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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie confesses all to Jesse about her blindness. Caleb comes into Krystal’s bar to have a drink and to talk with her. At the Yacht Club, Annie thanks J.R,. for defending her to Adam. Scott asks Annie if she received the divorce papers. Annie confirms that she did. Scott suggests that she come home so that he and Annie can celebrate. Natalia offers to do Brot’s reports while he is in the hospital, but Brot refuses. Caleb opens up to Krystal that Adam had stolen something precious from him. Krystal lets Caleb know that she had once been married to Adam. Marissa asks J.R. if he would have still have married her if he hadn’t been dying. Marissa gets a phone call about a job interview. Brot thanks Natalia for the balloons and the cake. Angie lets Jesse know what had caused her blindness.

Angie tells Jesse that she had stopped taking the medication for her blindness because of her pregnancy. Brot meets with his doctor about his eye surgery. Marissa meets with Caleb about a job and finds out that Caleb was once a well known lawyer .Scott asks J.R. to use the beach house so that he and Annie could go away for awhile. Annie is against the idea since she remembers being there with J.R. Marissa and J.R. over the fact that she is considering the job offer from Caleb. Caleb calls Scott to accept his dinner invitation.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily is stunned to learn she was duped about the perfume factory and at first blames Craig. He shifts the blame onto Lucinda, but Lily can’t believe her mom would do that to her. Luke would like Reid to accompany him to his dad’s wedding, but Reid isn’t very interested and would rather go home and go to bed. Furthermore, he isn’t a big fan of showy displays of love. Luke is disappointed. Carly is worried about Molly’s wedding going on as planned with Holden still in France. Holden calls Jack and promises he will be home in time. However, Holden is not pleased to find Craig with Lily and once he finds out about the scam with the phony perfume warehouse, he assumes Craig is behind it. Lily is stunned to find Holden coming after her, but she defends Craig. Lily finally agrees to head home with Holden so he won’t miss his wedding. Molly, blissfully unaware of Holden’s whereabouts, gets ready for her day with everyone’s help. Jack is worried once he hears about the big storm closing down airports in the east and he goes to tell an agitated Carly. Molly overhears them talking and the jig is up; they have to tell her where Holden went, as Molly can’t believe it. Faith is disappointed when Parker seems to be acting distant from her. Abigail and Luke talk about their parents and how complicated love is when Reid makes an appearance shocking Luke. Abigail thinks he is Noah but strangely, Reid takes it in stride. Holden and Lily hit turbulence and she ends up holding onto his hand. Holden hopes are dashed for making it home on time when the pilot announces they have to land in Montreal because of the weather. Faith and Parker come to an understanding. Molly isn’t taking the news well that her wedding may be postponed because Holden took off to save Lily. Surprisingly, Reid is the one that gives Molly a backwards pick me up speech. Molly decides to have her wedding backwards while they wait for Holden. A furious Craig comes looking for Lucinda at her office. Her door is locked, but Craig is yelling and demanding Lucinda sees him right now or else. Holden is finally able to reach Jack to tell him where he is and that he is trying everything to get home on time. Jack explains that they told Molly, but he just advises he and Lily to get back safely. Carly won’t tell Molly anything yet after Holden calls; it is her day and she doesn’t want to ruin it with any news that Holden is still far away with Lily in tow. From a ways away, Molly watches Jack and Carly talk about this issue and seems to know something is up.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke leans over Stephanie and proclaims that she hopes she is not hurt. She tries to revive her. She determines that she has a pulse so that’s good. She attempts to touch her and Stephanie demands that she not. She calls 911 and tells them she is on the floor and can’t get up. She did not fall; she was pushed. She tells Brooke that she is going to pack her bag before the paramedics get here. Brooke realizes she is going to play this to the hilt. Nick tells Aggie that he knows Brooke could never do this to Hope so he’s going to get to the bottom of it. Aggie says she believes her brother and he is innocent. He’d do whatever Brooke told him to. Bridget tells Amber that she is all about second chances. Amber thinks Nick wants her back. At Jackie M’s, Nick rants to the whole room when he realizes they bypassed his squash of the campaign and are doing a shoot. Jackie refuses to be ashamed of what Owen did and doesn’t think the world should stop because of it. Ridge rushes to see his mother and tells Brooke that he is glad Brooke erred on the side of caution. Stephanie is only too glad to keep mentioning that she was pushed in the privacy of her own home by Brooke.

Whip tells the group that they will have a PR fiasco on their hands so Jackie needs to tell him how to handle it. Jackie tells him it will be no comment to the press when it comes to the baby. This child will have no lack of family. Nick tells Bridget that he is sorry that he had to say those things. She wants them to get back together. He replies that he is terrified of what might happen to her because of this baby, but that it out of his hands. He can not open his heart to her anymore. Aggie tells Nick that he doesn’t have to tell her his secrets or tell her everything. They’ve both been wounded, so she understands. He doesn't have to promise her anything or worry that he will upset her if he doesn't call. She’s just someone who loves him and wants good things to happen for him as so many good things have happened for her because of him. Bridget walks in and catches them and it's awkward for a moment. Stephanie gets good news that there is no internal injury, but they’d like to keep her overnight for observation. She gets more digs in at Brooke that Hope would rather sleep in a ditch than go home with her. When Ridge says he will stay with his mother; Stephanie quips that surely Brooke can do without him for one night; perhaps Oliver is even available. Ridge tells Stephanie that he has no intention of separating himself from Brooke. He loves her and understands her and knows she would never intentionally hurt her daughter and physically harm Stephanie either. He informs his mother that he is going to be married to Brooke for the rest of her life and he wants his mother to respect her. Stephanie shakes her head in disgust.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

EJ told Sami how he loves her and wants to marry her.  Sami told EJ that she couldn't marry him.  Fay got a surprise when Rafe showed up to question her.  Nicole had EJ's henchman go after Dr. Baker. Brady surprised her by showing up at Nicole's place.  Ciara told Bo how Hope had Roman, Justin, and Abe's wallets.  Hope was getting ready to go out so she could kill Bo.  Justin called Bo because he wanted to talk about Hope.  Hope was about to grab a letter opener so she could kill Bo, but Vivian walked up on her.  Sami tried to soften the blow of her rejecting EJ by apologizing to him.  Sami said she couldn't marry EJ as long as she still had feelings for Rafe.  She ended up running off and left EJ looking stupid.  Brady kissed Nicole.  Hope gave Vivian a warning about Victor.  Hope told her to worry more about her husband and not about Lawrence or she will end up like her.  Vivian ended up at Maggie's house to talk to her.  Brady told Nicole that she was the one and that he wants to be with her.  EJ was okay with Sami refusing his proposal.  He just wants a chance with her.  Rafe broke into Fay's locker and found an envelop from Nicole.  Hope was at Bo's house and called Bo.  She used Ciara as an excuse to get him to go home.  She pulled out a knife and looked at it.

Hope hid the knife behind a pillow just as Bo walked in the house.  EJ wants Sami to keep the ring.  Rafe's search turned up empty when he looked in Fay's locker.  The envelop he found was empty.  Dr. Baker met up with his friend Charlie and got money from him.  He told Charlie that he was leaving Salem for good.  Bo confronted Hope about what was going on with her.  She flipped the situation and blamed him for everything that has gone wrong.  Maggie put Vivian in her place when she confronted her about Victor.  Hope was ready to say goodbye to Bo. She was ready to kill him.  Brady and Nicole had sex.  EJ's henchman was ready to kill Dr. Baker.  Dr. Baker wrote a goodbye not to Hope.  Hope reached for the knife and tried to stab Bo.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason, Dante, and Lucky disagree over Franco’s real motives in taking Aiden. Jason thinks that Franco doesn’t want to be found, whereas Dante believes that finding Karen Anderson is key. Lucky plans on going to Woodstock to interview Karen’s neighbors. Spinelli finds some video footage from Franco’s camera crew. Jason notices something suspicious on the video. Franco’s mother is in awe of Aiden. Karen decides to name the baby Pablo after Picasso, the artist. Franco tells Karen that she and Pablo are safe in Oregon. Carly and Jax argue over Skye’s true intentions. Jax swears that he didn’t sleep with Skye. Carly blurts out that she slept with Sonny when Michael was put in Pentonville. Jax walks out on Carly. Johnny interrupts Sonny and Claire’s meal. Johnny promises that he has photographs from one of Sonny’s illegal shipments. Olivia interferes which infuriates Johnny. Olivia warns Claire that she shouldn’t have Sonny’s baby. Claire reminds Sonny about the baby proposal. Patrick tells Coleman that he’s worried about his marriage. To Coleman, Patrick implies that he slept with Lisa. Lisa and Patrick have a talk about their friendship. Lisa agrees to stop hitting on Patrick. Robin asks Steven about Lisa’s obsession with Patrick. Robin wishes that Lisa would be transferred to Mercy. Steven confides that he slept with Lisa. Carly is irritated to find Brook Lynn flirting with Johnny. Carly and Patrick play a game of darts at Jake’s. Olivia and Steven share some beers. Lisa apologizes to Robin about flirting with Patrick. Later on, Robin is horrified to find someone has broken into her work locker, and cut out her face in photographs of her and Patrick. Sonny urges Brook Lynn to stay away from Johnny. Carly pays Johnny a visit at home. Karen rocks Pablo to sleep. Franco wants to book a model, one named Brenda Barrett.

OLTL Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Lauren and Michael prepare to go to court with Kevin, but all Michael’s mind is on is what had happened between Lauren and Jill. Lauren suggests getting a restraining order, but Michael refuses to help her because it is Jill, who has the case. Katherine goes through some boxes to salvage what she can because of rain damage. Victoria teaches Reed his ABC’s while they have a lemonade sale. Billy and Delia join them. Victoria asks Billy and Delia to join them in selling lemonade to make money for a needy friend. Mac tells J.T. that she is leaving town to do volunteering in Haiti or Sudan. J.T. tells Mac that he was going to ask her to move in with him. Chloe arrives at the coffeehouse and offers Kevin her help. Kevin cannot understand why Jana would leave town with Ryder. Jana tries to talk Ryder into going back to Genoa City to face what he had done, but Ryder refuses to go back. The hearing begins for Ryder. Ryder forfeits his bail and he is considered a fugitive again. Katherine suggests to Jill that she back off of Lauren. Gloria commends Lauren for her treatment of Jill. Tucker and Jill meet to discuss strategy, she does what he wants and Tucker will help her. Mac hears about Kevin’s dilemma and offers to buy back into Crimson Lights. Kevin agrees. Jana arrives to offer her apologies, but Kevin kicks her out. Ryder runs into Daisy. Jill sends Tucker the info that he needs to gain entrance into Japan.

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