucinda denies everything and orders Anthony Blackthorn to give Craig 24 hours to pay back the money he borrowed with interest or else. Anthony follows orders and tells Lucinda that Craig is right where they want him. Lucinda tells Lily that Holden called off his wedding and she blames herself. Holden arrives to check on the kids and Lily apologizes to him and he doesn't blame her but he does think that it was his fault.

Reid wants to Make Love to Luke in the bridal suite at the Lakeview since the room is paid and they are finally alone after taking care of the kids all day. Luke tells Reid that he has only been intimate with Noah and he is nervous about being with him and needs some time. Reid admits that patience isn't his strong suit but he agrees to wait after Luke gives him a kiss. Carly fears that since Molly's relationship with Holden didn't work out her own relationship with Jack isn't meant to be either.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

From the look on their faces, Bridget realizes there is something going on between Aggie and Nick. Aggie finally explains by trying to justify they both needed someone to comfort them so it was sort of like when Bridget turned to Owen. Nick says they are all in their own pain. Bridget says so much for her coming here for a reconciliation. She won’t bother him again. Aggie tells Nick that she is sorry, and asks if there is anything she can do for him. Owen and Jackie show a dejected Bridget the new baby bed that just arrived. She tells them her bad mood is from the fact that Nick has moved on with his life with someone new. Steffy holds papers and Taylor explains that now she has everything to show that she has control of the 25% of Forrester stocks. Steffy still can not get over the fact that Ridge thinks she is a liar, and she wants to prove she is not. But he also wants her to change his attitude toward Brooke and she can’t accept Brooke like that. She wants to regain her father’s trust. It is the only thing that means anything to her.

Steffy introduces her mother to Ed and Liam. Ed explains that he went through the files and no one else was admitted to her office. It would have taken some sophisticated equipment to do this, but her daughter’s voice was altered. It came from her own computer. When Ed leaves, Liam wants to talk to Steffy alone. He struggles with his consciousness but tells Steffy that he will help her in any way he can. Jackie is shocked to hear about Aggie and Nick. Bridget says she is all alone now; just her and her baby. Owen hugs her and reminds her that she has him and Jackie. Aggie tells Nick that he has a lot going on right now and she doesn’t want to be another headache. She doesn’t want to be another one of his mistakes. He replies that he has made a lot of mistakes in his life, but she is not one of them. She is helping him right now. They kiss. Jackie tells Bridget that she has everything she wants….a husband she adores and a beautiful daughter-in-law expecting a baby. So raising this child is up to the three of them now. Owen says he is very lucky. Bridget feels she is the lucky one as she is surrounded by so much love and concern. She can’t thank Jackie enough for accepting all of this. Jackie puts their three hands together intertwined and says “happily ever after.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Carly was able to get Daniel's DNA so Chloe can get the paternity test.  Chloe was on the phone with Philip and they talked about the paternity test.  Melanie surprised Chloe by walking in the room (in Daniel and Chloe's apartment) after she hung up the phone.  Bo was able to stop Hope from stabbing him.  Bo wanted to know why she wanted to kill him.  She told him how he broke her heart and moved on with other women. She also admitted how she was the one who tried to kill him before.  Dr. Baker was about to leave Salem when he was arrested.  Bo continued to try to get through to Hope to keep her from stabbing him, but it didn't seem to work.  She tried to stab him, but he used her pocketbook and knocked the knife out of her hand. He grabbed her and hugged her so she would calm down.  Fay told Rafe that Nicole might be blackmailing someone and how she might have sent her the proof.  Bo handcuffed Hope to the chair and called Carly.  He asked her about the drug, but he didn't tell her that Hope drugged him.

Dr. Baker called Nicole tot ell her that he was arrested for illegal gambling.  She had to go down to the police station to bail him out.  Bo secretly started recording Hope to get her to confess to her crimes on camera.  Melanie told Carly that she doesn't think that Chloe likes her.  Carly tried to reassure her that Chloe does like her.  Nicole told Dr. Baker that she was not going to bail him out of jail.  Hope started telling Bo about why she started mugging me.  Carly warned Chloe that she couldn't keep her secret for much longer.  She was afraid she would lose Melanie and Daniel.  Fay told Rafe that she couldn't help him.  She had put Nicole's letter in the recycling bin.  She burned the letter.  Hope wanted Bo to kill her because she's already dead.  She told him that he was the was the only man she ever loved and she couldn't watch him with Carly.  She also said she hated him because "he hurt her."  He told her that he still loved her.  Nicole got somebody to help Dr. Baker, but he has to leave Salem in the morning.  Brady answered Nicole's phone and he found out about her unusual transaction.  He was looking around Nicole's place and found out about her $5,000,000 bank account.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason, Dante, and Spinelli look over video footage from Franco’s office. Franco appears to be looking at papers from his lawyer. Johnny senses that Carly is up to something. Carly tells Johnny that she blames Dante for Michael’s stint in Pentonville. Sonny is mad that Brook Lynn won’t stay away from Johnny. Robin shows Patrick the cut-up photos from her locker. Robin is fairly sure that Lisa is to blame. Steven and Olivia talk about Lisa and Patrick. Olivia advises Steven that he shouldn’t tell Robin about his suspicions. Claire walks in on Sonny and Brook Lynn hugging. Lulu pays Ethan a hospital visit. Ethan wants to be released as soon as possible. Lisa denies cutting up the photos but Robin doesn’t believe her. Carly implies to Johnny that her marriage to Jax is over. Claire informs Sonny that he could face criminal charges. Tracy and Ethan talk about Luke. Ethan wants Tracy and Luke to get back together. Sam overhears Lulu venting to Coleman about Jason. Olivia shows up at Johnny’s apartment. Olivia wants Carly to leave but she refuses. Olivia and Carly get into a shouting match. Claire tells Sonny that Carly is at Johnny’s place. Sonny makes a call to Carly but she hangs up on him. Robin and Patrick talk about the cut-up photos. Robin is surprised that Patrick doesn’t agree that Lisa is the main suspect. Sam returns to the penthouse and tells Jason about her conversation with Lulu. Lulu and Dante discuss her talk with Sam. Carly makes it clear to Sonny that she won’t help him anymore. Brook Lynn and Johnny run into each other at Jake’s. Spinelli leaves so Sam and Jason can be alone. Lulu and Michael play “Guitar Hero”. Carly storms out of Sonny’s home. Lisa watches as Patrick and Robin leave the hospital together.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi drives Natalie to the abortion clinic and tells her that it's entirely possible that the baby is John's and not Brody's. At that point, Natalie envisions how great it will be to have a child with John and how hers', John's, Jessica's and Brody's lives can all turn out good, unlike she'd feared could happen if it's found out that she is having Brody's baby. At that point, she discover that she cannot go through with it. John informs Brody that he has reason to believe that Eli is Kelly's mother's murderer, the same as Bennett Thompson. When Kelly finds out that Blair is going to elope with Eli, she tells her that she believes he's a murderer although Blair does not want to believe it. So she persuades Blair to postpone the wedding. Meanwhile, Eli has threatened Hannah and she is unconscious at St. Anne's on sleeping pills when nobody knows what he's done. Cole can sense that she might be in danger. So he goes to St. Anne's to find out. Dorian and David want to convince each other that they have moved on. So she offers Clint a business deal if he helps her have David believe that Clint is in love with her. And David hires and pays Mandy to pretend that she's in love with him. But neither of them convince the other that their scams are true.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jeff and Gloria prepare for the opening of Gloworm. Sharon lets Michael know that she cannot believe that she shot Adam. Michael gets a call that the D.A. will not be pressing charges against Sharon. Chloe tells Kevin that there is coffee in the kitchen while she prepares to go to Chance’s I.A. board hearing. Chance and Nina prepare for the hearing. Sharon goes to visit Adam. Nina, Ronan, Chris and Chance arrive for the hearing. Kevin, Jana and Chloe have a confrontation when Jana goes to visit Kevin. Jana finds out that Chloe is living with Kevin now. Kevin and Jana talk, but he refuses to let her move back in. Kevin gives Jana money to get her out of the parking lot of the Athletic Club. Jeff and Gloria begin to panic over the opening of the club. A man comes into the club and tells Jeff that the club won’t be opening unless it passes inspection. Chance meets with the I.A. board and confesses that the drugs were his. The woman on the board suggests that the D.A. press charges against Chance. Chance is arrested. The club passes inspection. Chloe arrives for Chance’s meeting with the I.A. board. Chloe and Nina find out that Chance confessed to drug possession. Ronan and Chris’ hands are tied since they cannot tip their hand by getting Chance out of jail. Everyone prepares to go to the grand opening of Gloworm. Adam and Skye prepare to go to grand opening. Sharon will also be in attendance.

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